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Secret CIA Assessment Story About Russia Helping Trump is the ‘Fake News’ You’ve Been Warned About

Washington, D.C. – Acting once again as the de facto public propaganda mouthpiece for U.S. intelligence/deep state interests within the U.S. government, The Washington Post reported in a scurrilous piece of yellow journalism yesterday that “the CIA concluded in a secret assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, rather than just to undermine confidence in the U.S. electoral system.”

Make no mistake that this is the ‘Fake News’ the mainstream media has been warning the public about. Highly respected investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald labeled the Washington Post story, in an article for the Intercept, “classic American journalism of the worst sort,” highlighting that, “the key claims are based exclusively on the unverified assertions of anonymous officials, who in turn are disseminating their own claims about what the CIA purportedly believes, all based on evidence that remains completely secret.”

The impetus behind the move is almost certainly to constrain Trump’s anticipated rapprochement with Russia by further tainting public perception of a U.S.-Russia reconciliation by intimating that Trump in some way won the U.S. presidency with the assistance of Russia — a continuation of a common theme of the Clinton campaign.


It should be noted that Julian Assange himself said that the information released by WikiLeaks did not come from Russian sources. Many suspect that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was potentially behind the leaked information after WikiLeaks offered a reward of $20,000 for information leading to the arrest of Rich’s killer. WikiLeaks refused to confirm nor deny Rich as the source of the leaked emails.

Furthermore, the claims that 17 U.S. intelligence agencies confirmed that Russia was behind hacking the DNC, which was forwarded by Hillary Clinton during a presidential debate was unfounded and untrue. This claim was parroted across the mainstream media echo chamber as if it were fact. However, in reality, it was simply more anti-Russia propaganda as a means of tainting Trump.

Trump’s anticipated deescalation of tension with Russia is a red line, which essentially violates what has been a pillar of U.S. foreign policy that has been ingrained deeply in the American subconscious for the last 65+ years. The deep state bureaucracy is now attempting a last ditch effort to frame Russia in such a way in the American psyche, as to try and make it virtually impossible for Trump to work constructively with Vladimir Putin.

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Sensing the attempts to paint Trump into a corner with this latest bit of ‘Fake News’ from The Washington Post, the Trump transition team released a statement calling out the forces at work behind this latest attempt to stifle the planned de-escalation of U.S. hybrid warfare against Russia.

“These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction,” a statement from the Trump transition team read.

This newest piece of neo-Red Scare propaganda, being pushed by the Post, comes on the heels of them just last week publishing a journalistically inept piece of likely state-produced propaganda.

As Jeffrey St. Clair and Alexander Cockburn wrote for Counter Punch in an article titled, The CIA and the Press: When the Washington Post Ran the CIA’s Propaganda Network, which discusses the connections between The Washington Post & Operation Mockingbird – a CIA program to infiltrate journalism began in the 50’s and still in operation today:

Last week, the Washington Post published a scurrilous piece by a heretofore obscure technology reporter named Craig Timberg, alleging without the faintest evidence that Russian intelligence was using more than 200 independent news sites to pump out pro-Putin and anti-Clinton propaganda during the election campaign.

Under the breathless headline, “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say,” Timberg concocted his story based on allegations from a vaporous group called ProporNot, run by nameless individuals of unknown origin, whom Timberg (cribbing from the Bob Woodward stylesheet) agreed to quote as anonymous sources.

ProporNot’s catalogue of supposed Putin-controlled outlets reeks of the McCarthyite smears of the Red Scare era. The blacklist includes some of the most esteemed alternative news sites on the web, including Anti-war.com, Black Agenda Report, Truthdig, Naked Capitalism, Consortium News, Truthout, Lew Rockwell.com, Global Research, Unz.com, Zero Hedge and, yes, CounterPunch, among many others. I’ll have more on Timberg and ProporNot in my Friday column.

In the meantime, here is a brief historical note on how at the height of the Cold War the CIA developed it’s very own stable of writers, editors and publishers (swelling to as many as 3000 individuals) that it paid to scribble Agency propaganda under a program called Operation Mockingbird. The disinformation network was supervised by the late Philip Graham, former publisher of Timberg’s very own paper, the Washington Post.

Craig Timberg’s story, which was about as substantial as anonymous slurs scrawled on a bathroom stall, lends rise to the suspicion that the Post may still be a player in the same old game it perfected in the 1950s and continued across the decades culminating in its 1996 hatchet-job on my old friend Gary Webb and his immaculate reporting on drug-running by the CIA-backed contras in the 1980s. The Post’s disgusting assault on Webb was spearheaded, in part, by the paper’s intelligence reporter Walter Pincus, himself an old CIA hand.

Then, in what amounted to the Washington Post attempting to maintain a semblance of credibility after running a propaganda piece labeling those numerous websites, including The Free Thought Project, as “Russian propaganda,” Post editors on Wednesday attempted to distance themselves from the story by attaching to the top of the article a disclaimer that among other things claims that the Post cannot “vouch for the validity of PropOrNot’s finding regarding any individual media outlet.”

PropOrNot, the shadowy group of so-called “experts,” who refused to be identified in the Post article, has come under fire since the publication and seems to be exactly what it attempts to supposedly call out – propaganda.

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The Washington Post, after putting this type of blatant state-sponsored propaganda into the U.S. mainstream news cycle, which was parroted across essentially all of U.S. media, then quietly attempted to save face by adding a disclaimer to the PropOrNot propaganda piece.

Here is the Editor’s disclaimer recently added to the top of the PropOrNot story:

Editor’s Note: The Washington Post on Nov. 24 published a story on the work of four sets of researchers who have examined what they say are Russian propaganda efforts to undermine American democracy and interests. One of them was PropOrNot, a group that insists on public anonymity, which issued a report identifying more than 200 websites that, in its view, wittingly or unwittingly published or echoed Russian propaganda. A number of those sites have objected to being included on PropOrNot’s list, and some of the sites, as well as others not on the list, have publicly challenged the group’s methodology and conclusions. The Post, which did not name any of the sites, does not itself vouch for the validity of PropOrNot’s findings regarding any individual media outlet, nor did the article purport to do so. Since publication of The Post’s story, PropOrNot has removed some sites from its list.

The thing about propaganda is that it is insidious and once it is put into the public sphere and parroted by other outlets, the job has been done as the insinuation has been planted into the public’s consciousness.

In writing about the PropOrNot hit piece by the Post, investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald and Ben Norton of the Intercept noted that the article by the Post is “rife with obviously reckless and unproven allegations.”

This latest piece by The Washington Post, about a secret CIA assessment, is simply more of the same from the standard bearer of state-sponsored propaganda.

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Adrien Chen, writing for the New Yorker, noted, “the prospect of legitimate dissenting voices being labeled fake news or Russian propaganda by mysterious groups of ex-government employees, with the help of a national newspaper, is even scarier.”

And that is what this is all really about. The people pulling the strings from behind the scenes are upset that they were unable to control the narrative in the latest election, largely due to the coverage of WikiLeaks and the exposure of U.S. efforts to propagandize the American public into supporting an increased and active effort to utilize U.S. assets in the overthrow of the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria — a Russian client state.

What you see taking place regarding the ‘Evil Russia’ narrative being perpetuated by the Post is simply the deep state trying to reassert its dominance over U.S. foreign policy for fear that Trump will destroy the sacred cash cow of the military industrial complex – public fear of Russia.

Make no mistake that there is an information war taking place, and outlets like The Washington Post, as evidenced by the publishing of the PropOrNot article and this latest CIA propaganda piece are operating not as journalistic outlets, but as propagandists for deep state interests.

Don’t let the corporate media trick you into believing their lies. Below is an example of exactly what they are currently engaging in with this latest “secret CIA assessment” — propaganda.

  • 101steagle

    Stir up the pot of doo doo where there is no problem,and spray air freshner where it stinks bad.

  • Ron Lynquist

    Who would have thought that a government would play dirty tricks to get a right wing politician elected. No other government would do that would they!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bwin51

    Nice try, but those of us who love truth and facts aren’t buying your bs.

  • CelticTara

    Except that . . .the Russians through Julian Assange released information on the DNC and John Podesta but not the RNC and shared no stolen information from anyone in Trump’s camp. Obviously he was their favored candidate.

    Then there was all the praise from Trump for Putin. His outright “asking” Russia to dig up and release more dirt on Hillary.

    The fact that Trump put people with Russian ties on his team, (remember Paul Manafort?) Now, today, Trump’s choice for Secretary of State also has close ties to Russia. Plus since Trump won’t release his taxes we have no idea of how in debt to Russia Trump might be. Although his son, Donald, Jr., made statements in the past that “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.”

    Are we not supposed to believe our own “lying” eyes, ears?? Be like Trump who gets his information from the National Enquirer and InfoWars yet doesn’t trust our own country’s Intelligence Agencies? MeThinks “the free thought project” is just one more far right, fake news, propaganda shill for the far right. The facts on the ground disprove you at every turn


    • Deuce_2112

      Pure shillary on your part. How much are the spooks at Langley paying you for your soul, witch?

      • CelticTara

        Ad hominem attacks rather than
        addressing the issue at hand, I’m not surprised.

      • rogerrramjet

        WOW you’re really a sad pathetic human. So you are dumb enough to believe the entire CIAk FBI, NSA, and other intelligence agencies are ALL lying?

    • PointBlankReponse

      Over the like of Hillary that Openly and loudly threatened WAR with Russia over cyber hacking, yeah… big surprise they would favor someone else that advocates for PEACE.

      Wikileaks released several hundred thousand cables on the Iraq war calling out the Bush administration, you have any comment on that? Or you still going to essentially claim that they are biased and right wing. IDK, maybe if Hillary didnt keep a private server or her cronies werent so damn incompetent as to basically fall for a Nigerian Scam that gave the hackers the access in the first place we wouldnt be in this solution in the first place. Yeah, I said solution instead of Problem. Hillary would have taken us to WAR and set us back 60 years with Russia.

      You just lost all credibility with your moronic comment about Trumps taxes and them being tied to Russia. Beyond Idiocracy with you.

      • ethel.rogers.90

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      • CelticTara

        I realize Wikileaks released information calling out the Bush administration but we are talking about the 2016 U.S. election, aren’t we?

        And in this election Putin obviously preferred Trump, Trump started praising Putin early on, put people like Paul Manafort on his team and Trump, himself, said he would release his taxes if elected. So far he hasn’t and he resisted releasing them the entire campaign season. Even though other candidates have released theirs, going back decades,

        I’m not sure why you get all in a froth at the suggestion but it’s perfectly reasonable for the American people to wonder about Trump’s financial ties to Russia in view of all that has been said and done this election cycle.

      • rogerrramjet

        Really? You have a link to this OPENLY THREATENING TO GO TO WAR???
        Problem is the Bush leaks can be verified whereas the Hillary ones cannot.
        BUT hey facts mean nothing to you.

        • PointBlankReponse

          Hillary Clinton: “You’ve seen the reports. Russia’s hacked into a lot of things, China’s hacked into a lot of things. Russia even hacked into the Democratic National Committee. Maybe even some state election systems? So we gotta step up our game. Make sure we are well defended and make sure we are able to take the fight to those who go after us. As president I will make it clear that the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack. We will be ready with serious political, economic and military responses.“

          Shall I include the video link to her speech on Sept 5th Now? Or should I have waited for you to make a stupid response defending her words saying that War isnt really what she meant by treating it “just like any other attack” with a “Military response”.

          Thank you for finally calling the leaks what they are, LEAKS and not Russian hacks. Although I doubt you even understand the difference between insiders leaking information to Wikileaks and what you are told to believe about the Russians hacker her emails, like it even makes a difference.

          News flash snowflake, Hillary isnt denying the information that was leaked and exposed as being untrue, she is instead simply focusing attention on the parties responsible for embarrassing her and releasing the truth rather than the horribly incriminating and immoral information contained within the leaked information.

          Mission accomplished: She has you and millions of other brainless dolts believing in a massive Russian conspiracy with no proof but you wont even believe information taken directly from her possession and exposed to the world as being true. Jeez, goodluck with your ass backwards logic.

    • Miguel526

      As an “Awakened”, no-longer-CA-democrat, I see the Absolute Truth of this article, an article whose premise your rather lengthy comment does absolutely nothing to dispel, as your parroting my former party’s operatives’ shrewd, but morally, & mentally defective talking points is nothing other than your own unconscious “following”. Out here in California, my former party has become nothing more than an array of interlinked, orchestrated criminal organizations which together have vastly plundered The People of California on a stunningly monumental scale Beyond All Previous Imagination, a truth rather late in life I finally discovered as I worked in Cal-Ed, . . slowly discovering against my (democrat) will: . . . the Utter Destruction of K-12 “education” bringing Cal-Ed down from it’s once-lofty #1 spot in the U.S., down to 46th in the U.S. now!! This was accomplished entirely by your party, and my former party, using the same propagandist mentality which you still swallow wholeheartedly! The real goal has been to Double & Triple the Costs in Real Dollars of Cal-Ed, “costs” which they use to transfer Billions of taxpayer dollars into Their Coffers, plundered cash they use to buy yet more votes, votes which they get largely through their political partners in MainStreamMedia’s massive array of “Fake News” which has helped to turn Californians into becoming the collective of fools that they are increasingly proving themselves to be. Here in the Sacramento Area there Never In My Life has there been such Massive Homelessness!!!! Never Before!!

      • CelticTara

        I’m not parroting anyone’s talking points, I’m simply spelling out what I’ve seen and heard over the past year with my own eyes and ears. And sticking to the topic at hand, Trump could dispel a lot of the suspicion about his association with Russia by releasing his tax returns. He promised he would do that if elected, when is that going to happen?

        • Miguel526

          There you said it right out there in the open!! ” . . . . what I’ve seen with my own eyes and ears”! This Russian hacking story is just another of MainStreamMedia’s long array of “Fake News”! Once I saw the Massive Plunder of my former party, (aided & abetted by their MSM political allies), I began the quest to see the Foundation of how I’d been fooled for so long before I “Awakened”. And that led me Directly to MSM’s daily omissions, diversions, cynical fluff, agenda-driven-repeated-“stories”, and finally, MSM’s outright lies, which MSM’s sly deceivers use to Mass-Imbicile-ize The American People, myself having been one of for so long! You are imagining that you know something just b/c you’ve heard the Russian accusations on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, PBS, NPR, NYT, LA Times, Chicago Sun Times, Variety, New Yorker, Playboy, The View, 60 Minutes, Woman’s Day, and then overtly politicized socialist-driven Slate Mag, Huffpo, &, or Media Matters, et al, et al, et al. Academia’s behavioral scientists long ago taught these weasels how to employ the Mass-Unconscious of their consumers to implant academia’s clearly America-hating concepts within their daily “Stories”, without actually openly stating their Uber-Deceptive Propagandist intent! One NEEDS to read from all across the world to get even the Slightest, & Tiniest indicators of something resembling “Truth” by means of examining other sources which are Not US-academia-led MSM’s daily lies & deceptions! Face The Nation on CBS just this morning modeled my point in their Round Table: a bunch of whiny NY-DC “intellectuals” sitting round telling all of us just how stupid we are for not wildly jumping on President-Elect Trump for all of this latest MSM-sponsored, & Clearly-Orchestrated Russia thing!! The Brits openly laugh at US MSM’s (& US academia’s) utterly self-serving, crassly-money-driven “journalistic irresponsibilities” When I was a kid we often heard, “Stop, Look, & Listen”! Something very, very few Americans do any longer, as they watch “The Kardashians”, and listen to NBC’s “News” readers’ daily lies. Thank you.

          • CelticTara

            No, you make the simple complicated by going off on wild, rage-filled tangents. I didn’t read about it – I heard Trump praise Putin repeatedly, I saw that there were leaks from the hacked accounts of the DNC and also Clinton’s staff – but not from the RNC or any of Trump’s staff. It was obvious whoever was feeding Julian Assange stolen information was trying to derail Hillary and the DNC. Obviously one-sided = fact.

            I read the background of some of Trump’s picks for his campaign and their links to Russia/Putin. His current choice for Secretary of State has close ties to Putin and Russia. These are facts. Not “fake news” – provable facts.

            Today there was a call for an investigation from a bipartisan group into this whole mess. And, you know, if there’s nothing treasonous going on, then the Trump administration should have no fear of an investigation, right? So time will tell or more appropriately “the truth will out.”

          • Miguel526

            Stay solid with your reflexive fear to respond to Any of my points, something I’ve noted that “liberals” alwayys do! I know the guttural amorality of “liberals”, meaning intolerant “liberals very well, since I was one of you before I “Awakened” to the vacancy, and congenital amorality, of my former party’s empty-headed “followers”, meaning those who would have been very “Good Germans” back in the 1930’s.

          • CelticTara

            OhmiGod if any group is representative of the “Good Germans” of yore it’s Trump followers. Trump was right when he bragged he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose their support. His scapegoating of “the other” in order to rile up hatred and division are right out of the Fuhrer’s handbook.

            He encourages hatred exclusion and incites violence and aggression (“beat the crap out of ’em” “maybe he should have been roughed up,” grab ’em by the p***y” and etc.) You never heard Hillary encouraging her supporters to rough up, jail or grab anyone. Trump is the one with the fascist tendencies and his followers the Good Americans ready to do whatever it takes to put and keep him in power. Look at all the vandalism and acts of hate and violence that occurred this past year (directed at groups deemed “the other”) and these acts increased after Trump was elected.

            He was endorsed by the KKK and the American Nazi Party for God’s sake. Don’t tell me about the Good Germans, they’re alive and well and wearing red caps instead of brown shirts.

          • Miguel526

            Good German job of mindlessly repeating so many of your democrat-led “talking points” which mostly catalogue the many violent attacks generated by the vile National Socialist Workers Party-inspired democrat party’s idiot-emo-centric thugs who’ve repeatedly, & violently attacked Trump rally attendees throughout the campaigns! Indeed, by your own words, your “intellectually” light-in-the-loafers propaganda line has proved Beyond Any Shadow of a Doubt that you, yourself would have been a Very Good German, in dedicated service to your National Socialist Workers Party-inspired rhetoric, hatreds, and attendant violence!! Or, in this case, your shrugging off of your blame for your tribe’s criminality, and your mindless transference of your socialist tribe’s vicious hatred & brain-dead violence onto Trump supporters! Add green, to yellow-bellies, & add a little bit of black, and get brown, the color of Hitler’s evil, murderous monsters’ shirts of the 1930’s.

          • CelticTara

            Show me some proof of the Trump rally attendees being “repeatedly” and “violently attacked.” I mean I’ve seen videos of people being beaten at Trump rallies who were doing nothing more than holding up protest signs. And Trump encouraged the violence, offered to pay the legal bills for anyone sued for physical harm done. Trump said he longed for the days when protesters would have been “brought out on a stretcher.”

            Did you ever hear Hillary (or Bernie when he was running) encourage violence in that way?

            Trump is an evil, hateful, violent man himself. A bully. Like the fascists who proceeded him and encouraged their supporters to harm others.

            I read an excellent book years ago called “Hitler’s Willing Executioners” – about the Good Germans because I couldn’t understand how civilized people like the Germans could have done some of the things they did, and/or looked the other way when inhumanity was occurring. A huge part of it was the hate and dehumanization of the Jews that Hitler incited. Once they started seeing Jewish people as less than themselves, less than human, anything became possible. But it started with the demonizing, scapegoating and dehumanization. It started with the propaganda Goebbels was known for and now I hear the same type of hate “talk” online and on AM radio stations.

            After seeing how Trump operates – and his supporters respond – I don’t wonder anymore at all how it happened. Trump’s minions go after people who have dared to speak up to him or criticize him. This is a free country, we have freedom of speech but his followers bombard those people with threats of violence and death. That’s how this all starts. Hate speech turns to action

            You know on one hand liberals are accused of being “too soft” or peaceniks or “bleeding hearts” Now you’re saying they’re aggressive and violent. Which is it? You can’t have it both ways.

            Show me your proof of these repeated and violent attacks on people attending Trump rallies by Hillary supporters.

            I’ll be waiting but I’m not holding my breath.

          • Miguel526

            Your understanding of Euro/Russian History regarding their mutualized centuries-long hatred for The Jewish People shows itself to be a bit wanting, somehow, as though Adolph Hitler did something “new”; when The Jewish People had been traditionally almost universally hated from Russian lands all the way to England, Romania, Greece, Spain, France, & Germany, along with all Middle Eastern despotic governments such as The Ottoman Empire, Egypt, Syria, and, of course the Saudis. Hitler didn’t do anything “new”, anything which hadn’t been done on a smaller scale throughout Euro/Russian History. The scale was the only real difference, a “Scale” which was far outdone by my former party’s Cultural Hero: Josef Stalin, by about 5 times over! Now, it’s the Euro-Left which carries on Europe’s Traditional hatred for the Jews! Hitler’s Final Solution was actively helped by activists in Every German-Occupied European country! And, the American Alt-Left, in the persons of Obama-through-Pelosi-through-Boxer, & even Feinstein, continue on in academia-led regenerating of American anti-Jewish sentiment, (while at the very same moment, blaming “republicans” for all anti-Jewishness in the United States), . . . . this anti-intellectual BS endlessly repeated by their MainStreamMedia America-imbicile-izing mass-trumpeters.

            The rest of what you say is nothing more than mindless, confused, emo-driven repetition of what you’ve been fed by academia-driven MainStreamMedia’s politicized deceivers, and liars. You will need to learn some Real History, and thus, begin to put things into some relative perspective before you can authoritatively speak upon these matters, or advance even some decent speculation. Aristotle, & Plato would be a good start, progressing through time toward the Magna Carta, The Declaration of Independence, The Mises Institute, “The Law” by Frederick Bastiat”, filled in by massive reading regarding The French Revolution, Ayn Rand, The Federalist Papers, histories of Abraham Lincoln/George Washington/Ben Franklin/Patrick Henry. All of these will help you see on a wider scale, & not have you be captive to your present emo-masters of my former party! The same ones who were my emo-masters before I “Awakened”, and no longer had to hate on demand, which allowed me to learn!! Best of luck on your travels through History!!!

          • CelticTara

            In other words. . .you have no proof of your accusation. Thought so.

          • Miguel526

            OK, you openly display the hopeless ignorance which your National Socialist Workers Party forbearers advanced all across Europe in WWII, capitalizing upon Europe’s centuries-long hatred for the Jewish People, just like your political compatriots over there in Europe do today!!

            Your vast, willful ignorance shows you to be fully unworthy of any more effort, b/c of your childish-tantrum-like, whimpering support for your party bosses’ lame accusation that some Russian bureaucratic “hackers” somehow manipulated all of those long-unemployed Middle Western Industrial steel workers, auto workers, rail workers, coal miners, (& their millions of American support workers), to vote For Their Own economic interests, instead of lamely voting for the Same vilely corrupt DC/NYC phony “intellectuals” who’ve systematically DC-plundered The American Worker, The American Middle Class, The American Lower Class, The American Entrepreneur, & The American People for the last 60 years!

            You are Clearly Insane! Just like we thought the “Good Germans” were, just after WWII had stopped, & we began to see The Horrors of Hitler’s Socialist Empire-Inspired Final Solution!!!

            I attended an FBI briefing wherein the FBI agent confirmed that the United States is daily suffering a 200,000 strong army of Chinese Government hackers who’ve successfully hacked Every US bank, know the ID info on EVERY US Student, (K-12-through-every-US-University), every US arms-builder, etc, etc. The Russians are far behind, but they, too have hacked every US bank, and most US university student ID’s, and other important knowledge/money centers surrounding Military, and US Government centers. Then, it’s the Iranian Government doing the same thing with less capability, but, still with much success. Then, it’s the massive array of successful criminal organizations world-wide doing the same thing, but, centering on US/European banks, corporations, and the largely-ignorant US population for easy money.

            Also, she said that ANY Interested Government, or Anyone Else with strong capabilities have All hacked Hillary’s illegal server (upon which a massive amount of US Government secrets, or links to such secrets, do illegally lay), . . . . have All Successfully Done So! The FBI sees the electronic footprints, and sees other evidence of far more sophisticated attacks by state-sponsonred Uber-Capable hackers. So, It Is True that maybe 50 countries, (& other hostile players), are continually hunting, searching, and successfully hacking These United States for hundreds of different reasons, centering mainly around Military/Economic/Industrial Intelligence, and Fast Cash!

            So, there’s plenty of “proof” of every accusation I’ve made, and thousands of more. Both Hillary, and Podesta, along with her creepy multiple-rapist, (& vilely-corrupt), husband, all belong in a Federal Penn, among hundreds of others of Uber-Corrupt DC elite, Hampton-Island-Dwelling Crony-Capitalist/Crony-Government, (Obama/Hillary-Donating), Plunderers!!

            The CA democratic party is the greatest threat to US voter security by means of it’s cynical registration of illegal aliens to vote, & it’s orchestrated “disappearing” of 3,000,000 Bernie Sanders’ Primary democrat party votes!

            I know that you are deeply afraid to look into any of these points, since you are such a reflexive emo-centric democrat-party “follower”, and apologist, . . . . but, just maybe you might “Awaken” to your mental servitude one day, sooner than later.

          • rogerrramjet

            You noticed that? Amazing.

          • rogerrramjet

            WOW you are so delusional. I am just floored you can type without sputtering spit and bile all over the keyboard.

            Seriously dude get help. AND Celtic Tara is right. Trump the Orange Messiah is ushering in a new era of hate, and vitriol against fellow Americans. He is putting into positions of power people who hate you and all middle class and poor people.They are targeting all social programs to be gotten rid of as soon as possible.
            They are starting a new Cold War.
            They are putting into the new SCOTUS the lead nominee a man who hates gays and believe in “gay conversion therapy” meaning electrocute them until the scream they are straight now. Who is openly racist and sexist.

            So they want all that money to give to the one percent and war profiteers because you are looking at your Messiah with rose colored glasses but he wants wars. Lots of them.

            He is also putting into power people who want to start a new House UnAmerican Activities Committee who have already talked about silencing any medial opposition to their ultimate goal of one party rule for America.
            NO opposition allowed and declaring oppossiton..ENEMIES OF THE STATE.

          • Miguel526

            You’re projecting your own spit-filled sputtering. Before I “Awakened”, I’d been a deluded leftist dawdler longer than you’ve been alive by the sound of your childlike regurgitation of the hate-based vacuous stupidity which you’ve imbibed courtesy of some blithering university professor who couldn’t change his, or her own bicycle tire, or car tire, if his/her life depended upon it! You bespeak the cancerous Orwellian mind controls common to your professors’ National Socialist Workers Party Imperatives toward their “beloved” vast sheep herd of brain dead followers, idiologically-led thugs, & murderers, & accompanying wannabe police state operatives. Like I said, you sputter, & splutter on your own chaotic mental sputterings!

          • rogerrramjet

            WOW you are so full on nonsense. I read your rage and hate filled bullshit and that is all it is. Full on conspiracy bullshit. The CIA, FBI, NSA and other intelligence agencies are ALL making it up? OR are you saying there is no such thing as the FBI NSA CIA and the media made them up as well?
            NO you are just so full of hate and anger you WANT to believe your conspiracy nonsense. Been on any UFO’s lately?

            Get help. See a doctor and take anger management classes. Maybe do some yoga and try to let all that hate and anger and delusions go.

          • Miguel526

            Your post herein shows you to be an idiot of an over-entitled adult, or maybe, an actual sixth-grader chronologically speaking.

          • rogerrramjet

            Aww did I hurt yu po widdle feewings?

            Your conspiracy nonsense is just that. Your hate is apparent.
            Your need for help is beyond belief.
            Get help.

          • Miguel526

            I have no more time to waste upon a giant-sized sixth-grader whose thought process can’t be called thought in the least. Since Tom Hanks’ health condition doesn’t look too good, I have more important things to read besides the blitherings, & blatherings of a twice-failed sixth-grader!

          • rogerrramjet

            Sad that you are dealing with morons. They are in such denial it is unbelievable.
            They are always calling democrats and liberals “commies” but it would NOW appear they are the commie sympathizers thus revealing the true nature of conservativism in America.

            A desire to emulate Russia. Put a dictator in charge (the Orange Messiah) with a cabinet full of people who HATE the workers. I mean all he has done is put the ultra rich in charge of D.C. and Wall Street is going to clean up if the republicans get their way and turn SS over to Wall Street along with stopping Medicare and issuing vouchers and if you can’t afford the medical help with those cheap vouchers 15K tops for the year, then TOUGH, die.

            Yep the new conservativism is deeply rooted in Russian beliefs.

    • Miguel526

      This post shows you to be an idiot of an adult, or maybe, an actual sixth-grader, chronologically speaking! Your Uber-Violations of The Scientific Method of Free Intellectual Inquiry are So Massive as to be Embarrassingly Childish! Herein, you prove that you would have been a very “Good” German back in the 1930’s!

      • CelticTara

        *sigh* ad hominen attacks – the tool of those who can’t discuss the issue at hand in a rational manner. Please calm yourself, chill, you come across as someone about to stroke-out.

        • Miguel526

          You’re the one who can’t respond, since you fearfully cut off All discussion of Any Points Which Terrify Your Willing “Follower” Mind.

    • Mom4Son

      Absolutely correct!!!

      • 100% bullshit

        • rogerrramjet

          SO PROVE how it is bullshit or shut the fuck up.

    • Vincent Gellerman

      Assange stated that Wikileaks would have published info about Trump if they had it. The difference is that they didn’t have someone like Seth Rich Conrad feeding them info from within in RNC. It’s kind of ridiculous how many bitter Hillary supporters were so willing to believe unnamed sources from the CIA and FBI in their unsubstantiated claims of Russian election interference, just because it offers some sort of explanation as to how a monster like Trump could’ve been elected in the first place. And even if this evidence does exist, these unnamed sources havn’t specified whether the hacking was done by a Russian citizen or a member of the Russian government, but the implication that Russians are out to get us is all the justification we need to beat the war drum yet again.

  • Connie997

    It is the BS stories like this that ruin a good website. Any fool already knows that Russia was involved. These types of stories make me doubt the others.

    • PointBlankReponse

      Since you are so confident in how Russia was involved you care to share some of the evidence and the sources of that evidence???

  • Steve Rusk

    When a lie is given a head start, the truth never catches up.

  • Toolndie59

    What a load of crap . Way to go FTP , when you have no solutions you get lazy and become part of the problem . A$$hats .

  • Andy White

    state-produced propaganda???? ….i would say ”alt-left” ……or communism…..my first 3 words should terrify americans everywhere…….

  • retchsweeny

    So tell me Jay Syrmopoulos, How much of your story is sourced by Alex Jones? This entire site has hit the skids…there’s only so much bullshit you can shovel under the house before your guests start to notice the smell. And you guys have passed that point some time ago.

  • Real Truth stings

    so obama is ordering a full review by the CIA into their report that the russians engaged in cyber terrorism to assist trump, who happens to owe russian banks 100s of milions is..fake news?

    sometimes this site seems to be really helping with our police state by revealing the truth of it. Sometimes, its brietbart…I guess its’ up to the intelligence and knowledge of the reader to decide what to consume.


    Fake news on top of Fake news!
    The CIA has got nothing except what Obama wants them to say!
    Give us some cold hard facts Jack!
    Who, What, When, Where and How!
    How about some names, dates and Places!
    Any excuse Obama can come up with to over turn the election!

  • Heywood_Jablome

    Was Russian election tampering ‘fake news’ when it was reported by foreign intelligence to our government back in September? Was it fake news when Mitch McConnell threatened to discredit that intelligence as partisan election rigging if the FBI publicized it? Was it fake news when James Comey decided not to release the intelligence publicly for fear of violating the Hatch Act, roughly six weeks before violating the Hatch Act when he announced new Clinton emails which didn’t re-open the FBI’s investigation contrary to the tsunami of right wing Tweets and articles claiming that it did? This is why no one with a healthy brain takes you seriously. Once you glean all the pro-environment articles with valid criticisms of the oil lobby, what remains is a garden variety conspiracy rag that’s still obsessed, for some reason, with Clinton. At some point, you should either try to distance yourself from Infowar surrogacy and concentrate on actual journalism, or just cut to the chase and start selling post apocalyptic water purifiers and posters of Hillary Clinton with horns.

    • CelticTara

      Excellent summary! I will only add that Mitch McConnell was rewarded for keeping the truth from the American people when Trump selected McConnell’s wife (Elaine Chao) as U.S. Secretary of Transportation.

  • realistic4U

    Is there any reason not to pursue an investigation and find out what the truth is?

  • rogerrramjet

    WOW someone took a lot of time to type up that BS Or was a group of you sitting around making up stories.

    SO the CIA, FBI, NSA and other agencies were ALL in on the fake news.