School-to-Prison Pipeline Complete — New Law Makes Schoolyard Fights a Felony



On January 1, 2017, the state of Missouri will implement a public school policy sure to accelerate the descent into police state dystopia.

The Hazelwood School District put out a memo to parents and guardians stating that, according to Missouri statute, fights at school or on buses will be treated as felonies — which can result in up to four years of prison, fines or probation.

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We want to make you aware of a few new State Statutes that will go into effect on January 1, 2017, which may have a drastic impact on how incidents are handled in area school districts.

The way the new statue reads, if a person commits the offense of an assault in the third degree this will now be classified as a Class E Felony, rather than a misdemeanor. If he or she knowingly causes physical injury to another person (hits someone or has a fight with another individual and an injury occurs) – one or both participants may be charged with a Felony.

Gone are the days when teachers broke up fights and sent the kids home, calling the parents and perhaps suspending the kid if it was a serious incident. “School Resource Officers” or local cops now arrest the kids and, if there is any perceived injury (an arbitrary judgment), will charge them with third-degree assault – treating children cooped up in school as if they are violent adults on the streets.

What does this mean for students?

For example, if two students are fighting and one child is injured, the student who caused the injury may be charged with a felony. Student(s) who are caught fighting in school, bus or on school grounds may now be charged with a felony (no matter the age or grade level), if this assault is witnessed by one of the School Resource Officers/police officers (SRO) or if the SRO/local law enforcement officials have to intervene.

It doesn’t stop there. Even attempts or threats to cause harm will be treated as a Class A misdemeanor, which can bring up to a year of prison time. If the assaulted person is considered a “special victim,” a Class D felony can be imposed which can mean up to seven years in prison.

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The Free Thought Project has reported on numerous examples of how public schools are increasingly relying on armed cops to carry out discipline, thereby criminalizing the age-old reality of children behaving badly.

This has resulted in the increasingly prevalent phenomenon known as the “school to prison pipeline.”

The Arizona State Law Journal found that over the last three decades, there has been a marked shift in public schools to using law enforcement instead of school administrators and teachers for students violating school rules.

Approximately 260,000 students were referred to law enforcement during the 2011-2012 school year, and about 92,000 students were arrested on school property. Unsurprisingly, these numbers affect disadvantaged minority students the most.

The Center for Public Integrity (CPI) documented disturbing examples of children being subjected to law enforcement, just as a shocking video emerged of a cop brutalizing a teenage girl in the classroom for misbehaving.

”Some police actions involve alarming physical altercations, with kids subdued and handcuffed. Others may be handled without much force. But law-enforcement involvement in school discipline has routinely resulted in kids—some as young as elementary school-age—summoned to court to answer charges that they committed crimes. Frequently, charges include battery or assault in connection with schoolyard fights or disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace at school —issues that some believe should be handled by school officials, not cops.”

The worst state is Virginia, with a rate of 16 students per 1,000 being referred to law enforcement. One school had a shocking 228 students, most between 11 and 14, that were referred to cops. A 12-year-old girl was charged with obstruction of justice for clenching her fist at a cop. 11-year-old Kayleb Moon-Robinson, who is autistic, was slammed to the floor for walking out of class too early, and then was charged with felony assault on a police officer and disorderly conduct.

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Other shocking examples include five- and six-year-olds being handcuffed, arrested and booked into jail for throwing temper tantrums. Dress code violations, tardiness, and even passing gas have all led to students being referred to law enforcement.

CPI describes how early exposure to law enforcement and the “justice system” has a devastating impact on the mental health of children, and makes it more likely they will grow up to live all or part of their lives behind bars.

“…prosecuting kids in court for low-level accusations like disorderly conduct and battery is actually backfiring; kids become stigmatized, develop records and often disengage from school. The risk increases that they’ll progress to more serious trouble, especially if core emotional or mental-health or learning problems go unresolved or inadequately treated.”

The Arizona State Law Journal confirmed that incarceration increases delinquency and future involvement in the justice system, and “the official processing of a juvenile law violation may be the least effective means of rehabilitating juvenile offenders.”

“No one should underestimate the negative consequences associated with incarcerating a juvenile, both to our society as a whole and to the youth themselves, which is the end result of the school-to-prison pipeline. Empirical research demonstrates that incarceration produces long-term detrimental effects on youth, including reinforcement of violent attitudes and behaviors; more limited educational, employment, military, and housing opportunities; an increased likelihood of not graduating from high school; mental health concerns; and increased future involvement in the criminal justice system.”

By enacting their draconian new rules, the state of Missouri is completely ignoring science, instead, falling back on uniformed state agents with badges and guns – trained to confront the worst of society – to deal with misbehaving kids in school.

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Missouri is ignoring the proven benefits of “restorative justice.”

“Thus, rather than excluding the student from the school community for misbehaving, which potentially can cause resentment, disrupt that student’s educational progress, and lead to recidivism and dropping out of school, one of the primary goals of restorative justice is to integrate the offender back into the school community as a productive member.

In essence, restorative justice practices are conflict resolution tools that involve victims, offenders, and other members of the school community. Using formal and informal conferences, or “circle groups,” victims share with offenders how they have been harmed by the offender’s behavior, offenders have opportunities to apologize to the victims, and, with the help of the victims and the other members of the school community, conference participants devise remedies for the harmful behavior.”

Instead of smart approaches like restorative justice, Missouri is set to plunge its children into a police state nightmare — guaranteeing a long-term rise in prison population and further destroying the mental health of the most vulnerable individuals.

  • James Latham

    Our society is getting more violent all the time. Kids have no fear of using guns and other weapons to cause injuries. Just a good old school yard fight is no longer a fist fight. People don’t know when to quit.

    • Liz O’neill

      crap, this is just a means to keep the paid for private prisons full to capacity, cops are in fear of adult criminals, so now they will take down 5yr olds, how long do you think before the first child is murdered because some P.O.S with a gun, is in fear of their life.

    • Elle

      Not only that, today one on one fights are overshadowed by all out mob brawl fights involving anywhere from 20-100 students!!! The video evidence is all over the Internet. Live leaks, YouTube, world star, etc. these students love the violence, it’s a joke to them.

      • BE.water

        You watch the wrong videos then. This claim is out of line.

        • Elle

          Better have better than that. These vids have been used to convict in some instances. Good enough for a court. Funny how a video of a cop shooting someone is good enough around here LOL. Same context. CCTV footage from schools, cell phone videos of the violence filming the behaviors, not good enough for you? Only for cops huh???

          You are married to your narratives.

          I am married to getting to the guts and heart of the matter beyond narratives and magical thinking.

          Prove it. Prove your case with evidence or go back to magic land where people wish pregnancy away. The evidence I speak of actually exists and is easily found if you bother to look.

  • doug murphy


    I have no idea how old you are, but this idea that the world, adults, kids, etc. is or are more dangerous today is a product of media, both traditional and social, is statistically and factually untrue. When I was a youth we had three channels, no smart phones, no internet. If it did not happen in your town, likely never heard about it. Today we are bombarded with the negative as it is entertainment.

    Some say the rise of the police state is a conspiracy. I think it is the result of crime as viral and traditional entertainment news leading people to believe they are unsafe, which results in tougher laws, which leads to lost freedom and the relinquishment of power by citizens, but as history has always shown, power corrupts and becomes its own beast.

    The human brain is not fully formed until the early 20s. In youth the critical thinking elements are juvenile, hence juvenile age wise, so fights at the bus stop etc. will always occur, but they are generally hardly crimes. They become crimes when we allow police to be arbitrators. Applying adult laws to children is morally wrong, and those over 35 who support it are hypocritical. Most of us of some age would have been in and out of the justice system had our youthful acts been judged by todays standards.

    Yes there are more school shootings on a targeted scale, and the media both social and traditional play a part in that via exposure, but believe it or not the U.S. statistically safer than at anytime in our history.

    This acceptance of allowing authorities to ruin kids and adults lives over a singular day or event must stop. The goal of detainment is to take DANGEROUS CRIMINALS off the street. Not ruin 12 year old kids lives because they had a tussle or gave a teacher an apple with a worm in it.

    Please read this site sir. I am white, and I admit 7 years or so ago I thought, like most white people, they don’t arrest innocent people. They don’t etc…If you are paying attention, they are coming after everyone, and someday soon you will know or be related to someone who experiences the brutality of the American System of Justice…it is where we are going because those who have the power to enact change are they are falling in lockstep..which is how you find yourself away from democracy and to totalitarianism.

    • Elle

      You are not in tune with what’s going on in public schools these days. Your comment makes this crystal clear. Read some of the links in my comment on this thread. Teachers in many districts will scoff at your comment.

      There should be consequences for violent behaviors. There hasn’t been thanks to restorative justice model which is a miserable failure in every instance I’m aware of.

      Restorative justice model: magical thinking.
      Magical thinking: FAIL.

      The video evidence is PLENTY.

      • Guy

        Being a student of the 60’s, a father of two young sons now in there early 30’s, a brother of a brother who went to Richmond H.S. California in the early 50’s and having many family members as teachers and administrators. I think I have a pretty good perspective of the problems both facing teachers, as well as students now, in today’s schools.

        I do believe that in most schools today, teachers and administration have released all responsibility of any sort of discipline or for control of, the student body at their schools to outside influence, namely the police as there methods, being backed by both the school board and parents.

        Gone are the days when the teacher ruled their classroom with a firm hand, and the principal administered the discipline. The liberal courts are responsible for this, by basically saying, students are not to be touched for anything , or even spoken to harshly ! Teachers can be sued for it by the student, or lose there jobs or both, as the result.

        Violence of one sort or the other, has always been a problem at schools, that is human nature and will not ever go away. Kids at Richmond High School in the 1950’s were sticking each other with switchblade knifes, and pounding on each other with brass knuckles then too. Before that, it was the Zoot Suiters, and now morphed into something else, with the invent of social media, 25 years from now it will be different.

        I have read with interest both arguments of pro and con for control of the student body by today’s standards, and feel that you are both wrong and right ! With a blending of both. as a possible answer to the problems. New ways of thinking, along with applications of them, will go a long way in helping, just as old fashion discipline dose as well. The student must realize, that there are consequences to pay for their misbehaviors, with each action going higher, based on the level of offence. Only with the thinking backing it, that one rule does not fit all situations, as now the case is with cops on campus, and administration and teachers with their hands tied, afraid to do anything about it, except to call the cops as the enforcer of rules. Adult cops applying adult rules to teenagers is just a means to misery, more violence and in the end, failure to teach students, except to be in fear ! Where is your solution in that ?

        I also blame the parents as well, for allowing this to happen, and for the abandonment of their parent responsibilities, to teach there children discipline and control of oneself at home. They are just as guilty in my opinion, as the schools ! If they are not involved, then failure will be the end results as well, it will take both to achieve the goals of more control and a better learning environment for our children. But I think it is worth the effort, and the rewards will be great !

        • Elle

          I blame parents too, like this one:

          You can also blame the ‘restorative justice’ model which has effectively tied the hands of teachers and administrators who have been forced to comply with the model. A model which thinks discipline causes disciplinary problems.

          • Army Vet 4444

            Elle, I had never heard of this “restorative justice” system until I read this article. But I don’t believe this system is viable, on multiple levels. I would also point the finger at bleeding heart liberals for even dreaming up such nonsense. This smells of the liberal “utopian” concept of peace and tranquility, that can’t realistically cross a street if it’s life depended on it.

            I am also VERY opposed to putting cops inside schools. This gives kids the feeling they are in jail, a “concentration camp for kids”. However, I DO believe we have the right to protect our kids. So to me, the best solution is to give “disciplinary discretion” BACK to the Administrative staff, AND allow school staff that want to, to carry a concealed weapon if they wish to do so. Unfortunately, I feel I have already been “outvoted” on this concept.

          • Elle


            Like when my friends eight year old daughter was on the school bus and a boy said to her “pull your pants down I want to touch you down there” (only his words were far more crude) and without consulting the parent after the parent reported the incident- the principle brought the two children into her office and had the boy say he was sorry. Then the principle had them hug.

            This is the restorative justice model at work.

            The boy learns all he has to do is say he’s sorry. Otherwise no consequences, AND he was given access to the girl. Here you go- have a hug. Hugs cure everything apparently.

            The girl learns? Oh well.

            Restorative justice was born of magical thinking from the land of magical thinking- where even pregnancies can be wished away.

          • Guy

            You make an interesting point Ellie, about “Magical Thinking Being From The Land Of Magical Thinking !” IMHOP, no doubt thought up by some liberal think tank at some ultra-progressive University or Center For Higher Learning, with the probability of the concept of “Restorative Justice” being hatched from a place similar. Or from the butt of some Congressmen or women !

            I could rattle on about my opinion, of what I think about either one of these two concepts, and as to why they are headed to complete failure, but I am just a Dad and not a Professor with a Ph.D in child psychology or even a educator of some sort. so not qualified to.

            But I can tell you this. I was raised by a single Mom who was a working farmer, at a time when they did not exist, who was not only a great parent, but was interested in how we did in school and was involved in our education, to the point of getting the books I was being taught from at school, in math and reading, and every night would sit with her going over what the teacher taught. She was the one who taught me how to read, and be okay in math. Not my teachers, who were mostly old ladies with to many students, who just passed me on year to year. Later she got frustrated with our school system and put us in privet schools for a few years, both in grammar and high school off on on.

            My point ? Yes I got bullied, a lot, try being the only kid with braces in the whole school in the 7th and 8th grade. Did I ever get into a fight ? Yep a few, mostly because I got tired of being picked on by the smaller mean runts, would blow my top and let em have it ! But it ended with a bloody nose, no grudges and no on campus cops like now !

            My Mom was the backbone of our education and our family, she was involved, not like it is now, with both parents working and really not taking the time to understand or get to know there kids, preferring to let others do the job for them, or could care less about it, and would rather give them a iphone to keep them busy and out of trouble.

            Kids learn by copy of others and their environment. Unhealthy or corrupt environment, same for the kid !

            I don’t pretend to have a solution, only common sense, believing we are mostly void in that department, and just scratching my head, wondering how people can be so damn dumb about it !

          • D Laurier Beaulieu

            Actualy, restorative justice was the name given by conservative politicians to principles that derived from native culture. Which itself can be quite conservative.
            Our tribal elders were calling it by other names. And trying to make the white man see that our way works better.
            It does.
            Our ways have been working for THOUSANDS of years.
            Your ways have been failing for the few hundred years since you adopted Rome as your standard.

          • Guy

            Then either your entire tribe is a dumb as a block of salt, or wiser than all of us put together ! I can’t decide which. If it works for all of you, then that is the only thing that matters, and more power to you all !

            I can see why it would be an absolute failure in the outside world, considering that our kids are taught to go a thousand mile per hour, grabbing all they can grab, and rely on their Iphones to be their link to social media and facebook, while being constantly told by parents and teachers alike, that they are always 1st place and winners ! How in the hell do you learn to lose, if you always win ? Most kids today have the attention span of a nat and as about as much reasoning skills !

          • Robyn Ryan

            Civilized nations don’t feel the need to act like they are under siege.
            Only frontiers and wildernesses.
            The frontier closed long ago.

          • angelfire1712

            Blame whomever you like, it’s wrong to make a classroom a police state. It’s wrong to have police patroling, abusing and handcuffing kids as young as 5. It’s wrong and if common sense is gone in America we’ve already lost the battle and very soon will have lost the war.

          • Gary

            im pretty sure common sense is a myth in america… just go outside and the lack there of shows within an hour lol

          • Elle

            It is wrong to handcuff kids- especially 5 year olds. unless they are truly dangerous (like the kid who just blew a hole in a classroom ceiling with a shotgun).

          • Lainy

            I find that amazing! No discipline until the government forces them into the service because there are no jobs and then discipline is the rule! If they can’t force them into the service they will jail them. I think there evil plot is working. We are here to be managed and used one way or the other!

        • LoveGod

          My parents were both teachers in Florida during the 60’s. Their colleagues were met at times in the parking lot with guns. My parents got out of public school education at that point, somewhere when I was in 6th grade. My mother told me that back in the day, the administration would support a teacher should they have discipline issues with students in class. As time went by, the teachers would send unmanageable kids and the admin would just send them back or put the teacher down…so teachers stopped sending and gave up.

        • Robyn Ryan

          You can’t pay teachers like burger flippers and expect gold star results.
          Anti-intellectualism has kneecapped America.
          Until we educate our people, who cannot be free.
          Democracy and ignorance don’t mix.

          • Guy

            My Daughter In Law, recently started her new teaching job at a starting wage of $62K per year, plus benefits. Burger Flippers make considerably less.

        • B_man

          I am probably not quite as old as you are; but I used to go to school with a gun or few in my pick-up truck. I also used to get into a few defensive fights back then. Not once was I tempted to get a gun from my truck and to kill my opponent! I sought to beat the crap out of him, but not to kill him! I was fairly short and I did not have a long reach; but I had almost Bruce Lee fast hands (but nothing else of his which was that fast). Having fast fists doesn’t work very well when you are wearing cheap shoes that slip backward and thus reduce the power of your punch. Never-the-less: My former opponents oftentimes became pretty good friends after the fight.
          My solutions differ from yours. Please scroll up and read it. I think that you will like my recommendations.

      • Mike Wilen

        I am horrified by people advocating draconian measures like this. I went through school where kids sometimes fought with each other. Adolescent coping and sometimes conflict resolution skills were acquired this way. Police have no business on a school campus. I raised kids who managed to make it without some dumb ass rent a cop ruining their lives.

      • doug murphy

        I have two kids in public school, I know a little something about them.

        • Domina Elle

          Are your kids in a Philadelphia school?

          • doug murphy

            No..but kids in inner city schools often come from socio-economic backgrounds that are less than ideal. I would argue criminalizing basic child behavior, especially on the less fortunate, guarantees that child will not escape that disadvantage, which is likely cyclical.
            There is no doubt inner city schools face problems that suburban districts do not. The great thing about America is that you are free to move to a suburb that better meets the educational and environmental requirements you have as a parent.

            I do not understand why people are not seeing that the law as written is to broad. It treats regular school yard tuffles the same as a kid violently assaulting a kid with a weapon. Assault with a weapon is already against the law, no knew law required.

            I assure you Little Billy and Little Tommy in the upper middle class school will still get a detention if they have a shoving match..minority kids in inner city schools will find themselves prosecuted with vigor.

            Zero tolerance absolves common sense and empathy..

            Use this is your child and he defends himself, do you think he should be charged as a felon? Of course not. Why would you advocate an unneeded law that potentially could ruin your child’s life?

            By the way I am a 52 year old white male living the suburban dream.


    • Sindi Nalley

      That is everything so true, no down played, sugar coated lies, as the media, the rich, and the corrupted goverments do and say to us. This is one part of the many parts soon to come, “they” will conduct in subtle increments , just as “they” have been doing for a VERY long time. “They”
      got a plan, a BIG plan, and we the people only got , “in their heads”, “for their agenda”, is to give way to the mass submission to “their” final act of “population control” . You got excellent wording , I dont , I express in a level of intense, need to smooth it up some. I feel and know that the peoples words and sharing will wake people up. Power comes in numbers, and “them” doing this to the children in schools, is nothing more then the mass plan to eliminate us. FACTS ARE, CRIMES ARE DOWN, “they” are the school shootings, “they” are the violent acts in the world, not us the people. “They” say gun control, keep kids and all safer, JUST A PART OF “THEIR” BIG PLAN, DISARM THE PEOPLE, SEPERATE THE PEOPLE. More and more things “their” going to come up with… SPEAK LOAD, SPEAK PROUD, POWER COMES WHEN PEOPLE COME TOGETHER IN NUMBERS!!!

      • Army Vet 4444

        Sindi =- speaking of “big plans”, there are a lot of “holes” I would need filling to make true sense of this article. According to the author, this law has already gone all the way through the law making process. HOW could this POSSIBLY have happened without opposition. I don’t care HOW bad it SEEMS to be at schools, THIS action is just WAY too “Draconian”.

        When this law was FIRST considered, every single parent in the schools should have gotten a letter explaining what the “new” law would mean, and in that same letter, there should have been an “up coming meeting” already scheduled so the lawmakers could hear from the parents. I know damn well, that would be a meeting I would NOT miss. And I feel confident MOST parents would feel that way. The law as it’s presented here, just leaves WAY too many scenarios in the open, that would bring about massive injustice. A 12 year old debate student could poke holes though this without breaking a sweat. So I fail to see how legislation like this got all the way through. That by itself is an injustice!! If this DID get through without comment, then this is something that can and SHOULD be dealt with quickly and with harsh comment. (Meaning, the citizens talking to the lawmakers, “….and furthermore, if you EVER try to do an “end run around” the pubic again on school “laws”, I don’t think a single one of you will survive the outcome”)

        • ClareClare

          “HOW could this POSSIBLY have happened without opposition.”

          I take it you’re not a parent with kids in a public school right now?

          In recent years, countless parents around the US have gone to school-board meetings to protest all sorts of Orwellian policies that were summarily announced–they’re prevented from speaking, their mikes are turned off, they’re forcibly escorted out of the meeting, shouted down as fools… and there’s at least one video on Youtube somewhere where a dad was actually ARRESTED for speaking (respectfully!) at a school-board meeting. You just can’t make it up.

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          • avelworldcreator

            And you are a lying sack-of-shit spammer. Go the fuck away.

        • Robyn Ryan

          Elections have consequences. The GOP is paid for by corporations. Our government was established to protect us from corporations, but the GOP has turned that on its head.

          • Lainy

            These parents need to get an attorney and take this to the supreme court if necessary!

          • Marc Gilbert-Widmann

            And what parents today have the money for that sort of fight???

          • blindjustice

            Actually these kind of draconian rules are more often than not in Progressive Liberal school districts.

          • Kyle Peck

            Missouri is majority GOP. So stuff your lies in the trash where they belong.

          • Bill Roberts


          • brother mack

            Bullshit. Missouri. Not liberal country at all. Go home and listen to more Rush or Sean.

          • satch7

            st louis county bs here

          • Sport883

            Schools have been moving in this direction, in both red, and blue, states, for a long time. The school system here has been calling LE to handle discipline matters for well over a decade now.

          • jmi0112

            So true. Here in California especially. Last 20 years minimum. Instead of making it a two party discussion you need to look further into those who backed this. Every time it is broken down to an us and them discussion instead of the important we. This is the plan. As long as the two parties are bickering they will never get together to hold the scoundrels accountable for their actions. Wake up people. Your backing of either party is never going to fix the real issues.

          • jmi0112

            And special interest just like the DNC.

        • Sport883

          The Missouri statutes have already gone through. You can look at the school’s web page to see the memo that was sent home to parents. That page also links to the Missouri statues that the school refers to in the memo. It looks as if the Missouri statute was not created as a “school” law, per se. It’s a law applied to anyone who commits assault in the third degree. The school has adopted that law as policy though. I disagree with the school’s policy also, but, the school here has been using LE for discipline matters for years.


        • Catherine cassanos

          Public schools under control of the fed needs to take the same walk of death as mainstream media.

          • Catherine cassanos

            Another way to break down the family unit. Create a non productive child. turn them into poor hopeless, angry adults. strip the family assets for legal fees and gobble up taxpayers dollars to support these kids incarciration. So a pre teen whose brain is not fully developed, throws a punch at a bully in school and a family is destroyed…and a new money machine is born

      • Guy

        What part of the “Twilight Zone,” Do You Come From ?

    • Sueb

      You are right. What about the little weasels that taunt and taunt others into a frenzy. Yes it happens. Fights are not for nothing. Teachers never see or hear of those guys or girls. The internet bullying, the perps get off with detention maybe.

      • nolickspittles

        Why then hell where so called educated, educators are so dumb as to have a hot turtle in a play ground to begin with. Why don’t they separate bullies from the population. What will happen when the bullies gang up, lie and get the victim blamed and charged! Believe you me, bullies only exist because there ware weak stupid teachers and school policies (not too few laws)

        • Sueb

          About the turtle, It looked like it was left over from the 60’s. It didn’t look like a fun thing to play on either. Separate bullies from the population? That would take discernment/judgement against one in favor of another. Can’t have that. Besides there is only one play ground. Weak stupid teachers and school policies: Bingo.

        • Gary

          hot turtle in a playground?

    • deplorable wannabe Ray Jones

      im 58 and if this were going on when i was in school i would still be in prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • James Latham

      I read your post and disagree 99% with it. I am 64 and lived in a lot of places growing up. When kids fought which was rare at school or the bus stop it was with fist and they knew when there opponent was beaten and stopped. There was no fear of school shooting and you could bring a pocket knife to school. Lot of kids in those days were in Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts and was normal to have a knife. I agree with one point you make, we see more because of technology. So with your long post how old are you? Public schools have become the cesspool of america. So many unfit parents out there today. I would never send my kid to a public school today. 12 year old kids are becoming dangerous today or do you not see the news?

      • doug murphy

        I am 52. The law as written makes no distinction between weapons or not. 12 year olds with
        weapons take them from home, just as most teenage drug issues start with kids taking their parents prescribed opiates or amphetamines. Why at 64 are you so different in your view of the world than you were at 30? Did the world change, or did you change?

        Make it personal. If it is your grandkids who gets in a pushing match on the playground do you support a felony charge….or detention after school? It is so easy to be a hard ass when you are unaffected…but you are not. You pay for it taxes..society pays for it 20 years later when the 12 year old felon is an adult who can’t get a job or be a productive person.

        The fear created in you is exactly what is required to turn an open society into a police state. We always find what we are looking for..if it’s the boogie man you seek you will find him…as the laws become increasingly repressive it won’t be long before the criminals we seek will stare back at us from the mirror.

    • Robyn Ryan

      And the media’s demand for stimulating content.

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    So much for wrestling in gym class. What the fuck is wrong with these elected officials???

    • It’s called a Police State, Honey, have you traveled to Africa or anywhere there is a Military Dictatorship before?

  • Philip Tomlins

    And this gentlemen is why the States is one fucked up place.

  • avelworldcreator

    Uh, one year prison time? No. A year or less is jail time. Can’t writers bother to distinguish between the two any more?

  • Ed

    Now that the War on Drugs is winding down the USA needs new criminals to fill the For-Profit Prisons. What better way to do that!

    • Now, they can provoke the mal-nourished, poor, and abused slaves to fight each other!

      • Robyn Ryan

        Cheaper than a football program.

    • samuelstorns

      Winding down? Where?

      • Ed

        I ain’t been bugged about drugs in 25 years! Only assholes are in the war! Both sides!

    • Domina Elle

      You think the war on drugs is winding down? LOL

  • danielistical

    The Netherlands will close five prisons over the next few years. Ard van der Steur, the country’s minister of security and justice stated that, given the decreasing crime rates and shorter prison sentences, it is not fiscally wise to keep them open. It’s estimated that 1,900 jobs will be lost as part of the closing process. The announcement comes not long after Dutch authorities closed 19 prison facilities in 2014. Since there were no Dutch convicts to fill those cells, authorities rented them to Norway, according to The Telegraph.Officials made the decision due to falling crime rates and shorter prison sentences.


    Stupid Parents: Don’t send kids to school

    • James Latham

      Stupid parents learn how to parent instead of encouraging violence.

  • Elle

    people seem surprised. This is a topic I’ve been researching intently for the last year.
    The violence in many schools is staggering. Fights involving 30-100 students, all out mob brawls. Daily. The learning environment in many schools is TOASTE. There have been deaths as a result of school fights this last year and previous years. Students are assaulting teachers with impunity. Not just a slap and a fuck you either- lifelong serious damage.

    The slap on the wrist approach, the cook the books approach, the so called ‘restorative justice’ approach ( which has been the approach taken in recent years has FAILED MISERABLY. Why? Simple: when there are no consequences for violence, there is no ‘restoration’. It’s stupid to put it bluntly.

    In Baltimore, no less than four teachers are assaulted EVERY DAY. I believe it was the same district which saw almost half of its teachers walk out the first day. However there’s so much violence in schools that I May be confusing districts on that point. But you’d have to be paying attention to know what’s going on, unlike the post by ‘Doug murphy’ who thinks that things aren’t so bad, he says that phones and the Internet are to blame- there’s no rise in incidents we are just hearing about them more he says. Doug couldn’t be more wrong. I’m basing my opinion and perception on the cases themselves which are often videotaped by students with cell phones and news reports. These violent kids love to post their violence on the Internet and yell ‘world star!’ It’s a thing. I’ve seen many videos where one kid sneaks up and sucker punches another kid who is knocked out cold. One on one fights still happen, but today we’ve got all out mob brawls.

    The so called restorative justice model is exactly why there’s a spike in the violence. Due to the restorative model many schools stopped expelling students, stopped punishing students, because it was seen as bad for them, as a part of the anti school to prison pipeline discussion. Several years later nothing is better, in fact it got MUCH worse. Where are the parents in all of this? many parents of violent teens defend them! Some parents even join in on the violence including violence against students and teachers. Richmond, Arlington, Baltimore, Bridgeport, Minneapolis, Ann Arbor, city after city in the news for out of control school violence.

    Recap of a few news stories from top of my head:

    30 female students arrested after charter school brawl
    Girl dies in bathroom fight Howard high school another Howard student killed off campus by another student within same month.
    Boy dies in school fight
    Teachers are assaulted, knocked out cold, sent to the ER (bunch of these lost count)
    Teacher raped and murdered by student
    Teacher quits amid violence and threats
    9 students arrested after brawl
    Two teens charged in murder of fellow student
    Two school guards sent to hospital students arrested for brawl fight
    St. Paul teachers threaten strike over violence 2015

    Just read a report on a district where the teachers union did a study where over half said they had been violently assaulted and injured. They feel their hands are tied. Restorative justice is a bullshit title because there’s no restoration that’s just the selling tag line.

    Do some real digging here. 2011-2016. Restorative justice model implemented to now. It’s a disaster.

    Teachers being violently assaulted and threatened with violence:

    Baltimore schools: an average of four teachers assaulted by students DAILY

    Out of 2,998 Baltimore teachers surveyed, 80 percent had been victimized in the workplace. In the city of Baltimore alone, school employees filed more than 300 injury claims related to student assaults in 2013.

    What happens thanks to restorative justice model which doesn’t involve real consequences for criminal behavior:

    “A lack of discipline has led to more violence”

    the books are cooked:
    The group says the data it requested from the district showed a total of 412 recommendations for disciplinary action in the 2013-14 school year and 170 recommendations in the 2014-2015 school year, raising questions as to how the number of incidents could have dropped by so much. (Easy, they are cooking the books by not reporting or taking disciplinary action)

    Letter from teacher on restorative justice (denying and not reporting incidents) approach:

    I was an ex inner city teacher during Obama’s 8 years in office (during his infamous Restorative Justice program). The Restorative Justice idea basically claims that there is no suspension or expulsion for student defiance towards the teachers.

    I’m The student is supposed to get a quick lecture from a school specialist and returned to the class ASAP to continue his/her education. The theory behind this is that expulsions and suspensions were disrupting these student’s education and were preparing them for a life of incarceration.

    During these 8 years teaching in the inner city, I was cussed out by students over a hundred times, spit in the face once, slapped in the face a couple times, physically pushed and stabbed with a needle. Out of all these assaults and insults, only the kid who stabbed me with a needle got a one day suspension. The rest of the students were given quick lectures and sent back to class as if nothing happened. As a lifelong liberal I voted for Trump last election under his famous slogan of “Law and Order”.

    Gross, this teacher claims they voted for trump over it!!! I’d say the so called ‘restorative justice approach’ has had many negative results!

    There has to be a better way. Now we have proposed laws wanting to charge violent students with felonies thanks to the restorative justice approach. Try not to tell yourself this is just a sign of the police state. Magical thinking has FAILED. the violence is real, there are a million YouTube videos of this violence. Go look. It’s disgusting. There’s even a Twitter account dedicated to violent school brawls. The ‘kids’ are sociopaths laughing and enjoying it. Check out the video of students torturing a sub teacher which is a perfect example of the kind of nastiness going on in schools these days as the NORM in many cities:

    • BE.water

      How about forced closure of these schools? Creating an environment where people who are from rivaling factions have to see each other every day, in close quarters? When theres a 30-1 ratio of students to teachers in classes? This is on America and the school systems. You’re glossing over this with a broad brush without even taking into accound the details. I’m disappointed in your if you’re the journalist you claim to be. People have and always will be violent. Now there is just more video evidence to capture. Wake yourself.

      • Elle

        Rivaling factions- is that new speak for ‘gangs’?

        I attended two high schools in the 80’s. Both low income one was predominately black. Students weren’t beating on teachers as the norm. Never happened once at either school. There were no brawls in the hallways involving 30-100 students. Certainly not as a norm. Students weren’t killing students as the norm either.

        These are norms today.

        But you can tell yourself whatever you like.

        I don’t need to wake up as you say- I call that going to sleep. Denial is just a few steps away from complicit btw. It’s a form of enabling too.

        • BE.water

          Instead of discussing the vernacular, how about you argue the points I just gave you?

          What you’re talking about isn’t THE NORM. That is where your blinders turn on.

          • Elle

            Not the norm in every district but it is the norm in enough districts. What we need is a comparison of data from the 60’s to now.

            should be interesting.

            I find when people make calls such as you have in saying that I have blinders on- 9 times out of 10 whatever is being claimed is true about the person claiming it. Projection. It’s a means of deflecting and derailing. In this thread I presented points that are just the tip of the iceberg.

            Throughout the years we have seen teachers walk out on the job many times, from my memory it has always been about pay. Today we have teachers walking out on the job for fear of their lives and their physical well-being due to the violence they are facing. Please point me to an instance of this from previous decades. I can’t find it. However I have found a mountain of recent info regarding what I’m pointing out.

            I’m annoyed because I can’t locate a recent study that was conducted by a teachers union where over half in that district stated they had been physically assaulted by students and even more had been threatened with physical violence. Their main bitch was that nothing was being done about it. Their concerns were that students committing this violence saw no consequences for their actions and often returned to class. This sends a message to the students that they can continue their bad behavior (school to prison pipeline anyone?) and to teachers that their safety and well being has no value. How demoralizing.

            I’m not interested in merely having an opinion. I want to have knowledge based in fact. My mantra is seek the truth even if the truth turns out to be the last thing you hoped it to be. If you actually knew me, you’d know I walk this talk. Blinders? Hardly.

    • MSMLOL

      If people would just bother to do some research everything you said would make sense to them. Great post and its such a shame that wanting to help others ended up this way for you

  • blindjustice

    Get your kids out of the indoctrination centers called the public school system. Why are so many shocked at this law. Schools have been moving closer and closer to prison systems for years.

    • Kyle Peck

      Do you want to pay the bills for them to send their kids someplace else? A lot of people can’t afford more than public school.

  • robert

    Lets worry about the well being of the thugs who terrorize the hall and classrooms making school a living hell for the less physical students and teachers.

    • Kyle Peck

      Problem is sometimes those tormented students fight back against their oppressors. This law will likely punish them just as well as the bullies who actually deserve retribution.

  • Army Vet 4444

    What if a kid is minding their own business, and someone goes over to him, and starts beating him up. He doesn’t like betting beat up, so the defending kid gives the bully a lesson he won’t forget. According to the law as it’s written here, the defending kid will be the one with the most penalty. My kids are all grown now, (thank god), but If I had to face this in the schools, it would NOT be a pleasant thing for anyone.

  • Beyond Psychology

    This is more reason for the perpetuation of curiosity based learning and home schooling. These approaches are the result of the club wielding neanderthal phenotype expressions of our biology having control through brute force and most importantly, we must note that said phenotype has the majority as a result of the industrialist building a system that encourages selective breeding of which results in the dumbing down of the species…. the simple forms whom step in line, allow themselves to be programmed, do the whole 9-5 drudgery day in and day out will get the economic resources that lead to our modern nesting and mating thereby discouraging the brilliant from breeding and succeeding in producing a slave race…. now it’s back firing on them bcz the brutish will fight,.. so now they are trying to selective breed a more docile slave.

  • I have been in my share of fights in my life, of all of them I can only recall starting one (and that was in my 20’s, in the military and being drunk); I won more than my share of them but lost some too, but I always avoided fighting and starting fights, it just didn’t feel right to me.

    I remember in junior high in the early 80’s, all the kids had to stand outside the front door and be let in, the school was 60/40 white/black. There were days back then when the two sides would split up and threaten one another and some fights broke out between the two “races”. I had friends on both sides, I really didn’t know where to stand so I stood in the middle. I didn’t understand it then and I don’t really understand it now, why people decide to fight one another, is it fear? Fear has been proven to be what leads to anger and hate so possibly America is not the home of the brave, like many are indoctrinated into believing, but instead the home of the fearful and scared. To prove my point, how many here own guns, have alarms on their homes and lock their doors at night? Not too many I’d imagine as I too fall into this very same group.

    Or perhaps some of us are simply more evolved than others? I don’t personally like this idea, I prefer to believe that we are basically the same, each with his or her own qualities, and that it is our society that corrupts us over time and turns us into the violent people that we are today.

    So what is the point of my post here? Perhaps it is time for us as a race to decide what kind of a society we prefer to live in and what kind of society we want our children to grow up in. If you are fine with the society you live in today, than simply do nothing and things will go on just as they are today and just as they did yesterday (or 10 years ago, or 50 years ago, etc…). Perhaps Humanity will survive, perhaps not.

    But if you feel there is something terribly wrong with this society as I do and you would seek to change the course of Humanity as I do:

    Owned & Operated

  • TomRay

    Well, an aggressor that physically attacks and injures another SHOULD be charged with ASSAULT, because THAT is what it is. He should no get off with mere “School discipline”. Besides, School administrators are known for their lack of common sense and also tend to punish the victim too for defending himself. Don’t get real laws already in force confused with often silly and inconsistent “school rules”. An assault in School should be treated as any other assault that happens out of school.

    • CorruptionInColumbia

      Do you realize that you just created the best argument against that which you argue for? It will be the bullied kid who finally fights back who will be most often victimized by this kind of prosecutory policy. The bullies, being typical bullies, won’t give a sh*t about penalties, whether school or criminal, but the victim will be double traumatized with the stigma of now being a criminal.

      • Blaine

        It all depends. With this law, the facts now have to be established in a court of law, not capriciously decided over a school administrator’s desk.

        Meaning if one is lawfully defending themself, they are not assaulting anybody.

        Personally I’m all for schools not having their own rules dealing with physical criminal offenses. If they want to decline charges for some kid having pot on their person I’m all for it, but when it comes to somebody, anywhere, assaulting my kid I want two things – the perp to be charged if appropriate, and my kid able to defend himself/herself with physical force sufficient to ensure their safety.

        • Blaine

          563.031. 1. A person may, subject to the provisions of subsection 2 of this section, use physical force upon another person when and to the extent he or she reasonably believes such force to be necessary to defend himself or herself or a third person from what he or she reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of unlawful force by such other person, unless:

          (1) The actor was the initial aggressor; except that in such case his or her use of force is nevertheless justifiable provided:

          (a) He or she has withdrawn from the encounter and effectively communicated such withdrawal to such other person but the latter persists in continuing the incident by the use or threatened use of unlawful force; or

          (b) He or she is a law enforcement officer and as such is an aggressor pursuant to section 563.046; or

          (c) The aggressor is justified under some other provision of this chapter or other provision of law;

          (2) Under the circumstances as the actor reasonably believes them to be, the person whom he or she seeks to protect would not be justified in using such protective force;

          (3) The actor was attempting to commit, committing, or escaping after the commission of a forcible felony.

          4. The justification afforded by this section extends to the use of physical restraint as protective force provided that the actor takes all reasonable measures to terminate the restraint as soon as it is reasonable to do so.

          5. The defendant shall have the burden of injecting the issue of justification under this section. If a defendant asserts that his or her use of force is described under subdivision (2) of subsection 2 of this section, the burden shall then be on the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant did not reasonably believe that the use of such force was necessary to defend against what he or she reasonably believed was the use or imminent use of unlawful force.

        • CorruptionInColumbia

          I understand your idea but sadly, what you describe is the exception, not the rule. SRO’s, Juvenile Court Judges, and the like will more often than not, listen almost exclusively to what the school administrator tells them and do the bidding of the school with regard to punishing the child. It won’t matter that your child was defending himself from a known bully, he is a bad kid because he was in a fight. They will tell him he should have told a teacher or someone about the bullying. Chances are, he did that. Maybe you talked to them too, but all it accomplished was to be ignored by whichever school official you told and to have your child now labeled as “a tattletale”.

          The schools, the SRO’s, and the courts are thick as thieves.

          • Blaine

            I agree 100% , the same dynamic as with judges and DAs. However, if they’re going to charge you with a felony, the jury might see things differently.

            If one invokes a lawful use of force in self defense, the State has to disprove your assertion, a much tougher task than just handing down a judgement from the bench based on the fact you were engaged in a fight.

            You would get to pull in witnesses, character witnesses etc, all for a school fight. I’d imagine if no one was seriously hurt the charges would be dropped, just don’t listen to the Public Defender when they tell you to plead down.

            I have a close friend who works as a principle in alternative HS, he sees a lot. We’ve had discussions re zero tolerance and he defended it, claiming that sort of behavior isn’t tolerated in the adult public, but that’s not true. I asked him how you can deal with kids and basically tell them they do not have equal application or protection of the law when they’re in school – not every use of physical force is unlawful.

            This goes for campuses as well, why should some administrator decide if the police should be called in an alleged rape, robbery etc? We don’t give up any of our rights when traveling onto private property with exception of bans on some objects or substances (firearm/alcohol prohibition), or other public property.

    • jackbenimble333

      Agreed. Rapes on college campuses should also be handled by law enforcement. We have a criminal justice system for handling serious crimes. Assault and rape are serious crimes.

      • Domina Elle

        You think law enforcement is handling rape cases? Like the backlog of rape kits they’ve let pile up all over the USA? There’s no profit in handling rape cases and the system is a for profit mechanism. That’s why drug cases became the priority among others.

        • jackbenimble333

          Rape is taken very seriously where I live. I think it should be taken seriously everywhere. But if the citizens have allowed their justice system to fall apart in some jurisdictions that is still not an excuse for the kangaroo courts complete with their lack of due process and lack of representation that have been set up on a lot of college campuses.

  • Homi Blitzen Kaca Spice

    Hillary could come to your kids school and beat the h ell out of em and not be charged.

    • CorruptionInColumbia

      … and sexually molest them, too!

    • Kyle Peck

      Trump’s the one who’d actually do this. Probably because the kid was teasing him. He’d probably lose in a fight with an elementary school kid, too.

  • CorruptionInColumbia

    This is sickening on so many levels. For years, I have watched with disgust as schools have stolen the ability for children to be children from them. I am all for children being well-behaved and disciplined, but there are behaviors common to childhood that these evil, prosecutorial, systems are trying to block off which may one day have disasterous consequences for the child(ren) and likely others. Playground dustups have been common behaviors as far back as anyone can recall. They serve to sort out the bad Karma which is bound to surface when kids are thrown together with so many other kids, and inevitable games of dominance and control begin to happen. Many life-long friendships began after a good old-fashioned butt kicking in a playground dispute.

    When I was a kid, water guns were an annual right of passage each spring. Kids were caught with them, water guns confiscated, and (sometimes) returned at the end of the year. Now, they are treated the same as if a kid brought a real gun to school, with attendant overblown police involvement, expulsion, and possibly criminal charges. Even drawing a gun on paper or making a gun shape with a pop tart is now worthy of such treatment as evidenced by silly-minded school administrators and SRO’s.

    Passing gas can get you arrested, rather than a trip to the principal’s office, which used to be the worst that might happen under such circumstances.

    Now that children can no longer be children, with a degree of tolerance for normal childish behaviors, their lives must be like a pressure cooker with no release valve. Is it any wonder so many of them eventually pop their cork and go on shooting rampages?

  • deplorable wannabe Ray Jones

    they want everyone in the system that way they stay in controll………………..this shat will come to a stop once we take controll of our country away from the loving libtards………….

  • Apollyon

    This will just accelerate the cycle of violence, how many cops have had someone just walk up to them and shoot them in the head lately? Imagine a whole generation kids growing up regarding the cops as the enemy.

    • MSMLOL

      “Imagine a whole generation kids growing up regarding the cops as the enemy.”

      Thank the fake news media for that. Hands up don’t shoot

  • Evelyn Khelama

    This is for the poor and minority children who will receive the brunt of this action as the prison system is largely aimed at them evidenced by the statistics. Not because they are all guilty of anything or worthy of harsh punishments they generally receive, but they are too poor or ignorant of the law and their rights to know how to fight. America began as a violent nation, utilizing aggression against the weak or the passive or those who didn’t understand that brutality. It has always been nation fixated on punishment and reward. A neurological disorder dominating most of your early colonists. That’s historical reality proven by science. Balanced adults don’t abuse children or send them to prison. They find out what is at the core of a child acting out and get them help. They build family clinics to get them therapy, or test them to see if there is a medical or psychological reason for their actions. They don’t make criminals of children before they’ve had a chance to live their life. I was in an office picking up my grandchild when an 11 year-old was brought in by a cop for “acting up in class” and they were talking about expelling him from school. A sixth grader! Because he’s “unruly and a trouble maker”. Being a doctor, I looked at the child and asked if they’d had him tested to see if his behavior was medically induced. He was overweight and had trouble catching his breath. No one noticed. I asked them to test him for a physical disorder. They laughed but the frustrated mom who came to pick him up thanked me for the advice and said she would do that. I found out later from someone in the office I was right. The child had misdiagnosed diabetes and was having episodes of insulin instability. He was being punished for something he could not control. How many kids is that happening to? How many have underlying misdiagnosed diseases or neurological impairment expressed as anger or aggression? But if you’re driven by a rewards system, in this case a prison industry that nets millions of dollars and a school system driven more by profit than progress, you won’t worry about a child’s physical needs. Or educating the parents on how to look for medical issues.

    My recommendation to the parents in school systems who see your children as potential inmates rather than future leaders or progressive members of society, take them out. You have options. Homeschool them while forming community co-ops to raise money to builder alternative schools outside state controlled ones. EDUCATION NOT INCARCERATION, is the mantra I lecture on frequently. For some parents, schools behaving like correctional centers relieve them of the responsibility of being a parent and protecting children, but for the rest of us it is unacceptable. “The civilization of a society is best determined by how it treats its women and children.” Women produce the children. Children produce the nation. If that is true. America is becoming as at it began: a barbaric society.

  • nolickspittles

    END PUBLIC EDUCATION AND INDOCTRINATION and school taxation! We are like the old Soviet Union. Free education is with what you pay for it. Nothing. Now you are forced to send your child to an environment where they will goto jail and you will need to spend thousand on lawyers

  • freeboulder

    If you’re dumb enough to fight at school….well. Even 30 years ago we knew better and it was just a trip to the Principle.

  • ClareClare

    I know it’s easy for me to say this, but… PLEASE get your kids out of the public-school system. I say this as a former teacher at one of the finest public schools in the US (or so they said).

  • Kana Hawaii

    First off, this generation of parents who have children are much less the leaders of their homes than was the generation(s) before them. Overworked and hyper-sensitive to anything that is negative, parents of reprobate children literally have given up, hoping that “the system” will set their kids straight.

    Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is how the system sets them straight. Want to reverse this disturbing trend, than people who really want that change better let it be known that it is parents who need to get their kids in control. Otherwise, let the system – arrest, charging felonies and literally throwing the kids in jail – be the ultimate law of how kids are treated.

    Because, folks, at the end, someone has to do the job of parenting kids. And that should be the main focus at the end – parenting kids.

    • Domina Elle

      The homes you are talking about- are they two parent homes or just single parent homes? Or do you even know?

  • Ranger

    Isn’t that just special now. No longer do we have to wait for the student to drop out of school to commit crime. Now we just send them to prison right from the school yard. Saves a step if you ask me.

  • Much easier than repealing the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments and accomplishes a similar goal.

  • Chuck Hill

    Thought this was typical fake news but I looked it up and its true people need to call their lawmakers and kills this bill. Met my best friend after a fight at school been friends for 50 years. this is what happens when weak people don’t know what to do so they want a law some someone else can deal with it. This is what happens when we started 0 tolerance in our schools advocating responsibility.

  • Robyn Ryan

    American children aren’t educated. They are trained to be wage slaves and cannon fodder.
    This sort of system acclimates children to be under guard at all times, similar to prison and assembly line work.
    It trains children not to resist authority.
    That’s a valuable trait in slaves.

  • thomas jefferson

    BECAUSE all the men were turned into Queers and Girlymen by the fat whores who call themselves women in america,OUR FATHER in Heaven has now said YOU GOT HIS ATTENTION,you’ve murdered the children,your police gangs,military and government LIED when they took their OATH to GOD,and Now you have our FATHERS attention,hahaha,any IDEA what he do to this country now??LET me tell you,HE COMPLETELY DESTROY THIS VOMIT OF A NATION OFF THE MAP,your police gangs are SATANS WOLFPACK,you’ll discover this here shortly,your military are ALL traitors and scum,and your government are ALL CHILD MOLESTERS AND QUEERS and TRAITORS,kiss your ass goodby america,your homo daddy oboozo the SON OF PERDITION is going to start a WAR that you will not be allowed to Win…YOUR GOING DOWN HARD…you should have stood up while you had a chance..NOW ITS TO LATE…………

  • TeslaFan

    The private prison industry in Missouri is thrilled! Clients for life.

    • MSMLOL

      Yea THIS will do it. Nothing to do with parenting at all

  • Eevie

    This is bullshit and we have to stop it now.

  • samuelstorns

    I told my kid to punch anyone bullying her. She never did. You can shoot someone on your property, but not punch someone to defend yourself.

    New America. Zero tolerance. See something, say something. No second chances. Everyone in the system. Everyone on camera. Power to the few. Useless education. Start adult life with an exorbitant amount of student debt, that you will likely pay off over your entire adult life. TV shows where outwit, outsmart, and outplay means lying, manipulating, and backstabbing your fellow humans to win a prize or another human (The Bachelor). Winning trumps all, including decency and justice. Having an overabundance of cats or books labels you a hoarder. Having an overabundance of money, and you are worshiped.

  • Jaylen Alberto

    I am a teacher, in GEORGIA, & I know all too well of the disrespect & violence that goes on in schools. Countless altercations, but I would NEVER wish this upon any CHILD. any teacher that feels threaten by minor altercations or normal adolescent behavior (attitude & fighting ) proves the real issue -Not everyone should be a teacher, no more than anyone should be a cop. The day this takes place in GA lm walking out & so should have those teachers and parents of MO

  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    Absolute bullshit….

  • If you’ve been on a high school campus in the last few years… You’d know exactly why this is happening. Teachers and even Police are so hamstrung by potential litigation that they cannot break up fights without being charged with and facing a trial for excessive use of force type charges…The only option to stop kids from murdering other kids is to get those responsible off campus

  • NetizenXero

    I said this would happen when the Zero Tolerance policy was enacted and what did I hear? Teachers and students alike said “Oh that’s crazy! That will never happen!”


  • Jody Stafford

    WTF….It is my opinion, and none has to agree with me, that society and schools are the biggest problem with our children, not the parenting. Society has drastically changed their attitudes towards what is acceptable parenting and what is the norm for a child. Then we have the schools that try to make Kindergarten and 1st grade students behave like adults. I was a substitute teacher and it was my experience that the lower grade children were treated more like adults that the higher grade students. Now isn’t that ironic. I refused to teach at the high school level because of this. I know children now are “meaner” and possibly more dangerous. But until we are willing to make the necessary changes in their early years, it will not get any better.

    • MSMLOL

      Please, please, PLEASE do some research on the violence that goes on in inner city schools every day.

  • Tyler Joseph

    Does the notion “It takes a village” hold true for our communities? People are so wrapped up in their daily lives they’re just pushing what used to be productive discussions between neighbors, parents, teachers and school leaders on to law enforcement. This is draconian to say the least.

    What Hazelwood School District needs is more involvement in the community. There is DEFINITELY a better way.

  • Rumplestiltskin

    Those who have never been bullied, may not understand the need for such restrictive efforts. At some point in our evolution humans must be drug kicking and screaming into the future, one where humans do not see any point in fighting and bullying others.

    Sometimes in real dictatorial countries this is done out of the barrel of a gun, but “drug kicking and screaming” pretty much says it all. When I was a boy in high school, there were bullies who I would have loved to put in a grave.

    If we don’t MAKE BULLIES face the Tough Love of jail or prison time, they may not ever understand the nature of their being, believing that they can take what they want from whomever they want. If you really want to see how bad it is, then picture this; Give every child in school a gun, then watch what happens. There would be bullies lying dead all over the campus. This had already been shown in multiple school shootings where the bullied, shot the bullies dead.

    Maybe you liberal minded pips-queeks need to wake up and understand that at some point something must be done whether sniveling do-gooders like it or not. AND, if you think that your lovely little child can’t do anything wrong, just wait, they may end up dead or in jail. In actuality Children are savages, and that is because their parents never taught them to essentially play nice, as it were.

  • Torae

    Teach your children to keep their hands to themselves and these laws would flop. Kids in these type of school are already going to school in war zones with fighting, bullying and disrespect of each other. Today its not just fist fighting its people getting jumped and tormented by other students. Teachers cant say anything to these students because they are completely and utterly disrespectful. Teach our children to tolerate instead of tormenting and laws like these would have zero pull…

  • Natalie Conner

    The state of Missouri used to brag about how they were leading the way in therapeutic and humane treatment of youth entrusted to the state for crimes and delinquencies. saying that i am truly disappointed with the interpretation and adaptation of this statute in schools is an understatement. To truly understand the stupidity of this adaptation of the statute, you need to think as an irrational child. And for the record, just because you are irrational does not meant that you are delinquent… Scientifically speaking your prefrontal cortex is not well developed until 21-24yo, so it leaves room for a TON of mistakes in life.

    If i was an irrational kid, and I was being bullied, and I decided to
    “Fight back” spontaneously, if I am seen fighting back, then I can catch a 3rd degree felony.

    If I bring a weapon [lets say a stick] to school to intimidate or ward off bullying, then i will receive a 2nd degree felony for the weapon, and a 2nd degree if by chance I end up having to use said weapon on a bully. If i bring a weapon to use against my daily bully, then is will get 2 1st degree felonies. But, wait, wasn’t “I” the VICTIM??? Only because my actions were witnessed am I being charged. But if I PLAN a “HOME ALONE 2” sized revenge as to NOT be seen, it will be premeditated.

    There are A lot of IRRATIONAL kids out there that will be affected by this Psuedo school policy. Irrationality and emotional intelligence is a learned skill. The policy that schools need to implement is increased attention to teaching basic life skills and conflict mediation so that children are not jailed.

    Kids can barely plan on how not to get an C- on their next difficult math test, or how to make the basketball team, let alone consider ways to not catch a felony… Kids don’t think about 10 years from now, because schools don’t teach the concept of time anymore. kids wont understand where they Won’t be able to go in life, because schools don’t teach them how to read a map. They won’t know how much money they wont be able to make in life, because they wont even know how to count it. We already know kids think money grows on trees, Hell, I did!!! Teachers must be very intimidated by the children who are aggressive and emotionally charged these days. Understandable, since your expensive universities don’t teach you how to be a therapeutic teacher. But preventative assessment and care is KEY! I feel bad for the kids and their parents who may FEEL powerless… No parent wants to have to remind their child to “make sure you don’t get in any fights today, and if they come for you RUN!! so they don’t send you to kid jail…” The state of Missouri Spends $3.7 million annually on Juvenile Courts and diversion. With the adaptation of this statue, this will undoubtedly increase. They Spend $216-$229 PER DAY to house a child. If the kids is there for 1 year, that’s $83k. So you would spend up to $83k to keep a kid out of school, instead of spending $40 to hire another in school counselor to help navigate kids emotional needs??? Foolishness!! Ok, I’m done ranting…Happy Holiday, bah humbug..

    • Guy

      Natalie C.
      Well said and clearly thought out. But considering your proposal, how would you implement it ?

  • iLikeStuffOlderThanMoses

    What it means for “white” students is not falling victim to the assaults of minority gangs as often knowing there will be extreme consequences to be paid.So while i find it a bit over the top in a civilized society, i surrender to the notion that a civilized society is a thing of our past and whites students are finally being grandfathered into the “hate crime” statutes.

  • Greg Reilly

    Violence must not be condoned. But this reaction by the state is over the top. The legislators were probably bullied at school.

  • B_man

    Government idiocy without limits! I was bullied as a kid and I still hate bullies. In recent years I have learned that bullies that children who are abused by their parents such as my former self unintentionally display clues to that effect which bullies notice.
    The answer is not to bully the bullies by using badged bullies! Duh! The answer is to end child abuse and to hold our elected leaders responsible for the thugs they allow to wear badges! Why has yet another election passed without any politician promising to end the police state? (They want to use the police to frighten you from becoming ‘uppity’ ,also; abused children are more likely to join the military)
    A more effective and lower cost solution would be for the government to distribute copies of the book ‘ How to Talk so Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk ‘, or another highly rated by Amazon customers book. A $500 tax deduction could be granted after parents and teachers pass tests proving that they have read the book and understood it. School gymnasiums could then be opened up during weekends for parents to critique what does and does not work followed by real world experiences of the attendies.

  • Wade Dewell

    hows that peaceful protesting working guys, great results eh!
    fascist nazi america is here to stay unless the american people rise up as one and fight back

  • Dennis Orr

    Deferred gratification; it is difficult for emotional passions to be controlled in adolescents. But, when I was a little boy we took or conflicts off the school yard and into the “back alleys”. I remember “Blood and grime”, my own and others, as we established our cred. But it was with fists, not rocks, blades or guns. The conflicts will never be changed, just the places where they are resolved.


    Its about time. All day every day in inner-city public schools there
    are attacks on students and faculty. Search Youtube. This is a
    reflection of piss poor parenting. I’m sure the SJW types want to
    believe this is some evil plan to put more people in jail, but I’m
    pretty sure the ones who made this decision would much rather have been
    able to avoid it. On the bright side, to some, the new ‘rules’ will
    alleviate the incoming ‘victims’ of the justice system of even more
    personal responsibility from bad decisions.

    ‘…instead, falling back on uniformed state agents with badges and guns – trained to confront the worst of society…’

    Do just a couple hours research on the non-stop violence plaguing Americas school system and you’ll probably get it.

    ‘Missouri is set to plunge its children into a police state nightmare…’

    Is it Missouri or bad parenting?

  • Dan Jones

    Yep all about control of our kids…

    Always be a light that is shininginthedark

  • Luisa Davis

    We as African american people must wake up from this crazy dream about america being the land of the free and opportunity for us! This racist land has NOTHING but hate for us! We at least need to start our own communities and get our kids out of these public schools, they don’t teach anything worthwhile anyway and are very dangerous now. We need to start our own businesses, start producing positive products and communities instead of all this negative violence and BS! WE as a people have ALLOWED this mayhem to happen by our own hands, our uneducated, lazy and negative behaviors in this society! We have set our own selves up for failure, disharmony and discord. Not all of us but many have. Its time to get our heads out of our azzes, out of tv, out of these no good men/women, off drugs, robbing/stealing/killing each other, rap stars crap and get it together! This society is showing us how it really feels, how you NOT get it already? What more do they need to do or show you..? We are stronger than them, we can make this happen! Think about OUR ancestors what they went through, we’re not stronger than them? They sacrificed and died for the freedoms we have today, don’t let their deaths be in vain!!

    • Guy

      Perhaps you and your African American People, would be more happy, if you were able to buy an Island somewhere else, you all move there and form your own Government run by your own selves, setting up your own business and shops !?

      Considering us white crackers, just want to see you all black folks fail at anything and everything you all do in life, just all think you is lazy, on dope, bunch of low life rappers, more concerned about you’re grills on the teeth and flash cadilac you all drive, while waiting for your welfare checks and having uneducated baby’s !

      I think that about summarizes what you just stated, along with the apparent fact that this is nothing but a “Racist Land, With No Opportunity And Filled With Hatred For Your Kind !”

      I could be wrong, but apparently according to you. I’am just a dumb ass white boy, who just sits around all day reading my subscription to KKK magazine and fixing my white robe and hood while repairing my hangman’s rope.

      Hmmmm ! Oh Really !

      • Luisa

        Wow..! Couldnt have said it better myself!! Oh the part where you say all you do is sit around reading your kkk magazine, and fixing your white robe and hood. Also why dont U all go back to europe! america isnt UR home either!! You all came over here, raped, killed and took it from the native american people that were here FIRST! Why dont you all go somewhere, find an island (once again, not someone else’s land) and set up shop there bitch!!!

        • Guy

          Not if you go first, I won’t, “Bitch” !!! I am 7th generation Californian, my son’s making it 8th. We came here in the mid 1800’s on a Covered Wagon from Kentucky just befor the American Revolution and have been here ever since, settling in the Central part of the State as farmers. We have fought, bleed and died for our land, and rights to do what we do as free Americans, in all of her Wars, in defence of her, you, me, and our children’s rights to do the same !

          So what have you done ? Except to bad mouth everyone you consider to be oppressive to you, because of the color of your skin ?

          You talk the talk, and rap a great line, but I doubt you do much of anything else, other than say how the *White Honkey* is down on your black ass ! You remind me of the Black Panthers I once knew in Oakland CA, in the 60’s. Except thouse people were real, and you are just a fake, who know’s all of the right words, and Political Statements to say !

          Give me a break ! When you get an education, and really start to do something with your life, other than to just bitch and complain about it, maybe I will listen, untill that time, take a hike !

        • Domina Elle

          Why is it ok for people to broad stroke ALL whites as having ‘raped and murdered’ Native Americans hundreds of years ago, but the black crime rate of TODAY which is in fact hugely disproportionate shouldn’t be used to broad stroke POC?

          I don’t think doing either is rational thought process. I’ve never raped anyone or murdered anyone. My ancestors experienced the trail of tears (and yes I have enough Cherokee blood to actually be on the Cherokee nations register) but I don’t go around hating every white I see neither do I hate myself for what was done centuries past. I can only control my choices and behaviors today.

          You and so many have taken the bait.

          Who set the bait? The real oppressors- the wealthy banking families who have been manipulating world economies and societies for centuries. They have made slaves out of every skin color and have no loyalty to any skin color and are only loyal to their power, class and families and in that order. They want all of us peons to die off and it’s not based on skin color. We are all slaves now. We dont own ourselves and sadly most don’t know this because they are kept entertained by vices and conflict.

          Don’t you fret- it’s all coming down but not because you or I want it to- because THEY want it to. Why? I shouldn’t have to explain why, my fellow slave.

  • Cyndy Keith

    Try fining the parents for every fight their kids get into at school. $500.00 for the first offence (amount goes up with a second offence), and if not paid within 45 days, parents get locked up. I will bet that parents will get their kids in hand faster that way, than trying to punish the students the old way, or with prison. If student has ‘issues’ and just can’t get along with others, then student needs to be in juvie or a special school/class. Otherwise, try hitting parents in their wallets, and their kids might miraculously straighten up.

  • Every parent needs to pull their kids out of these schools immediately. Shut them down.

  • outsidethebox

    Who actually thinks this has anything to do with actual fighting in school? This is a sure fire way of keeping a steady stream for years to come to private prisons. These private prisons compete big time to get contracts to manufacture many things that companies would have to normally pay people a descent wage to do, only they get to keep ALL of the money, all of the profit.This IS new day SLAVERY!

    Who are these people that are soo perfect that their kids ALWAYS obey? who are these people that have children that have never Hit or Yelled at anyway? Never laughed or made fun of anybody in their lives? Kids that are little angels? It is what kids do until they are taught and learn different. You do not give them life punishment for petty crimes and yes fighting is petty most school fights end with nothing more than hurt feelings you live and you get over it!!!

    There is tons of footage where government officials have come to blows many times over disagreements WORLD wide. Last time i checked there were no children in office, yet these scraping individuals didn’t get hit with felonies!! If grown men can lose control from time to time why would you expect a child to be perfect and punish them in such a way it follows them for the rest of their lives?

    Slapping them with felonies is a 100% guarantee they will be back in the system as free slave labor. You can’t rent, get a job anywhere, get any type of government assistance for anything with a felony. So if you can’t get a job, can’t live anywhere what are you to do? You have do illegal things to survive and then you’re back in jail and a slave!

    This new law says regardless of age you can get smacked with a felony charge for fighting. Science has proven a young developing mind can’t reason like an adult, can’t understand, is not any way able to make adult decisions so why would we treat them like adults if they only fight?

    Fighting is in the nature of every human!! as we grow we learn you can’t do that it’s not an acceptable way to handle disputes however you had to learn that. Now, over night some kid that saw his dad smacking mama around does the same and the first time he is a felon yet daddy is not? The law says both kids in the fight can be charged. Sooooo so some kid comes to school and for whatever reason ( take your pick) gets hit repeatedly by some other kid or kids and your child has to start defending them selves or get a broken nose, eye put out or God knows what else and they too are a felon? They were supposed to stand there and get attacked?
    Women take self defense classes so they stand a FIGHTING chance at surviving an attack, yet a kid doing the same can get a felony? People pay to see fights they enjoy watching them form watching animals fight to other humans yet some children fighting for free not for pay lol get a felony and will now be guaranteed the crappiest life possible because they had a fight on the bus stop. Are we serious?

    What do we do when we are angry with how other countries play with us etc we do what we FIGHT! WAR IS FIGHTING? Punish the kids sure but making them get out of her this is surely about some other agenda. This will only effect the poor and minorities, mostly minorities.

    Blacks and Mexicans HOME SCHOOL if you do not, parent you are guilty of offering your kids up on a silver platter for legal slavery! If you think this will not affect you because you live in another state this will pass to many other states shortly!

    People need to get together to fight this and forget walking around with signs that has never done anything!

    Who are these people that feel they need to put a childhood fight right up there with being a pedophile? pedophiles are punished for the rest of your life and a felony follows you for the rest of your life too.

    You Jesus bible thumpers does God punish you for the rest of you life for such things?

  • elainedalton

    I guess the comments I read are by posters who don’t have kids in public school. Get your heads out of your ass. It is a war zone and the police must be involved to keep our kids safe. My child was attacked from behind, choked to unconsciousness and repeatedly beaten in the face until his attacker got tired of beating him and an adult showed up. This animal masquerading as a human needs a non stop flight from school to jail. I applaud Missouri.

    • Domina Elle

      Is your kid white and the kid who assaulted your kid from behind black? Both black? Both white?

  • Stanley Goodspeed

    The only ones here who need to be concerned are the future felons of America working their way up to the big leagues. I know this may be too simple for those aforementioned future felons and their criminal supporters and enablers to get, but if you don’t commit crimes like assault then you won’t get arrested.

    • Domina Elle

      Logic is tough for some people. Especially in a society where a vast portion of the population is apologizing for VIOLENT behavior. So many in these threads actually believe the narratives. I once did also admittedly. But then I started researching beyond the narratives and saw case after case of ‘catch and release’ of violent criminals including rapists and murderers. 99.9% happen to be minorities. The narratives must be working. Poor violent perpetrators. Just saw one case where the perp had raped 5 times and finally went to prison for life on rape number 6. He wasn’t white. There is fantasy carried by narratives and on the other hand there is reality. Watched another case’s court CCTV footage where the lawyer actually said “this man’s actions are the result of oppression due to his skin color” in an attempt to get the charges dropped. He and his co-defendants had just committed a violent car jacking and subsequent shoot out with police. That was the second case I witnessed such a defense brought forth in the courtroom. Never mind also his long criminal record. So apparently if you aren’t white you can use that as a defense if you commit violent crimes where people actually get hurt and it’s all because you are oppressed by the man. I’m not a supporter of the prison industrial complex but come on- if you hurt people there should be consequences and regardless of your skin color. I was equally disgusted seeing the white boy use ‘affluenza’ as a defense to get out of heavy consequences but that’s not become a national narrative now has it? This is a very sick society and it’s getting worse.

      One of the symptoms are all the racism hoaxes we are seeing. Real cases don’t exist in mass so now people are making them up (other than the violent attacks on whites which are actually happening but aren’t being framed for what they are). The press celebrates the hoaxes until they are shown to be hoaxes but the damage is done. The press went ape shit over the two recent cases 1. White man kills soft target black man 2. White girl hoaxes rape by 3 black men but the very same day (and every day) there were numerous murders of whites committed by blacks, but it wasn’t reported outside of local news outlets. Every day there is a new case of a POC murdering, assaulting, raping a white person yet these cases are said to be ‘random’ or unimportant in the scheme of things. Look at the DOJ rape data base. That database says it all but few want to acknowledge what it says.

      Of course many fear that they will be called racist for bringing such things up. I don’t care if people call me racist because I know who I am and what I think and believe and they can kiss my ass. I don’t believe the myth of races. I know there is only one human race. I also know- if society denies the reality of ANY case of violence for what it is- if we don’t deal with the uncomfortable topics then racism won’t be abolished and the cycle will continue and continue. Personally, I would love to see our species evolve beyond racist constructs.

      I won’t be holding my breath though.

  • Bruce

    Missouri, the show me state. Show me you have one ounce of caring about the development of children you racist, repugnant, reckless, corrupt dumbasses.

  • Hugo Spinoso


    this is an exageration, some kid fights and loses 4 years or so? thats the argument?

    wouldnt it be better to just put them to do community service or something? along with boxing or some other selfdefense courses?, in the evnt of serious injury not being a crime, have the parents pay the bills.

  • Lori Alayne Weber Miller

    All this because teachers can not touch kids in their own classroom to try and maintain control and the kids know it. Tasers and bars make yardsticks seem relatively benign

  • Johnny Domingo

    Gotta fill those private prisons up.

  • Tim Patten

    BAD LAW!!!!!!!!

  • Georgia Girl

    This is total insanity. Unless a child has a weapon (knife or gun), there should probably not be law enforcement involved. Another reason to home school.

  • satch7

    what do you expect it is st louis county this place is 2-3 miles away from ferguson

  • Frank Prorock

    This just a way to remove a disproportionate amount of minority children from the schools.

  • Paul Lundy

    I’m curious, how many states in question have, or are trying to privatize their prisons. That would explain a lot.