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Nanny State Unhinged: School Employee Fired for Politely Correcting Student’s Spelling on Twitter

Frederick, MD — Inside the violently enforced politically correct safe space, known as America, the perceived right to remain ignorant and unoffended reigns supreme. The latest case of PC police striking those who would dare to politely correct someone comes from Federick, MD, in which a school employee was fired for correcting a student’s spelling error on Twitter.

Katie Nash, the now former Frederick County Public Schools Social Media Coordinator, is learning the hard way what life in politically correct America is like. Nash ran the FCPS Twitter account and earlier this month, following predictions of snow, a student tweeted to @FCPSMaryland asking the schools to close “tammarow.”

Nash did not ridicule the student, nor did she blatantly call him out in a negative light. She politely, and cleverly, responded by saying:

“But then how would you learn how to spell ‘tomorrow?’ :)”

frederick-tweet (1)

According to WHAG, Nash says the school system was working on being more relaxed and interactive with students on social media. She thought her reply would be a way to engage the students, who were excited about the possibility of a snow day.

“The students were tweeting back and forth, so it just sort of provided a natural opportunity to respond, in a fun, light-hearted way,” Nash tells WHAG.

However, immediately after seeing the tweet, Frederick County Public Schools made Nash delete it and the Director of Communications for the school district personally apologized to the student. Apparently, schools, who are tasked with teaching students how to spell, are not supposed to teach people how to spell.

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“Any social media manager is looking for increasing engagement, and that’s sort of the expected parameter,” Nash said. “I think a conversation about how we engage with students would have been completely appropriate and I would have welcomed that.”

Nash tells WHAG that she met with FCPS and was given a letter which read:

“Dear Katie,  this letter confirms our discussion today that your probation period as a Web Experience Coordinator for Frederick County Public Schools will not be extended. You will be terminated from your assignment effective January 13, 2017.”

According to CBS Baltimore, Michael Doerrer, a district spokesman, confirmed Nash was no longer employed with the school system, but he didn’t comment on the circumstances.

Not surprisingly, it was not the student who was offended at all. After she made the tweet and then apologized for it, the student took to twitter to express how he thought it was actually funny.


The internet is now firing back at the decision by FCPS to fire Nash and she’s since become the subject of the hashtag, #KatiefromFCPS and #freekatie.

When school officials are fired for such innocent humor, which was actually used to make a creative teaching point, something is seriously wrong.

It would be hard to find an example that epitomizes the failure of the American educational system quite like this one. If it is this bad now, imagine what it will look like in 10 more years.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit
  • The Cat’s Vagina

    I think everyone here knows me well enough to believe that I am positively aswoon about this! *looks for her smelling salts*

    Seriously, I think George Carlin put it best when he said that the quality of our thought is determined and dictated by the quality of our speech, since we use the same words for speaking and thinking. Dumb, ignorant words make for dumb, ignorant thoughts and YES, spelling and grammar matter. For example, capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse.

    • skyp0ckets

      People just don’t read enough. Reading helps with vocabulary, articulation and proper grammar. Then again, I think there is sort of an arrogant attack on people who are not as well educated and I’m over that. I used to be pretty critical of people who couldn’t spell properly or didn’t have a good grasp on the English language. Now I just want to listen to what they have to say, because it still has value.

      • Hugh Culliton

        Absolutely! You made me automatically think of Trump – who tops-off at MAYBE a grade 5 reading/writing level. Reading forces one to critically consider the ideas and opinions of others. As well, it helps us to build the broad vocabulary we need if we are to precisely express and debate such ideas and concepts. When we dumb down the richness of language and grammar, as Orwell so brilliantly described in 1984, we dumb-down our ability to think, to understand, and to critically examine new information. All this makes a population more docile and easy to control.

        For a free and open society to exist, the people need to be able to communicate and debate vigorously with each other and to challenge the status quo. This can’t happen with an eviscerated public education and a government content with relying on Newspeak to inform political debate.

    • Hugh Culliton

      I’ve actually never heard that one! Thanks, though I don’t think that I’ll use it in class anytime soon! LOL!

    • Anonymous

      “spelling and grammar matter.” Yes they do. But, when you actually take the time to politely correct someone, rather than just laugh at their stupidity…YOU get called a GRAMMAR NAZI! Sometimes, even daring to QUESTION them…such as asking for a clarification of what they were trying to say, can easily result in some snowflake being offended and screaming at you that “you are a GRAMMAR NAZI!!!” Spelling and grammar matter a lot…unless you actually WANT people to think you’re a dumbass!!! (Some people, it seems to us, really DO want to be thought of as dumbasses).

  • anarchyst

    Here is food for thought, especially for those who support “public education” and rally about the doctrine of “socialization” that they claim is lacking in “homeschooled” children.
    Let’s look at what “public education” has to offer:
    1. Cliques and rampant bullying, quite often the victim of bullying punished more harshly for fighting back. Many times, bullies are part of a “protected” class–racial minorities, jocks, etc. Strong official disapproval of students making friends outside their grade level. “Peer pressure” used to push conformity.
    2. Teachers that don’t teach reading writing and arithmetic. Pushing communist principles such as rabid environmentalism, blaming humanity for conditions beyond our control as well as pushing “communitarianism” (“it takes a village”)–actually communism. This also ties in with teacher-recommended feminizing and drugging (mostly boys) to make them “less fidgety” and more compliant–all for the “benefit” of the teacher.
    3. Non-existent moral guidance…the communist concept of “values clarification”, allowing each student to set his own moral standard with no discussion permitted as to guidelines. A student dare not mention God or the Bible in “public school”–not permitted…discussing Islam is OK…even field trips to mosques are encouraged.
    4. Sex education that normalizes homosexuality and other deviant practices, actually encouraging deviant behavior and downplaying heterosexuality and abstinence.
    5. Insane zero tolerance practices, punishing students for pop-tarts shaped like guns or a student having an “unauthorized aspirin” or plastic butter knife. Of course, abortions and birth control are available without parental notification.
    6. Lockdowns and backpack/locker searches by police utilizing “drug dogs”, getting the upcoming generation used to random unconstitutional searches. Quite often, students “roughed up” by “school resource officers”…just because they can…Lockdowns should be reserved for prisons–not schools…
    Since these “socialization” practices seem to be the norm in our “public education” systems, parents who send their children to these dysfunctional “indoctrination centers” are guilty of child abuse…

    • Peace and Love

      “Sex education that normalizes homosexuality and other deviant practices,”

      You are a fucking idiot –.

      • anarchyst

        your name-calling exposes you as a small-minded person who cannot formulate an intelligent rebuttal. You need to go back to the “kids’ table” until you grow up. Leave the intelligent conversation to the adults…

        • skyp0ckets

          I actually agree with you on some points, but I think some of them are wildly inaccurate and broad brushing. Mostly I agree on bullying in the schools (jocks and the teachers who wish they were jocks) and the whole police-state that has been introduced into most every school. Luckily, outside of a few difficult experiences (our high school principal was an asshole), our kids got through and ready for the college world.

          • avelworldcreator

            He cut-n-pasted the above from another place he posted. Same mixture of sensible and “Planet Wingnuttia”. I made the same comment you did the first time I saw this, @disqus_dkCdESiEyp:disqus.

        • Peace and Love

          lol– you are a fucking idiot.

        • Anna Van Z

          Well ,YOU are NOT one of the adults, so get off your sanctimonious high horse!

          And how dare you insult educators and gay people, and expect to be treated as a rational grownup! GFY, moron.

    • quasimotter

      anarchyst, Y’know, when you mix truth with fact and innuendos, and fallacious reasoning and party lines, It Takes a Book to even make a dent. As a teacher, I was able to guide ignorance. It is much more difficult to even modify ignorance when it is petrified. I wish we could sit for at least a semester and work on some of the areas in which you have been misguided.

      Ignorance is one of the main quantities we have difficulty understanding. It is not an insult, It is a description demonstrating difficulty in assessing and ameliorating information.

      You are not dumb or stupid or a fucking idiot. It is not small-mindedness that causes overreaction as from Peace and Love but exasperation.

      You see, the main difficulty lies in the problem of believing you have it “right” when the facts show otherwise.

      Perhaps our problem is we are too used to fast food and Cliff’s Notes and overblown political figures who have control of our ways to gain knowledge and pretend they don’t.

      Perhaps not.

      Perhaps it’s something else.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    They can’t even say that this was some kind of typo. “Tommorow” is one example of how you fuck it up when you actually know (and temporarily forgot) how to spell it. I don’t know what a “tammarow” is… maybe some kind of tomato/marrow hybrid?

  • skyp0ckets

    Most humans I know, who are in the teaching profession, do not want to connect with their students on social media. They are connecting with students every time they step out into public; the grocery store, the doctor’s office, a restaurant, etc. I have a feeling there is more to the story than we are hearing, at least there should be.

    • avelworldcreator

      That’s pretty much the gist of my first comment on this post. The story is lacking details.

    • Anonymous

      A lot of teachers do not actually live in the area where they teach. Not even in the same city, much less the same school area.

      • skyp0ckets

        Maybe in urban areas, but in smaller communities and rural areas, teachers are typically residents and run into students frequently outside of school.

        • Anonymous

          We cannot comment about small communities and rural areas. Our experience is in big urban areas.

          • skyp0ckets

            Yeah, I imagine teachers can be pretty invisible in that setting. Teachers in our locale are invested not only in their students, but their families and communities. I wouldn’t trade it for city life, although academically, larger schools offer more. That being said, our kids did very well in college.

  • avelworldcreator

    Anyone ever get the school system’s position on why they fired this person over this? The story leaves that part out. I can’t even see if that’s the reason the school let them go. The article is empty of detail on this one that would allow a reader to factcheck.

  • Michael Williams

    The left has an interest in an uneducated, barely literate underclass. How else can they expect to get back and hold power since they got their clocks cleaned? They need a populace dependent for their survival on government and government bureaucrats. If they can’t read and can’t write, they can’t hold a good paying job and have to be on welfare

    • skyp0ckets

      don’t kid yourself, both sides have the same interest. They want people to be desperate. Then they can get them to do most anything and be thankful for the scraps.

      • Anna Van Z

        People like MW mostly just spout sound bites they pick up from the conservatard talking points they are programmed with.

    • Anna Van Z

      Obviously you are thinking of the righties – they are the ones notorious for attacking and defunding education. Wake up, sheeple.

      • Anonymous

        The lefties are the ones who are dumbing down education. Meanwhile, as the schools fail they throw more money at it just so they can say “we are doing something about the problem.” The worse the school is, the more money they throw at it…as it continues to worsen, they simply continue to throw even MORE money at it…yet it just gets worse. Then there are the minority schools…which perform even worse, but no body cares because they are “just a bunch of stupid mexicans who will just work in the fields when they graduate anyway, so why bother?” They have 4 students sharing 1 textbook. Of course, the superintendent is making 600k a year, and this REALLY happened in a small school district.

        So, where were the parents? Well…they were all blue collar working poor…so, instead of showing up at the school board meetings and screaming at the board, they were busy putting food on the table and paying the rent…i.e. working. They didn’t have time to take off from working 2 or 3 jobs to go to the school board meetings.

        This happened in California, not exactly a bastion of conservatism.

        • Anna Van Z

          Anyone who is involved in education knows that no one is “throwing money” at ANY schools these days. That’s nationwide, and that’s due to the neocon agenda to destroy public education. And that is a FACT.

          Another FACT is that people in California (and other states) are individuals, and consist of all political persuasions. This may surprise the tiny-minded, but there it is.

  • Hugh Culliton

    That’s insane. This can’t possibly be the whole story – there has to be more! School boards across North America are spending millions integrating technology into education and then, when staff actually use it, a normal interaction with a student is deemed bad by a third party and the staff’s fired. Gee, that’s not going to turn staff off of technology in the classroom!

  • Beatrice DuPont

    Think the school was embarrassed about the gross mis-education of its student. The Twitter correction made that very public.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      An excellent theory, that! You’re right that the Tweet made their student’s ignorance embarrassingly obvious, since “tammarow” couldn’t possibly be dismissed as a typo. That is clearly the work of someone who not only had no idea how to spell it and was trying to awkwardly sound it out, but missed it hard enough to confuse Spell Check. Seriously, the only suggestion I’m getting for that word is “marrow.” Anyway, I think you may be on to something, and it SUCKS that the school chose to fire what is apparently the only teacher they have left with a fuck to give.

    • Guy

      You my dear in my opinion, are as about as dumb as a post, and here’s why.

      1. Embarrassed Schools ? Since when, does a school concern itself about Public or Social Media embarrassment ? It’s only function is to be a place of education, used as a gathering place to fulfill that task, as dictated by The State Education System. By your statement, you have give a nonliving thing an awareness of self, as to make it human. Brick and Mortar does not think or has breath, it simply is !

      2.Twitter and other similar sites, are used only as a means of communication, with grammar and spelling used as the option. Do you, or anybody you know, use full sentences or complete words when using an Iphone ? Or do you just type away, in incomplete sentence structure and word abbreviations, relying on the reader to figure it out, as the example 2. substituted for Two, or in this case “Tammarow as the word for “Tomorrow.” Granted spelled incorrectly, but should have been allowed use by the student, no matter how cleverly pointed out by the teacher, considering the means used for that communication application. As we are all allowed to do as well !

      3. I am one of thouse, who you use as the example, of not being able to spell “To Save My Own Life.”
      Although a great reader who can comprehend well, I spell as it sounds to me, and that is were I get in trouble. Having not learned the basic rules for it at an early age, just “Pushed Along” as you say, back in the 50’s. Is it embarrassing ? At times, yes ! Has it affected my getting a job upon graduation ? NO ! I went onto College in spite of it, graduated and went on with my life, contrary to what you may think. Resulting in a 45 year history in the Landscape / Horticulture Industries, with the majority of it, as an owner of a Landscape Contracting Business !

      So, not everything in spite of what you say, is as black and white as you may think and I don’t believe in one rule fitting them all ! But believing the exceptions do succeed, depending on the individual and their desire to do so !

      Was this particular school over the top in Political Correctness ? Perhaps ! The teacher was on her probationary period, the school chose to not extend it and terminated her services, they do not need a reason, as the result of the probation clauses. My opinion dose not matter and will just have to wait to see how it all plays out ! My daughter-in-law was not given her tenure once either, the school chose not too and very little reason was given as to why ! That’s just the nature of the beast, but it did not stop her and she is a successful teacher at another school district, and I think much happier as the result.

  • MrRetloc

    During my four year High School experience I spent 30 minutes per day (last half of lunch period) reading one page of the dictionary. This exercise provided the impetus which led to a greater understanding and ability to communicate effectively. No need to “memorize” spelling or syntax.

  • Cyber_Donkey

    The person that fired them, should be fired.

  • nojack

    Never, never, ever, send your precious child to a government indoctrination center! It is child neglect & child abuse. If you think it is “Public” I suggest you enter one unannounced and see for yourself. Home-school you child or turn them over to the devil and his minions. Plain & Simple. Check these links out below 🙂 I have many, many more but this is a start. Read and Heed!






  • KD

    On a positive note…Nope, sorry I got nothing. Nothing positive about forcing this teacher to resign.