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School Cops Force 8-year-old Boy Into Handcuffs After He Fended Off Bully


Parkland, WA — An 8-year-old elementary school student involved in what would have been considered an ordinary playground fight just a decade ago, had his hands pulled behind his back and cuffed by a school resource officer — and the boy’s outraged mother is speaking out.

Amanda Bullinger told Seattle NBC affiliate KING she was summoned to Brookdale Elementary School in Parkland on Monday after her son, Ayden, scuffled with an older student who had been bullying the boy for months.

“It was like 11:15-ish that I got a call. It was the principal,” Bullinger told the station. “She said she had Ayden in the office and he had an altercation at recess.”

Bullinger drove to the school to retrieve Ayden, but had no idea what a disturbing scene awaited.

“I get there and I see a police car in the parking lot, and I said, ‘Oh this can’t be good.’ I go into the office and Ayden is sitting in a chair, hands cuffed behind his back and a police officer is holding him down like this,” she explained to KING. “And Ayden is bright red crying, freaking out.”

Not even a decade old, the understandably frightened child also struggles with sensory processing disorder, according to Bullinger, which means intense situations can cause Ayden to suffer extreme anxiety or ‘emotional meltdowns.’

According to NBC affiliate KOBI, “Federal privacy laws prohibit the school from discussing details, but a police report about the incident shows Ayden yelling ‘I’m going to kill him’ and became physically combative to the other boy.”

Bullinger noted her son had grown tired of months of bullying by the older child and the situation reached a boiling point on the school’s playground.

Thanks to the suffocating police state, what would likely have been a bitter student brawl broken up by students and teachers in the past instead saw an 8-year-old child handcuffed by an officer and forcefully restrained — as if a schoolyard fight is no longer typical childhood behavior.

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“It really is one of those options of last resort, if you will,” Willie Painter, spokesman for Franklin-Pierce Schools, explained to KING.

“The use of restraint is only used when no other feasible option exists.”

Painter did not elaborate on the circumstances involving Ayden or why, specifically, ‘no other feasible option’ existed to deal with an 8-year-old but to cuff him like a violent criminal.

In fact, it’s difficult to imagine why a school resource officer would need to handcuff a small 8-year-old child at all — even if the melee turned particularly violent or vengeful, the officer could have restrained the child with assistance from another adult. Handcuffs seem like overkill — particularly considering the officer did not release Ayden’s wrists, even after he arrived in the principal’s office.

After arriving on the distressing scene, Bullinger said the resource officer escorted the terrified child to the door.

Alarmingly, the handcuffs marked and bruised Ayden’s wrists — but his mother believes the emotional wounds from being forcefully restrained will linger for some time.

KING reports:

“The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction just began collecting data in 2016. In the first 6 months of that year, only eight districts have used handcuffs on students. Franklin-Pierce is one of them.

“The other districts are Federal Way, Freeman, Highline, Kelso, Kent, Renton, and Spokane. The state information did not give clear numbers of how many cases of handcuffing happened in elementary schools.”

An increase in police presence at public schools has stirred contention for several years, as these officers have been caught treating students from elementary to high school as if they’re full grown adults.

In 2016, students were beaten, slammed to the ground and knocked unconscious, put in an ‘arm bar’ submission restraint, locked in a full nelson, assaulted for no reason, and more — and that’s only a cursory glance at what errant school cops almost got away with.

Bullinger rightly questioned the choice to handcuff a child of only eight years, asserting, “There could have been other options.”

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There could have been, except this is what an otherwise ordinary schoolyard fight looks like in a police state.

  • Patricia Thompson

    Not a word about what happened with the bully

    • billdeserthills

      Bully got his honorary police badge

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    • tom


    • John Chabak

      The bully was probably a cop’s son or some other form of cop inbred.

  • Robert Ramrattan

    If you’re going to have cops at school – presumably to give the kids that “what it’s sort of like in prison” feeling – and they’re useless to stop fights or prevent them, then why are they there in the first place?
    Cops have that whole, “Well, we don’t know WHICH of you is a killer, so we’re just going to assume it’s one of you” mentality. Yet they can’t understand the mentality of some people who are afraid of cops when those people view cops with the same perspective.

  • Tanya Gray

    Ridiculous! The cop is retarded!

  • anarchyst

    Here is food for thought, especially for those who support “public education” and
    rally about the doctrine of “socialization” that they claim is
    lacking in “homeschooled” children.

    Let’s look at what “public education” has to offer:

    1. Cliques and rampant bullying, quite often the victim of bullying punished more harshly
    for fighting back. Many times, bullies are part of a “protected”
    class–racial minorities, jocks, etc. Strong official disapproval of students
    making friends outside their grade level. “Peer pressure” used to
    push conformity.

    2. Teachers that don’t teach reading writing and arithmetic. Pushing communist principles
    such as rabid environmentalism, blaming humanity for conditions beyond our
    control as well as pushing “communitarianism” (“it takes a
    village”)–actually communism. This also ties in with teacher-recommended
    feminizing and drugging (mostly boys) to make them “less fidgety” and
    more compliant–all for the “benefit” of the teacher.

    3. Non-existent moral guidance…the communist concept of “values
    clarification”, allowing each student to set his own moral standard with
    no discussion permitted as to guidelines. A student dare not mention God or the
    Bible in “public school”–not permitted…discussing Islam is OK…even
    field trips to mosques are encouraged.

    4. Sex education that normalizes homosexuality and other deviant practices, actually
    encouraging deviant behavior and downplaying heterosexuality and abstinence.

    5. Insane zero tolerance practices, punishing students for pop-tarts shaped like guns or
    a student having an “unauthorized aspirin” or plastic butter knife.
    Of course, abortions and birth control are available without parental

    6. Lockdowns and backpack/locker searches by police utilizing “drug dogs”, getting
    the upcoming generation used to random unconstitutional searches. Quite often,
    students “roughed up” by “school resource officers”…just
    because they can…Lockdowns should be reserved for prisons–not schools…

    Since these “socialization” practices seem to be the norm in our “public
    education” systems, parents who send their children to these dysfunctional
    “indoctrination centers” are guilty of child abuse…

    Children who are homeschooled actually do much better in life as they are comfortable with
    people of all ages. True socialization takes place outside the classroom.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      I’d have agreed with this post if not for the bullshit insinuation that white boys have it worst…. not to mention your appalling homophobia.

      • anarchyst

        If you are one of the few whites in an almost “all minority” public school, YOU WILL HAVE A “PROBLEM”…regards

        • The Cat’s Vagina

          That’s just not true. My (lily-white) daughter spent first grade in an all-black school and they didn’t gang-rape or lynch her. No one even called her a honky. I’m sure there were the same issues that any kid in school would deal with, but none stand out in my memory.

          • citizenw

            My daughter (white) went through public school (mostly black) and is the better for it. She was a very successful Ivy league graduate and now has two masters degrees in education.

        • The Cat’s Vagina

          Also, what’s your problem with homosexuality? If you’re not gay, what business is it of yours if someone else is?

          • Abz B Zbas

            Sounds like anarchyst has been reading the Bible.

          • The Cat’s Vagina

            It does. He even laments that our public schools won’t preach to children.

          • anarchyst

            I don’t care what ADULT homosexuals do. It is not the schools’ job to provide recruitment to any homosexual “lifestyle”, especially that of impressionable children…
            You can bet that the homosexual lobby is chomping at the bit to get its perverted “lifestyle” instruction into the schools. In fact, the same homosexual lobby is pushing to “normalize” pedophilia…sick, to say the least…

  • john smith


  • billdeserthills

    This cop must have felt like quite a big man, as he went back to his squad car to retrieve the tiny set of handcuffs

  • Bill Manus

    School is no longer considered a place of education.
    It’s there to teach children to CONFORM and OBEY THE LAW!
    Nothing more!

  • bojimbo26

    SCHOOL cop . Riiiight , just a shithead .

  • bojimbo26

    Tweeted .

  • tvsgael2

    This is how skilled bullying works. He was smiling when Ayden lost it, because that’s the aim of a bully. Seldom comes to fighting, because inside they are cowards. It’s the same on the football field. The player who reacts to bullying gets the foul, because it’s seen visibly and not heard audibly by the offender. We really have to take our hats off, sarcastically speaking, to the retarded intellects that are so out of touch with human psychology, and simple observation, that these kinds of travesties happen. When kids have it out in a fight, they should be monitored to see that it’s fair, but that’s it. This is part of the coming of age maturation of a child, and to forcibly intervene could do irreparable harm to the psyche of a child.

  • tvsgael2


  • Mike Mesa

    This is outrageous ! The cop should be fired. Interestingly the 8 year old looks like a minority, possibly Asian. I wonder what really happened.

  • Gen Jen

    What will happen when this kid grows up, finds the cop and eats him with some Fava beans and a nice glass of wine !

  • Blaine

    Kid learned two valuable life lessons in one day.

    – stand up to bullies
    – cops are not your buddy