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San Bernardino Shooter’s Apple ID Password Changed While in Govt Custody, Blocking Access


As the federal government continues to publicly chastise Apple for keeping their users’ data secure, Apple remains resilient in their act of civil disobedience — in spite of a court order filed on Friday against the tech giant.

Using the alleged San Bernardino shooter’s phone as the subject of their campaign, the feds are claiming that if Apple doesn’t create a backdoor through their encryption, then civilization, as we know it, will cease to exist.

John McAfee has even offered up his team’s hacking services to the FBI free of charge, as a means of allowing the phone in question to be accessed – without allowing the government to have a backdoor into all iPhones. He’s offered to eat his shoe if he fails. But, they’ve yet to accept.

A startling discovery on Friday, however, has just raised more questions about the FBI’s motives in wanting their backdoor to your data.

The password for the San Bernardino shooter’s iCloud account, which was associated with the phone confiscated by the FBI was reset —AFTER the government took possession of the phone.

The Justice Department confirmed that the password was changed, while in the possession of authorities, in its court filings. 

The FBI is conveniently pointing the finger to the San Bernardino Health Department, claiming that a rogue employee acted on his own to reset the password.

However, had that password not been changed, the government would not have had to demand that Apple create a backdoor to access the phone of Syed Rizwan Farook.

Apple could have recovered information from the iPhone had the iCloud password not been reset, the company said. If the phone was taken to a location where it recognized the Wi-Fi network, such as the San Bernardino shooters’ home, it could have been backed up to the cloud, Apple suggested.

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According to ABC News, 

The development comes as the Justice Department is pushing forward with its legal fight against Apple, urging a federal judge to compel the tech giant to help the FBI crack open an iPhone left behind by Farook.

As the FBI masks their intrusive and unethical spying desires behind the tragic deaths in the San Bernardino shooting, their real intentions are being exposed.

As McAfee wrote in his eye-opening op-ed this week, “No matter how you slice this pie, if the government succeeds in getting this back door, it will eventually get a back door into all encryption, and our world, as we know it, is over.”

Make no mistake that this is one of the most epic battles in the history of privacy, as the decisions that are reached in this case will reverberate throughout the world and have far reaching consequences. There is a fundamental battle taking place as to whether an individual has a right to privacy or, if as the U.S. government is asserting; privacy is a privilege bestowed upon individuals at the behest of the government.

Ironically, privacy is considered a fundamental human right as recognized in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and in many other international and regional treaties. Privacy is the lynchpin of human dignity and many other key values such as freedom of association and freedom of speech have their roots in privacy.

When the U.S. government works to undermine what is considered a fundamental human right by most of the world, perhaps it’s time to seriously question why those elected to represent the people are actively working to undermine the rights of those that put them in office.

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Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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  • Ross Rick

    • Nice boobs … But we are trying to talk about national bullshit in there

    • Take your titties to another page

  • Is Apple politically neutral?

  • dodgy corrupt governments still trying to bullshit us.xxx

  • if they havent got a case , theyll make a case , Apple is just lucky they havent made a case for WMD , yet … give em time tho ..

    • The govt screwed themselves passing laws to protect this big companies. Even if they go to trial Apple will never lose with all the money they “donate” to govt officials.

  • Over a FUKIN staged hoax!!!

  • Do your job feds..

  • Does Apple have the Constitution on its side? Does it matter anymore?

  • It was a training exercise im tellin ya, it was a fake. Thats y everything keeps getting covered up and not talked about. If it was real, then what is there to hide? Same like 9/11 and the pentagon. There were nearby cameras to the pentagon that easily saw what happened and yet the footage was confiscated and never released, phone calls were not made from the flights to new york, they were fucking modified and fake, the only call that made it out was from a flight attendant on the air plain phone. Black boxs destroyed yet a fucking passport survived? R ya fucking kidding me! The rubble from the towers was sent over seas so no one could analyze it again. We r told that jet fuel fire took the towers down….lesson1 most of the fuel burned off upon impact in the explosion. Lesson2 jet fuel burns at around 1100 degrees and steel beams can stand twice that. The towers only burned for 56 minutes. 3, people all testifief to hearing explosions and some saw flashes. 4, they free fell in 10 seconds. See where im going? All fucking lies

    • Stopppppppppppp

    • Well said

    • Jo Irvin thanks. Im tellin ya start digging at everything. Whatever u see on tje news, look for what theyre not saying. Anything deemed propaganda by mainstream media, look at it. Anything the government says dont question, u should question. Everything we were brought up to believe is a lie.

    • I’m learning late in life but teaching my kids as much as I can. I was a victim of police violence and that’s where my searching started. My kids and I couldn’t believe the lies told on me. We ganged up together and fought hard. Now we feel the same you do.

    • The best advice i can give is get protection, and just research the hell out of everything. People think i am just a crazy conspiracy theorist. I dont believe everything i see, i just know some of this stuff is true. I have friends all over the world that tell me whats really happening there, like gaza palestine. Isreal is slaughtering woman and children daily for fun, yet palestine is being blasted by media as terrorists and what not. Its a lie, palestine was given to isreal by Britain thru the balfour declaration from the rothschild family whom runs the banking system and has done so for nearly 300 years. Theres much more but just look at everything u can

  • Prbably intentional as Apple told them prior all teh ways they could get the information.

  • Politically charged bs, someway their hands are in it

  • Like, what are they expecting to find on the phone anyway ? A secret code to bring back the dead ?

  • WHAT? why did the government change the password before they got info?

    • They tried forcing it open, causing it to change the ID code as protection.

  • WTF there are only 10,000 combinations. This whole discussion is such an obvious scam.

  • false flag exercise…the first descriptions were of three white men…not a man and a woman…our govt. staging mass murders to blame Muslims….to incite the brainless horde to fear and hate the wrong people…and to distract them from the real problem…the takeover of our govt by 1/10 of the top 1% of people in this country…

    • Yes, correct. Thank u for knowing and passing along awareness

    • How interesting that the FBI did not try to discredit the Oregon nut jobs.

    • Donna Bowen oregon nut jobs? U mean the people who were fucked out of land by the feds ? So your saying if the feds came into your neighborhood into your home, that you would just bend over and take it and not stand up for your rights and your land?

    • Jerry Bartz…NONE of the occupiers were from Oregon…the locals wanted them gone…and the feds didn’t a take damn thing from them…THEY occupied Federal land…NOT an urban neighborhood…These morons were anything but righteous…and their cause was moot…the original people involved…the Hammond’s…willingly went peacefully back to jail …They were…and are a sad group of wanna-be revolutionists…but cooler…and smarter heads wouldn’t join their sorry attempt to appear relevant…and the rest is history….

    • Lynn Brown ok ill accept that

  • What bullshit! as Apple have said it cant be done otherwise you will brickk the phone doin

  • These are the actions of a false flag attack. The FBI chose those two to be their terrorists of the month

  • So you’re saying one of the 3 tall, white guys in military fatigues that were reported by eye witness as the shooters dropped their iphone? Whoops.

  • Well by cop logic, they should just be able to taze or shoot the secrets out of the phone…

  • Trying to gauge the public’s reaction and whether or not companies like Apple will comply with them.

  • If the gov’t hadn’t tampered with the phone originally, it could have been accessed without the need for Apple to ‘create a back door’ that would allow access to iPhones. The gov’t said it would only use it for this one phone–BUT NYC SAYS IT HAS 150 phones it needs hacked. Once this backdoor is created–no one’s privacy is safe. Remember the NSA”S listening to our phone calls–without a warrant? I love my country–but some of its agencies believe that they are above the law!

    • What makes you think the government change the password on themselves. What would be the motive? Can there still be somebody else inside the acted on behalf of the terrorists? …

    • Rene Alvarado it sounds like your on the right path. Why would they? To protect themselves.

    • All this spying in American citizens, and all the technology they spend and we find out Apple is more secure than all the government agancies combined. I want my tax dollars back that were pissed away on them.

  • Not everyone in the FBI are NWO operatives. It’s obvious apple won’t unlock it because a higher power is giving them orders. What would they found? Intelligence agencies messages? I think so….

  • Don’t talk about this on mainstream media smh

  • The FBI says this will be the end of civilization.Now is not the time to trust the FBI.

  • keep it blocked for ever

  • 100% STAGED HOAX

  • If yall wanna know more about 9/11 watch the documentary loose change on youtube its fuckin epic, leaves nothing out.

  • Isis claims responsibility for shit all over the world does our govt think they are for some reason lying about not being involved in this? I wonder how many millions they have wasted just talking about what to do about the apple phone?

  • Hhhhmmm

  • find the dude that changed the password…there’s your terrorist…then browbeat the code out of him…if it takes a 100 years….lol….the fbi is losing credibility due to lack of action protecting the helpless citizens of flint….pretty fucked up.

  • I read that an 11 digit code could take up to 250 years to crack although the average estimate is around half that. That’s the security I’m talkin’ about.

  • This whole situation reeks of a setup from the beginning.

  • And again no one addresses the witnesses statement?! What the fuck? Lol, yeah, good job focusing on the bullshit cover story and a phone.

  • I’m back in Apple

  • That’s because what ever is on that Muthafuka they put it there. We’ve yet to see one Frame of Surveillance Video proving that these Individuals doing anything except being Murdered! Several Eye Witnesses claim to have seen 3 White Males. Why would they sat that? And remember they Locked the whole neighborhood down over night looking for a supposed 3rd Shooter! Main Stream Media has not asked not one question concerning the Validity of Eye Witness Accounts. Not to mention the fact that an Anti Terrorist Drill was happening at the same time. Like on 911, Boston and here in San Bernardino to name a few. You can best believe these “Actors” as they are referred to in this clip are just that “Actors”. Remember the News is not considered News but in fact Entertainment. The War of the Worlds Radio Play was the forerunner into Population Control by Mass Media Manipulation. They have had decades to Perfect their Craft. Don’t believe everything that is purported to be News, We are all Susceptible to Misinformation no matter how sharp you may be. https://youtu.be/UoLET1g-1Zk

  • So well said !!

  • This is such a scam on the part of the government! There are a finite number of possible combinations. There are ways to hook it up to a computer and crack a 4 digit number relatively quickly. This is just a scam to get into all of our phones.

  • The Worlds biggest lie; I am from the Government,I am here to help you

  • Forget about “privacy” because it’s a “positive right”, AKA not actually a “right” at all. The argument should be over property rights, and whether or not the government can force someone to vandalize their own product and put their customers at risk, which is EXACTLY what the FBI wants Apple to do with the security of the iPhone.


    • Privacy isn’t a positive right.

      A positive right is when the government gives you something. A negative right is when the government promises not to take something away.

      If the government promises not to take away your privacy it’s a negative right.

  • Its just a chess game and we the people are all being used as pawns. Its not going to be very pretty when they say checkmate.

  • Do the Feds tell you everthing they know?

  • Apple should be FORCED to unlock that phone. This is not about privacy. A CRIME was committed!

  • Victory by being stingy,tight fisted,no buying,no business not even automation,robotics,trade,immigration..Way less taxation..No taxes or revenue to take for Wars..No police or War fighters by no taxes or people in Policing or Military..No Labor equals those progressing Technology and more to replace people will have to stop to do the labor..Since the system is based on taxes for profits,mind control,using intellect,technology,and sciences to progress above and beyond all others by a few that then uses it to enslave,betray,and to kill the victims of these sciences of technology,intellect,religions,psychology,laws,education,medias,and more..Thus the names Golem,Citizens,Slavery Transformed into slavery as human resources for human blood sacrifices by destruction and murder via words,religions,psychology,laws,economics,intellect of their slavery owners,Thus the term They are divine and we are less than animals..As Kissinger stated War fighters are mindless humans to be sacrificed for the Divines Goals..Also accomplished by religions laws of it is all sin to evil,legal laws of it all illegal,psychology of no one is of perfect mental health so all are mentally ill or insane..That is all but the divine that know the secrets and the control of it and how it works to enslave,destroy,and kill the slavery Golem,Citizens,They call less than animals because they are not taught,told,or trained in what thought is,what emotions are,how they work,and not in self leadership etc..making them easy to indoctrinate,coerce,force,break,mind war to defeat them,to mind control,to brainwash,to lead and deceive by propaganda.Easy to enslave,use,steal from,ruin,punish,destroy,and kill by religions,laws,economics,trade,immigration,taxes, poverty,wars,forced crimes,cages,mind war etc as they are deceived,coerced,and forced by words,cult citizens,authority,power,and more into behaving,obeying,following commands of the divine as they are abused,neglected,lied to,deceived out of their minds into slavery,destruction,and easily murdered off..Thus the kingdom of the beast are all nations,religions,government,politics etc..These kingdoms are being destroyed and murdered off for the Divine Global Empire by Globalization after the citizens are all murdered off y the above and more..Take a walk,look around,research a little,think deeply on it all,Let it sink in..

  • I’m glad Apple isn’t backing down!

  • government idiots fighting themselves to see who is more stupid then the next one , .

  • Another government scam. What happened to the three white male suspects whom witnesses saw???

  • The Fumbling Bigots Institute fails America again. Keystone cops with unlimited power.

  • If the government is that stupid, screw them

  • Yeah the FBI are telling porkies to get their own way and erode individual civil liberties. shocker

  • All about encryption. They want no phones to have it. This is an obvious ploy to get the people to go along with what is to come.

  • They probably had too many failed login attempts. Lol

  • To me this all stinks of coverip. Apple trying protect its rrputation. I seriously do not believe the nsa cannot already get in any phone it wants

  • David A. Tiangco

    Incompetent government dilberts.

  • Do think this is made up to make you think Apple are doing the right thing by its customers? Therefore giving you confidence in buying Apple products. Then when you do, Apple are in fact, secretly handing over all your information to governments anyway.

  • What the movie ( Truth )

  • bartmanxoxo

    im lost i thought they both died who cahenged password?

  • bartmanxoxo

    sounds like they have a MOLE

  • Government does on purpose


  • So again, why do we need the NSA?

  • Edward Drew

    The phone was his WORK phone, more than likely was never used except for work. The FBI is on fishing exhibition. They already reported they found 2 phones destroyed after they killed them!

    • Ed Ski

      these are alleged shooters, far from proven criminals. these are obvious patsies. here are a few glaring inconsistencies: they supposedly were filming while shooting- that story cratered. they supposedly were seen as 3 tall white guys in black, yet the patsies were found in street clothes. they allegedly engaged in a firefight with cops, yet there was no brass in the vehicle, and the windows were shot in from the outside. not one piece of evidence really supports the muslim jihad narrative. 3 white guys in black fatigues were what the victims saw.

      San Bernardino Witnesses: 3 Athletic Masked Men, No 90 lb Woman


      San Bernardino HOAX BUSTED! Landlord “It’s Not Real”!!!!


      Video Shows Official Inserting Evidence Into San Bernardino Alleged Cime Scene


    • Ed Ski

      oh, really? you apparently know more that the author of the article, who states explicitly that the phone was the boy’s phone taken into police custody. no one ever stated he had a separate cell phone just for work. retract your statement immediately.

      • John Massey

        What was an employee of the health dept doing with the phone in the first place? The chain of evidence has already been broken, so this entire debate is moot.

  • Have the wankers tried the default numbers 0000

  • The phone doesn’t even exist if you want my opinion lol It’s ALL a ploy!

  • Ed Ski

    these poor innocents are patsies, murdered by cops and set up by the FBI. no evidence they shot anyone anywhere, nor would they have been convicted in a court of law.

  • Dee Stach

    I have been living in Japan for the last 16 years. Here they take privacy very seriously and the government would never even think to request something like this!

  • Paul Roggo

    So, if the password was reset, and apparently done so by a government employee, after they had possession of it, then just get it from the person who did it. Or take McAfee up on his offer. The solution is so simple, the FBI does not need Apple to provide a backdoor. Once on is established, these idiots at the FBI would also be vulnerable to attacks.

  • Artimus Prime

  • The way I see it, if you have nothing hide, not doing anything illegal..then who cares. Do you honestly think the government doesn’t have hackers that can not only build a program to get in but hack this one phone. Regardless, this was a terrible tragedy and I’m sure if you were one of the friends or family members of the victims..you wouldn’t care how they got in..just that they got in. So much more to worry about in the world and this just doesn’t sit on the top of my things to give a rats ass about. Like I said, if your not doing anything wrong and have nothing to hide..then really who cares.

  • If they make Apple do this, I will go back to just a plain phone, or maybe telegraph.

  • Boycott.apple…..I want to know who else is involved with these two muslim terrlrists, and what they are up to.