San Antonio, TX — The San Antonio Police Department has come under fire once again for using excessive force. This time, amid allegations that they murdered a family dog, tortured a naked man, and threatened a 10-year-old at gunpoint, during a drug raid.

Felix Lopez was among the list of targets during the narcotics and gang investigation, because of his “criminal history,” according to a report from KENS5. His 10-year-old grandson, Devin Valdez, described the raid to the CBS affiliate, noting that Lopez was in the shower when officers stormed in.

“They tried to get my grandpa out of the restroom, got him out, then started hitting him, so I tried telling them to stop and they took me to the room, and put me in handcuffs and had a gun pointed to my head,” Valdez said.

Lopez’s injuries from the raid included two broken arms, a broken cheekbone, and the possibility of permanent vision loss to one of his eyes. Drugs were found on the scene but, strangely, not inside the house. They were reportedly found in the backyard but published reports made no mention of which specific drugs were found.


As The Free Thought Project has reported on several occasions, the San Antonio Police Department has a long and sordid history involving accusations of police brutality and the use of excessive force.

During a Quinceañera in May, an SAPD officer hit a 14-year-old girl in the face so hard she was diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury, coupled with trauma to her face and neck muscles.

The latest allegation of police brutality involving the SAPD seems to epitomize all that TFTP stands against. As we have chronicled, police seem to be in the habit of killing family pets and getting away with it by claiming the dogs are vicious.

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Lopez’s dog was reportedly tied up, yet the police allegedly shot and killed it anyway. The heartlessness of killing a family’s pet does not go unnoticed, even if the dog is vicious and comports more as a guard dog than a lap dog should be inconsequential. The animal is the property of someone else and should be respected as such.

If it is true San Antonio police entered a grandfather’s shower, drug him out naked, and then beat him so badly his bones were broken, it may signal a new low for the SAPD. Added to those extreme measures is the allegation they did all of those things in front of his own grandson.

Predictably, the police department appeared to be only concerned with the safety of the officers involved in the raid. In a statement to KENS5, Sergeant Jesse Salame justified the raid, by maintaining the idea that search warrant raids can be “dangerous and often unpredictable.”

“You have to go through that door and you don’t know what to expect so you have to be mindful there are people who could be armed, there could be people trying to destroy evidence and you could have innocent kids in there that have nothing to do with what’s going on and don’t even know what’s going on,” Salame said.

The whole incident raises more questions and concerns such as, what if another group of men had dressed in dark clothing, barged through a man’s property, killed his dog, dragged him out of his shower, and beat him half to death in front of his family? How would news agencies have described such a group?

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They would have likened them to a Mexican drug cartel or a criminal street gang. But the SAPD is no street gang. They’re the police. They’re sworn to protect and serve the public. In this case, how were they protecting and serving the Lopez family or anyone for that matter?

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • They keep doing it because we let them. We are under attack. We are being held hostage. “Don’t resist” is how a submissive submits.

  • Jenna

    “You have to go through that door and you don’t know what to expect so you have to be mindful there are people who could be armed, there could be people trying to destroy evidence and you could have innocent kids in there that have nothing to do with what’s going on and don’t even know what’s going on,” Salame said.

    What a crock of shit! If they cared even slightly about the safety and integrity of these sadistic raids, they wouldn’t be smashing down the doors like the goddamn boogeyman and terrorizing everybody. Whatever happened to fucking knocking on the door and saying “we have a search warrant – please step this way and stay where we can see you.”

    • Guy

      I’am with you, as to the violence perpetrated on this defenceless man in the shower, who was nearly destroyed by SWAT in order to get him to comply, and wonder myself if it was all really necessary to carry it to the extremes that San Antonio Pd thought was somehow justified. Then just as casually turn around and felt it was needed to kill the family’s dog too. Maybe the dog was guarding the family’s stash and they had to shoot it off of the hiding place to get at it ?

      But come on Cat ! SWAT is not there to play nice, these raids can be dangerous to everybody involved, and both know that shit can happen and often dose ! SWAT never says please or thank you ! I am not trying to justify their prefered operational methods of exterminism, like tossing flash bang grenades into windows and blowing up babies and children. But as long as they are going to happen, that is the inherent risk to all involved, family and cops alike. No they don’t care even slightly about anyone else, except officer safety, and the explanation by Salame is spot on.

      • Jenna

        SWAT teams should not be deployed for a goddamn search warrant. I’m getting quite tired of hearing “we’s a-skeert” being used to justify any and all manner of cruel and pointless brutality.

        • Guy

          Doesn’t sound to me that a *Search Warrant* was even applied. But more of the *No Knock* type of raids, that SWAT seems to be really good at. Warrent’s are only used when they want to be nice and legal, and not used to bust down doors at 3 AM drug raids. Warrants can always be gotten later, or somebody can just go *Oops I thought you had one, my bad !*

  • Jamie Hall

    “…and you could have innocent kids in there that have nothing to do with what’s going on…”?

    Way to “protect” an innocent kid… with the threat of death by holding a gun to his head that is! You deserve a “medal” for your jackassery, the kind that gets “awarded” by a firing squad. I’m not exactly what you’d consider a proponent of capital punishment. But there are just some people…

    • Guy

      Who knows, maybe the kid could have been a ISIL Suicide Bomber, with his bomb hidden under his bed and just ready to go off, so he could take out the SWAT Police in order to protect his family and the drug stash buried in the back yard, that Spot The Dog Was Protecting !

      • Jamie Hall

        You forgot about the IED that was there in the back yard with the drugs to destroy the evidence/take out the SWAT team in case the kid and the dog failed. /sarc

        • Guy

          IED’s ? Hell No ! It’s the Communist infiltrators that is hidding under the bushes, that the SWAT Cops need to watch out for ! You never know when one of thouse can be sneaking up behind you with a knife or a curette to take you out ! Better to be safe than sorry later and just shoot em all for *Officers Safety Sake.*

          I just read on CNN that the woman cop has resigned off the force, ( at full benefits of course) in that happy State Of Oklahoma, that was the *Wrist Slaps* cop, who was the murders of Terrance Cruncher. She was unhappy with her desk renseignement job, that was for her own protection, so has decided to quit ! Seems she is missing the thrill of killing defenceless un-armed large black men, with that faraway look in their eye’s , being called *A Bad Dude.* while his hands are raised above his head.

          The civil rights suit is still active against her, the PD and City, so maybe the family will still get a monetary sense of justice in the long run. But the bitch, will be still running free to join another pd somewhere down the road and start it up all over again. Had it been you or me, we would still be rotting in jail somewhere eating bologna sandwiches instead of having free taxpayers provided vacations.

          • Jamie Hall

            Had it been you or me, we’d be bleeding out in the street. smh

          • Guy

            True enough.

  • Gordon Klock

    Are they intentionally working toward forcing the public against their will, into committing acts of defensive violence against the cops, simply for their own survival, thus ‘legitimizing’ the type of free form, sadistic, & even more violent & brutal, ‘cracking down’ upon the populace, they so obviously desire ?…..

    • Guy

      It would seem so. And perhaps even more so, now that we live in age of extremism that seems to be applied to everything, from *The Big Gulp & Go Large…..To Our Lottery Winners & Phone App’s !

    • Dan Quixoté

      BINGO – You broke the code!

      Yes, the plan has long been to pit the cops against the public with violence, and vice versa, so they’d never think to join forces to fight the real enemies of them both.

      Same with the races, religions, classes, and political parties, even the silly tribalism of professional sports allegiances. We The People allow ourselves to be baited and propagandized into squabbles between artificial factions so we’ll never actually take back our power as one people United.

      TPTB’s greatest fear in North America is that veterans, soldiers, and law enforcement ever side with the public when the engineered collapse happens. This is why DHS, DoJ, and DoD have been indoctrinating, arming, and ordering LEO’s against the public, and using that violence to incite the public back at them.

      Somehow we need to get on the same side.

  • Terry Lee Roe

    I find every story you people post, as an attack to every Cop in America, where is your posting of the Cops shot while just sitting in there cars? Where are the real FULL stories of every post you make up? Where does TRUTH and LIES rest in trying to read any of your posts, as they ALL ATTACK COPS? AND I’M NOT A COP, I AM JUST A REAL HUMAN BEING OUT HERE WHO KNOW THAT COPS HELP SAVE MANY MORE THAN A FEW CAN HURT? I DON’T AND WON’T REPOST YOUR ATTACKS THAT SEEM ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY PERSONAL BY YOUR CONSTANT ACTIONS AND WORDS AGAINST THOSE WHO HELP SAVE US DAILY HERE.

    • Guy

      I guess that if cops did’nt kill over a 1000 people in our Country a year, many who were innocent and not breaking any laws, Then FTP would not have anything to say about it, would they !?

    • Jenna

      Thank you. We’re all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.

    • Dan Quixoté

      They’ve never helped or saved anyone I know. They’ve only persecuted and threatened our family. Maybe you got to live in a cute little Utopia. We didn’t.

    • Dan Quixoté

      Feel free to further investigate any story posted here, and post a factually reported rebuttal if there are any specific omissions you find here.

    • Lorne Allen

      Cops are being killed because of the actions of other cops. Do you hear of firemen being ambushed and murdered? Police do not help people very often, they protect criminals from vigilantes and usually make sure the correct person is prosecuted.

      Calling the police after being the victim of a break and enter, vandalism, or assault is basically a waste of time, i know. My guess would be that about half the petty criminals walking around are also snitches for the narc squads, and are protected from prosecution anyway.

    • Roger Mexico
      • shimbaru

        Empty barrels make the most noise.

  • Domina Elle

    Mexican drug cartels are skinning peoples faces off while they’re still alive, cutting hands and feet off, drilling into people’s heads- they are a bunch of the sickest sociopaths like a gang of serial killers and mass murderers. They are murdering countless people who just vanish out of thin air. I don’t think cops have reached that level of insanity. Yes they are getting away with murder but they’re not skinning people alive. The Mexican drug cartel comparison is a false equivalence. Go watch best gore dot com (you’ll hate the commentary on and under the videos but I just ignore it to see the uncensored media from all over the world including ISIS videos. ISIS and the cartels are a much more accurate comparison). Go see the damn videos because the cartels love sharing. One was just posted today showing a man who had his face removed while still living. Another a few months back that was a literal house of horrors. Several people being tortured at once you hear their screams watch a man be gutted alive after they cut off his hands. Blood everywhere. The shit is real and it’s scary as fuck. No comparison between usa cops and the Mexican cartels. That was a dumbass statement

    • Dan Quixoté

      Wow. That’s the cop response. ‘We’re not NEARLY as bad as ISIS or the cartels in our violence.’ Maybe you’re not hip to the not one but TWO CIA-style off-the-books torture sites run by the Chicago PD. This sounds like when Austin’s Chief Acevedo said about an innocent unarmed woman his subordinates abused, “Hey, at least they didn’t *sexually* assault her.” And you use profanity to defend your profession. I would never use profanity to defend my industry. The lives of the public are at stake in mine, too, but we try to keep some decorum.

      According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, policing is the 18th most deadly profession. Behind 17 other professions the rest of us don’t go around harming people over. Cops have drawn guns on my kids repeatedly for skateboarding, and tried to frame them for drugs they’ve never had. But they refuse to help us when our son was struck by a hit and run driver on his way home from school when crossing with the walk signal – they refused to even look at the pertinent traffic cam footage themselves.

      I’ve been detained by cops three times for fabricated reasons, I count myself lucky to be alive.

      The only good cops I know about are the ones being openly persecuted by the bad ones.

      • Guy

        Really ? About your kid’s I mean, also curious what State do you live in ?

        • Dan Quixoté

          About 20 years ago I moved us to a very “blue” state in flyover country, for reasons of my business prospects. Economically it has been great, but the laws are oppressive and the cops are rabid. Not like our origins in the North woods. TFTP had reported on some of the stories from our area, and they could report the half of the info that could get out. Recently cops in our county broke a 8th grader’s nose from slamming his face on a table over and over to try to get him to confess to a crime he hadn’t committed. He hung tough and didn’t cave. I thought I had met one decent cop, he was the only guy able to be my sparring partner at the dojo, but he later used his newfound powers to DESTROY a woman’s face with a single move right on camera in the precinct because she smirked at one of his orders, while still complying promptly. The doctors haven’t been able to put her facial bones and tissues back together right ever since. He was one of the few who has done such things who has been charged by a DA. I’ve been pulled over and lied to about the law, because I wasn’t breaking any law but the fellow needed to justify himself. I’ve had to talk family members through probable cause and warrant requirements when an errant detective ventured into our otherwise unpatrolled Libertarian enclave when he tried to take one of my family members into custody because someone called in a false tip about him stealing some woman’s wedding ring (the snitch was the one who did it), without warrant, with no corroborating evidence. So far, between my efforts and God’s protection, we haven’t suffered any charges or significant loss from these guys (I didn’t say no loss), others haven’t been so lucky. But we have to be really vigilant. This is why we do our own policing and restorative justice in our secluded part of the county – cops from other areas live here because it’s safe and cheap, but we can’t afford to have it patrolled by beat cops with predatory instincts ready to snag or kill some prey. I love my family, my neighbors, and countrymen enough to try to keep the cops out. Oh, and we’re ok with guns and cannabis and fireworks and anything fun here. Just no violence or theft. Those are our big no-nos here.

          • Guy

            Hmmm ! Interesting to say the least and when I hear and read stories like yours, I have to remind myself that in some parts of the Country it’s still 1917 and very similar to the movie *Deliverance,* than it be as it is now in 2017.

            My son and his wife moved from here in CA, to live and work in a Rule Peninsula Area Of Alaska. He for a small city and she for the borough as a special ed school teacher, and tells me all the time we should make the move ourselves because it’s still 1981 there. I say we are happy here, having grown up and raise our families for over 5 generations as farmers, in what was known as a rule farming town of 1.100 people to now of over 50K.

            I have know most of the cops here all my life and meet a few of the newby’s too. They have all come here to get away from the big City Crap and to raise there families, were the kids can go to good schools and have baseball games. But what comes with the people also comes their poison as well, and have noticed the definite change to my small town, not liking it much at all. but understand it.

            Keep on talking Dan Q. I’ll listen !

    • Guy

      Hey ! We invited em here in the late 80’s, when they The Cartels Of Central South America, where getting runned out of their home states by the military of their Governments, durring The First President Bush & Two Clinton’s Administrations. That was the beginning for us to have MS-13, and a few of the other not so nice folks, joining the ranks of *The Blood’s & Grips.* Right after *it’s not sex* Clinton’s signature on the NAFTA papers. is when the shit really hit the fan, and we started sinking their sub’s loaded with coke to sell to our kids. Remember The Zeta’s ? Do You Think They Really Just Went Away !? Would you be surprised to know that even in *Alaska,* MS-13 has a presence !?

      Open door’s along with open border policies, allows just anybody to walk in and take up residence in your living room ! Wellcome America, To What You Have In The Past Voted For ! But be careful too, because you have just dodged a bullet, aimed straight for your childrens and their future generations heads ! Don’t believe me ? Just look at England, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark and Turkey to name a few. and won’t be needing to be a Rocket Scientist to figure that one out, will you ?

  • Domina Elle
  • Dennis P Ginther

    End the war on drugs. The violence we see all around are not from gangs but police. We are more afraid of police then gangs or burglars or even murderers. Get rid of them. All they’re here for is to write tickets and the businesses anyway. We will take our chances.