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WATCH: Massive Cop Body Slams 80-lb 7th-Grader at the Bus Stop

East Baton Rouge, LA — Video of a schoolyard fight in Baton Rouge highlights an increasing trend across America as schools transform from learning environments to modern day childhood prison yards. The increased police presence at schools is leading to an increase in excessive force against children.

Adolescent quarrels are a frequent occurrence. As hormones rush in, children attempt to assert control over their environment as well as other children and the result can often manifest into a fight.

In the past, if a fight were to break out at school, the teachers, and in some cases the students, would rush in to pull the students apart. However, as the video below illustrates, police now take a far more violent approach.

The East Baton Rouge sheriff’s office is defending the actions of their near-300lb deputy who was caught on video body slamming an 80-lb 7th-grade child.

The deputy was responding to two children fighting as they waited for the bus. Instead of simply pulling them apart, this deputy felt it necessary to go the extra step of lifting the boy into the air and slamming him to the concrete.

“He coulda’ broke his hip, his arm, or anything,” said the mother of the child. “He was involved in a fight and was wrong for fighting, but yes, the officer was wrong for taking and slamming him on the ground. That’s not the proper way to break up a fight.”

Casey Hicks, a spokeswoman for EBRSO, told WAFB deputies sometimes need to use force to neutralize such a situation. Hicks points out the video does not show what happened just before the deputy grabbed the student, according to WAFB.

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“Rather than deploy a taser or pepper spray that may affect those around the subjects fighting, the deputy physically removed the juvenile. Had the deputy tried to physically restrain the juvenile while he was combative, he may have then been required to use additional force, which could have resulted in injury,” said Hicks.

Naturally, the police claim what happened before the video began rolling somehow justifies the deputy’s actions. However, unless the child had a weapon or was much larger and posed an actual threat, this cop’s actions were nothing short of excessive.

“They should’ve broke it up. They should’ve went and separated them and not just go tossing them about like they a bunch of rag dolls,” said the mom.

Sadly, excessive force against school children by police is becoming the norm in public schools across the country. Also, police officers are rarely held accountable for their actions against children.

As The Free Thought Project reported earlier this month, Officer Ruben De Los Santos was allowed to quietly escape accountability after video captured him body slam a small girl.

In January, Officer De Los Santos was captured on a high school student’s cell phone video slamming down a small teen half his size, Jasmin Darwin. According to witnesses and Darwin, she was trying to break up a fight between her sister and another student when Santos came up from behind her and smashed her into the ground.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. , Steemit, and now on Facebook.
  • Phillip Murray

    The war is on. Officers attacking and brutalizing members of the public and members of the public shooting officers, en masse, ad nauseum. When will it end? When the government removes it foot from the neck of America. Freedoms are disappearing at an alarming rate. Look at the percentages of officers who are convicted of crimes with which they are charged versus members of the public. Where is your right to not be searched? Seen it lately? How about your right to due process? Civil forfeiture left that part out. Stand up.

  • Doesn’t look that bad to me. And it appears he wasn’t hurt so what’s the fuss?

    • Gary Smith

      Do you think it’s reasonable that a 300-lb man picks up and slams a 90-lb child on the pavement? How do you justify psychopathic behavior like that?

      • Ed

        It’s what they are trained to do! Can’t untrain stupid!

      • Quit acting like it was professional wrestling or MMA. He didn’t “slam” him into the ground and the kid wasn’t hurt. Maybe if the kid had listened to the cop he wouldn’t have had to be physically removed from the fight in the first place. I’m sick and tired of wrongdoers trying to play the victim after they experience the repercussions for their behavior. The mother isn’t doing her son any favors. He would be better off with a mother who said, “Next time slam him down harder so he learns his lesson.” As it is, she is teaching him to make excuses and play the victim and not admit his own mistakes.

        • Gary Smith

          I’m not acting like anything – just describing what I see. But I understand your point of view. I don’t agree with it, but that’s okay.

    • Abz B Zbas

      Because of the size difference he could have been hurt severely.

      • But he wasn’t. You get that right? That this is all made up, a fantasy about what COULD have happened?

        • Abz B Zbas

          But he could have been. You get that right?

          • He could have been run over by a car crossing the street so by your reasoning we should all be outraged that there are cars. God forbid that we ask the poor kid to look before crossing.

          • billdeserthills

            Good one, copsucker pos
            keep repeating that till everyone believes you

  • 174thandvyse

    Notice that the pigs said to examine what happened to them BEFORE the video started taping! The cops ALWAYS find some, ahem, “justification” for their messed-up behavior. Always an excuse!

  • doucyet

    Being the true “liberals” that you are, if I don’t agree with you, you restrict my access to your “news”.

    Fascism is alive and well on “Free Thought Project”!

    • billdeserthills

      Fuck the news, I’m only in it for the comments
      I can’t read the ‘news’ anymore because of my firefox adblocker
      really seems to spice this place up, too

  • ZoRo

    Apes gone wild.

  • Phil Freeman

    The student got exactly what his mother believed he deserved. She enrolled him after all.

  • Melanie

    Strange that other kids standing around didn’t open fire on the cops….

    Well, maybe next time

  • Dan Quixoté

    If it’s not OK for a citizen to do, it’s not ok for a cop to do.

    I’ve broken up fighting youths out in public before, and it NEVER entered my mind to bodyslam anyone. Of course there’s a small risk to self, but good and decent people stick their neck out for each other, even when they’re acting out. Gotta DE-escalate, not be violent. One can be forceful without being violent. This bodyslamming that they all do to kids now is the police training. This is designed to injure and disable, not to prevent further harm; rather, to inflict it.

    Sure glad that kid wasn’t injured by being thrown by someone who clearly didn’t care one way or another. Even if he *was* being a problem.

  • Brian Superfly Disguise

    I wonder how bad the other boy was injured by this one fighting with this one. Cops probably saved the other kid from a brutal beating but media wants to twist the story to make him a poor innocent victim.

    • Gary Smith

      How would you feel if it were your child the cop slammed to the ground? Would you be grateful that the cop was there to protect the other kid by assaulting your child?

  • Ibcamn

    this is what happens when you put the violent criminal element in schools with children,you get these said criminals beating on children at every turn,lawsuites against the schools and all employee’s….you get children falsely accused of crimes they didn’t commit or are just childish pranks taken way too seriously by that criminal element…now you have a pipeling from schools to prison…to create the young slave mentallity out of children,kids can no longer be kids,and the criminal cops and criminal teachers are the problem,cops are the new terrorist in America,the teachers are the terrorist sympothizers in America,wake up people,they want your kids in the system,creating as much money as soon as possible fo as long as possible…and the teachers are there to help the terrorist create that for the corrupt system……

    • billdeserthills

      Largest street gang in America,
      Lower the Crime Rate–Disband the Police

      • Ibcamn

        that’s a bingo……