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US Allows Saudi Prince to Flee After Allegedly Assaulting 3 Women in Beverly Hills Mansion for Days


Los Angeles, CA — Arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment, sexual assault and battery, a Saudi prince has also recently been accused of attacking at least three women and holding them captive for several days. Immediately upon posting bail, the prince reportedly emptied his $37 million mansion and fled the country on a private jet to avoid civil litigation and criminal charges.

Police officers arrested Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud at his Beverly Glen mansion on Wednesday after his neighbors reported seeing a woman covered in blood screaming for help while attempting to climb over the 8ft wall surrounding the prince’s property. According to Officer Drake Madison, Al-Saud was booked on suspicion of forcing one of his employees to engage in oral sex. The prince was briefly held on suspicion of false imprisonment, sexual assault and battery before posting $300,000 bail on Thursday afternoon.

Al-Saud’s neighbors reportedly saw numerous cars on Thursday emptying out of the prince’s mansion. One of his neighbors, Eric Stiskin speculated, “I am sure he has taken off on his private jet by now. I don’t think he even needs a passport to get out of here.”

On Friday, three women filed a civil lawsuit accusing Al-Saud of inflicting emotional distress, assault and battery, sexual discrimination, and retaliation against his domestic employees. The women claim Al-Saud attacked them inside his home for several days until his arrest on Wednesday. To avoid paying taxes and fair wages, many affluent residents of Beverly Hills and its surrounding communities often employ illegal immigrants because they are less inclined to report any form of abuse. Although the prince is a royal member of the House of Saud, the U.S. State Department eventually confirmed that Al-Saud does not have any diplomatic immunity.

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After witnesses recorded videos of a Ferrari and a Porsche running Stop signs and recklessly speeding through Beverly Hills earlier this month, police arrived at the house of Sheik Khalid bin Hamad al Thani of Qatar’s ruling family. According to police, Al Thani denied that he was driving either car and invoked diplomatic immunity. By the time detectives discovered that Al Thani did not have any immunity, the sheik had already fled the country.

Due to the fact that wealthy royal families spend exorbitant amounts of money in Beverly Hills, police are encouraged to take a hands-off approach instead of the aggressive tone set in lower income communities. While imperial brats break the laws of other countries with impunity, the despotic House of Saud executes its own populace, including juveniles and people with mental disabilities, after subjecting them to unfair trials in a corrupt judicial system.

Accused by the U.S. State Department of committing numerous human rights abuses every year, the Saudi royal family is currently preparing to decapitate and crucify Ali Mohammed al-Nimr for protesting against the repressive regime when he was 17 years old. Although the U.S. State Department routinely chastises the Saudi regime for committing torture, barbaric executions, and other human rights violations, the blatant hypocrisy of the Department became glaringly apparent when Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner welcomed the appointment of Saudi Arabia to a leadership position on a U.N. Human Rights panel.

“We would welcome it,” stated Toner. “We’re close allies.”

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  • “religion of peace”

  • Money power privilege. Had it been anyone else. Life in jail. Is one government helping another get away with crime against humanity.

  • Typical!


  • That can’t be true! Put an end to Diplomatic immunity when it comes to crimes!

    • There was no diplomatic immunity and he still got away with it.

    • That outrageous! Not acceptable!

  • In the name of oil .

  • Why was he in the USof A, aint they against the beverly hillbillies way of life.

    • Muslims with money can be just as corrupt and hypocritical as anyone else with money.

  • Don’t worry uncle bernie will fix this. He will make it legal to do this as long as you pay your taxes. #bigbudgetdoesntpayitself

  • Look up blain witworth shooting in warrensberg Missouri a Saudi prince was there getting a pilots license “which is weird enough” but then he hired his body guard to kill this man / friend of mine and wanna know who came to talk about the economy Obama and mysteriously the prince is out of the country with not enough evidence

  • Their day of reckoning is coming soon enough people will be awake to the Jihad lifestyles and will have another game of civilian military vs elitist scum of the earth few televised public mishaps brakes failed on the rolls royce and burst into flames, this type of behavior will show the worlds gonna step up do gods rath. It’s very easy to fix the problem its the 95% vs the upper 5% pretty sure the numbers game win that’s what they hope you don’t learn every day.

  • Any financial holdings they have here should be forfeited and given to the victim

  • Because they support the Petrol Dollar.

  • i know and i’m sure those ladies are all so innocent right? why were they there? if they’re cleaning ladies yeah that’s fucked up but they were probably escorts or whores

    • Escorts don’t deserve to be abused, either.


    • true but thats the risk they take when having a job like that or seek partying with scum like this in the first place. think about it. she sells her pussy for a living. and what kind of person does that attract?

  • part of the puppet masters that control fucks his nuts obama,and have all the money and power of course he’s gone,feel for those lady’s that will never get justice

    • And George flew them out of the country after 9/11 even as the FBI was looking to talk with them.

  • That’s why you don’t call the cops, call your people and deal with it. Prince or not

  • this basically just proves illuminati conspiracy theories to be true. that the rich and powerful elite are free to rape and torture and murder men, women, and children, both boys and girls, free from consequence. i bet all the reptilian alien bullshit are just rape and torture victims being dosed with LSD prior to being attacked. we should unite and cut every single one of their throats. let the blood run into the streets so that all the elite know their fates are sealed.

    • No conspiracy theories needed. The elite have always controlled everything and done wtvr they wanted from the beginning of civilization

    • Let’s get to it eh! Organize rallies in the street is the first step cmon America!

    • well their time is up. we the people have a secret weapon and it’s not voting or organizing or anything else. it’s fucking BALLISTIC.

    • let it be known that i am not mincing words. given the opportunity, i would absolutely cut his throat. I don’t care if he’s a prince or how rich he is. thats all just insane bullshit. royalty isn’t real. they’re just fucking disgusting human beings who need to be shot.

    • Leave his throat intake, cut off his penis stuff it in his mouth, then sew him mouth shut, take a picture of him and post on the internet so the world can see what a POS he is………….

    • actually we should behead him and crucify his body in public. like theyre going to do to that 20 year old guy thats been rotting in prison since he was 17. fucking monsters. we should bomb the fuck out of that palace. fuck those cunts. fuck them to hell!

    • Count me in man… We are well over due for change. World wide riots!! We are the power

  • He should be castrated.

  • “These royal brats break laws with impunity, while executing members of their own populace for minor offenses.” Yes. And the same is true of AMERICA’S rich brats.

  • nothing royal about a sick pig like him

  • MONEY TALKS .. AND A CRIMINAL BASTARD WALKS .. GREAT HOW THE POLICE AND JUDICIAL SYSTEM “WORKS” ONLY IF YOUR WEALTHY … THE BEST LAW MONEY CAN BUY …‘Let no one, however rich, flatter himself that he can misbehave with impunity, for of such people it is written, “The powerful shall suffer powerful torments” I WONDER WHAT HAPPENED TO THESE WISE WORDS ?

  • bomb him!

  • Gotta love them hadjis

  • The US didnt ‘allow’ anything…whats to stop a man who owns private jets from flying off?? $300,000 bail isnt shit to him, its pocket change as far as he’s concerned, he probably spends more than that on his socks. A better question would be, why isnt there a group of private US citizens going around rubbing these kind of fuckers off the planet? No place safe to hide, you know? He’s laughing at us from where ever he his now…

  • There are 3 types of people in this world.
    1. The ruling class
    = the masters
    2. The working class
    = the slaves
    3. The enforcers for the ruling class = law enforcement.

    Never expect a master to be held accountable for damaging another masters property.
    To the masters we are expandable.

  • Fuck that cut his nuts off then let him go.

  • At least the poor people in his country get a fake trail….

  • wow

  • Obviously they let him go, their Saudi oil connections are too precious, so they arent gonna arrest Saudi men thats been publicized…

  • The blame is on who ever let him out of the country. That’s if any of this is true.

  • Who be yo daddy Murcia.

  • money buy evrery freedom specially rapis

  • How many officials were paid off by the prince

  • I’ve seen a lot of media implying some real mobster shit from that family…

  • Nothing royal about them! They are bunch of murdering tribal nomads who just happened to brutal enough to kill all the others

  • I read this story, and to tell you the truth, my blood boils at the fact that the Government sucks their dicks because of OIL at any turn!!! This bastard needs to be hauled to JAIL for what he did, and yet the pigs down in Southern California did NOTHING about the rapes…….

  • It is called “Diplomatic immunity”. All you can do is ask the person to leave the country.

  • If only a police officer had ‘feared for his life’, he could have a paid vacation for killing this monster. Let these vile creatures know that here, we have Blue Line immunity.

  • Just like they let the Bin Laden family flee after 9/11

  • The women should sue, take the house.

  • :

  • Prince of Darkness

  • $$$$$$$$!!

  • This was 100% to be expected These guys own our govt hook line and sinker…..

  • there’s a big baby eating convention there next week he doesn’t wanna miss.

  • What is it between our US government and the Saudis? Even with evidence from 9/11 pointing to Saudi Arabia, our government decides that Afghanistan and Iraq are culpable. Unreal.

  • Why…because Saudi has put a huge hose of oil up the U.S. asshole!

  • Its all about the rich controlling the poor through religion!!! We must never let this happen in a civilized world!!!

    • Religion served a vital social need through out human history and arguably still can to this day. PEOPLE, control other people through power and the rich do indeed do just that. How are we any more more civilized than other nations when we imprison the most people on the planet and plunder the under-served via corporate legislation/ideologies/industry?

    • I speak of muslim nations!!! Myself i know and have seen the true manifestation of the spirit world so i do not subscribe to religion!!! Yes we are way behind such places like norway and the like but we are young yet maybe GOD will give us more time!!!

    • Love , compassion and forgivness really is the future if we are to have a future as a human race!!!

    • Violence begets violence

    • Agreed. Married an Egyptian (Muslim), but was raised Christian. I now have zero desire to follow either. It’s a form of control and fear to keep the masses from storming the gates. Full of hypocrites, and all too busy having a pissing contest on whos religion is the “correct one”, and then lack to follow any of the messages themselves. Lame.

  • Thanks to how our reliance on Saudi Arabia using the dollar to sell oil is the only thing keeping the dollar from crashing. We have agreements with them that gives them total impunity, including 9/11

    • The Saudi petrodollar agreement of 1973 (Nixon)

  • Head of human rights council hahah

  • Yet a guy smokin a joint is threatened with 40 years. Priorities

  • Saudis are criminally exempt..;-!

  • Because….oil

  • Jerk,

  • sickening

  • Someone should just shoot the next bastard to pull this kind of stunt; it might make them think twice.

  • there is no justice .

  • You, too, could have it the way you want it if you were a filthy-rich friend of the Bush family . . . or a relative thereof.

    • This is not Bush’s admin. It would have taken a very gutsy state department to keep him behind bars, Bush or not, as it would have risked international backlash from the UN as well as Saudi and her friends. Diplomatic Immunity Clause.

    • Besides which the State Department barely got the chance. You’re quite right on with the filthy rich part…

  • It’s just a business, he’s rich enough to buy a ” broken justice ” don’t blame the rich pig in world where the police officer shot kids

  • It’s all about money in the USA!!

  • Once the oil has gone, these guys are screwed….!

  • What we should do is refuse to buy Saudi oil unless they agree to extradite Prince Shitbag. We won’t, obviously, because the right thing is of no interest to our government.

  • Horrible

  • Who’s surprised?

  • america allies

  • Syed Arsalan Haider what I was talking about the other day

  • Michael Greco

  • only looking after there mates,

  • As if catering to and/or wearing blindfolds to israeli transgressions are not enough……………”ijs”

  • nice

  • Ran across a lot of rich Saudis and Qataris with where I used to work in California. Each and every one of them are complete scum.

  • Why isn’t his ass in jail for rape?

  • Cool story bro

  • Is this really surprising to anyone? Really!?! Is it?!?

  • Why did they give this animal bail, they knew he was going to flee the country.

  • Evangeline

    • They would rather decapitate a teenager for calling them out on the regime they’re running rather than hold the sex offender and the people involved for the violence and trauma one of their own caused. Just reminds me that all it takes is a bit of money to turn government officials and police officers heads no matter the consequences. Even if the offender doesn’t have “immunity” in the country!!

    • I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

  • Fb add the dislike already. I can’t like this shit

  • Damn is he a cop?

  • Maybe 15,000 royal Saudi parasites!

  • doplamic amunty ! Aint it a bitch !

  • You better run!!

  • Fear mongering is a no no…

  • Aaron Lammey

    • It’s interesting he didn’t have immunity. Probably because he is not the active prince or king yet. Once he’s active then diplomatic immunity takes effect. Although I’m sure the United States can publicly declare to not honor immunity to some countries such as those states on the list of state sponsored terrorism. But I don’t think Saudi Arabia is on there.

  • Like he couldn’t post bail and wasn’t a flight risk. Foolish. I hope these women all get the help they need. I’m increasingly concerned that the pedophile sex trade are being done by the rich, not slimy back alley losers.

  • Fuck this guy

  • The elites literally get away with murder.

  • ich muß kotzen, verlogener kacker, komplexe ,dieser unmensch ist voller komplexe die er leider nicht wegbetet aber geduldet mißbraucht?

  • This would have been cops from California who also would let this happen.

  • Easy one, seize property (house cars banks accounts) distribute funds among victims!

  • You’re surprised? Our government is in love with the Saudis. That’s why we can’t prosecute them for 9/11

  • WHY exactly are we in bed with the Saudis ?

  • George Bush’s Homies

  • Absolutely needs to be felt with, I bet you after time he will come back and they’ll let him no conviction so who’s to stop him. I can’t believe they let him leave

  • When you come to America, you have to abide by American law, regardless who you are, or how much money you have.

  • Spoiled BASTARD.

  • Anyone really want to know who owns the United States? who helped plan and executed the attacks on 9-11?

  • Put him on the end of a rope

  • No matter what we say or do nothing ever changes our government is the most corrupt ever

  • Imagine what they due in there own country.

  • This is some other shit that needs to stop.

  • he needs to be thrown in jail and let them have at him see how hw likes it

  • Sure these are the people we want t head the U.N..

  • Human beings are the only species that kill each other. Human beings are a sick species!

    • This is not even close to true. Have you ever seen even one nature documentary? Many species kill each other.

  • Shhh….they have oil

  • Diplomatic Immunity. Bullshit.

  • Another one of the countries that controls our country.

  • It must be a lie!!: 0

  • Juz coz they got oil….fuck em all!

  • Kristen Martin was that the guy?

  • diplomatic immunity bull shit

  • It’s sickening

  • Ever since I was a teenager in Aspen, when I learned how these guys behave outside their own country, and then again when I taught English to Turkish managers at a hotel in Kazakhstan, when I heard how they protected the “privacy” of these Arabs, I decided that Islam, and indeed all religions, are tools to control the masses. Except for the lower echelons of society, I cannot see that anybody seriously believes in the Invisible man in the sky routine. These guys care about what most do… Money, Power, and Women/Men/Sex. Muhammed bin Scarface.

  • That’s called money power.

  • Did you really expect anything different.. Its an outrage.

  • Thats how scum operates!

  • look how ugly he is . of course he has to force rape .

  • omg

  • some of obamas family

  • OMG!

  • Terrible! Unbelieveable !

  • The ellite have their own “rule book” to follow.

  • disgusting

  • Who are we going to prosecute for 9/11? The hijackers all died!

  • I’ll never rent my mansion to a Saudi prince again!

  • This ain’t even the United States anymore. At least not the one I remember when I was growing up.

  • It’s immunity for Saudis and Israelis in the US….after all they are friends in bad deeds 😉

  • The US is such a fucked up place, if ask me. How come it is possible to pay for bail even though you have commited terrible crimes???

  • AW come on! This is not a “Prince”.

  • political immunity has no rules

  • I saw that coming.

  • Saudi Arabia is united states 51st state.

  • This is disgusting. This is why diplomatic immunity needs to have some things excluded. If not all actually. No one should be above the law.

  • “In Saudi Arabia the wealthy, powerful and well connected rarely face justice.” Sound familiar?

  • Soft flesh in their mouth is what these fungal eaters are after, and a “get out of free card”

  • Hey!! Its kool…his countryman is head of the UN council on human rignts..WTF?

  • Just another piece of shit, fuck him big time!

  • a prince did the same in india … raping his househelp

  • What douchebags.

  • eliminate money…take their power…then its not “too costly” to protect the planet…and the creatures that inhabit it…its up to the people

  • … wtf

  • The USA has been in bed with Saudi Arabia for years this isn’t the first time despicable shit like this happens he should’ve been held without bail, we also need to do away with diplomatic immunity.

  • SHAME on them! You must make noise about this in the USA

  • Not to mention the petro dollar and the 9/11 connection !!! Hello people !!

  • Royals … bullshit, dictators they are

  • Misogyny!!!

  • Equal rights are inherent as human beings and NOBODY can evade accountability for their own actions or inactions!

  • JLawsButtHole

    The world would be a better place if tomahawk missiles took out every single one of these glittering simian degenerate bozos and buried them in the rubble of their blood money mansions.