San Diego, CA — A 15-year-old boy is dead following an interaction with San Diego police Saturday morning. Police, responding to a call for a welfare check on the boy, shot and killed him for having a BB gun.

To add mystery to this tragedy, according to San Diego Police Department (SDPD) acting Homicide Capt. Mike Holden, the 15-year-old boy called police asking officers to conduct a welfare check on a minor — himself — near Torrey Pines High School (TPHS) in Carmel Valley just before 3:30 a.m.

“[In] our preliminary investigation, we believe that the subject that was shot is the person who actually called to check the welfare [of the minor]. We believe that he actually called and spoke about himself in the third person,” Holden explained, according to NBC 7. “It was a very general ‘check the welfare’ call.”

“It was a phone call that ‘there’s a male juvenile in front of the school, it appears someone should check on him,'” Holden added.


As NBC 7 reports:

Two officers — including an officer specifically trained to deal with juveniles — were the first to arrive at the parking lot at the front entrance of the school. There, they spotted the teenager standing in the lot.

Holden said that as the officers got out of their patrol car, the teenager pulled a gun out of his waistband “and pointed it directly at one of the officers.”

Both officers drew their service weapons while repeatedly ordering the teenager to drop his weapon. Holden said the teen refused to drop the weapon and, instead, “continued to point the handgun at the one officer and then began walking towards the same officer.”

According to the police account, officers again told the boy to drop his weapon. At this point, according to police, the officers feared for their safety and began firing, striking the teen “a number of times.”

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“Everyone’s in shock and everyone’s surprised,” Torrey Pines junior Hayder Alamar told NBC 7. “Right when I woke up I got a lot of text messages from my friends saying ‘did you hear about the shooting at the school?’ And at first I didn’t believe it.”

“I am saddened to report that the 15-year-old boy who was killed was a student at our school. Law enforcement has not released the name of the young man, but our hearts go out to the student, his family, and his friends. The details of the situation are still unfolding, but whatever they are, this event is very traumatic for our students, staff, families, and community.”

San Diego police officers are equipped with body cameras, and the officers who shot the boy were wearing them. According to Holden, video of the shooting exists but has been impounded as evidence in the investigation.

One day before the shooting, the San Diego District Attorney released three body camera videos of prior police shootings. Whether or not this video will be released, however, remains to be seen.

When hearing the details of this incident, one cannot help but be reminded of the tragic events surrounding the killing of Tamir Rice.

In that case, the Cleveland police officer who shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice told a colleague he had “no choice,” as the boy was reaching for a toy gun. Troubled cop Timothy Loehmann jumped out of the police vehicle and almost immediately unloaded two shots, one fatally wounding the 12-year-old boy.

Police told the public that Tamir Rice left Loehmann with no other options. However, surveillance footage later proved to invalidate that claim. Will the same thing happen with the body camera footage from this shooting?

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Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.
  • The Cat’s Vagina

    This sounds like a classic case of suicide-by-cop. He knew how easy it would be and lo and behold, the police were only too happy to help! The alternative is much more grim, but not outside the scope of possibility.

    • Gordon Klock

      You hit ‘the nail on the head’ with my exact thoughts….

    • Madmotorman™ ® The Mad Hatter

      Nope 100% suicide by cop, Read elsewhere. He phoned police himself and walked towards them with weapon levelled at them.

  • Steve

    This is not the first case under these circumstances. Would it really be that much trouble to have the manufactures of toy weapons, including BB and pellet, which are not really toys, make their products look distinctively DIFFERENT than real weapons? It only seems logical. A toy having no resemblance to a functioning weapon.

    • Dan Quixoté

      The BB guns and airsoft guns have the prominent day-glo orange muzzle end cap, for that very purpose. But until we see the bodycam videos, we won’t know if the teen had removed them or painted or taped over them to accomplish this apparent suicide-by-cop.
      If the orange end cap is visible in the videos, it’s likely we’ll hear the cops claim to have thought the boy had painted a real gun’s muzzle end orange in order to fool them into thinking it was a toy, and they wanted to make sure they weren’t being duped to death.

      • Kim Graves

        I guess cops should wait to possibly be shot right?

        • Dan Quixoté

          Yes, I do. We’ve had family members in Law Encroachment [sic] on continuous active duty and working in the courts for a century, and not a single pre-emptive round fired on-duty. Only shots fired in response. Yes – approach, engage and contain the suspect with caution and mutual cover – but with lethal force as LAST resort not first. Outside of deputized family members, together with an ex-marine in our neighborhood he and I keep peace and order in our neighborhood – to keep the COPS OUT – because the urban cops don’t have enough spine or sense to think, speak, and DE-escalate. A number of us from the neighborhood have been drawn on in the last couple years, but we’ve never had any shots fired in either direction, because of SPINE and SENSE. If a beat cop only knows escalation to lethal force because they’re ruled by fear, they need to go find something else to do. We don’t need their kind.

    • Kim Graves

      THEY do and thugs make them look real ugh educate yourself they have real guns that look like super soakers

      • Dan Quixoté

        Article citation? Your use of the plural means you have more than one reported case that can be cited.

        • billdeserthills

          Google can be your friend, there are many cases mentioned, the shooting of Tamir Rice was mentioned. I would think a marker could make quick work on changing the red to black

    • Kim Graves

      They also pain real guns to look like toys

      • Dan Quixoté

        Article citation?

        • Kim Graves
        • Kim Graves

          Look at these, tell me that at 3am in the dark if someone pointed one at you that you would be able to know in that split second you have whether its a real gun or not?
          So sick of people blaming cops when i read cases of moms buying their little thugs these bb guns then HELPING them disguise them to appear real, one woman last year bought her baby boy a laser sight for his painted bb gun, a cop was chasing him through an alley way after he robbed someone and the “kid” turned and pointed it at the cop, the cop sees the red laser and shoots him, he survived but tell me should the officer have waited to see if the bullets were real or bb’s? Oh yeah then the white guy who was robbed lied and said when he called 911 he told them “oh i told them it was only $10 don’t bother oh and that the gun was fake” the audio of the call proved he lied
          Do you think the average cop makes so much money to die for not reacting fast enough? I have seen thug lovers say stupid shit like “well they signed up for it” uhh no they took the THANKLESS JOB to protect their community and the law abiding citizens in it! I knew a detective in edison nj who told me they would much rather not have to ever pull their gun, yrs ago most retired cops could say honestly that in their entire 30 plus year career they NOT ONCE HAD TO PULL THEIR WEAPON, nowadays that’s impossible and unheard of.
          The mckinnley pool party where videos of an officer slamming a black girl in a bikini to the ground went viral, everyone saw just that portion of the video and most ignored the FULL VIDEO when it was released. Here is the situation with “these pool parties”. One woman and her mom live in a townhouse community and they consider themselves “party promoters” and what that means in the black community is these so called promoters sell tickets for anywhere from $15-$30 that includes food, dj, alcohol and the ever present “dimegirls” (twerking teens that give $10 bj’s). Typically the location is not revealed until the night before so authorities or the owners or homeowner associations cannot be warned. Well mckinnley was this type of party.
          It was a typical Saturday or sunday and out of nowhere cars started showing up packed with preteens and teens up to middle aged grown ass men looking for dimegirls, they literally take over the pool and i am talking over 100 people, a couple guys show up and set up a small dj setup and rap is blasted, the cars keep coming, ghetto moms dropping off their kids then driving away. Now the woman and her mom who lived there (party promoters) pay a maintenance fee to use the pool but are NOT ALLOWED to just throw a huge ass pool party without prior authorization which includes a fee to rent the clubhouse and liability insurance which they did not do. Imagine sitting there on your day off with your kids after working all week and over 100 thugs show up and literally chase you and your kids out with threats and some residents were physically assaulted.
          Cops show up and this little dimegirl starts fighting the one officer who is then trying to detain her and she is resisting and they fall to the ground (thats the only part of the video that went viral) then you have at the very least 8 grown men surrounding you making movements on purpose to pretend they have a gun, one guy kept reaching behind him into his waistband and quickly pulling his hand out pointing at the cop which is when the officer pulled the gun and pointed it at all the poor “unarmed kids” all the while he is on the young girl still trying to cuff her. This is when other cops show up and chase down the thug that pretended to have a gun
          Ok the aftermath which resulted from the small self serving cop hating video resulted in black lies matter showing up the same day and for more than a week. They made threats against residents especially if they were black, omg they even did a home invasion on one black family who dared to be interviewed by the local news and dared to tell the truth of how they have had the pool taken over by these thugs before. One day blm idiots laid down in the road so no one could leave the community and chanted “NO SWIMMING NO PEACE”
          This was obamas administration who gave orders to law enforcement that when it involves black people (thugs) they are to STAND DOWN!
          Google “old woman thrown in pool by black thugs” it just happened and was at one of these “pool parties”
          Sadly after 8 yrs of having their each and every action scrutinized, cops are hyper vigilant and I don’t blame them at all.
          I am 47 and recall a time when if a cop was shot it was headline news for a very long time up until it was solved and the perpetrators convicted, now cops are shot and killed so often they rarely get more than a few days in the news. This is why i give them the benefit of the doubt every time until i have EVIDENCE not to.
          The cop that had just pled guilty to killing a black guy after the guy fought him then ran then they fought again and he shot the guy and here he is going to prison! I don’t care if at that point of the shooting he was turned away from the officer the fact is he resisted, fought, then ran again then would turn to fight the cop.
          I would love to know why anyone would trust thugs? Or the media who obviously loves to cop hate and race bait, start looking at headlines then reading the articles which usually do not corroborate one another. Each headline is WHITE cop, man or woman shoots, kill, whatever BLACK man, woman or child. Then if the opposite happens with races reversed its entirely omitted from the headline and sometimes in the article, even when they are searching for the suspect they omit race only if they are black! I cannot recall the last time i heard of a white person attacking, raping, killing a black person yet the media tries to push this white supremacist agenda which doesn’t exist.
          The former administration and media have made people “racist” that never had any racial issues before.
          These domestic terrorist groups like black lies matter and the new black panthers keep saying “whites are racist, notice they cross the street if they see a black person on their side” uhh we aren’t racist, we are smart! They cause this reaction themselves because of the way so many act. i feel bad for normal hardworking black people because these thugs do nor represent the entire race but when you see these articles of random attacks most often its min 4 on 1! There is a video at a dennys on daily mail today and look up chucky cheese videos and waffle house, you cant even take your kids to a damn park without these thugs ruining everything
          So do some research on your own of these guns painted to look like bb guns and vice versa

        • Kim Graves

          You are ignorant

  • Gus Firchow

    Another killing by SD law enforcement. After months have passed and the investigation is all but forgotten, the officers involved will be exonerated. No body cam evidence will be released to the public.

    When I hear a cop say “He pointed a gun at me” I visualize a cop repeatedly beating an under control handcuffed suspect with his baton while yelling “Stop Resisting!”

    Cops are trained to fear for their lives and San Diego D.A. Bonnie Dumanis allows them to kill with impunity.

  • Domina Elle

    Based on the information here alone- he suicided himself. Reminded me more of Kajieme Powell. Create a situation they will play right into it like robots. Ask them to shoot you they are happy to oblige

  • Ed

    Moron’s hiding behind cars go and shoot him! I think something else is scaring our cops!

  • Kim Graves

    THis page sucks its just cop hate pro drugs bullshit this kid committed suicide by cop period

  • Madmotorman™ ® The Mad Hatter

    I read the whole story elsewhere this was 100% suicide by cop.

  • Guy

    Sad to think that this (Child) may have just been testing the waters, to see what would happen if he provoked the cops and found out the hard way what would happen if he did ! Incredible to read that one of the cops was trained to handle a juvenile, sounds like his training is exactly the same as he would respond to an adult. Death by execution for fear of his life ! A 15 year old boy with is whole life ahead of him, is worth more than any cop out there in my opinion.

  • Jim

    I just want to thank the police for keeping us safe. Don’t worry, we have your backs.