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After Saudis Beheaded 47 People, Belgium Now Refusing to Sell them Arms, Germany May Follow


On Saturday, the Saudi Arabian government beheaded 47 people, one of whom was prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a senior opposition figure. He and the others were all killed for their charges of “undermining the national security” of the kingdom.

Immediately following the beheadings, countries across the globe–except for the United States– denounced the barbaric move.

Rightfully outraged with the beheadings, Shiite Muslims in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and Bahrain angrily condemned the executions, and Iranian protesters stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran.

These inhumane acts of murder on the part of the Saudis have forced the hands of those who sell them weapons and on Monday, Germany became the first country to question their arms trade deal.

“We must now review whether in the future we should take a more critical stance” on selling arms to Saudi Arabia, German Vice Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel said Monday.

While Germany has said they will review their decision, Belgium just took it a step further on Tuesday, by immediately declining Saudi Arabia’s request for military equipment supplies.

“We have rejected the request [for military equipment supplies to Saudi Arabia],” Geert Bourgeois told the Flemish Parliament, as quoted by the RTBF broadcaster. “If there is a possibility that the weapons may be used for internal repression, I refuse.”

The moves by Germany to advocate for a review, and Belgium to renounce the selling of weapons to such a repressive regime are heartening and should be a model for all those involved in arming a country who beheads more people than ISIS.

Of course, the US is not about to give up their largest weapons export contract, even if the weapons are used to oppress entire nations and murder their children.

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Immediately after the beheadings, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce took to CNN to blame the Saudi’s executions on Iranians.

As Daniel McAdams reports for the Ron Paul Institute, Royce falsely claimed that the Iranian military invaded Yemen. But that is demonstrably untrue. It was the Saudis who invaded Yemen.

It seems that the Saudi influence over the United States is far and wide, even spreading to the presidential candidates, who all curtsey to “our Saudi ally” by pledging their blind support of the terrorist regime.

It’s no coincidence that President Obama was showered with $1.3 million in gifts from the Saudi King last year. Obama is responsible for forging the largest weapons sale in American history, all of which went to Saudi Arabia.

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    • Don’t sell arms to tyrants.

    • Download it, then post it yourself.

    • The US should stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia. They should immediately STOP selling arms actually giving arms to Israel too.

    • Jocelyn Blease yes, cause they’re one in the same.

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    • Obama will probably ship them out some new swords , ❤️??

    • You can say the same thing about the USA

    • If you don’t understand the situation, don’t try to lecture people about it.

      And (this goes to the idiot who said Arabs have always been barbaric) let’s not forgot the crusaders achievements and the killing of over 76 million people in what today is called “america”.
      Your cops are killing innocent people every day, they have been for years, your government silences opponents and creates terrorist organisations while lecturing the rest of the world on human rights,

      Of course you try and neglect the facts above (you may research every single one, but then again…if your as aware as you act like, you do know that they are true).And try to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, after all this has been your foreign policy for ages, even though you claim to be righteous activists, you’re a tool for the shot callers,

      Hate is embedded in your DNA.

    • we were isolationists until we were dragged into two world wars. While when the europeans came over here they did kill millions of the indigenous pop it was not America yet it was an invasion from Europe. Our cops do kill far too many people and our government does shut people down for not toting the line true but America is still a young nation only 250 years old. we have not had the long proud history of killing each other for 10,000 years yet give us time. Many of us would love for our government to back to being isolationist again but that is never going to happen.

  • It’ll never happen…..War is the biggest business of all…..

  • How much did they donate to the Clinton foundation to get the last one? No change, and she will likely win the presidency in all likelihood.

  • For god sakes they are also beheading al qaeda terrorists. For which nato bomb people. What If they stopped selling oil to Belgium Germany

    • They were trying to derail the US efforts with Iran

  • I wish they do but i believe they won’t.

  • Other countries have different methods of killing criminals also … I dont see your point here.

    • Oh..so the Saudi’s have a stellar judicial system. That makes everything just hunky dory.
      Thanks for your valuable input.

    • Im not condoning it dont get me wrong but people are quick to point fingers not realising their justice system also “execute” criminals, the methods are just different

    • ya criminals, not kids artists & journalists

    • Nabeelah Adams…
      Saudi Arabia is a nation of 3rd century savages.
      That is quite simply the difference

  • #justintrudeau get the memo yet?

  • Eu never stood against the American policies I always see them licking uncle Sam’s bals

  • You people aren’t doing anything against israel.

  • No. I think that would fall outside the Constitution’s stricture against “cruel and unusual punishment”.

  • Fuck saudi give em guns quit arming terrorist groups in syria and afghanistan

  • USA -Kill indians
    Usa-drop 2 bombs on JAPAN
    Usa-slave black race
    Vietnam ,Iraq,afganistan,Palestina,Siria all made by USA AND MANY MORE !!!

  • They wear towels on their heads so they don’t bake their empty skulls!!!

  • Nobody knows shit.

  • Oh wow the Belgium have such a great humann rights record.

    • You are absolutely correct.
      Just ask the people of the countries they colonized.
      Belgium had a particularly horrendous record in Africa

  • We need to close our borders and get the hell out of the middle East. Let’s evict the UN as well. Work with our neighbors and declare energy independence from Arab oil.

  • This will clear the way for ” Dodgy Dave’s ” Arms Dealer Mates to make an increase to their Fortunes.

  • hell yea US, CANADA and every country needs to follow suit

  • I’m assuming, from the picture, Just For Men hair coloring is only available in jet black in Saudi

  • Funny how Saudis have been beheading people for thousands of years and still do, in public twice a week, yet when oil was found there we went there like maggots on a carcass to build their oil infrastructure and never uttered a peep. What script writer messed up by trying to get us to hate ISIS for ‘beheadings’ (so Cheney could drill in Syria safely) while forgetting that our best buds do it all the time? Oh dear, is THAT why they hired the finest PR agencies in the country and want to sue anyone on social media besmirching their grand name? Oh, and made them ‘head of human rights’ at the UN? LOL! Head. It would be funny, if it weren’t a complete horror.

    • Eh, since no one wondered why Bush frothed to invade Afghanistan when 17 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi, it will be OK. Another script writing flub up that never mattered. We hate who we’re told to.

    • saudi arabia is not thousands of years old. However, arabs have been barbaric since the time of dawn.

      Makes you wonder why God have been sending Prophets among animals e.g. Jesus & Muhammad in wild places.

    • Ok. The land mass we call ‘Saudi Arabia’ today. As for your last sentence, teaching people to fear, to punish and be punished, to kill whoever they are told to hate – any ‘other’ – achieves many agendas. Kings are able to sit back and have survivors of slaughter lay plundered riches at their feet without having to lift a finger, for example.

    • Absolutely nailed it. Spot on.

    • Susan – a splendid comment

    • If you study how civilization advanced when inexpensive sources of energy were found, you will see how many of the conveniences and requirements of modern life rely on inexpensive energy and the goods it is used to produce. We need a way to replace oil as an energy source.

    • Agreed. And sucking the last molecule out of the ground via slaughter in countries who don’t want their US supported dictators hoarding all the loot any more, and the devastating fracking and tar sands that are sucked dry in a nano and whose failures have not been priced into the market yet, is the EXACT wrong course. Unless you have another planet or underground bunker to go to, that is. We are rapidly approaching a turning point where cheap available energy will no longer be able to be used to manufacture and retrofit ‘green’ alternatives. If you stop to ponder this possibility, the militarized lockdown of the US will make more sense. ‘Peak Oil.’ That which answers everything.

    • Susan Home…you talk a LOT of sense girl!

    • You sure do!

    • Commerce Empire logically never concerned itself with local culture. If you start dictating that kind of stuff you have nothing but uprisings, , they look for somebody who will buy the oil no questions.

    • Indeed! Being told to ‘hate beheaders’ so we can bomb Syria so Halliburton can drill and rebuild courtesy of the US taxpayer is the only time we concern ourselves with ‘cultural affairs.’ And indeed why we never peeped over Saudi doing it for millennia.

    • It’s actually Genie Energy in Golan Heights but I’m betting Halliburton’s right there building billion dollar housing for their corporate executives on the rubble and bodies we bombed.

  • Yes

  • #

  • As long as they have oil the beheading will never stop.

  • smh

  • Refuse to sell weapons, they got knives for beheading obviously. Someone ought to teach better communication skills to these thing’s. I say things cuz I’m not sure they are even human.

  • I would be happy if Canada cancelled their contracts

  • That just means more money for the USA…sigh

  • I would say yes, but we need that sweet sweet crude.

  • American should stop sending supplies to other countries just because they don’t like the leader so send in Cia to arm and conquer the leader they oppose to have them as bigger threat to the people of that country but a better all to the elite

  • this medieval country has no place beeing a member of the UN, let alone to be in office as commisioner-general of human rights.BAN these barbarians until they grow a civilization,international community been sucking saoudi d!ck on account of the oilmoney for decades now,its 2016,the people of the world KNOW we can do w/o oil in the foreseeable future,and there are other oil producing countries in the world.take oil out of the equation and they’d be dirtpoor in the blink of an eye.so..the question remains..wtf kind of leverage do these immoral bstrds have over the UN to not kick their barbaric asses to the curb?

  • We shouldn’t be selling arms to anyone at all if for no other reason than that someday in the future those weapons may well be used against us. A foolish practice that makes the world ever more dangerous.

  • Beware, this is NOT TRUE. Germany does not think about stopping to sell weapons to them. Not at all. The government declared that they disapprove of beheading people, but that’s it, sadly….

    • how typical of politics. they accept the money,but to the press, they then ‘frown upon’ their own deal..
      saoudis not doing squat for syrian refugees,the rest of the world is stuck footing the bill,no wonder germany might be looking to make some quick money

    • sadly, germany is still occupied.

    • ugh, c’mon…

    • too bad.

  • Way to go FN !

  • While we’re on this subject stop importing oil form this terrorist wahabbist medieval nightmare of a country

  • Officially……they will selll to countrys that will sell to them ….

  • Terror State ! Boyctt Saudi Arabia and their Muslim Brotherhood. Kick Turkey out of NATO. Both support Isis. U.S. Needs to leave the Mideast ! Saudi Royalty have sex slaves including Children.

    • america created isis and dropped supplies to them ….. america destabilized the entire region …. i think people need to boycott america …. police kill people execution style daily … predator drones … kill 49 innocent people per 1 intended target …sounds like terrorism to me…….

    • When you say terror state are you including USA?

    • What do you drink whatever you’r drinking change it the only stolen country should be boycotted is Israel witch is the source of all terrorism world wide they just ignite the terrorism and act they didn’t do it sooner or later the sea will swallow them if they don’t stop their bullshit the world knows their tricks if their is one good honest leader in the Middle East Israel would’ve been gone in 1949 only one year after they stole palastine so boycott this moron

  • Haha killing it is good for business guns aren’t art to showcase exhibits

  • Why would the U.S. follow suit? We behead people all the time.

  • Canada needs to follow suit…

  • “”On Saturday, the Saudi Arabian government beheaded 47 people, one of whom was prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a senior opposition figure. He and the others were all killed for their charges of “undermining the national security” of the kingdom. Immediately following the beheadings, countries across the globe–except for the United States– denounced the barbaric move.””

  • Is it just me or does that knife/sword look fake?


  • don’t be naiv , they only killed 46 Muslims an 1 shiite scrap ,the business must go on

  • When did we become so lowlife? Or have we always been and just lied to?

  • Sick of the BS going on?? A free world is waiting for those in need. The technology is here now to supply the necessities we need to survive, we only have to create this free world. Out with the old and in with the new. Its time for change. Join this group to be part of the change>https://www.facebook.com/groups/265603456982790/ .

  • The less they sell them the more we can. Lets be real.

  • Can’t do it, we need the oil

  • I thought germany couldnt have an arms industry

    • Well they most certainly do.
      Where on earth did you get that notion from.

    • Guess just bad teachings in the 80s high schools of the south

  • No problem! I’m sure they don’t need anymore for now. So, it’s a bit too late now…

  • Agree.

  • our allies. We still kill people too. Lethal injection or beheading you are still dead.

  • Everyone needs to ostracize the bastards!

  • US government cares about money and power, driven by greed. All the human rights stuff is camoflage. #BernieOrBust

  • all countries should boycott saudi arabia . . . . on everything !!!

  • Those people are pigs, the women need to get the hell out………and now


  • It seems to me that the most disingenuous of all is the US government and its truly ignorant politicians.

  • Why do you have a photo of king Abdullah?? He died last year

  • Yes, I agree that the U.S. [that’s us or, at least, it used to be!] should not sell arms to Saudi Arabia [or anyone else for that matter].

  • Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.

  • If it wasn’t for oil these fuckers would still be sitting they’re boney arses on mud piles and picking flies out of their teeth .

  • We need to be allied with Iran and not Saudi Arabia

  • There will always be someone who would sell them arms. There will come a time where people would go back to using the sword and the bow at war.

  • Quit dealing with these scum.They are not friends.

  • We wouldn’t have anyone to bomb in 10years tho

  • Because of there oil reserves the majority of the world allows them to do what they like and that includes Cameron and Obama, however most people on our planet know that the Saudi’s are barbarians, they also treat there women like animals…a disgusting race of people

    • At least they don’t snore Coke or take drugs or have prostitution and have the best health care in the world FREE so is education women is very private human been they choose to dress up to traditions and they don’t carry guns and don’t have gangs and they don’t lock their doors day or nights you are a Koko man comparing this violent nation to SaudiaArabia nation America is only America if you don’t criticize other nations

  • If you don’t want your head cut off, don’t commit murder in Saudi Arabia

  • Just imagine thorium reactors and electric cars. Oil would no longer be much of an issue.

  • And Canada!

  • Not our circus, not our monkeys. The more muslims they kill the better. Let the middle east take care of the middle east. this is why we get in so much trouble in the world. We should leave other countries alone, it’s non of our business.

  • let them make their own weapons. They might learn something else that is good.

  • We will never stop selling arms…it’s our primary business…that’s why they call it the military industrial complex…the banks make money financing the transactions…since they own congress…they get what they want…always

  • Their weapon of choice appears to be a sword, so I doubt this will stop the beheadings. Don’t buy their oil, don’t send them food.

  • In fact belgium is still selling them guns, just a litle less, i am ashamed to say as a belgian citizen! Our reich wing governement are hypocrites!

  • must have been a slow month

  • Since the US is also a capital punishment state, should such action also apply here?

  • And stop buying their oil, use our own and put our oil workers back to work.

  • So Our Government in the U.S. is trying to restrict or take away our guns while selling weapons to other countries and they also arm drug cartels. WTF…

  • The US owes them so much money they don’t dare say anything for fear the Arabs are gonna demand they pay up now!!!

    • There is no money! Whip up the printing presses and pay them off!

    • Lol, ya, and throw a few bills my way….

    • they dont want your paper money they want your gold

  • Pot calling the kettle black?

  • Canada doesn’t seem to care

  • with friends like these who needs enemies?

  • they are really doing fine with their sword wielding; wtf would they need modern arms for?

  • These guys are in bed with Obama.

  • No

  • One has oil

  • I live in Belgium and I can tell you that this is not true. One particular request got denied and the we started to pretend like we’re taking action, but we really are not. I repeat, they did not blacklist SA, or even threaten to blacklist SA or even have any intention to sanction SA at all in any way.

    They just denied 1 request for unknown reasons; it’s probably a technicality that has nothing to do with the recent events in SA. It just got used to create the false impression that we give a fuck.

  • They can always sell to someone else. ..

  • do it Murica

  • Maybe America can do the same with Isis.

  • as should the USA.

  • I wanna know why they beheaded 47 people can someone let me know and who were they anybody got a good article on this

  • thats ok we will sell them all they need our biggest customer

  • Big fucking deal!!!! Our government will give them more than they need anyway!!!!


  • So it looks as if the US will have a monopoly then.

  • Civilization ?? Ha ha ha, don’t make me laugh !!

  • These despotic Neanderthal s need nuked into the correct century they are as bad as China and America.

  • Animals behave better


  • I t is time to get rid of all these sick mother fuckers,, but what’s the different of saving them for years to be electcuted.. Sick fucking orld

  • So does the UK!

  • The US won’t stop backing the Saudis! The US is a huge part of the problem.

  • I totally agree! The US should behead 47 people too! 😉

  • I bet the corrupted Yanks won’t stop selling them weapons.

    • I bet you Kiwis won’t stop buying their oil either, ya commie.

      “Pot, meet kettle.”

    • Look at the devastation you Yanks are causing in the middle East, Iraq what a fuck up, its trashed, hows that democracy going ?you have murdered millions, how’s Lybia now oh just another Yank atrocity, and Afghanistan, yep another Yank atrocity, Yeman, Yep another Yank atrocity, Pakistan, I think you might be getting the picture by now, but just in case you haven’t clown another Yank atrocity, Oh and let’s not forget Syria with America supplying isis all those Toyota pickups And TOW missile launches, we buy the oil, not murder everyone for it you sack of shit.

  • But due to the petrodollar agreement the United States will always back Saudi Arabia.

  • Yea right. Would be nice but I forsee the US selling them all they need or want…..

  • Hope Canada is next

  • Do you think the king dyes his own goatee, or does he have someone do it for him

  • Canada is basically helping the Saudis as well……..and Im Canadian. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/ottawa-going-ahead-with-saudi-arms-deal-despite-condemning-executions/article28013908/

  • step up USA.

  • See the asshole in the picture?? It’s his head we need on a stick!!!

  • too much money in the arm’s trade if all the west stopped they would just buy them from the east so much money is involved this will never happen as economy’s would crash as they would turn the oil off to us and sell to the chinese

  • A terrible country ruled by a corrupt regime.

  • Agree!

  • Yes!

  • Barbarians

  • Better chance I’ll shit 30# of gold bullion this evening than our government snubbing the Saudis!

    • Lol, that’s right! Blame Iran though, no problem.

  • Betcha America will keep selling to them.

  • Nah, we love our middle eastern tyrants as long as they obey. Plus, our citizens are really stupid and don’t know shit about what their government is actually doing around the world.

  • I am not so sure about that , i live in Belgium ! One gouvernment say so but we got 4 gouvernments ! Belgium is not an ordinairy country , 3 languages , 4 gouvernments ! Before anybody knows they could be delivered and payed for !

  • US wont do a such a thing they have too much interest in the country

  • Why can not we respect an ally ?

  • Start polishing that camels hump – You’ll be running like a dog with it’s tail between its leg soon enough . You chose barbarism . May Shites in Saudi succeed themselves to Iran 🙂

  • Betcha the Uk won’t stop selling to them…nor the US…money is more important than human rights where these two are concerned

  • I’m so glad we made them one of the wealthiest nations in the world.

  • They have been chopping off many heads for many centuries.

  • Hahahahahahahahahahaha, funny quote.

  • Time to jump out of the stone age. Wait. Sorry, I laughed reading that.

  • The US will not follow suit, they’re too greedy for that Saudi Oil.

  • They do this every year. It is horrible, but it isn’t new.

  • Don’t worry here in America they are disarming the citizens to give it to them.


  • GOOD!

  • Canada is still going through with an armoured vehicle deal despite public outcry.

  • Why do religious people kill and inflect the most pain in the name of religion?? I am talking about all religions!!! For non religious person, I just think these inhuman acts defeat all that you pretend to stand for!!

  • We already have a policy toward Saudi Arabia; We bow down to them!

  • Of course, well quit selling them swords! We aren’t cretins!

  • Yes

  • I missed their post calling for action when ISIS was beheading Christians. Please remind me!

  • The US will eventually turn on the Saudis. Whatever the Jewish masters need the US will do. As long as the money system and mass media is under Jewish control. No level of betrayal or lie is off the table.

  • Hell if there is a dime to be made…America will send them people to behead…

  • Gee, do you think that will happen?

  • You must be joking. The US has millions incarcerated and puts people to the death penalty just the same as Saudi Arabia. Just because you use poisoning and they use beheading you think you can take a superior moral position? Both societies are just as barbaric except that the US justice system (so called) is racist beyond measure.

    • U are truly an idiot
      At least the women have rights and don’t get stoned just because there husband is a fucking asshole. And we don’t fuck little girls either!!!

    • You have plenty of pedophiles in the US. That is what you invented the “dark web” for. You just pretend its illegal but really it goes on daily.

    • And if women have so many rights, why has the US never had a female president? How many female CEOs do you have? Even the few you have are a new trend. Look at the last 50 years and the US is just as misogynistic as any other country.

  • about time

  • i bet if someone even knows who were these 47 people ? someone answers me please

  • For killing a bunch of Al Qaeda terrorists? Nope.

  • Don’t worry Saudi……

    Uncle USA will sell you all the bang bang you want.

  • you mean the world’s biggest and most profitable arms dealer?

  • The US is going to keep sucking their dick like always bc they only use the American dollar for their oil

  • 300 countries will kiss their ass to sell them weapons they have more money than all the European countries combined and you all know what money can do + SaudiaArabia been beheading the outlaw citizens and visiting people only when do something massively wrong for 2000 years the head for a head and an eye for an eye SaudiaArabia will shake up the world economy in a second I am not defending Saudia Arabia but if they decide to by weapons they don’t have to take a number nor stand in line

  • UK need to do same stop selling arms to Saudi’s

  • We should distance ourselves from Saudi Arabia and Israel…both countries are run by evil people.

  • most of these kings can’t even look after their personal needs and must be babied by servants…and they make decisions concerning countries andpeoples’ lives!

  • People should let other country do their rules of the land.. unless they ask for help let them be.

  • At least cut them off from knives and swords

  • So, how many of you are familiar with what happened in Bahrain?

  • Why on Earth would they do that?

  • Well…yes,cept we just sold them a billion worth to restock what they spent in pulverizing Yemen.

  • Our allies are as civilized” as we are.

  • Canada is going to suck up to S.A. Good going Canada.

  • haha yeah right. obama is a saudi agent and his foreign policy is made by muslim brotherhood he has is in the Whitehouse.

  • Do you really want them to have crappy 3rd world arms when they have to fight the Daeshi on thier door step?

  • The USA should get out of the ‘daily’ arms sale business altogether… the only problem is that the weapon manufactures would nuke the Capitol if our esteemed Representatives in Congress messed with their income.

  • The U.S. should cut of the arms to them also!

  • IMMEDIATELY … AmeriKa has to stop .. but .. watch … they won’t …

  • Damn right I do…… Infact, lets ban the manufacture of arms, period!!

  • Oil pimps!!!

  • they need more heads not arms!

  • Too bad we just made a $1.29 billion arms deal with them…smh

  • Mean while Zionists Killing innocent, while SA beheading for crime they have committed

  • And China and Russia will sell them weapons if you don’t. Stay out of other nation’s laws

  • US just uses them as a proxy against it’s middle east enemies and to keep the oil flowing

  • there all to blame for the problems in these countries so they shouldve never given them arms and answer to question yes they should stop selling arms these people were merely cattle heerders that grazzed there cattle on oil fields that the world wanted so the world outside are all to blame for whats happening today you dont see the americans going into mongolia NO. because they have no oil or commodities anyone want end of …..always look for root cause for cure GREED

  • about time ……

  • don,t hold your breath waiting for camoron to do the same.

  • Beheading? In my country their head will be hang up? Which one is more brutal? I support Saudi Arabia laws why don’t you? In some country electrical chair is used to kill the prisoners? Nimr and his followers deserved to sentence into dead. Refers to saudi Arabia news what they had done.

  • Wake up sheep America and its cronies have been in bed with these savages for decades Saudi owns a huge stake in American fiancé and its only getting bigger…

  • It dint matter if we follow suit, France will just thrn around and do it… France is always prostituting themselves for some damn miney!! Dont believe me check the weaponry style, its all german made… The US does not make or sell German style weaponry (wake up people)

  • If you don’t sell weapons then you wont get money to elect Representative that will sell weapons to evil bastards—follow the money

    • We aren’t supplying them in that way. They are stealing and taking weapons from Iraqi soldiers who refuse to fight their brother in Islam.

    • What an idiot you are what do smoke Change your smoke

  • Wrong info: belgium is still selling arms and local union and government does not want to stop: 1/3bnp… sorry for disillusioning you guys…

  • No. If your country supports a death penalty why would it matter how they perform it. Hanging, Lethal Injection, Electrocution, Firing Range, Beheading, Stoning….it’s so contrived, murder is murder.

  • The US and the UK. By their friends shall you know them.

  • You know it’s sad but some people need killing.

  • But they don’t need arms…they need heads……too soon?

  • Yes absolutely agree

  • maybe the world should boycott texas.

  • The U.S & U.K will fill the void in the market left by Belgium & Germany-rest assured.

  • I think we never should have been selling the ARMS, arms sounds like helping lets call it what it is. Weapons of Mass Destruction

  • I think it should be illegal to sell arms to any country.

  • But this is good for our good weapons industry in USA their sales will just grow bigger. If they refuse there is China and RUSSIA and some others to help.

  • yes

  • Geart Idea we should try beheading instead of lethal injection.

  • Ahhhh not make a profit? This sounds like chance to make triple profits. Politicians are probably excited unfortunately.

  • We can guess that won’t happen.. Drill baby Drill.

  • Barbarism!!

  • So belgim surplying armes to the rag heads . Solution drop a bomb on these asswipes for feeding the sand apes.better still any one surplying arms to these souls should drop dead by the end of this year. Gods judgment amene

  • US has sold billions…just recently..draining their holding of US Treasuries..hoping Saudi and Turkey are disabled in the coming war to the benefit of Israel.

  • More beheadings in the U.S? Yes, please.

  • But their oil is so much better!

  • Civilized countries do not have capital punishment. The Saudis are less than civilized – they are repulsive animals. Why do we do business with them at all? Why does the world not isolate such a state? Oh, I forgot – we want their oil and are willing to sell our souls to get it.

  • Meanwhile back in Canada, our gov reprimands them out of one side of their mouth and goes ahead with a billion dollar plus arms deal…My question is, what do they NEED high powered rifles and armoured tanks for? Seat on the U.N. council my ass!!!

  • The USA doesn’t give a shit abt any bodies life

  • Definitely! But they won’t do it without a fight. They’ll fight for their right to do business with psychopathic criminals who commit war crimes and genocide. We need to forbid them from fighting wars. They need to start fighting for peace.


  • yes

  • Barbaric and vile!

  • The US executes people all the time. They also have other torture prisoners. Follow suit? They’re worse than KSA.

  • shit… we’ll be giving them what they need….in trade for oil! the powers that be will make certain of it. thats how merica rolls. then they’ll blame it on obama


    Saudi Arabia is the real leader of America’s Democratic Terrorist Organization.

  • baruchzed

    Saudi Arabia should be isolated and the House of Saud brought to it’s knees. All decent people in the world, all countries, should stop buying their oil, and shun them…cut off all trade and close all Saudi embassies.