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To Keep You Safe, the US Just Bombed the Charity Group, ‘Doctors without Borders,’ Killing 20

The US is once again attempting to justify another deadly blunder in which dozens of innocent people were murdered in the name of the war on terror.

From their teleprompter fed pulpits, detached bureaucrats discuss this war in terms of numbers only. The notion of humanity is completely absent from any and all decisions made by the state in their quest for empire.

The murder of innocent children is renamed collateral damage. Real terrorism, in which entire countries are kept in a constant state of fear of bombs raining down from the sky fired by US drones is renamed asymmetrical warfare.

This simple play on semantics allows most Americans to sit back in their recliners and thank God that the troops are out there keeping them safe from terrorism. Remaining in their mainstream media controlled bubble, most Americans are shielded from the horrid atrocities committed by the US military in the name of “keeping you safe.”

The photos of dead children, blown to bits by hellfire missiles fired from US predator drones aren’t allowed on television. The grim reality of the warfare state is but a blip on American media. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is watching as history’s largest empire is violently expanding its special interest owned tentacles into countries across the globe.

In America’s latest attempt to “protect the citizens of the US,” an aerial bombing in the Afghan city of Kunduz was conducted. The target? A hospital.

Many of the innocent civilians injured and killed in the bombing were staff members with the charity group Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), the French charitable organization, “Doctors Without Borders.”

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According to the Guardian:

An MSF source told the Guardian that up to 20 Afghan members of staff and patients were killed and dozens more injured. They said the death toll could rise further. Among the killed were nine MSF staff and seven patients from the intensive care unit, including three children.

To keep you safe from “terrorists” the US blew up a hospital and killed people who’ve selflessly devoted their lives to helping others. This is what spreading democracy looks like.

Almost immediately, the play on semantics began with Col Brian Tribus, spokesman for international forces in Afghanistan releasing the following statement noting the “collateral damage.”

“US forces conducted an airstrike in Kunduz city at 2:15am [local time] on 3 October against individuals threatening the force. The strike may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility. This incident is under investigation.”

What Tribus means when he says “under investigation” is that the story will be swept under the rug so we do not wake the American people up to our murderous actions.

According to the MSF, their GPS coordinates of the hospital were widely broadcast to all parties fighting in the conflict. Despite this warning, the bombing continued.

Patricia Gossman, a senior researcher at the NGO, said: “The bombing of the hospital is a shocking development for Kunduz, where civilians and aid workers are already at grave risk from the fighting. All forces are obligated to do their utmost to avoid causing civilian harm.”

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An MSF staff member, who was on duty at the time, told the Guardian: “I was inside my office. Around 2 am, the plane started bombing the main building of MSF. It lasted one and a half hours. After 3.30am, I came out from my office and saw all of the hospital was on fire.”

How many innocent men, women, and children must die before the United States can declare a victory on the war on terror? A hundred, a thousand, a million, ten million? What number will be enough to satisfy the blood-thirsty politicians in their perpetual expansion of the military industrial complex?

The hospital, it has been my workplace and home for several months. Yes, it is just a building. But it is so much more than that. It is healthcare for Kunduz. Now it is gone.

What is in my heart since this morning is that this is completely unacceptable. How can this happen? What is the benefit of this? Destroying a hospital and so many lives, for nothing. I cannot find words for this,” MSF nurse Lajos Zoltan Jecs said of the atrocity.

Please share this article with your friends and family who may not know about these brutal acts of violence that are being conducted in their name.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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  • Hypocrites…

  • Just defending our freedom!

    • i hope,this was irony…

    • Of course! How would bombing innocent people be defending anyone’s freedom?

  • No way it was to keep us safe, it was to perpetuate the war machine!

  • End the war

  • Take that up with our ‘fearless leader’


  • This is so appalling. This was on the news and I never heard or saw anyone post a thing about it. All anyone is concerned about today is losing their guns after another mass murder on Oregon. I can absolutely understand why other nations hate us.

    • Nope it’s just our news blasting us. Watch what happens when Russia and Germany strike. It’s not always pretty and accurate. Watch the Russian navy remove pirates from the sea. If the US did such it would be all over the news.

    • Just because others are doing bad things, does not make this ok. The accidental bombing of the hospital was mentioned on the news for just 60 seconds. They reported it as though it was nothing…..and Americans don’t give a damn about it.

  • So Barry just murdered twice as many people as the Oregon gunman. Maybe it’s time we take away his weapons.

    • maybe it’s time our military does it’s job and takes him out! domestic terrorist!

    • Ginger Alderman Yep, in order to say the constitution you will first destroy iy. If you have some proof of unconstitutional activity why don’t you get the Tea Party lead GOP off their asses and try to impeach him.

    • All branches are corrupt and reinforce the corruption of the other two.

    • Ginger Alderman, oh yes…….. and the house and congress and a lot more.

    • Joshua Knox-Chinnery “Other two”? You’re forgetting the Administrative branch.

    • Mark your analogy is horrible. The GOP has done everything in their power to discredit TEA party members.

  • Look, some of those doctors could have very well been guilty of malpractice or something at some point. Let’s wait until we have more details on this before we go around declaring them all innocent.

  • Cmon people I’m sure it was intentional. Unfortunately not every bomb or missile can hit its intended targets. Shit does happen in war. Isis kills more for fun, have some people forgotten.

    • ‘murica

    • Too bad it’s not a war- I mean to say did you vote on this- no because when it comes to the real important issues you aren’t allowed to vote. Let’s see, OH maybe Congress voted on it- oh my, wrong again. This isn’t a war and you better wake up to that fact!

    • Oh, really? Are we at war with ISIS?

    • So whay are Obama talking of Putin saying its doing strikes on civilian?1day after he says that America drones target an hospital .

    • The hospital had given out their exact location to both parties at war, their coordinates were known for a long time

    • Yes the world is at war with isis. Obama is a clown. That man loves making us look like fools. This came out to hide the fact that a Muslim shot up a school. The news is trying to blind us and fool us.

    • Because it was a known clinic, that all sides had gps cordinates of, there might be serious consecuenses. I heard America might be charged with war crimes for this.

  • smdh…ridiculous

  • shit happen’s

  • WE really need to just mind our own business in the Middle East!

  • And the US is worried about Russia getting involved !!!!

  • Wow, just unbelievable

  • Brad ,well said.and so true about hitting target,,,a lot of people do not know that.

  • (save lives) the most sadness joke in the history

  • Seen on morning news very sad

  • Of course Obama is to be blamed for the bombing, but I betcha the GOP is saying that Obama is doing the right thing.

  • I bet Obomba is silent on this.

  • Disgusted

  • ‘Murica! Freedom! -.-

  • I guess it’s quite clear who te terrorist in this is

  • The arrogance and ignorance of some comments in here are sadly astounding. Some evil people comment like other people’s lives don’t matter at all – just kill them all, they must be guilty and if turns out there are not then we don’t give a duck as they are guilty unless proven innocent!!
    Too bad the dead people’s family and friends will never understand why the innocent are murdered when a hospital gets bombed !! This MSF organisation does a lot of good for the less fortunate. Oh well someones mother, father, son,daughter, sister, brother or friend will not be going back. Anyway what goes around comes around

    • I am a combat vet 101st airborne air assault 1967 with purple heart.If you want to help figure out how stop 22 vets doing suicide every day. LIKE I said you had to be in a war to know. all lives matter.

  • seriously?

  • yeah, the line’s been crossed a long time ago

  • US did or Russia? Pissing contest with human lives…assasinations…in the wrong place……and OBAMA wants to violate our 2nd Ammendment….I THINK NOT PAL

  • not right

  • Another shining example of the greatest oxymoron of all time…..military intelligence…..

  • If this is true someone needs to take these sick fucks out

  • Doctors aiding the enemy. Helping any part of islam, is absolutely ridiculous. Islam is about killing and molesting children. If you’re aiding that, then you are my enemy as well. We don’t belong in Afghanistan at all. It is not our business. Secure our borders and start kicking people out.

    • Shut the fuck up.

    • Or what?

    • What a stupid comment. Children are innocent. Not all of them are bad

    • You’ll learn the hard way, just like so many before you. And I’m stupid?

    • The hypocrite oath my have something to do with it, our military medics have to aid combatants who may have just been involved in an contact with the troops. It sound like a stupid thing to do but the enemy is more inclined to give up if they know they be treated with respect.

    • Well this about the dumbest thing I’ve ever read, good on ya for winning stupid today

    • Suck it up bitch, and do your research so you can be “in the know” like me.

    • “in the know”. lol, what a cretin.

    • Are you all sticking up for perverted, killer muslims? I hope you get your heads chopped off for being such lovable morons.

    • And calling people names is proof of your ignorance.

    • You sound like a racist. And your figures are wrong. Consider your sources. In this country, 85% of violent crimes and rape is committed by blacks, because that’s what blacks do in every country.

    • Blame someone else.

    • Kids are innocent!! Doctors can’t discriminate…thank goodness for that. You are hating as extremists hate so how is your hate different exactly

    • No they are not. And what does children have to do with terrorists camping out next to the doctor’s tent for protection?

    • You said in your first post that the doctors shouldn’t be helping any of them. How are children not innocent?? ‘Blacks’ as you call them do not behave as you day in every country. In my country whites are the ones that cause the most trouble and radicalized Muslims. You sir are definitely a hater of anything. You didnt answer my earlier question of gow your hate of them is different to their hate of us? I am white and white history is filled with killing innocent people and taking everything from them…not earning it..taking it!!

    • You’re really stuck on this children thing. You sound like a child molester now. The original post is about Afghan Muslim fighters and doctors helping them getting bombed. Where are you getting this “children are innocent” idea?

    • Thanks for doing your part Curtis Womack.

    • Curtis Womack hahahaha I love it when people choose personal insult instead of intelligent discussion! Your a gem!! You should be a politician 🙂

    • You have a right to free speech, which also comes with the consequences of my response. Suck it up.

    • When you say something to respond to, I’m there for you.

  • it is the thing anyone who rides the 2 party system will end up doing, feeding the war machine. losing their choice.

  • Freakin great. What are we doing there again? SOBs take my hard earned money at the threat of a gun and use it to kill people. Aghhhh!

    • You needs some guns when the dollar go to 5 cents on the dollar. The war will be here in the U.S.

  • NO !! That just underlines the stupidity and futility of the whole effing thing !!

  • Sick tragedy…

  • I feel so free now! Thanks! Please take away my rights so I can feel even more free!

  • Wow, here have some freedom & democracy…..

  • When the bad guys run in hide in a hospital,church,mosque,or school and is actively engaging Military personnel that under the laws of armed conflict that they become legitiment targets.

    • So when the IRA used to run to the states and hide out there, it would have been perfectly all right for the UK to bomb Boston ?

    • Nope because you had to be actively engage to return fire on said structures. The key word is actively engaged

    • I heard America might be charged with war crimes for this.

  • does anyone believe this is going to make us ‘safer’?

  • Why?..

  • The US ARE the terrorists ffs!

  • Mike Anthony Dominique Just an absolutely disgusting, murderous, terroristic attack perpetrated by the US Gov’t. When the fuck will the country wake up? There is zero reason or justification

    • Its called friendly fire meaning it was not a plan attact on a hospital. and if you don’t like the U.S. leave please.WAR SUCKS.in a war you do have to kill someone I was drafted turn 21 yrs of age there most guy there were 19 yrs of age. There is no justificaiton for war. Pray that your son dose not want to join up. You have not been in a war yet until then shut the fuck up!

    • Of course it wasn’t a planned attack you troll. If you aren’t competent enough to properly coordinate bombings then you shouldn’t be in charge of a vital part of our military. There is no whoops sorry. War IS hell but that doesn’t excuse the killings of innocents that could have been easily avoided. I love my country and believe in the principles it was founded on. Obviously you don’t know your history. Keep drinking the kool aid

  • now you a cunt for the patriact act asshole

  • Retaliation for not licking the boots of the terrorist ZOG of israel…


  • Pretty sure there were confirmed targets inside the building. Free game

  • Mr. President, we must stop this warring.

  • Guess someone decided they needed to get rid of a couple of our spies… Wonder what they knew????…

  • USA doesn’t have the best reputation these days

  • Strict violation of Convention IV of the Geneva Conventions. Not that our government concerns themselves with the Geneva Convention when it doesn’t benefit their agenda.

  • In Europe there is talk about judging America by war crime in this case, seeing as they had been given gps cordinates to the clinic.

  • Sorry but those doctors and nurses had to know and understand the risks of going into that place. no one made them go there.

  • I guess they couldn’t cover this one up.

  • We even sometimes bomb our own troops. we call it friiendly fire Collateral damage.This is a WAR it happens. War sucks bring our troops home.This is a war we won’t win.If you press like dose that mean you like the U.S. Bomded the charity group? any of you been in WAR?

    • I have. We need to stop bombing now. We missed our chance to create stability there back in 2003.

    • Grant Johnson Thanks for not giving me crap.101st airborne Nam 1967 hit Dec 26 1967 motor attack.Two months left.You know what they say about short timers.I was one of them.

  • Fark. Last post said it was Russia Media is a trouble maker

  • we are a death culture from handguns to taxes to military..

  • Whoever controls Afghanistan also controls the worlds poppy trade. You know heroine, pain killers…

  • There really are no excuses.

  • He bombs weddings too!

    • Annette Wander ??

    • These is bullshit anybody that actually pays attention to what they hear n see doesn’t just accept a statement or audio etc, but goes out there way to validate the info they take in, which in this case didn’t happen then u wonder why people in other countries believe Americans are stupid smh.

    • Edward Jose Rodriguez are you in such denial that you refuse to believe your supreme leader would drone bomb a wedding? He has done it more than once. Google it.

    • Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. :/

    • omg its not being denial understand what yah try say or do, but to point the finger at him i’m sorry is childish thats the cost of war n mistakes will be made cuz we’re fucking human, but to say Obama told soldier hey guys bomb this wedding n bomb this building is stupid he gave a general order n people made mistakes n kill people they weren’t supposed to understand that it goes back to him, but it naive to think that way n i will be unfollowing these page too much bs.

    • I hope you’re not saying he does it on purpose or that Bush was any better.

    • As the commander in chief, he is responsible for the policy and the actions of the US military while it is under his command

    • Edward Jose Rodriguez Edward Jose Rodriguez They believe we’re stupid because of people like you proving it.

    • Either bias or this way with all presidents.

    • Edward Jose Rodriguez you ARE in denial. Obama has direct authority over JSOC. They answer to HIM and only to him. JSOC are the ones conducting most of these drone strikes.

    • “then u wonder why people in other countries believe Americans are stupid smh.”

      Maybe they believe American’s are stupid because they’re trying to follow your spelling, grammar and punctuation in your nonsensical ramblings.

      You may well have a point to make, but it’s not being made with your presentation sir.

    • The Free Thought Project.com omg im not going to argue with childs mindset stop tagging me in yah bullshit

    • Edward Jose Rodriguez Most of the bs is coming from you

    • Edward Jose Rodriguez you ever heard of independent research? You should try it someday.

    • People say don’t blame Obama but at the end of the day shouldn’t the president be fully informed of what his troops and army are doing on his behalf?if the president isn’t to be held accountable who is?congress certainly that was a rhetorical question but surely this man is supposed to be representative of the whole country and what the people want,the only thing I see happening are more wars,less privacy,more innocents killed and written off as collateral damage!I know one thing for sure the American people as a whole did not ask for any of that


  • Such a reach!!!! You guys lost major credibility with this post

  • I give 10€/month to MSF.

  • When you look at the history of Nobel himself, he was titled “The Merchant of Death” when his obituary was prematurely published.

  • Annette Wander much douche, such wow

  • he bombs at being a world leader too.

  • Good post, most of the people in this county don’t even know this happened, we should all be ashamed.

  • It’s fitting since Nobel invented dynamite…

  • Shameful

  • If anyone is looking for him he’ll be in Oregon talking with those families instead. Surprise!

  • For being the worse president ever. Phyllis painter Baltimore

  • Uhh…oops?

  • Oh that is harsh! But sadly, real 🙁 I really expected him to pull us out of these wars a few years ago…. I’m so sad we are bombing a country to save it from being bombed by it’s own president and do not see how that’s helping the people of that country!

  • Obama didn’t go n bomb them shit happen when in war

    • He’s the Commander-in-Chief it’s his job to decide who’s getting bombed

    • who told u that dumb lie do u really believe that Obama watches the military 24/7 n tells them don’t bomb here bomb there yes he can make orders, but to assume that he approves every bombing that’s crazy plz learn your chain of command before talking non-sense that’s like u blaming the CEO for one of his employee in his company violating someone or some shit that shit is mind blowingly stupid that it gave me a headache.

    • Angel Jesus Peralta who told u that dumb lie do u really believe that Obama watches the military 24/7 n tells them don’t bomb here bomb there yes he can make orders, but to assume that he approves every bombing that’s crazy plz learn your chain of command before talking non-sense that’s like u blaming the CEO for one of his employee in his company violating someone or some shit that shit is mind blowingly stupid that it gave me a headache.

    • What do you think happened? The military was just bored and dropped bombs with no orders?

    • Marc Kucz lol I’m not going to argue it, u see one bombing on tv which most our media is own by just 6 companies now that work for big money n they going to tell u what they want u to hear and for years now Obama got blamed for idk how many non-sense, so to believe that Obama only just has to worry about the military to the point where he actually giving every lil order its kind of stupid don’t u think ? especially when u gotta run a whole country n that just one part he has to deal with on daily basis and I’m sorry but that’s the cost of war and mistakes are made, but to directly just blame him is stupid.

    • But as the leader of our armed forces he is responsible for those beneath him in the chain of command? That only makes sence. If not why is he commander in chief?

    • So are you saying he doesn’t know what the fuck is going on?

    • Did I fucking say that ? Carlos Spicywiener

    • Umm remind me who decided to start bombing syria in the first place?

    • Carlos Spicywiener Learn to read cuz nowhere did i say that, I’m arguing that it is stupid to just blame him and thats kind of dumb question is it especially that he addressed it

    • You sound like one of those people who think Obama can do no bad by your logic Obama can’t be blamed for anything

    • Angel Jesus Peralta Remind me why is he doing it ? or do u wanna go back to war

    • What war! America hasn’t been attacked since 9/11 and even then we went to war with the wrong country!

    • Angel Jesus Peralta nobody said that u assuming like a bitch u know me now naa do i agree everything does noo do i blame him for shit yes like the TPP, but I’m not going be on some fucking stupidity to just blame the face of our government like bunch dumbass do on daily

    • Angel Jesus Peralta Seem like u really don’t pay attention to these stuff so im not going bother arguing for some mis-informed motherfucker

    • Carlos Spicywiener so a soldier kill 3 inncoent bystanders u blame the commander for that

    • Yeah, in that sinario, he should clean up the ranks. Edward Jose Rodriguez i know you play call of duty and watch to many movies but its accountability.But again I would think he wouldn’t put said soldier in that position. Invading countries is like going to Disneyland, bad shit happens and when it’s your call, then yes it’s your fault.

    • Maybe your having a rough morning Edward Jose Rodriguez, not firing on all cylinders? Calm down before you over do it.

    • Carlos Spicywiener lol again u don’t know me havent touched a video game in idk how long

    • Carlos Spicywiener dman bro u love suckin this dick its seems

    • This kid is absolutely stupid lol. Learn to logic before you spew off garbage.

    • I can barely read anything Edward posts. His grammar and spelling seem not only archaic, but highly illogical and lacking any one particular point. He’s throwing together too many opinions that don’t even make sense and contradict themselves.

    • Aubrey Langlois, he’s a great voter. People like him is why idiocracy is such a good movie.

    • Uggggggggggghhhhhhhh

    • Don’t misunderstand. Everyone down the chain is responsible. It’s not like you give everyone else a pass just because the president id guilty as well.

  • Stupid post. It’s hard for lying people to stop lying. Did the POTUS do anything right?

    • Do you have any idea what the president’s job is?

    • Commander and Chief for one Ben Walburn. Did you serve by the way?

  • I mean his numbers tell otherwise.

  • AJ Ami

  • He does not know what this is DWB or MSF

  • Ridiculous A war Criminal won Nobel Prize for peace

    • He won it before he became a war criminal

    • Not that he still or ever did deserve it

    • Before He did secretly until he begin to do it openly with his drones ( but in fact it’s not even him he is a puppet) I am sure somehow inside him he is a great man, but a great man never allows to become a puppet no matter the cirumstances of life or the amount of money or the size of a wrong cause

  • It’s ridiculous what is going on over there

  • Well I’m sorry we bombed your family it’s war it’s an accident but if it’s happens to an American it’s an act of terrorism people are fucking sheep

    • So why are the American people not tearing down congress?

    • In this climate of Congressional stagnation and an election year no one is standing up to defend the ‘Frontiers without border.’

    • Well people are kept in line by the media since they believe everything they see on the media instead of questioning it and putting two and two together and settle along with worrying about the new iPhone or new accessorize that they really dnt need or the new ideologies of white on black or black on white instead of focusing towards unity mainly they are on the ride that the U.S has lined up for us and we continue to take the bait everyone else is incarcerated and made to look like garbage

    • Amen, brother.

    • Aubrey its because we like to bitch instead of doing anything about it. We are too privileged they haven’t pushed us far enough. Now if someone decided to ban iPhones i guarantee you riots everywhere would occur. Its the American way. 1st world problems.

    • It is happening to American citizens at the hands of our own government. At the hands of Obama through the use of drones.

  • Yup! Obama jumped in his presidential war plane and dropped those bombs!! Did it all by himself!!

    • Do you believe that those in positions of power that make life or death decisions shouldn’t be punished when they make the wrong decision?

  • he must be so proud

  • “Collateral damage”


  • guys remember, obama is all talk (mostly lies) the people who bombed hospitals are soldiers! fuckin tools! government is just talk and lies. it is us that need to wake up and stop doing what the gov says!

    • Don’t disrespect the soldiers of your country, you’re allowed to be an asshole bc of them, and yes Obama sucks, just like the president before him, and the president after him

    • it is true.soldiers literally, physically, personally, did the bombing. Its not an opinion. its a fact of reality. I hope this is clear, that soldiers kill people and presidents just talk and do paperwork, which is not wrong like killing is.

    • and soldiers are the tools of government, also fact. the government can’t do anything on its own because it doesnt really exist, outside of being a concept we agree on. It uses people to do this thing or that thing. And so if you know what a tool is (something you use to help you do something) then you would see that the people who do things for the government are, literally, by definition, the government’s tools. so it has nothing to do with whom I respect, or what my ‘beliefs’ are. Im talking reality here, with a smidgeon of personal emotion (cus when people kill each other I tend to get emotional, as healthy people do)

    • Most soldiers still trust the government and the chain of command to which they work under. And yes, they are the instruments through which wars are started and maintained. With that in mind many of those soldiers go over and fight these wars with the intent or protecting the people they hold dear and the values they perceive to be upheld by their country. While I don’t believe going to war in itself is noble, standing by your principles and putting your life on the line to defend them along with your loved ones is.

      You need to get off your high horse and stop judging these people who fight without considering whether they’re aware of what’s going on in terms of political agenda and real life objective reality. The sad fact is most people don’t question or even begin to explore life and society outside of the world that they’ve been shown and taught to believe in. This might be a limitation of human intellect and it may just as easily be a product of the education system and social climate we have in the U.S.. Regardless, these people deserve to be spoken of as people; perhaps being misled and unaware of the greater situation, but still living and feeling people nonetheless.

      Honestly from your tone I wouldn’t have any doubts that you just moved from one set of teachings to another. A man is a tool if he doesn’t think and act for himself. An extension of another mindset is just as much a tool as the soldiers your insulting.

    • its a very good point, i respect that. I guess maybe my tone was harsh to the point of nullifying any good that would come from what I was trying to communicate. And yep, I was being someone else’s tool in a way. Good catch. And thanks for the check.

      But as you said yourself, “The sad fact is most people don’t question or even begin to explore life and society outside of the world that they’ve been shown and taught to believe in”. This is the problem. And it is not a matter of personal preference to go through this process either, because clearly it will affect others when you are willing to kill and die for what you have been taught to believe in.

      It is just frustrating to see people ignore personal responsibility for a paycheck, for mental laziness, etc. But as you just caught me tooling out someone else’s beliefs too, whether a good belief or a bad one, it is obviously not easy in this world to be pure to your own beliefs all the time. It takes practice, effort, attention, things we aren’t given much of in our society. I just hope that the damage is not too great before we turn it around, if we can turn it around.

  • Luis Malave show ur support

  • [Paste this status above memes and share]

    President Obama, NOT about Charity Hospital air strike victims.

    “Somehow this has become routine. The reporting has become routine. My response here, from this podium, has become routine,” Obama said.

    “And each time this happens I’m going to bring this up. Each time this happens I am going to say that we can actually do something about it, but we’re going to have to change our laws.”

  • Tate Volbrecht SAVAGE

  • lol.sorry thats to ironic to not find funny.

  • Way to go Retard!!!

  • Lmmfao ha ha ha****

  • He’s finally accomplished something

  • Oh please, you know damn he was not the the pilot or the one giving coordinates

    • So he can pass the buck?

    • He is our commander and chief. Leadership takes the consequences for its people.

    • While he does accept ultimate responsibility, t h e post is written so it make it sound like he did it all by himself. Don’t you have a government to shut down or something or a kim davis rally to go too

    • Victor I’m sure you blamed Bush for every bullet and bomb used in his presidency, regardless of the actual trigger man. These wars and casualties are attributed to the commander in chief of the military regardless of party lines

    • Ryan, yes. That is true.

  • Lolol

  • Nobel PEACE Prize winner.

  • Sans frontieres

  • Ouch

  • Justin Headrick

  • wow

  • That’s a hell of a feat.

  • Everyone who is paying attention.

  • Yitzak rabin and jasser arafat ?

  • It’s being called a war crime.

  • Haha. Wait!? Fuuuuuuck…

  • Just wait and see what comes out of the TPP.

  • I truly despise Obama, but they admitted to harboring Taliban members. I don’t care that they were bombed.

  • Bwaaaaaaa

  • The industrial war complex has their entire collective fist up Obama’s ass.

  • This guy did nothing to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.
    It has really degraded the Nobel Peace Prize which now means much less.

  • Obama is not our president, he is a terrorist!!!!!

  • You can’t right fiction like this.

  • and what is the “The Free Thought Project.com doing to change the world besides posting shit on FB…

  • did The Free Thought Project.com go over and help out with the clean up of the bombing? or send aid packages? Just curious?

  • Who gives a fuck we are America.

  • Crazy world, ain’t it!?


  • Vincent de Verdier Gero Santibanez

  • Strip him of his Nobel Prize, and strip away the Medals of Freedom from those who were given them by Obama.

  • Fucking criminal

  • Nation building’s a bitch ain’t it? -Dubya

  • omg..

  • I’m pretty sure he isn’t pulling the trigger!!!!!

  • liberals need to stop giving the nobel PEACE prize to eachoher. many unworthy people get it now

  • the liberals bought his lies of peace..and they are all still waiting on their free shit that will never come…total liar and great divider!

  • Leon Stancil your oh so great leader

  • In today’s society you can not blame Obama, you must blame the bomb.

  • Ya your wasting your time he not for the poor he is for himself and him only….

  • Don’t forget to congratulate and thank our brave men and women in uniform whose valiant efforts and swift courage made it all possible!

  • Not a whole lot of “Free Thought” went into this post. Perhaps you prefer his predecessor’s “mass invasion and kill hundreds of thousands” methods? The current administration could drop drones for the next 100 years and not kill as many civilians as GW and Dick managed to murder. A little perspective, please?

  • Ben Krellen Bruh

  • Fr.

  • Obama and the CIA are the world’s real terrorists…

  • Was it proven that American soldiers were to blame for the deaths at the hospital and if so who would have given the orders . Such a sad story Doctors Without Borders my prayers are for you and your family and to all that lost their lives . ❤️

  • Dayum! Not a good way to set records

  • I know you prefeer Bush… Jajajajaja… Ignorant

  • If you aren’t desensitized to government violence please help us reach more people by clicking ‘like’ + commenting (even 1 word) + sharing. Thank you! (y)

    • Creates vengeful persons. Insurgents are heroic people fighting off invaders in their homeland. The only real terrorists are the governments involved.

    • Why didn’t bombing Nazis create more Nazis? Stop defending jihadist.

    • They’re not defending anyone, they are exposing the United states for being the hypocritical piece of garbage it is.

    • Yup cuz Americans totally wrote the Koran and have been teaching people to hate us since they came out of the womb. And of course we always teach our 4 yr olds how to be militant soldiers. You’re right totally our faults there are terrorists in the world. Because we totally went around bombing hospitals way before a single person said death to America. ( Yes complete sarcasm, I have to write a disclaimer because some of you are that stupid)

    • Nobody is being taught to hate us, we bring the hate on ourselves

    • Peaceful countries and their citizens hate America and Americans for the most part. We are the shit stain on the underpants of the world

    • Ty do you realize the US government spends billions feeding millions in poor countries? American citizens also donate billions out of their own pockets to help the poor and disadvantaged.

    • Anyone that really thinks it’s necessary to do the shit we are doing in the middle east out of fear that these fuckin people even have a chance to come wage war on our soil and dismantle our horrible idea of “freedom” is fuckin moron. And if you really think we are fighting this war to protect anything to do with county other than money, you need some help, because they’ve got your right where they need you. Pointless killing like this couldn’t continue without the support from all you fuckin idiots who back their leaders no matter what happens

    • Bull shit, they are wrong ,be- heading people ect………………

    • Ty Roesler you took the words right out of my mouth. Thanks for standing up for the truth.

    • I believe the citizens part, and I could care less how much money they spend on other countries. They have their own damn country to fix. And although that shit may be true, it has diddly Jack shit to do with the topic

    • Ty- Vote! Become a better communicator in order to spread your message more effectively so that the established leaders are forced to listen to you versus a message of hate of our country. You and I both know that most Americans disagree with our forgien policy regardless of what side of the aisle they sit on. Bring a positive message of our country. I for one love our country because of its greatness but I absolutely loathe and distrust our leaders.

    • The saddest part is that greed will never go away. As long as our society is dependant on a false promissory note, the war machine will never slow down. Future generations will be left nothing other than a scorched hell of a planet, decimated by nuclear arms and controlled by the military.

    • It’s hard to love a country when they do the things they do. They repress cancer cures because they are not sustained treatments making people pay to stay alive! They repress alternative fuels and paper that are easily more viable than oil and trees! They send our soldiers to kill and be killed over the establishment of central banks! And they throw millions of people in jail for carrying and smoking a plant! You know what I love about my country, my family, my friends, and some of the beautiful landscapes… other than that it’s a giant piece of shit…

    • Terrorism breeds terrorism, breeds terrorism, until an eye for an eye and the whole world is blind, deaf, dumb, and dead. Anarchy from the current control systems, is the only way to truly defeat them.

    • ^^this guy! I like the way you think.

    • Spend money on other countries? We fund wars in other countries, we spend years ‘fighting’ ISIS and other countries can accomplish our ‘objectives’ in under a week? Fyi the portion of our tax dollar that feeds the poor is less than a percent. If you’re going to mention economic aid, don’t forget the economic sanctions (an act of war) that we have on other countries too!

    • …sad that people trade beliefs for human lives…

    • Bombing people IS terrorism.

    • islam creates it…read the damn book or take a few min on you tube…if you dont you are choosing to be ignorant

    • islam creates it…read the damn book or take a few min on you tube…if you dont you are choosing to be ignorant

    • Which was first…the chicken or the egg?

    • Which was first…the chicken or the egg?

  • as most Grunts in the ranks will tell you “military intelligence is an oxymoron.”

  • Yup

  • nomorevictims.org

  • how come you havent posted all the ones the terrorists have destroyed? and dont tell me they havent, for then i know you work for them. you would have to make a lot bigger poster!

  • FB isn’t big enough to list all the atrocities.

  • Omg America stop it!

  • Omg America stop it!

  • Belgrade is in Serbia…… same event listed twice??

    • The Belgrade bombing happened when it was still Yugoslavia. I think that’s why they made a distinction.

    • In Serbia was bombed few hospitals, not only in Belgrade, and yes, in that time it was Yugoslavia not just Serbia

  • It’s was common practice when I was in Iraq for insurgents to bunker up in a mosque and attack passing troops so they could get footage of “U.S. troops attacking a mosque”. Not totally on topic but still.

    • True…

    • Dirty little goat fuckers…..

    • Lmao I’m sure they wrote in big white letters on their roof tops, “drone strike here” so they could capture some good footage of innocent people being killed ??

    • They would also utilize this tactic with schools and medical clinics.

    • They don’t follow the Geneva conventions

    • Scott White the point is we should have never invaded their country to begin with. It’s openly admitted that they had nothing to do with 9/11.

    • I’m not arguing against that

    • People miss the point that the U.S. being there is a crime all by itself! All negative impact goes back to this! All the blood is on the hands of NATO!

    • I had to laugh when Obama promised that we’d be out of Iraq then turned right around and started sending troops to Afghanistan.

    • If someone invades my country, I will fight them as dirty as I have to. You should not hate your enemy, it is just a job for you and a homeland for them.

    • In all honestly we used unconventional tactics against the British all the time, guerrilla tactics are the only viable option when fighting a superior force.

    • Think of it with your foot in the other shoe. What would be your common practice if troops from over there invaded our country and were marching in our streets?

    • Read last comment

    • Josh I can honestly say that I wouldn’t needlessly endanger civilians or non-combatants by engaging enemy forces from schools churches hospitals or other places that would be used to house and support people dislocated by local conflict.

    • Ty, it wasnt a drone strike btw. It was an AC130, they use night vision and infrared to locate friendlies visually, then track the bullets back to the source. It was night, they couldnt tell it was a hospital, they were told to shoot in the direction of the enemy and they did. Its a shame and this tactic should be rethought in urban environments, but the US military works close with the people over there, and a majority of them want us there.

    • The Afghan military has also taken blame, they were involved in the operation more than we were, and they were ultimately in charge.

    • One should look at the big picture and that is the destabilization of the middle east was in the plans by the NWO five years before the invasion of Iraq. Please view ‘AMTV’ via you tube. The destabilization of the middle east to pave way for a greater Isreal. Zionism is evil. Just look at who heads the State Department and other government agencies. Please also view ‘brovids. com.’

  • The world is full of nice people. If you can’t find one, be one.

  • Had this country is the territorist they invade other cointries to steal rape and murder there people and resources they blame other countries like 911 they blamed the middel east but it was bush

  • The makes me sad..Amen

  • What Geneva Convention?

  • Stupid page and stupid post!

  • Disgusting ‘

  • America, a force for goo………..destruction and mayhem.

  • Ok so you are saying they only attack because our goverment attacked them….Except the people don’t retaliate against the government or our military. They come and hurt innocent people. Stop trying to justify terror acts. This page sounds like anti american propaganda. Probably the same tactic terror groups use to lure teenagers in.

    • Umm the US attacks innocent people all the time.

    • What a small closed mind you have…

    • Most attacks carried out by the US are terrorist attacks in and of themselves

    • Me or Leanne?

    • America is a lie

    • I can’t even explain how incredibly brainwashed and dumb you sound Leanne. I bet you also believe in the Bible and Santa Clause too.

    • ^ lol

    • Let me guess leanne, you think history starts when you were born. We’ve been meddling in the middle east for longer than you think.

    • The US – the people of the US are typically stupid and don’t know anything that is happening. The real terrorists are the elite that make the calls and don’t really label themselves as American anyways. So yeah other countries and us included should be targeting the real terrorists which are small individuals that hide behind our government.

    • Depleted uranium weapons, so their children play in radioactive dust for the nest 10,000 years? Are not all these children innocent?

  • US has just reduced their health care costs. Less sick people. They should be thanking us.

  • Have you ever considered the possibility that the terrorists or bad guys were using hospitals, churches, mosques, or schools as a base of operations? What would you have us do in that situation? MInd you most of the time the non-combatants are used as hostages and are not able to flee.

    • Maybe what we should do is stay our asses in our own fuckin country. Yeah, they are using hospitals, churches and schools for cover. But they are their hospitals, churches and schools. We are in their yard.

    • That doesn’t address how to stop the enemy from fighting in areas that endanger civilians and non-combatants. Staying in our own country is not relevant to what I addressed. I addressed the issue of how is anyone to engage an enemy who willingly endangers civilians and non-combatants by fighting within them. Our targets are the fighters not the civilians.

  • Because they still be-head people, If they come up to 2015 and stop killing their people, kidnapped of,girls , Woman, etc. I hope and pray for all the the people, even the Terrorist, if they stop we will stop.

  • Sure, they hate that Amerikan “freedom” to freely bomb hospitals and goat herders’ daughters and get away with it, freely.

  • Of fuck you , this is war , kill them all let God figure it out , fuck Islam to Hell with mohammed ,

    • Fuck christianity. Hell with jesus.

    • A True Moron!

    • Islam is the only reason you exist Jesus fucking Christ

    • Yep lipscombs just round them all, put them in a camp and build giant ovens to cook them all

    • Gotta figure old people will say stupid shit. Here’s another example

    • Boo hoo boo boo , fuck you fags

    • Fuck islam

    • Fuck Islam, the evil religion. However, even if someone is Muslim they are still humans and deserve compassion. Also John, it’s not very nice to call people cigarettes.

    • Preston Thacker The? All religions have committed acts of evil.

    • Preston Thacker Hell, look at Mr Lipscomb Jr over there. Promoting hate towards a whole group even though some are not evil.

    • Whatever, you’re going to die soon anyway your opinion isn’t relevant.

    • John, how would you feel if I stated the FACT that your God and Islam’s perception (and Judaism, while I’m at it) of God are the exact same deity?
      Or are you too bigoted to admit it and continue to bow to the whims of the United Corporations’ government?

  • They don’t hate AMERICA they hate the united states.

  • We ARE the terrorists

  • Ro Land

  • The hospitals were helping the enemy. Get a clue.

    • No they weren’t. We are the enemy. You need to get a clue. Our troops…….. Their land………… Do you understand now?

    • I totally agree with you but, facts are facts. All of them are Muslim and all of them encourage poppy fields as a means of support. The doctors didn’t belong there just like we don’t belong there.

    • And how can we be the enemy by helping Afghanistan eradicate violent Islam and dangerous drugs? Are you sure that you are on the right side?

  • I wish ppl would see it’s our government. Not the American ppl. We are getting screwed and lied to. We have no say!! J hopefully things will change in the next election.

  • Terrorists like using places that are not supposed to be bombed for protection. The UN locations are prime targets, especially in the Gaza strip. Hard to stop reality of the truth… islamics are inbred and have no sense or compassion and their actions prove that… even ‘civilians/moderates’ enjoy the butchers of islam following the deeds of their diseased pedophile caravan raider.

    • Wtf Islamics? LoL

    • If you think the average joe wants anything different out of life than you, then you are just ignorant

    • I see that the dehumanisation of the people that the plutocrats want to get off “their” oil has worked extra well on you Robert.

    • This dude is soo painfull ignorant I just become stupid reading this comment.????

  • Beograd IS in serbia….

  • I once saw a pic of a middle eastern woman holding a sign. It said something like “Americans, we don’t hate you,we hate your government”.

  • We’re so f#/;,*ed!

  • Just a question to whoever.

    How many wars have the usa been in and are they fighting to free the people of that land or there resources

    • Not a single fucking one. But we sure do have a fuck load of oil.

    • We have been a country for 239 years , 222 of those years we have been at war with someone , it’s what we do

    • That is unbelievable John R Lipscomb Jr

    • Just tune in to the late satirical comedian George Carlin via YouTube. com. “HBO LIVE IN NEW YORK.”

  • The U.S General said that the Afghan’s had control over the launching of, and subsequently called, the invidious attack at issue. Now what???

  • Dont even compare the war in Serbia with whats happening today. If America ever fought a good fight it was the bombing campaign in Serbia. They saved the Albanian population in Kosovo from a genocide.

    • Shame they did not save serbian ppl in kosovo… Cause they invaded their homes burn down their churches and killed many inocent ppl…. You speak of justice,but you full of hatred. Genocide did not happen by serbian side,but it definetly did by albanian…

    • Its sad they still teach you fake history in Serbian schools. They are still over 1700 albanians missing from the last war, they are being found in mass graves all over Serbia each year 🙁

      I hope god forgives your people for these terrible crimes.

  • Save us Big Boss. You’re our only hope.

  • It’s not just them they bomb…. didn’t they take out British tanks in the 1st Iraq war??

  • remind me again as to why some countries in the east are considered terrorists but not the U.S.? saying america includes the southern countries too(brazil and such).

  • The US government, like any government, doesn’t set out to kill innocent people. War is hell and mistakes will be made and people will die. It sucks but that’s how it turned out. America is my home and I don’t want to move. Go and vote

    • They set out to do exactly what they do. This shit is Chess no Checkers. Lol.

    • Lol sorry. I appreciate the sentiment but it’s extremely naive.

    • Voting will change nothing, unless a revolutionary candidate is selected, like Bernie.

    • They will never give us a candidate that will offer any good change, they just aren’t allowed to play.

    • Please wake up they do they just try work their way round it when it happens……they don’t care if they did why are men an women homeless after serving their country??? Because the government don’t care

  • We all know what Jeb Bush is gonna say: “Stuff happens”!! 🙁

  • Well maybe they should put some signs and arrows ⬅➡ on that muthafuka⛔

  • Sad, and we all know that our government is messed up, but what do we do?

  • This shit blew up the second 9-11 happened, if you think that shit was done by anyone other than the USA, and its cronies then you are part of the problem.

  • Ha ha ha this is so retarded! Shit happens when anyone pulls the trigger

  • Your anti-American bullshit is the real terrorism.

    • …did you even read about what happened? Is there anything the US could do that would wake you up?

    • You mean like not labeling the American people by the actions of our government? Our government is not America they are the government simple as that. They don’t represent me or my beleifs.

    • Mitch Speth grow up and learn the definition of nationalism. Particularly the context in which it was used by Einstein

    • Take back your government so that it does represent you in the next election. #enoughisenough #FEELTHEBERN #Berndownforwhat #Bernthehousedown #Bernieorbust #BernbabyBern #Bernie2016 #Vote4Bernie #PresidentSanders

    • What anti-American bullshit? Your argument for why we aren’t responsible for our government’s bullshit applies equally well to the common people the middle east. In the same way that we don’t deserve to have planes flown into our buildings for shit we don’t necessarily support, they don’t deserve to have bombs dropped on their heads for shit they didn’t do.

    • Oh gee, I don’t know, calling America terrorists is pretty anti-American.

    • Here is the thing…..American people elected these politicians. Hence the people who voted them into office ultimately share responsibility. Ignorance is not an excuse.

    • Yeah sell that somewhere else lol. Elections are bought and paid for. Plus by your logic you’re saying that Americans overall support the bombings of the hospital, you’re just as ignorant as you suggest we all are.

    • Tegh… that’s a bunch of BS. I’m not in favor of what my country does overseas (or here at home for that matter) and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. Claiming that I’m somehow responsible because I helped elect them or because I put up with them is asinine. I’m not ignorant of it, there is just literally nothing that I can do. My one vote really doesn’t matter. “Rising up in the streets” doesn’t do a damn bit of good.

      So unless you can propose something that an individual can realistically do to stop the bullshit being perpetrated by the government, your argument falls on its face.

    • I agree with you Brandon!! I’m from the UK an I support an hold respect for the men an women that fight to keep our country safe….the same people that are refused to be served at shops if in uniform incase it offends others….the same men an women asked to move away from the waiting rooms in hospitals again incase it offends people we take into our country….the same people left homeless after doing their duties for their country……these are not our government!!!! The government are the ones allowing us to fight yet throw them to the side when they are no longer of use!!!!

    • You are one dence motherfucker

    • Not recognizing and calling by name what our Government is doing to increase terror world wide is really what is anti-American. Acknowledging our contribution to terrorizing this world, threatening to release our arsenal of weapons upon nations who won’t do as we say, that is terrorism. Lets stop it.

  • This is why most the rest of the world hates us. It is time to bring our troops home and quit trying to police the world.

  • Some illiterate people in here posting some nonchalant comments need to go read a book or something to educate themselves on atrocities attributed to us

  • who are real terrorists? we would never know..

  • They shooting themselves in the foot,,,,.constantly.

  • They are not terrorists thats just what our government calls normal people that are pushed to the edge and are forced to do exactly what any human being would do if another country did to us what we do to them the us and its allies are the real terrorists all for the oil

  • Belgrade should of get bombed back in 1992, as soon as they started attacking neighboring countries like Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia…. Are you aware of a war crimes, genocides that Belgrade,Serbia did?

  • They new the job when they took it.shit happens

  • No no! The US are not terrorists!
    (yeah right)

  • Bombing Hospitals that ground fores can go into to secure…War crimes,Murdering kids,sick,ill,diseased,and the healing Doctors and Nurses..Must be a Nazi/Communist cult thing to get off sexually?

  • Thought that was prohibited by Geneva Convention?

  • Yup

  • Cuz we r the best terrorist ever!!!!! Yay!!!!

  • been saying this for years. “They hate our freedom” is ridiculous.

  • Oh man people need to wake up at how big this is. They call it a “mistake made in the fog or war.” Their words! WOW

  • -_-

  • Uh, no.

  • We’re told it’s because of what we have. I think there should be a … at the end of that statement. I think it goes on to say ….done to them. There’s a reason we’re hated in most parts of the world.

  • But everything is ok because Obama apologized for this incident….

  • Remind me of who the terrorists are, in reality.

  • Way. To. Go.

  • They hate us for our government.

  • Fuck yuo red neck

  • I think they hate what our government stands for. And our government has plenty of shady people in office. So shady they don’t care about Americans either.

  • Terrorist will hide anywhere to save their own skin with no regard for anyone’s life.

  • well yeah……how else will we make money unless we bomb their infrastructure and then send our contactors in after…..how can we help rebuild if we dont destroy it all first?!

  • I sympathize with the injured and dead but if you had ever been in a war zone you would know not every shot hits what it’s supposed to. They knew the dangers when they went there. It’s a fucking war ! Even innocent people die.

  • Those thousands and thousands of people killed are just collateral damage and, Oh look! Dancing with the Stars is on !

  • Fuck with everyone, make enemies, realize propaganda and USA USA USA bullshit isn’t working, take away guns, establish tyrannical rule and socialist objectives, profit?

  • crazy

  • America is the terrorists to the rest of the world

  • Oh well

  • those are only the “wanna be terrorists”,, the real ones are in DC

  • It isn’t any different from the World Trade Center I guess

  • Oh, wow! This is a pattern offense?!@

  • Only pussies like these could never realize that the rich and powerful got that way through hard work,and that you make no sense,you cry that we bombed countries that non American countries have a problem with,and claim only America hates them then you don’t realize that’s just humanity, Caesar was a great military leader but he was in a time when a drone was not even a dream,and there was war,just like after you die your children will wage war someday,and whatever planet we live on as humans will see war.you are silly and pathetic if you want to hear what I think,but let me guess,you’re going to forget that you also stand for freedom of speech as you tell me I’m wrong, well maybe we all are wrong and that’s how its gonna stay!there us no god and as humans we will always have a reason for war,weather it be over land,ideals,or just over pure hate

  • Go live somewhere else fuckhead. Your anti-American bullshit is just that, bullshit. When was the last time YOU experienced war asshole. Soft targets are a fact of war, regrettable, but a fact none the less. You sit and judge from your safe little mommy-hole here in the States. Get some real perspective!

  • they hate America because they strongly prefer to abuse women and children…to kill those with ANY different beliefs than them…they hate america for many reasons.War sucks…NOBODY likes War…except TERRORISTS…war is horrendous..people die….so ANY war, ANYWERE is wrong…..but REAL LIFE is that if america did not stand up for freedom in the world YOU WOULD be speaking german..you would HAVE to be Muslim, women in our country would be forsed to were “burkas”…women would be second class citizens…so Heres to AMERICA…were I will stand rock solid to protect my Mother, daughter, from evil scum….only ignorant loosers would consider that US armed forces would Bomb ANY HOSPITAL on purpose…..that ANY member of our military “wants” to harm innocents…and POINT OF FACT…our military members DO NOT WANT TO BE AT WAR..they would MUCH prefer to be home/holding there family.War sucks…this kind of crap happens because HUMANS MAKE MISTAKES….ohhh please don’t forget that our world trade centers, and many OTHER locations/innocents arount the world have been BOMBED VERY MUCH ON PURPOSE….big difference….SOO BIG…you could choke on it

  • Like is wS on purpose. Or they were helping people that needed to be killed. In any event is sad and that’s all to me.

  • The Nobel prize is a sham. They gave it to Bush and he invaded a sovereign country on trumped up justifications.

  • The Afghanistan police/army on the ground requested the air attack .
    The pilot did not fly over and say “Hey there’s a hospital, I’ll bomb it”
    But personally I don’t give a shit really.
    They hide behind innocent people , mosque, HOSPITALS and any other structure they know we try our American best to avoid to hit.
    And the pilots will tell you that themselves. ..Why
    Because we have ungrateful liberal mental cases back here that try to make us out as the terrorists.
    Fact: If we would just level a whole area they would leave us alone.
    They would know we would just level them with the innocent.
    And the Innocent people themselves would fight for themselves because the US Shows up they’re going to die anyway.

    Please don’t respond liberals because ( I say this without anger towards you because you just don’t matter)
    “I don’t care”
    I’m tired of my friends dying for those ungrateful motherfuckers over there.

    • I guess I’m a so called Liberal George but you’re right, they hide ammo and rockets in hospital basements and schools, and hide behind women and children because they know they will get a rise out of the rest of the world when they are bombed or attacked. Get out of their affairs, pull out and let them fight their own wars, it’s their business. So sick of it!

    • God bless you brother . You are correct. By your response of “It’s their own business ” , Your liberal compassion is well placed and sound. We all have qualities of liberal, conservative and libertarian. Unfortunately our corrupt politicians have managed to use it to separate us by putting a label on our Identities, beliefs and race. It’s all by design and we as Americans have jumped on the mind numb bus and passed out the kool-aid.
      Our good intentions are sound throughout the world but corrupted by evil people . The greatest thing this country could do for the world is our country come together as a people and not be led by politicians like sheep.

    • This is thus far the most sensible comment and subsequent thread I’ve seen, (libertarian here)

  • no doubt us is great terrorist

  • I just love ole Victor who says it is the NBA that says Obama wants to take our guns. Hell, the NBA probably owns half the guns in America!

  • And then they try to make you shoulder the burden morally and finanically, then talk about personal responisbility of the citizen. >< bunch of fucking psychopaths.

  • 8===✊

  • usa is the terrorist with its many bedfellows ue uk zionists aust

  • This message brought to you by “ISIS!” Thank you for watching!

  • As a citizen of the US I just want to say that I do not approve of my government and the shit they do. They are out of control and most of us dont want their wars. We dont want to murder people and then blame it on the people murdered. My country is becoming unbearable. I expect it is only a matter of time before there is great civil unrest.

  • Ever think there might be a reason the hospitals were bombed?

  • only terrorist? re think that!

  • You’re ALMOST right. Anyone who hates America is CALLED a “terrorist.”

  • Well if your terrorist you shouldn’t hide in hospitals

  • Explain to me what makes this country so great it was founded on the raping and murders of innocent people, it goes around 200 years later committing the same infractions upon other countries as well this country’s claim to fame is its ability too Bully the rest of the world. Merica , you are not the great country you think you are, truthfully you have have no morals you lack the basic decency too be a caring society like your Rag , red for the blood you so willing spill , blue for the coldness in your heart and soul , white , only because you believe your race is the one that is chosen from a faux god. Terrorist do not hate merica for the terrorist are the mericans along with the soleless scum from europe.

  • THEY ARE COMMANDED TO HATE ALL NON MUSLIMS. ITS IN THE QURAN. not bombing them wouldnt change anything.

  • Ofc they don’t hate our freedom … we are not free!

  • Maybe combatants shouldn’t use hospitals, schools, and churches as human shields to carry out their operations.