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School Kids Under Police Investigation for Posting an “Unpatriotic” Photo to Facebook


Richland Township, PA — In the famous Supreme Court case of Texas v. Johnson in 1989, a five-justice majority ruled that desecrating the American flag was protected speech under the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

Despite this ruling, Americans from sea to shining sea continue to call for the arrest, or even death, of those who’d dare express their opinion through the use of the Old Glory.

The very essence of freedom is tolerating peaceful forms of expression, no matter how uncomfortable they make us feel. Sadly missing the point, however, are folks who fail to understand that burning or desecrating a flag without fear of punishment from one’s government, is what liberty is all about.

That being said, when police are called in to investigate a photo of a high school student standing on a flag, as if a crime has taken place, liberty for all is under attack.

When a photo was posted to social media this week, of a high school student standing on a flag while another student stuck out her middle finger, a firestorm of controversy blew up. Immediately, the school issued a statement decrying the photo.

A statement on behalf of the Richland School District’s solicitor was posted on Facebook, as well as the district’s website, promising a “timely and thorough” review, reported CBS Pittsburgh.

“The Richland School District has become aware of this unfortunate and unpatriotic picture posted by some of its students,” the statement read. “This type of picture does not represent the opinion of the District or of its overall student population.”

While this act may be offensive to some and possibly against school policy, it is by no means a legal matter. However, it has become one, and police are now involved.

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According to WTSP, the Richland Township Police Department also released a statement in regards to the incident, according to CBS Pittsburgh. They are aware of the “disrespectful” photo and are currently investigating.

“We have been in contact with the Richland School District and will work with them in resolving this issue, the police statement read. “Thank you to everyone who took time to notify us of this situation.”

In the Land of the Free, people are calling the police to report a child standing on a flag!


When armed agents of the state are called in to “investigate” an act of free speech, because they found it “disrespectful,” something in this Land of the Free has gone horribly wrong.

On Wednesday, the students returned to school for the first time since the photo caused patriotic heads to explode. Instead of standing up for free speech, the students in the photo were forced to apologize, and they and their families were chastised by the rest of the school.

Police were out in full force as well, vaguely hinting that a photo of a student stepping on a flag is somehow a security threat.

According to the Tribune-Democrat, Richland Township Police were parked or on foot on all sides of the school as buses arrived around 7:20 a.m.

Other officers circled the campus and its parking lots.

“Everyone made it to school OK,” Richland Police Chief Michael Burgan said. “It was a quiet morning. But it was better to be safe than sorry.”

The students in the photo now know what happens to those who challenge the status quo — they are cast out, rejected and singled out for their personal expression. Get in line

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When a society becomes more concerned with a piece of cloth than the freedom it is meant to represent, it’s time to wake up.

As a former member of the USMC, I am unoffended when I see flag set ablaze or stepped on — because I see it as an act of expression by a group who feels oppressed. Those who feel oppressed must never be silenced.

Throughout history, the ‘patriotic’ majority has been responsible for most of the atrocities committed against our fellow humans. Only because of a handful of irate freedom loving individuals, unafraid to challenge the status quo, do we have any semblance of liberty in America today.

A true patriot is never a member of the majority who calls for their opposition to be silenced with state force because their views are ‘offensive.’ No, a true patriot is the one who refuses to be intimidated in the face of this violently obstinate collective.

In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.

-Mark Twain

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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    • One is a person walking on the flag in defiance intentionally disrespecting this country.
      The others are products, resembling the USA flag being used as a symbol of pride and/or satire.

      Exactly how is it logical to say they are the same?

    • D Everett McMaugh go cry a river.I am Native and see that flag the same way I see the confederate flag and the Nazi Germany flag.So take your nationalism and shove it up your ass.

    • One is disrespectful the other is not, comments and picture!

    • Wearing American flag shoes is not disrespectful?? Ya logic fail

    • I love the simplistic approach people bring to a conversation.

      My original statement questioned how their picture was logical.
      Did I state anything about nationalism? ……no.

      Is an actual flag the same thing as a product with a picture of the flag on it? …. no
      Is using a pair of shoes like shoes and using a flag like a carpet the same thing? ……..no.

      I wish people actually took a second to think instead of just wanting to inject an opinion.

    • D Everett McMaugh go play bat man & jump off a building!

    • The products is argue ably WORSE then standing on the flag if one was so inclined to be offended ? I mean if anything it completely cheapens the flag and what it stands for ? ( I’m honestly okay with any use of a flag it’s just a symbol to me Imo)

    • Lmao props Benjamin, ain’t nobody going there haha??-Wade

    • I agree

    • D Everett McMaugh technically that is still _according to the official and formal flag rules, disrespectful!. Personally, the flag is a symbol.. I do not and will not EVER bow down and worship it. But I find it ironic that so many PRO flag patriotic jingoistic folks don’t know that making the flag into items of clothing, or even hanging a flag that is damaged is technically a no no .. and BURNING a flag is technically the only proper official disposal method of a damaged flag. HERE read the rules.http://www.usflag.us/flag_etiquette/

    • but conservatives were never that consistantly smart about that.. I am not a hypocrite because I don’t personally care and don’t view it as any kind of “living symbol”. to me it is just a piece of fabric.. (GASP).. I use my mind.. not surrender it to mindless jingoism

    • Quit making that flag in China then get back up me.

  • Start em early

  • Fascist States of America

  • When people are investigated for standing on a flag, but cops arent investigated for gunning people down… YOU LIVE IN A POLICE STATE

    • grow up.

    • What in the fuck do rights have to do with age and maturity. “Studied at Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center” yeah I’ll bet your opinion isnt biased at all.. fucking genius

    • These cops are being investigated though, and being prosecuted.

    • 10 cops killed this year already in America just going to work. 11 people killed by cops most of which had a record. 147 gun deaths this year in America. Seems you folks are at war with yourselves:(

    • Cops have killed 4 people a day so far in 2016. Police have killed more police then cilvians have killed police.

    • Bootlickers everywhere!

    • Ned Kelly 80+% gang related gun deaths. Many gun deaths are also suicide. Police gun down over a 1000 a year and many are unarmed. Many times it is the officer upholding victimless crime laws or plain harrassing people and or making a situation escalate.. Other times it is a stupid gang member or thug that deserves it.

  • Egads! They’re TERRORISTS! 😮

  • They’re going insane in the United States of America. Too much corporate power and too much to hide.

  • It’s really disrespectful. And the kid should be throat punched.
    I know our government is fucked up, but I love my country.

    • Throat punch a kid for walking on a piece of cloth?
      Have you submitted your application to the police department yet?
      Sound like Donald Trump

    • Fuck donald trump. Lol. I just said it was really disrespectful.
      O yes I wanna be a pig. Lol please.
      It’s rude as fuck.

    • If you believe throat punching a child over a piece of cloth (probably made in China) than you probably have Stockholm syndrome. It’s fucking fabric. Nothing more.

    • It’s unimportant man. This country doesn’t deserve the little bit of respect it’s given.
      Nationalism racism religion etc don’t matter we need more humanity. There’s a much larger picture. Killing in the name of God when it’s really over money and power is sickening.
      You care for your country so much, do you think the opposite is true?

    • No I actually love my country. Government is shitty. If people hate our country so much pick another one to live there’s 195 other countries to choose from lol and lots of them are 100 times worse then ours.

    • This is the issue with standing on that ‘piece of cloth’; that flag does not represent the government. That flag represents the citizens of this country. It also represents the many men, women, children, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and anything inbetween that have died (no matter how misguided and/or naive they were believing they were actually helping) to protect what they believe that ‘piece of cloth’ stands for. There are people that would do anything to live under that flag. If you hate that piece of cloth so much, feel free to leave & make room for others that would give anything to be in this country.

    • Most likely the flag was made in china. Also its just a flag who cares a flag doesnt define a country.

    • Instead of making an inappropriate statement on how much you hate your country, why don’t you attempt to bring the meaning and value back of what that flag actually stands for?

    • Out my window my flag flys high

    • Lol smh

    • ^^Stockholm syndrome.
      You actually believe in punching kids in the throat for not worshipping an inanimate object? Dude, wth is wrong with you?! Sounds pretty fascist Josh McGilvray.

    • Shake your head all you want. You unpatriotic American douche bag.
      What Michelle Miller said if you don’t like how things are help change them .
      Or just bitch on the internet.
      But what are you doing to help change this “country”? Probably absolutely nothing.
      I bet you’re one of those anarchist lol
      If you really hate our country. Get the fuck out !

    • It’s a figure of speech and if I was in the same grade or class or age. I would have probably beat his ass.

    • Josh, my country is land. The government is the parasitical organization leeching off of you and me upon the land. You are conflating the two; That flag has become the modern day replacement for the swastika. For the record, I love my country (land), I’m not leaving.

      Just out of curiosity, did you ever think that possibly you’ve been indoctrinated? Ever wondered why governments are so eager to educate children? You might start with the Prussian education system being implemented in America.

    • We are nothing like Nazi Germany. My family was from Germany to get away from them.
      Yes we started wars in the middle east for no reason, other than blood for oil .. thanks BUSH.
      Umm we need educational systems lol.
      How would you become a doctor or a scientist ?
      lol ( it’s not conspiracy your brain washing or anything ) America is actually one of the dumbest countries in the world. Lol

    • Lol! “We are nothing luke Nazi Germany.” Ok, explain this then Josh.

    • “it’s not a conspiracy”. Um, okay.

    • Francis (the guy who wrote your pledge of allegiance) and Edward Bellamy were both military socialists.

    • All countries have a version of the pledge of the allegiance (to thier country) lol

    • Yes, you are right there! Thanks to Edward Bellamy and ‘the programme of the nationalists.’ It still doesn’t take away from it being unethical and deceptive.

    • Well, governments will never go away here or anywhere else. It’s a nice pipe dream huh ?
      You can wish all you want. It will never happen,
      We just need to remind them it’s “we the people”
      I’m no slave to the government.. but I definitely love my country very much. I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else.

    • Josh, in your own mind you’re a slave. Anyone here that thinks outside the box will recognize it.

    • Nah, I’m actually very opened minded of everything, but thanks for telling me how I feel.

    • You’re welcome. Ignorance is bliss.

  • We Are Anonymous

  • It’s not just standing on a flag that is the problem. Is why are people being encouraged to stand on the flag, what is the agenda of the teacher. It’s not exactly a normal behavior to wish to desecrate the values of your own country. Just as it would not be quite normal to be standing on pictures of your parents or tearing them up. It would not really be the pictures torn up would be the problem, there obviously would be some deeper problems that potentially may be boiling below the surface. We obviously live in a world where some people have to 2d vision and others have 3d vision. The people with 3d vision would like to slap on the side of the head of the people with 2d vision. Sort of like a Coke machine that is not functioning after putting two quarters in it.:-)

  • Leavem alone u thats the respect the gov gets!!

  • Fuck the police in this case!!!

  • Clearly doesn’t think it’s a country to be proud of anymore.

  • A form of expression, a freedom that the flag symbolizes. One expresses shame of our countries actions. The other says, I’m proud to wear/display my countries colors. Freedom of expression is an inherent right. This is not an opinion, it’s fact.

  • Maybe the kids are starting to wake-up.

  • Yay more fuckery. But it is illegal to stand on the flag(which is dumb in my opinion)

    • Where is it illegal? Gotta source for a law that super cedes a supreme court ruling?

    • Now i gotta go look for it now, gimme a few

    • Section D #2 in the code you site voids this arbitrary law by Texas v. Johnson 1889.

    • Lookit that, once again the “free thought project” has freed it’s thoughts from the constraints of logical and meaningful discussions… Im starting to think this whole page is run by a 16 year old social justice wannabe

    • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. WHAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ABOUT NO????? IT SAYS “NO LAW” WHAT YOU THINK NO MEANS YES???? SO 18 U.S. Code § 700 BROKE THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHICH IS WHY THE SURPEMME COURT NULL AND VOIDED IT!!!!!! YOU WERE ASK THIS “for a law that super cedes a supreme court ruling” NOT WHAT THE LAW ON THE FLAG WAS. SHOW ME A LAW THAT SAYS THEY CAN NULL AND VOID THE HIGHEST COURT OF THE LAND DECISIONS!!!!! ANSWER THE QUESTION. NOT GIVE VOIDED OUT DATED INFO!!!!

  • Why do cops need to be involved with THIS?

  • Just another way to keep the smart kids out of politics by giving them criminal records at a very young age

  • This isn’t covered in the first amendment. Although, there are laws against desecration of our flag. That’s what this is. That’s what any inappropriate behavior with the flag is. Regardless of how you feel of our government, this is our flag. How about we work go get the meaning back instead of pretending to be a badass.

    • Desecrating a flag is an act of protest = freedom of speech. I’d suggest researching The supreme court case Texas v. Johnson in 1989.

    • I was going to say, this is just another distraction but, this persons excepting arbitrary laws that infringe on our rights is the kind of ignorance that got us here!!!

    • So, you’re suggesting that because a law was over turned once, it can’t be again? We can’t work to have a nation not feel it necessary to burn or destroy a major symbol of our nation?
      In fact, why do we take such offense of “terrorists” burning our flags if we accept it as part of society in our nation?
      I suggest you think a little more freely than your page entitles.

    • Does the property belong to you or the nation? Why sell flags if you can not really own the item.

    • It’s free speech but tantamount to vandalism since it was school property.

    • Evidently, regardless of political party, a sense of tradition hasn’t been passed down to many. By purchasing a flag, you take responsibility for treating a symbol of your nation with respect and dignity.
      It is to folded in a certain way. It is to be lowered to half staff in symbolic meaning of the passing of a leader or important historical people.
      I’m all for free speech, but by not having respect for such things is destroying, not uniting, our country.
      If we can’t stand for one thing as a whole, how will we fix our problems?

    • ^^^^ Lol… Jedi mind tricks only work on the weak minded.

    • You are not for freedom as a whole.You can not say I support free speech but (insert reason). My stance stays the same. If it is your property, it does not matter what you do with your own property. Regardless if I believe it distasteful or wrong.

    • Fuck it. I bow out. Evidently the idea of working as a nation passed every ear, eye rather. It’s like smashing my head against a brick wall.

    • Look you can stand for an ideal without forcing people to commit. That is the true form of being a patriot and one of liberty. Do you believe people cannot unite without the force of support of a flag?

    • The Free Thought Project.com Only if the flag belongs to you, otherwise it is vandalism. And students do not have the right to snap pictures of obscene gestures on school grounds. Somebody is getting ISS (in school suspension). Free thinking does not mean being a crass ass-hat. (Who gets the irony here?)

    • How was it vandalism? They didn’t destroy it in any way. So if they ripped a poster off the wall and step on it are they going to call the cops then too?

    • Please smash your head against a wall. Statism is an extremely dangerous religion.

    • Basically, all the slaves are trying to justify punishing children for acting on their natural born right to freedom. They hurt NO ONE.

      If your sweet little hearts are so damaged by “disrespect”, well it’s just too fucking bad. Get over it and get over yourselves.

    • Hmm.. how else can we burn tax payers $$$$$..

    • To each their own. It personally offends me when people desecrate the flag but I don’t impose my views on others. If this is how people choose to express themselves that is completely fine. I think there are other avenues they be more suitable because this is indeed a violation of the law.

    • Emmm actually it is protected under freedom of speech as it’s considered symbolic speech… So your wrong!

    • Patrick Burrows , when ‘terrorists’ burn the American flag, we must be angry. When Americans burn the American flag, you should start asking yourself, why.

    • It’s only illegal because the law is imbecilic.

    • But it’s ok to disrespect it when it’s on a bikini? Gtfoh this is bullshit. Don’t ask why he did it because that makes sense. This country is fucked not by some kid stepping on a flag. Fucked by the government who stands behind that flag.

    • What’s more American than a Chinese made flag?

    • It’s a piece of cloth. The kids have a piece of cloth, stuck to a stick, and they’ve stepped on it. THE HORROR. Will we never be the same!?

    • freedom of speech is a CONSTITUTIONAL right! while desacrateing a flag may be distatefull it IS speach and protected! anyone who says otherwise is exhibiting UNPATRIOTIC behavior! just like the left who want gun controll ,one cant pick and choose ones constutional rights ALL of them are owrs!

    • Stepping on a flag gets conservatives frothing at the mouth but writing letters to a foreign government and bringing a head of state to speak to Congress without informing the president, and calling the president a Kenyan, Marxist, dictator is being a patriot?

    • even if one disagrees with their government as every citizen has a right to, we should strongly encourage our fellow citizens to find constructive ways of expressing Dissent…I am And have been critical of governmental policies but I love my country. I believe flag burning is detrimental to the goal that people usually try to achieve when they do it..it actually accomplishes the opposite…

    • If it’s freedom o speech, then he or she shouldn’t worry about the outcome of the investigation.

    • And there are some people in my country that actually burn your country’s flag(don’t get me wrong, I’m not with them, since they’re religious fanatic morons), would it be interesting to show them a bit of your “patriotism”?

    • “It is to folded in a certain way. It is to be lowered to half staff in symbolic meaning of” bla bla bla hoobajoo. It’s all a bunch of made up B.S. The meaning we give to that flag, or any piece of cloth on a stick, is exactly as real as the meaning we give to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. You know what MY flag would look like, if I chose to revere a cloth on a stick? How about a depiction of a transgender couple performing abortions in the Reagan presidential library? Yeah, that sounds about right.

    • It’s a flag made of cloth! Calm down people

    • while I understand the upside down flag as a symbolic extention of protest (county or people in distress) I DO understand the strictness of it as it is SUPPOSED to be only if you are say, on a desert island, or in a literal life and death situation you would or could use the UPSIDE DOWN FLAG as a literal sign of distress (rather than symbolic).. needing IMMEDIATE assistance.. so.. misusing that can perhaps put folks in peril or confusion

    • Patrick Burrows it does mean that according to the SCOTUS, you’re wrong…

      The rights of an individual to express his/herself through actions such as flag burning supersedes the desire for the nation to protect its symbol.

      Can this change? Of course. But you said there are current laws against flag burning and that’s false. Current laws protect it.

      That would be like saying there are laws that protect slavery…

    • Patrick Burrows you can bow out if you’d like… But don’t pretend you’re a better American because you don’t understand the value of the first amendment. (Which is as American as it gets)

      I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. –Voltaire

      This same quote applies to actions such as flag burning.

      And why do we get upset with terrorists burning our flag?

      They aren’t Americans, therefore, they aren’t protected by the American bill of rights. But if they are American terrorists, they give up their rights the moment they become terrorists.

  • That flag deserves to be burnt.

  • its not just freedom of expression .. its disrespecting the government , dontcha know , people are getting blown to hell by drone operators , getting bombed , having the GOD DAMNED ARMY trompin thru their homes , their brothers and sisters tortured in abu grayib type joints all for the glory of that flag … dont dis it , it means much to many .

  • The following message is brought to you by The Central Scrutinizer…

  • That is the American people’s flag. If you dislike the government, burn a banner with a presidential seal on it.

    • That flag stands for murder, slavery and imperialism. I am a person living in the United States, and in no way does that flag represent me. Speak for yourself and only yourself.

    • Property, Under pursuit of happiness. Allows a person to use their property for the purpose in which that person intended. That person bought that, it’s his not the peoples, unless it’s school property, It’s his to do as he pleases!!!

    • I see your point Nick Hendricks. I’m going to need to side with you, and change my position. Ashton Haggitt, I live in America also. Hating America isn’t going to change America for the better, it’ll just cause people to feel alienated, then they’ll be less likley to listen to you. You guys are cool, show your faces though. You shouldn’t need to express your views while hiding. You’ve earned that.

    • Lol because my mask means I’m hiding. That’s why my name is on my Facebook. Secondly, i don’t hate “America”. I hate my government. That flag represents our government.

    • That flag actually represents the people of this country and more importantly the veterans who died for it throughout the different generations.

      If you don’t like the country’s policies, walk on the presidential seal.

      By walking all over the flag you are spitting on the memory of brave men and women who gave up everything to ensure you retained the freedom to do something that stupid.

      It’s literally the most vague and insulting way to say that you are against something happening here.

    • Ashton Haggitt don’t get mad at us. You came off like you hate America. You cherry pick at American history, and ignore the good America has done, then you act like America is the only country to ever have slaves, or participated in Imperialism. You’re talking like you’ve been to college? I was complementing you earlier, but you’re just another angry young fella, just spouting off.

  • Long live our rights

    Freedom of speech!!!

    If Donald trump can talk shit about Mexican

    We can step on the flag

    Bigots is was born in Chicago

    • Had to put on the suite because of you dumb comment ^^^^^

  • Listen, there is a difference between wearing zebra underwear and earing a zebra skin underwear right? Just like there is a difference between stepping on an America flag and wearing an American flag bikini. The problem is in the intent. People have fought for this country and that flag means the world to them. To say it’s okay to disrespect the sacrifices made by people who fought for your liberties. Shame on you if you feel it’s okay to disrespect sacred things then that’s fine, but there is a law against disrespecting the American flag. If you hate this country enough to shit on its symbolism then fuck off and find some place that better suits your desires. If you don’t want to leave and love your country, don’t disrespect it, fight for it and change what’s wrong


  • Land of the fearful, home of the paranoid…Your grandfathers who spilt their blood liberating our European countries from oppression would turn in their graves i they saw the freedom they fought and died for, ridiculed by little bureaucrats and their petty rulings.

  • “I’ve fashioned this American flag into a diaper, cuz if you’re going to treat me like a baby, I’m going to act like one. “

  • I love my cloth made in China!!! Excuse me while i wipe my ass with it.

  • The way to foster fear and hatred of authority. It’s the duty of the young to upset the old, stifle that and society stagnates.

  • I hope I don’t catch MY kids doing that!

  • That flag represents war, killing, death, war, war, war, war and more war!

  • Its just fabric

  • Stepping on a corporate logo

  • Ummmm actually it’s illegal to do that to the flag. And hopefully the dumb Fucking kids learn. Jus

  • Students do not have the same rights as an adult when at school. These kids weren’t making a statement about the ills of our government; they were just being ass-hats trying to piss off their teacher. I teach this age group at a majority Black school and the kids thought W.E.B. DuBois was Morgan Freeman. -No lie. Plus I’m betting that is not their flag.

    • That’s a failure of teaching children of color of not only American history, but also black history.

  • Big time indoctrination – using intimidation as a tactic to keep you in line with what they want you to think. Soon everything will think the same things – free thinkers will not be allowed

  • why this excitement , this anyway not the real US Flag .— that’s the real US Flag !

  • Free speech. You’re all exercising it right now.

  • This gov out of control. They all need to go. Stop voting 2 party system. Make your representatives ban lobbying. Get big business and gov out of the bribe for more profits at the expense of our health and our rights.

  • Is it any surprise when kids get into trouble for Pop Tart guns?

  • Police really have become bitches. Theyre little kids, why dont you talk to their parents that taught them, im sure theyd give you a lesson on the constitution. Besides respect should be earned not automatically given, and our president does the same to our Constitutional rights. So oh well.

  • Not Russia is it lol

  • If the parents of these brats can’t do the job let the police do it.

  • desecration of flag offends, we humans like to feel as though we belong to something.. but even I as a Scot with nothing to do with your country; was a touch aghast at that.

  • Personally I think standing on the flag is desrespectful. I have family members and friends as well that have fought for our freedoms and the flag, and this is an absolute slap in the face to them. They did not endure everything they did for some punks to act like this. There is a difference between free speech and flat out disrespect. This is DISRESPECT. You dont have to like our government but RESPECT the veterans that fought for our freedoms.

    • So, your family members fought for a piece of cloth … but not for basic freedom of expression. They sound confused.

    • Yes, they fought for your right and those kids right to turn everything around so everyone is all offended. There is a difference between free speech and just being an a$$hole.

    • Amber… no… there isnt.

      Freedom of speech covers the klan and the WBC and flag burning.

      Popular speech doesn’t need protection

  • Get the hell off my Flag you pig!

  • UNpatriotic?!
    Looks like patriots expressing their distaste with their government, and sounds like they’re being investigated for such…

    • They will have ties to Isis and be found and tried as terrorists.

  • Defacing the flag should be criminal, if u hate America so much don’t try to fix it with the rest of us, move ya ass somewhere that u feel is better.

  • next stop…..pubic floggings in the town square, just like in “democratic” Saudi Arabia

  • establishment thugs

  • “When July Fourth rolls around, and you’re all swigging your beer and waving your flags, does the fact that we are infinitely less free than we ever were under British rule ever make its way into what’s left of your brains?”
    ― Larken Rose, The Iron Web

  • The kids have a point, let’s give them a big roll of paper and some markers to tell us what they see
    No wrong answers here

  • Harold Piet

    the kid had his moment of freedom of expression and his peers made their freedom of expression well know also

    • gear grinder

      And you made it known that you don’t know what you’re talking about

  • “Flags are symbols, and i leave symbols to the symbol minded”. George Carlin.


  • It is a bit of coloured rag, get over it

  • We all must be more politically correct

  • The American government is doing way WAY worse things than those kids standing on a flag !! Wake up people!!

  • Omg don’t they have more important issues

  • The concepts of freedom of expression, and freedom of speech don’t actually apply in modern America.

  • as a veteran, I don’t like it when people desecrate the flag, but as someone who served his country to protect it’s freedoms, I say this kid has the freedom to free speech, even if it includes the flag, it’s his flag too, you know!

  • lulz

  • My grand parent’s fought for these lil bastards just to even be standing right now ! I think they at least need a history lesson or something slapped up side their fucking heads their parents should be ashamed!

  • My phone is not working well at the moment. Can you tell me where this is?

  • a flag? that’s it?

  • unpatriotic terrists

  • Free thought FUCK OFF dont desegrate my flag my son died defending it maybe you need to wake the fuck up

    • Clearly this boy was just fucking around but still is it really that big a deal? It’s one little kid fucking around that’s all… He is doing this clearly for attention as kids do and your just giving him the reaction he wants

    • You son died defending big business, big oil, big pharma. Has wasn’t on american soil defending it from invaders, he was part of the invasion!

    • My son my flag. Damn dude. Learn to not be so selfish.
      Maybe look at it as your son was defending corrupt and unhumane missions. The american government should be held on trail for unhuman acts. The have commited war crime after war crime. Please tell me again how your son died foe this flag?
      You sir need to wake the fuck up.
      I mean that in the most sincere way.
      But seriously, the united states army should have been the last place your son should have been. Did you not educate him as a child to think for himself and not be just another stat dead in a dessert over guns oil and money?!

    • you need to watch your mouth Brecinridge Colarado see ya soon

    • How do i watch my mouth? Do you suggest removing my eye balls and turning them down? Im confused by your statement. You proclaim your flag, but then you deny freedom of speech liberties? You sir are the problem with this selfish uneducated country.

    • It’s not your flag. It’s mine as well, asshole.

    • I own one U.S. flag. I inherited it. All other flags are not my flag and they are not your flags either.
      This totem worship has gotten way out of hand.

    • Atleast spell “desecrate” right lewl

  • If you dont respect and defend our flag please LEAVE MY COUNTRY

  • I stand on all American Flags made in China!

  • Fuuuuuuck ooooofff.. the fourth Reich America. Ridiculous fucking bullshit…

  • FFs that’s not illegal !! What can those butthurt fuckers not understand that!!

  • dance with me….go child!!!! run with it!!!! u will suceed!!!!

  • “Muh holy fabrics!”

  • If you are upset and think this is an attack against your freedom, you better not be pushing for any form of gun control.

    In this crazy world. The 2nd amendment is the 1sts shield. Take away the 2nd, the 1st isn’t far behind.

    So who cares if AR15s and AK47s scare you, we’re gonna need em one day maybe.

  • I’m proud to be an American but I hate my government , that being said it is NEVER ok to step on our flag point blank . If your displeased with the government then make a stand and do something about it, but don’t disgrace yourself and all this who have and still do serve our Country. So do us all a favor and don’t a douche bag.

  • I’m a military vet and although I find it offensive it doesn’t hurt me in anyway because it’s just a symbol. Carlin said it best, “Symbols are for the symbol minded.” Let them step on the flag it doesn’t take money out of your bank account or hurt anyone.

  • Never should be investigated? Is the whole story?

  • I think they need to investigate people who shrink wrap thair brain in the flag…… standing on is ok its only a $2 made in china flag

  • his parents should beat his butt with a belt

  • This kid wont trade his humanity for patriotism

  • Um, burning our flag is the greatest freedom we enjoy.

  • Like not allowing a person to fly because he has a beard

  • Ummmm they let black lives matters do this shit, and they need to be investigated for it too. This IS America whether you like it or not and if you hate it then you’re the enemy. Foreign or domestic remember, and I’m talking about this whole move to fundamentally change the soul of this nation. Shame on you.

    • “They” fire teargas and rubber bullets at BLM you fkng idiot.

    • Yeah and guess what bitch they fire them at fucking white people too but I guess that don’t count huh. Fucking racist. See how that feels you stupid fuck.

    • BLM are racist. No one is oppressed except by theirself.

  • Lame

  • If it were their flag, no problem.. If the flag belonged to the School, they destroyed public property.

  • Suzanne Lee

    I remember when we used to be appalled that people in other countries had no freedom to voice their opinions about their country and government …and now we are those people. So much for the American Freedom.

  • Martin Macdonald

    In Russia people are being jailed for posting cartoons critical of Putin. The usual term is 18 months. America is going down the same road.

  • Rage against the Machine……..

  • “Land of the Free.”

  • To bad lead poisoning people isn’t under police investigation!

  • Why is it that they’re allowed to exercise their first amendment rights in school but not their second?

  • This flag represent`s the oppressive ruler`s of this Nation who has no concern or allegiance to us as a people in this god forsaken ruthless Nation so why should the ruling class feel these children should feel the same when they see and read about their people being gunned by the police and all the racist injustice the children feel the pain

    • That’s where your wrong. This flag represents the people. Freedom. This flag has NEVER represented the leaders.

  • in the founding fathers eyes, by now this flag, nothing but a corporate symbol, would belong to the king and those loyal to the crown……if you love your country so much, instead of being offended and worried about a symbol why not pay attention to real issues that are destroying your country. i assure you a flag and gay people are the least of your worries…….

  • when did children gain rights? in ANY public building a personal locker requires a search warrent EXCEPT in schools children dont have a right to privacy. children cant vote till they are 18 ,or drink till they are 21 yet they can be charged as adults when they are as young as 13? tell me again children have the rights of a citizen ?

  • I’m sorry that my being offended by you walking on our flag, offends you.

  • Hello, that is our countries flag. Send those kids to a third world country. Disrespectful brats.

  • Another example of Public Education’s true agenda. Dumb us down and make us easy to control. No real freedom here.

  • Step on my flag and I’ll punch you in the dick.

  • Kids are not in jail yet? The parents need to be kicked out of the US soil.

  • Even the kids know that the farce we live ion now is only masquerading as The United States of America. Until we start fighting for our rights to be restored that flag has lost the meaning it once held and we are spitting on the graves of the brave men and women who have fought, sacrificed, bled and died for our freedoms.

  • Phillip Leamons

    Not as if a crime had been committed. A crime was committed by these ungrateful students. I served 25+ years in the military and live near a large base now. I invite the students to come here and thry their little stunt. Please have medical and life insurance up to date.

    • Mike Miller

      A “crime” is defined by “breaking an existing law.” There is no law protecting a flag from anything at all. So no crime was committed. You have every right to feel offended by their actions – but, it’s not against the law, so it’s not a crime. There’s a difference there – a very important one – and that’s what this conversation needs to be about – not about our “feelings.” You know?

  • In this country we allow people to stand around on the street and whatever preaching about how gays should all die, and they’re protected by freedom of speech/religion laws, but the moment someone does something unpatriotic, holy shit, that’s too much. That alone is reason enough to step on the damn flag.

  • You can also be placed under investigation for things you wouldnt expect: political views, support of movements, protesting, searches on open and unrestricted internet, not to mention if you enroll in college, skip jury duty with a criminal background, if you are a veteran, if you enroll in mental health, if you own a firearm, if you tell a federal agent to fuck off, keywords in your texts/emails, or just an innumerable polethera of others. Furthermore, the federal agent(s) can and will utterly take any semblence of privacy you can imagine, threaten and intimidate you with torture, prison, chemical brain wiping, death, bankrupcy, and they can do it all legally… this is what the ‘political revolution’ is partly about

  • Cool we educated kids …

  • I probably shouldn’t post that one where I’m using the flag as toilet paper then?

  • & they should be their parents too

  • Good

  • The desecration of any flag in America can be investigated as a crime.

  • You worded that correctly! What are we going to do to end the police state and corporation run America?

  • Burn it

  • But everything is a threat to America.

  • Paranoia is rife in the good old U.S.of A.

  • Lack of respect for our National symbols will lead to our history being destroyed. Soon the Liberty Bell will be smelted into something else and everyone will say “What’s the big deal? It was just a bell.” The Constitution and Bill of Rights are nothing more than paper yet we treat them with reverence. The flag should be treated the same way.

  • Kids need to be slapped they have no concept of what there doing and I am sure those spoiled little shits would freak out if they thought about everything they take advantage of daily that’s giving to them from that flag…..

  • I’m a U.S Navy veteran and I took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and this form of expression is in the Constitution. I personally do not have a problem with it.

  • To a dog it’s another piss rag

  • Anthony Higuero

    Police presence at the school upon the kids’ return may very well have been a security measure, but perhaps involving the security of the kids in the picture? Ya know, to remove any possibility of someone with a real hot temper and a weapon taking out their indignation on a group of children.

  • Anthony Higuero

    I do believe that a major problem in our country is that the assumed definition of the word “patriot” has, at some point, essentially been reversed.

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