April 18, 2014

On March 30, Taxi Cab Driver Dawn Bourgeois was detained by Santa Fe Police Officer, Jose Gutierrez. According to an attorney hired by Bourgeois, what happened next is ‘disturbing.’

She committed no crime and certainly didn’t commit a crime for which he takes her to the ground, beat her up, black her eye, and they charge her with resisting or obstructing,” said Tom Clark.

According to the police report Gutierrez pulled Bourgeois over for a traffic violation.
Bourgeois, knowing that she had done nothing wrong expressed her anger with the officer. At that point Gutierrez said he tried to “detain her for safety reasons.” At which point she was beaten by Gutierrez, as seen in the video.
Gutierrez resigned last Friday, with no reason given. However, an internal investigation into the possible use of excessive force is still underway.

New Mexico police are known for their absolutely vile behavior and this incident is simply another tally mark on their long list of atrocities against the people.
Source for this Article: KOAT 7 News
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