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Sadistic Cops Make K-9 Maul Unarmed Suicidal Teen – Caught Planning and Celebrating It in Texts

North Port, FL — Months after the Herald-Tribune exposed the North Port Police Department for routinely commanding their K-9 dogs to attack people without provocation, the department has done nothing to address the problem. In fact, it defends its officers even in the most egregious cases, including the mutilation of unarmed juveniles.

There is clearly a culture within the North Port PD that encourages and applauds this cowardly form of brutality, as revealed by messages sent between K-9 handlers involving the case of 18-year-old Jared Lemay.

Lemay’s mother had called the North Port PD when she learned that her son was apparently about to commit suicide. Keith Bush, the leader of their K-9 unit, responded to the scene, but not before telling a fellow K-9 handler to come join in the fun.

“On this day, before he or any other officer reached Jared Lemay’s home, Bush sent a message to fellow K-9 handler Michael Dietz: “COME GET UR BITE.”

Minutes later, records show, Bush messaged Dietz again: “IM GONNA TAKE UR BITE IF U DONT HURRY UP.”

Lemay, who was found unarmed and hiding in a trash can in his garage, was bitten in the face and back by Dietz’s dog, a Belgian Malinois named Cammo.”

After he was taken to the emergency room, another cop, William Carter, messaged Dietz “CONGRATS,” commending him for his dog’s first bite.

Another dialogue between Officers Bush and Brandon McHale further reveals the culture of brutality.

“YOUR BITE OR (Dietz’s)?” McHale inquired.

“I LET (Dietz) HAVE IT,” Bush replied.

“NICE, HOW BAD?” McHale asked.

“BAD,” Bush wrote. “FACE AND BACK.”

“SKIN GRAFT BAD?” McHale asked.

“NO,” Bush wrote.

“COULDA BEEN WORSE THEN, HE SHOULD HAVE COMPLIED,” McHale said, ending the conversation.”

According to Lemay, who was hiding in a trash can after contemplating suicide, the cops entered the garage, peeked inside the trash can and closed the lid, and then pushed it over and sicced the dog on Lemay before he could do or say anything. The Belgian Malinois latched onto Lemay’s face and dragged him from the trash can, and then bit him on the back before an officer stopped the attack.

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As a result of this barbaric attack, Lemay could not eat for a week and is permanently scarred.


This premeditated attack on an unarmed, suicidal juvenile was approved by North Port police supervisors, and no investigation was done on the attack or the messages sent through the police cruisers’ mobile messaging system.

The Herald-Tribune found that “North Port’s K-9 handlers commanded their police dogs to attack more people from 2010 through 2014 than did the police K-9 handlers of neighboring municipalities Sarasota, Bradenton, Palmetto, Venice and Punta Gorda during the same period – combined.

Close to 37 percent of apprehensions made by the K-9 unit ended with a dog attack, which was higher than a 30 percent threshold that many American law enforcement agencies use to monitor their K-9 units’ performance for potential misconduct.

In response to the paper’s investigation, the North Port PD quickly whipped up a “memorandum of counseling” (the least severe form of discipline) and gave it to Officer Bush, two years after the attack. It said Bush’s messages via the mobile digital terminal were “unprofessional,” but said the attack on Lemay was “found to be within policy.”

The department is unabashed in defending its K-9 culture of commanding their dogs to attack unarmed, defenseless citizens, saying:

We have reviewed all current legal authority and have found our K-9 handlers and the animals which we rely on to keep our community safe, to have acted in accordance within the law and in keeping with best practices.

Officer Bush, the North Port PD’s senior K-9 handler, has racked up what would be considered by his colleagues an admirable count of 25 dog bites since the start of 2012. Three civil rights lawsuits have been filed in federal court against the department, two involving Bush and his K-9. Lemay intends to file his own suit.

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Charles Mesloh, a former K-9 handler for the Venice Police Department, called Bush’s messages to Dietz “horrifying” and said a serious investigation is warranted.

This is people deciding in advance deciding how they’re going to hurt someone,” said Mesloh. “In my opinion it should be investigated by the Department of Justice. I have defended agencies accused of civil rights violations in the past, and I have never seen anything that has approached what I have seen in this report.

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  • WOW!

  • disgusting

  • American cops are kind of mutant humans, aren’t they. And not in a good way.

  • sick

  • Sadist

  • Cowards.

  • The only reason why people do not have what they want is because they are thinking more about what they don’t want than what they do want. Listen to your thoughts, and listen to the words you are saying. The law is absolute and there are no mistakes. – The Secret

  • POS

  • Sick. What is happening to our Police force all over the country. They are going off the deep end daily.

  • Our cops are working more like the SS of Germany of years gone by. Right down to having the dogs maul people for there own amusement. People need to wake up to what is happening in Police State America… It’s not going to get any better till people start fighting back.

    • But fighting violence with violence and expecting peace is stupid. Fighting the police in the courts isn’t working fast enough. Protests by BLM is just pissing people off. How do we fight back?

    • Brent, this…

    • Sorry but violence is sometimes the answer. Not saying to commit violence but self defense = violence in many cases.

    • People will have to unite and fight in force. show up at city meetings. Demand the replacement of bad cops. Remind them they are elected to represent the people. And if they chose not to then recall them and put new people who will work for the people. It’s not a over night thing that will happen. But if you start in your towns and city’s. Then work your way up to your Governor then Senators. As a people we are the ones who put these people in there Government jobs and have the right to recall any of them who will not represent the people who put them in office. Remember the old saying the pen is mightier then the sword. But it takes people standing together as a town,city and State.

    • Become a peaceful nation who doesn’t present a threat to one another. For every 1 person who dies a crime related death in the UK 40 American citizens die. Don’t you think that’s shocking for a civilised country. Nothing to do with gun culture is it. The US are victims of their own policies, and one step away from anarchy and chaos. Whilst the rest of the world watch you implode.

    • Keith Hiorns 80% gun homicides are gang related. Also most gun deaths are suicides. The UK has many suicides, many by trains.. Most gun owners are law abiding peaceful people. If the UK legallized firearms it owuld likely be the gangs, Muslim extremists, etc… with the homicides not the average British people

    • Chris, please prove your stat of 80%.

    • those gangs u talk about already have access to heavy – illegal – weaponry.
      these cops are nothing like the ss in nazi germany.
      they are much worse …

    • Paul I respectfully disagree. The SS were so very much worse. But our so called police seem to be fashioning them selves after the SS in so many ways.

  • Low I/Q, evil Bastards run so much sick shit the time will come to where people will not stop and fire first..

    • no… good cops end up fired, charge with the very crimes they are trying to expose or “missing”…

    • NO NO NO NO NO. I feel, bad cops themselves are not even the greatest danger. The ones that look the other way, allowing it to perpetuate & expand in number are more dangerous.

  • Seems there is evidence? If so, take em down,cops break the law, they pay for the crime under the law. No one is above the law.

  • Hoy he wanted to kill himself cause he “was in pain” now he haves real pain

    • Hate to agree with you but this is true…there is nothing like fear for survival to re-boot the will to live gene.

    • They didn’t have to release a k-9 on him they over did it
      My thoughts.

  • I hope cops realise it will get to a point where the public decides to start shooting and fucking them up randomly on the street as soon as they have been spotted.

    I can’t wait to actually watch people unite and finally do something for their selves.

    There are more civilians than government.

    • out of those A and D

    • Of those, D. Personally, chop their head off with my sword & feed them to the wolves

    • Cmon now…Over an Attempted Burglary???
      Id prolly just take all his belongings and tools and pawn it for some cash to replace the damage caused….

  • Unfathomable

  • This is disgusting. ….

  • How are we allowing this. Pit bull bites home invasion person. Civilian dog gets quarantined. Attack on teenager in trash can. With known intent. It’s ok. Police really are becoming the most dangerous gang on the streets.

  • NO I DON’T LIKE IT . In fact I HATE this shit. WTF.

  • Horrendous behaviour by the police

  • This is so sick! 🙁 #AnimalAbuse

  • Here is the North Port PD’s facebook page. Demand that Kieth Bush be fired! https://www.facebook.com/NorthPortPD/

  • Maybe, just maybe, if you live in a nation with a violent orientated culture, where every other person has a weapon. The way to stop violence is if the people in that society don’t present a threat themselves. So many people who say they carry a gun to defend themselves. Then complain when a law enforcement agent feels threatened and protects himself and his comrades. Sometimes they get it wrong. Would you pause long enough to get it wrong.

  • There’s a weird face in the shoulder injury

  • Damn shame…

  • Hope u sue this fuck he does not need to be on the streets

  • If a dog was eating your guts with you alive well guess it could be worse. I would walk on buy .

  • Nina Dalao, at some point I’d like your thoughts on these stories. I know they are not the norm and there are some great cops out there, but to pretend this brutality is not happening is dangerous.

    As an avid police supporter, what do you think should happen here?

    • The cop charged with whatever crime the general public would and the dog given to another handler. The other cop not involved but texting should be put on probation.

  • This is screwed up , not ok.

  • It’s called tough love . I bet he doesn’t want to kill himself now

  • I get the feeling from reading literally hundreds of these things that no matter what the method that is used to subdue people the police never do it right . Is that a fair statement ?

    • Do you really consider this case to be “okay”?

    • Remove your emotions
      kid in park with gun, cops get 911 calls about kid pointing gun at people in park ,cops show up kid points gun at cop . Kid gets shot , kids “toy” gun is indistinguishable from real gun .

    • Kids 12 when this happened my kid was 13 I have had this talk with him a million times as we have several airsoft guns , I have a small gunsmith shop and I can tell you that those airsoft guns are exact replicas down to the way they are disassembled some of the parts are interchangeable . You cannot expect police to let a perp take couple shots at them just to prove the gun is real .

  • it wont be too long until the people start fighting back against police. they r outnumbered and will get dismantled of all power. #takebackfreedom #policeareterroristsnotheros

  • Hey, it took his mind off his other problems?


  • The sheer brutality and ugliness of training a beautiful animal and using it to attack people indiscriminately is not less than the people who host dog-fighting rings. Not only are innocent people horribly injured, but guess who gets “put down” when all these incidents are exposed. Certainly isn’t the cop behind the dog! I know most cops are good guys, but these K-nine officers are mean brutes who need to be brought down.

  • I knew a canine handler cop. Biggest douche I ever knew. He freely admit he would sic the dog when it wasn’t needed, then beat anyone who resisted the dog.

  • E-mail your local congress http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ http://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/ we need to push for “MANDATORY” video record keeping of “all” public officials while on public duty. Imagine an officer being able to recognize a suspect that is armed and dangerous based on face recognition? Imagine a officer that can do his/her job more efficiently by uploading a video data report directly to their corresponding department. Imagine if the police training academy had video records for training? Imagine if a firefighter, running into a burning building can be viewed by the fire marshal for possible arson? Imagine if a judge has a video record of each case and can make an official judgement based on the evidence? Imagine if streets and sanitation have video records of a reoccurring problem that needs a different approach? Imagine if the first respondents know how to implement proper steps to someone with a specific medical condition? This will end when we use the technology for everyone involved on a case by case basis. If “everyone” involved in anything public is held accountable for his or her actions then justice will prevail! We can then use a defense project and monitor certain videos that contain possible threats to our country and we will call it NSA.

  • I find it hard to believe that people that do this to others can care about anyone, I hope they don’t have kids.

  • Time for change.

  • I really get tired of reading “actions were within department policy”.
    There is the damn problem.

  • Western civilization is completely run by Luciferians who worship dark energy and are explicitly involved in the encouragement of summoning dark energy through the Ritualistic abuse of people. This includes gang raping children, sacrificing babies, small children and adults etc, all of these activities are their way of feeling an exhilaration on a spiritual level. They experience a feeling of exhilaration by conducting very evil acts upon innocence. These were ancient practices that have been kept hidden as the average human would automatically reject it as most of us are naturally inclined to be good.

    This behavior has to be indoctrinated into the human, it is entirely unnatural. This goes all the way back to the philosophies of Lucifer or Satan who is the negative dark energy that creates lifeless zones in the creation, this energy directly challenges God by deliberately bring suffering into his creation. The Leaders of western civilization embrace this as their religious spirituality that at this point in time is a requirement to join the ranks of the upper upper class. ALL people of political influence in the west are members of these secret societies and only when they threaten to leave do they then get threatened to be exposed as a pedophile etc. They ALL are in on it. The ENTIRE HEAD of western civilization is SICK AS SICK can be…

    This was why the prophets warned us that when Jesus is revealed the Devil will know he is caught out and it is at the height of his power so he is FURIOUS and it is a very scary moment in human history due to the strength of his system that is starting to fall apart right in front of him. In fact we are informed that under this situation with the Devil so powerful and the fact that his system is now in a state of total collapse because of the Revelation of Jesus Christ and the truth, which the Devil is desperately trying to hide.. many people are getting captured and killed as they scramble to survive the second coming of Jesus Christ…BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO ENDURE UNTIL THE END!

  • Eye for an eye. Pig should have it down to him . But don’t stop the dog.

  • #northportflorida may need to have a look at its laws and police policies. Sounds like something is wrong with this picture.

  • The police are just really sick and with every crime they get away with they get worse.

  • only way to protect your self is not call the cops ,and when they do come don’t allow them on your property with any weapons what so ever including their K-9 dogs in any case why would you need a K-9 on a suicide call shouldn’t you have someone there that knows how to negotiate with the person and use common sense rather than force and risk even innocent by standers getting hurt because of Police stupidity .

  • So. Just let the kid kill himself? Here is what all you cop haters miss, EVERY TIME…
    “COULDA BEEN WORSE THEN, HE SHOULD HAVE COMPLIED,” McHale said, ending the conversation.”

  • kay

  • Some more of the “good cops” ?

  • They’ll stop …only when Killed !!!

  • Are those bastards trying to provoke an uprising?

  • The American People and their deserved Police State…..Pore Bastards!

    • More countries are following the police state idea. As people continue to wake up and rebel in the slightest way, the police will do what they are told to do.
      Just stay safe as it gets worse. But don’t give into fear 😉

    • Bla bla bla, what you and your government did to our planet is really disgusting….

  • I support citizens to inflict violence on police more and more every day

  • horrible! wtf?!

  • Sick.

  • I’d like to see some actual shit getting done instead of all this talk. The poor kid wanted to die, so the pigs go to really make him want to die? Where are the demand on their jobs? You do know you can do a citizen’s arrest?! Know your rights, you pay their checks, so you’re the bosses. Demand justice, or no one gets reelected in city offices, mayor, district attorney or judges…. They will learn not to fuck with us anymore if you Learn your rights and fight for them!
    These bastards are out of hand!

  • Disturbing, disgusting, and must be stopped.

  • do unto others …

  • Lst night his face was not smeared out.

  • They should allow the dog to do the same to both cops then justice will be served an eye for an eye or a bite for a bite that would surely stop their games notice most of the brutality stories are against unarmed civilians …not to many for the armed ones.

  • Do not be surprised. Cops are the enemy….period.

  • The biggest criminals,,them.

  • Who is to police the police,,WHO.

  • So much irony… Cannot compute!

  • You cannot have government without the inherent violence that comes with it. More government = more violence.

  • Sick jerks.

  • Weathermen, where are you?

  • so, if you have a problem, don’t call the cops, they are only good ‘after the crime has been committed…’ anyway

  • If he wasnt truly suicidal before he is now. What a fucking shame…

  • Wrong is wrong. Its scary to think officers sworn to protect enjoy the victimization. Take their guns, their badges and their dogs. Put them with their own kind. Lock them up.

  • Because obviously getting mauled by a dog will make you forget your thoughts of suicide…

  • We need men of honor that know the value of compassion, good will, and whose concern is with upholding the law. Step away from the paycheck, rotten apples, we don’t need your kind.


  • hang the bastard, it would appear he majority of police in the usa are brain damaged

  • i sniuki gavai lokas tiu nax

  • Cops are supposed to be ruthless and feared. The system works as designed. Nothing to see here. Obey. Consume. Conform.

  • what a solution!

  • where is the FBI the CIA our government officials where the fuck are they?….Do your fucking jobs and rid these departments that do this because if you don’t do your fucking job don’t count on us being there for you!!!!!!!!

  • Police state rising!!

  • He’s still alive isn’t he?

  • Nancy

    That boy needed help! Not a dog mauling him. How sad. Imagine
    wanting to kill yourself and being mauled by a dog and still being
    depressed and troubled. That was brutally unnecessary.

  • James

    “in accordance with the law”? What the heck kind of law is this?

  • dilbert

    time to reconsider vigilante justice

  • Opa Karl

    Looks like we already have human robots in that police department, and I’d bet, based on statistics, they call themselves Christian.

  • LOL

  • laurelladesborough

    The entire department needs to be fired in disgrace. That is simply INHUMAN behavior. Sadistic. Cruel. Intentional harm to citizens. This is the kind of behavior that causes responsible citizens to end up thinking police are dangerous and criminal.