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“Sell Everything” – Top Mega Banks Warn that a “Cataclysmic” Collapse has Begun


After years of giveaways to mega banks, marketed to the taxpayers as ‘quantitative easing,’ the crutches shoved under the banker-controlled global stock trade are about to snap.

In June of 2015, former Congressman Ron Paul predicted that these crutches would fail, and the financial bubbles created by them would send the stock market into a free fall.

“The consequences will not be minor. Surprises will be many, since we are in uncertain waters and the world has never faced the gross misallocation of capital that exists today. The process is self-limiting. It will come to an end, and it’s not going to be far into the future.”

Now, just six months later, he’s being proven right.

In an eerily ominous note to its clients, the Royal Bank of Scotland has warned its investors of a “cataclysmic year.” In the note, the RBS said:

“Sell everything except high quality bonds. This is about return of capital, not return on capital. In a crowded hall, exit doors are small.”

Last week, the Chinese market opened in free fall. In an attempt to stave off the collapse, Chinese authorities effectively shut down all trading by the use of so-called ‘circuit breakers.’ On Monday and Thursday of last week, all trading was suspended in the Chinese market. A telltale sign of things to come.

“I think the world is nowhere close to where our fairly cataclysmic year ahead stands, and feedback from investors suggests such,” RBS’s credit chief Andrew Roberts told investors. “China has set off a major correction and it is going to snowball. Equities and credit have become very dangerous, and we have hardly even begun to retrace the ‘Goldilocks love-in’ of the last two years.”

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In the note, Roberts goes on to point out how Quantitative Easing has failed and was expected to fail.

We have been told for 7 years now since the credit crunch, under QE, to borrow money and invest it in one of 3 things: 1) EM 2) credit 3) global equities. This is a big picture, multi-year bet that has been taken, which has worked fine, and stopped working 10 months ago, (this is NOT NEW).

RBS is not the only mega bank to predict a collapse either. Analysts at JP Morgan have advised clients to sell all stocks on any bounce.

“Our view is that the risk-reward for equities has worsened materially. In contrast to the past seven years, when we advocated using the dips as buying opportunities, we believe the regime has transitioned to one of selling any rally,” Mislav Matejka, an equity strategist at J.P. Morgan, said in a report.

On Monday, Morgan Stanley also perilously predicted the price of oil to drop to $20 a barrel in the coming months. 

As the Guardian’s Larry Elliott points out:

Markets have been supported for some time by low-interest rates, stimulus measures from central banks including quantitative easing, and hopes of economic recovery. But with the Federal Reserve raising rates and the Bank of England expected to follow suit, that prop is being removed.

Those who pay attention to the effects of central bankers looting their respective countries have long pointed out the mathematical certainty that is an economic collapse.

The collapse of global markets is inevitable as it is a natural correction to the wholesale fleecing of the citizens through the unscrupulous actions of central banks.

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Ron Paul sums up the situation perfectly:

The credit and new money, when created by a central bank, is delivered to the market in a political fashion for which the one percent receive special benefits. It allows the pyramiding of debt to fractional reserve banking, which compounds the long-term problems.

It may be fun while it lasts, but it always ends with a crash.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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    • get the money and buy up as much silver and gold as you can. when fiat currencies collapse,nothing works better than precious metals.

    • You can use 80% of it to buy gold and other 20% to fortify am protected it.

    • I wonder if you would be allowed to buy that much gold. Before we answer, “of course we would be allowed to, it would be our money to do with as we please” think about it.

    • Something’s up if no there’s Powerball winner tonight and stocks crashing tomorrow.

  • Something big is definitely going to happen. There’s a lot of talk about the dollar collapsing….

    • google ‘Cloward and Piven Strategy’ all this will make sence

    • Only a matter of time before the dollar suffers the same fate as the dinosaurs.

  • maybe it needs to crash

  • we are in very deep shit.just a feeling, but i am quite often right.

  • The paradigm has only begun.

    I want to see which “President” is going to help further the destruction of the dollar and everything else that NEVER had any value.

    • You won’t have to wait long.

    • Credit is an illusion! 1933 bankruptcy of United States Corporation makes this clear when it was bought out by foreign banks and people were put into a commerce system of inflation. And going back to the past around the time the Treaty of Paris was signed, to claim our independence from England people had to pay a tax which is now known as a royalty upon the royal bloodline of England and still people do to this day. SS and BC are a product of people just being numbers in the system and a group robbing them. The sad reality is what comes with a large group of people that lets this reality become the norm of everything. What does it do for other life and how does it go about socially transforming everything?

    • This I know. A while back The Force told me.

    • Not many get that by pressing a button, credit is created! We were only told by the president that signed in the fed the damage that was created.

  • shit i hope not.

  • The whole thing is slowly collapsing in on itself, not sure what methode of control is being set up to take its place, possibly debt!

  • Of course, more fear inducing tactics from the establishment. When will people wake up?

    • Most will only wake up after its too late.

    • We’d better continue spreading the word then mate.

    • I do believe there will be a total economic collapse eventually I don’t think selling all your goods right now is a good idea

  • Olivier Dion When oil drop below 30$/barrels

  • But dont worry in today’s people magazine, more about the fking kardashians

  • No .
    It was over in 71′ . We are just playing with the corpse .

  • Again? how many times will you cry wolf before you are eaten? When it happens it will happen and all the internet crying will not help. Every dip in the market is not the end.That said the level of seditious activities out to tank this country under the lie of constitutionality of which this page is part could cause the havoc you warn of.

  • Mackenzie Williams

  • The collapse of this economic system was set the day it was started almost 400 years ago. So no i am not surprised it may finally be collapsing as predicted in the 1730’s……..Took longer than expected because of us finding one substance.
    Bonus points if anyone can tell me what I am reffering to back 400 years ago and what is the one substance we found that kept it going?

    • Sugar? Second guess is tobacco.

    • Nowhere close my friend.

    • silver from the new world

    • Oil

    • Slaves?

    • Andrew Martin congrats Andrew “oil” is what is keeping a system doomed to failure afloat.
      Can you tell us what started this entire economic system?
      I’ll give you a hint an invention in the United kingdom!!

    • basic human stupidity?

    • Central banks. Bank of England, Federal Reserve, First Bank of America, a debt based economy will never survive.

    • Adam Balmer None of those institutions were around at the time of the invention that shapes our lives even today.

    • I’m not sure what you mean? Can you expand on the question?

    • Jared Lazar Industrial revolution..invention of steam engine and usgae of coal on large scale

    • I like this post…

    • Ok I think it’s time I tell you all what it is.
      British coal miners were mining coal by hand at a sustainable ratio of 1=1. Then they ran into the water table and to solve that problem the first coal powered steam engine/water pump was invented. Now the miners needed coal to fuel the pumps which changed the ratio to 2=1. Now the race is on to produce more coal at a faster rate just to feed the machine. From there the steam powered locamotive was invented and the ratio jumped to 20=1. Now technological solutions were needed as manpower alone can not produce at a rate of 20=1. Now any system in which the ratio is 20=1 is doomed to failure. But then we found oil which is a much more powerful fuel than coal. But instead of scaling back and making this new wonder fule last as long as possible we did the opposite and ramped up our demand for oil and oil based technologies.
      The past 400 years of life on this planet was determined by 1 invention and always having to play catch up to feed the machines we made.
      So then this entire system is doomed to fail unless we find another magical power source more plentiful and powerful than oil. But if we do that all we are doing is proping up the system again and hoping we find a 4th magical fuel source!!


    • Vasile Vetisan YOU ARE THE WINNER MATE!!

    • Adam Balmer the answer is up for everyone to read. Vasile Vetisan nailed it!!

    • Interesting.

    • British thinkers of the time knew this system could not be sustained as they had historical refference to look back on.
      Coal was the first magical fuel found and was only found out of pure need. Over hundreds of years the Brits cut down 90% of their forsets for homes, castles, arrows, heat, cooking…………
      They were in a panic and needed a new fuel, boom coal was found.
      This is what the British thinkers of the time were well aware of. And thus asked “what happens when the coal runs out?”
      The answer total and utter collapse of economy and then society.

    • Whoa…….

    • It is interesting. To think that the direction of the last roughly 400 years of life on this planet has all been based on that single moment and decision. What is even more interesting is that we know and can see the system is doomed to fail and yet we do nothing to change the system and evrything we can to keep proping it up.
      As a home owner I am aware that the day will come when I can no longer patch the problems in my home and a new home will be required.
      So then why can we not do the same with our economics?

    • Most interesting facts I’ve ever read on Facebook. Congrats Jared Lazar

    • So I’m guessing if we run out of oil, the whole system collapses

    • (the first Diesel engine was made to run on biofuel) but ur spot on other than that

    • Carson Andrews

    • Ya but what about the tessaract?

    • ^joke

    • Well another magical fuel was found but it hasnt been successfully used on a smaller scale as it has on the larger. Nuclear power. Good for powering cities not good for making a car go from a 2 b. The future is thorium. Not nearly as dangerous as radioactive uranium and exponentially more powerful. The problem is that theres no profit in making a car that has a power source that can last 100 years so this technology will probably be hindered severely by lack of investors.

  • Nah, it will be a slow death..

  • The market will go up and down. The only way to stabilize the US market is to back out of the trade agreements and impose tariffs again. Basic economics. Like it was in the 50s.

    • Basic economics like it was in the fifties included tariffs on imported goods and less taxation on the public. The tariff on imported goods insured companies would rather pay living wages for domestic workers, over the tarrifs. Our workforce rocked and over 90% of goods sold were made in the US.

    • Exactly

    • Or regulate banks like we did from 1934-the early 1980s, which prevented a banking collapse.

    • Its the only way we’ll ever rebound. Lol I initially misunderstood your post.

    • It’s hard to say when but the fractional reserve banking system has an inbuilt time bomb.
      It will eventually collapse.

    • Not possible to turn the clock back. Cost of a fridge 1952 $329. Equivalent cost today $2,915. That’s how the US (and developed economies) could allow good wages. Today products would have to compete against low wage economies, or people would have to pay much much more.

  • As if the top banks really give a shit about you.

  • All global cargo ships are docked in port, and have been for the last week. ALL OF THEM. Global shipping is at a complete halt.


  • If you sell everything, you better buy gold and keep it of the bank!

  • Central bank intervention… Boom and bust cycles. It is what’s to be expected when central banks manipulate numbers and interest rates.

    • You do know that before we had a federal reserve, boom and busts happened more frequently than under one.

      If you don’t want a boom and bust, regulate Wall Street. Reinstate Glass-Steagall and reform it to apply to today’s banking. That is the only way to prevent a collapse.

    • There’s a lot we could do to make things better. Cut back on derivatives, tie the currency to gold which would limit debt and also limit the speed of government growth so you don’t end up with a 1984 big brother style government so quickly. Government can grow infinitum when they don’t have to balance a budget and can just spend whatever they want on big budget projects while they devalue the currency and run up debts that can’t be paid. To regulate wall street you have to get the banks and government out of the bed with each other, make lobbying illegal. Don’t let the banks be levered up with 300X the value of their assets with derivatives. They are in bed with each other though so instead you get legislation which will steal more wealth from the people when the banks fail from foolish risky investments… Bail ins.

      About the bubbles…. Yeah bubbles have always happened. Here’s a good book written in the mid 1800s about market bubbles.


  • with any luck. I really do hope so.

  • I warned you about this Paul Rachael Webster lol

  • That makes 0 sense, “sell everything” for a currency that is in collapse, yeah, sure. If it is true but guns, ammo non perishable shit, and things useful for survival and valuable in trade.

  • Your average American could care less anymore.

  • buy physical gold

  • Collapse ah, so in other words this system is inefficient? Go figure. Hurry up and sell it all so they can buy it up cheap (Y)

  • Probably not

  • Good, now those of the elite community with zero survival skill and only have money will be brutally killed and eaten in the aftermath.

  • Lol if you’re like me and under 30, do not pull your stocks…if your well diversified you will overcome any significant drop in the market and regain any losses along with compound interest…I can see if you’re in your 50’s or 60’s maybe think about cashing some investments out, otherwise stick to your goals and put in work

    • Luvie pass the grey poupon will you dear…

    • Rubbish. If you’re in stocks, put stops in like a professional. Don’t be saddled with worthless stocks that take years to recover, if at all.

  • If we are it’ll be a paradigm shift.

  • We’ve been hearing this for how many years now?

  • I can’t imagine a system built on the desires, bias and psychopathy would crash with slave-like allegiance to the indentured servitude it depends on and a heavy dose of indoctrinated psychological pairings..with manufactured pride.

  • The next phase is to eliminate physical cash. Free range slaves is all you are.

  • Paper cards, paper house, back by nothing but some big fat louse. Debt based currency is not money, yet people go to their graves chasing it…

  • They’re feeling the BERN!!!!

  • Rothschild did the same in the 19th century; He financed Napoleon and the english crown (both sides of the war) so he was in a privileged position to know what was going on. When england won the war (he was living in London) and spread the word that england had lost. Everybody panicked at the stock market and sold their shares very cheap. By the time the news of England’s victory arrived in London, Rothschild had bought every stock shares at a very low price and made a huge amount of money as you guys can imagine… so, be careful about panicking.

    • Most people are too busy picking their bungholes to study any history

    • You forget his bro owned back of France and did the same in France. Both profited. 2008 banks received homes for cheap. What will they get now?

    • Bank*

    • More slaves?

  • God I hope so at least give me a year to go off the grid then I don’t give a fuck

  • You can’t expect to survive even if you manage to save all of your money if the economy crashes cataclysmically. There is not going to be any food to buy if no one is working. We can only survive as a group so it has to be a group strategy.

  • Last semester I wrote a research paper on derivatives. As of 2010 there was 62.2 trillion being floated around in such. That is a lot of phantom capital in debts.

  • Make sure you have your housing secured,plenty of skills and goods to barter with and you’ll come out the other end standing on your feet and pointed in the right direction.Turn your assets into cash and you are doomed to failure in the long term.This crisis may or may not happen soon but it is certain to happen at some point so get your acts together.

  • Oh no, the sky is falling down……

  • I hope so, fuck this system

  • A very interesting article.

  • It’s hard to say when but the fractional reserve banking system has an inbuilt time bomb.
    It will eventually collapse.

  • It’s a mathematical certainty at some point it’s going to break we all know that

  • sure as fuck hope so!

  • So Suave

  • the Mega Banks are crooks…they have made trillions and now want to ensure we are all in poverty.

  • Yes, thank God.


  • Paul Kirchner

  • This was predicted for august but it was inevitable.

  • Once again we are the only species that pay to live!

  • Frank F Moore Mary Hawley

  • What if we figure the cops have always been brutal dicks, and the “epidemic” is the new world of everyone having a video camera in their pockets?

    • No, they weren’t. My granddaddy was a cop, and he and his colleagues were the furthest things from brutal dicks. But you might be right that the current exposure may post date the first period of their dickdomm (in the 80’s)

  • And to die!!

  • What if i told you its most likely to get people used to it as the norm to get them used to it and make people more obedient so they don’t get hurt once martial law and everything happens

  • Ridiculous paranoia

  • I thought this was filming cops not spreading bullshit. ✌

    • Not really bullshit though is it?

    • If it’s scaring people into selling off their 401k or other investments it is. The market will rebound it always does.

    • Interesting that you think that way. While I agree this may not be the end as we know it of the stock market.. But when you say “it will rebound, it always does.” I’m not really sure where you’re getting that from. The stock market is an invention of a society that seems to believe our world economy can never stop growing, there’s always more profit to be had. Well every once and a while people start to realize that just isn’t true, and then things like this happen… Plus, it’s only been around for what… Maybe 100 years or so? You don’t think that maybe the entire system itself could fall apart over time? History teaches a very important lesson in that it tends to repeat itself. Combined that with exponential growth that we see happening in society today and well sir I don’t see our world economy being as strong as you seem to think it is.

  • Bloodclat makes sense

  • The big banks have caused another financial crisis. Who knew?

    • And there is a way out. Check out the film above.

  • Bring it on! I personally cannot wait.

  • We’ve been approaching it for decades. Is it about to gain momentum? The ice may start cracking any second.

  • Can’t wait. Let it happen.

  • Every 4 months there’s predictions like this from all over. Besides, banks have done this already so, yeah

  • I have been saying “Get your money off shore” for a LONG time. I have also said “Buy TANGIBLE assets; things you can sell for quick cash, or trade” I’ve said: “Buy silver and gold and bury it as a pirate would.”

    Roughly 1-2% of those in my life have actually started doing it.
    Unfortunately most won’t believe it until it affects them directly.
    We live in a VERY apathetic society.

    We CAN change though, that’s the magic of it.

    If you ask me, I think that this film (broadly disseminated) is a good start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEV5AFFcZ-s

    The end of the film goes over solutions to global problems and how we can turn this all around. Those who are truly awake can skip through much of the educational parts, or hear them again fro greater certainty.

  • I suppose if the consensus says ‘paranoid’ or ‘tinfoil hats’…I guess I’ll just use my gut instinct & go against the grain. But that’s just my conjecture…

  • I would say that it is about time you hand over your administrator powers, or wait never mind i will just unfollow. You dumb bastards have been going downhill for awhile. Repeating stories, making shit up. Ignoring facts. There is enough bullshit going on in this world we can point a camera at and say ‘hey, fuck that!’ no need for your bullshit.

    • your a dumbass watch the stock market channel for an hour they’re all panicking, stocks have gone down hundreds of percent in value since the beginning of last year in March of 2015 Amazon stock is worth $375 a share now it’s worth less than $70 a share an plummeting.
      the world stock market from Europe to U.S to China just had the worst week ever in history bigger drops than the Great Depression.
      Also you have to remember if were wrong no big deal right?
      if you’re wrong, you’re screwed for not preparing…
      (why keep a fire extinguisher in your house?)

    • While I agree this page enjoys hysteria, their reporting is very important. You won’t be missed.

  • It doesn’t Surprise me…!!

  • Sandi Wilkey

  • Elad Zer

    • Happened in 07, watch the big short it shows how they fucked everything under the radar thinking they could get away with it

  • The banks run the he government, why would you listen?

  • Ummm This is what they did to cause the first depression. Probably not a good idea to follow what they say.

  • This is what they said to encourage people to do the same in the first depression. Probably not a good idea to follow what they say.

  • Jennifer Welch

  • Brand new mind opening, alternative media Facebook page. PLEASE LIKE for daily dose of honest, rational, sometimes controversial news and theories about life in all its aspects.


  • What if I told you that the cops actually work as goon squads for the filthy-rich who will do just fine through the collapse — and so will the cops. The more repressive, violent and murderous the better to keep the destitute masses under control.

  • Preaching panic is wrong.

  • Marin Martin Switzen

  • If there’s a crash coming why not just buy?

  • Chris Mcbride

  • Let’s hope…

  • There is nothing in the economy to loot.no genuine recovery. quantitive easing borrows money and stuffs it into the financial markets boosting investment by 20 or 25% thats 25 % of HUGE sums maybe millions. Profit taking will cause a collapse and all this s$$££t will be bought back at a fraction of the price. that is the way it was designed. but greed is destroying their own system the economies can’t take this level of cleaning out

  • if this reads right what your saying is big banks which have now become so big they own whole swaths of the planet are now telling there investors to sell at any sign of trouble. doesnt that spark freefall? so whst your saying is the banks have told everyone its time to dump stocks and let the economy crash. the banks will get huge amounts of shares for bottom dollar and then control even more amounts of wealth! snd your spreading the info for them !

  • Is anyone surprised? I wonder how much richer the rich are going to be now.

  • I say this, it’s all a man made idea, if we let them, they control us, if we take a stand and help each other they are powerless. And that my friends is their biggest fear, the veil they use to control will be seen for what it actually is, an illusion. If only people could stop and see what the world could be.

  • #every8years
    2000…. .com bust
    2008…. banking fraud

  • Carson Andrews

  • read “the big short” it is still trickling down

  • If everybody sells everything a cataclysmic collapse will happen just due to people selling everything. Fucking stupid advice.

  • What if I told you this is like the 10th time the free thought project have told us there is going to be a Cataclysmic collapse?

  • Hopefully!!!

  • My friend told me a few years ago to start buying gold cause currency will soon be a thing if the past.

  • Yay!!!!!!!

  • Francis Cadieux

  • I kind of think that the rise in police brutality is the result of too many bad cop movies where violence, manipulation, lies, and greed are presented as admirable qulalities for those who want to get ahead. This started in the 80’s, alongside corporate greed where takeovers of companies became more applauded than helping companies become productive. The dollar, and anything anyone needed to do to get that dollar, became God in the USA. There is a grass roots rethinking right now (which excludes Republicans who are still stuck in that “me one” mode). But I could be wrong.

    • Meh, It’s been here since the industrial revolution and union wars. Until the Rico Act, the mob pretty much literally owned New York.

    • Raymond Ogden Yes, you are right.

  • No fucking kidding

  • YES! and it’s a time for celebration!

  • Been waiting for years now, if it’s true, finally things might change.

  • The plan is 2016 the dollar must Collapse

  • Buckle the fuck up.



  • I would say you are pretty spot on!

  • I’d say prove it or rather explain…

  • Dom Perignon

    • Read something very similar a few days ago

    • Its the biggest lie out there that money is worth something. Its just a bit of paper. Us buying shit and spending stupid amounts of it on stuff gives it value. We make.life expensive. If WD didn’t tolerate expensive shit we would all be better off. You can’t make money off expensive shit if it Doesnt sell. Refuse that overpriced bullshit to send the message the people won’t take it anymore.

    • 5% of all money is actually backed by hard currency

    • We are about to go from housing boom to housing crisis exactly like America in 2008

    • Mark my words

    • Its a requirement only 10% offered has to be backed by physical money and that again isn’t garaunteed to be back by gold just more worthless printed paper. Welcome to the club brother. Its hard to not see the bullshit now isn’t it.

  • And it all begins in Russia’s wacky neighbor

  • that that makes you ,breaks you in the end

  • They see Bernie coming.

  • celui qui a écrit ça a les fesses serrées ! Ça doit bien être une hostie de tapette de Par-ISIS :). Allez mon “Je Suis ISIS” va enculer DSK avec Dieudonné Netanyahuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 🙂

  • “The creature of Jekyll island”

  • I’d say it’s about damn time.


    *this message brought to you by Goldline.com

    • How many golds does it take to pay my mortgage or get groceries?

  • Do not let fear make your decisions…a loss on paper is not real until you sell which is kinda what those who control the markets want you to do ….

  • Exact same kinda thing started the depression. Selling will only hurt.

  • well, if anything is going to accelerate a crash, this is it

  • we been ‘approaching’ it for years, i’d say its about time that sucker hit so our “representatives” would frikkin wake up.problem is, politicians pay themselves so goddamn much,going to take significantly longer for them to feel these same effects

  • http://www.facebook.com/monkeysinabox
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    This page works to tear down the putrid and rotting open wound of Consumerism, Capitalism, Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism, Fascism, Nazism, Extremism, and Racism. It is only through the voice of the voiceless, the vox populi – that anything is possible if we try.

    Let the ruling classes tremble at Revolution. We, the people have nothing to lose but our chains. We have a world to win. Who’s with us?

  • What good would selling everything . What good would lots of cash be ?.

  • Yeah if you believe this..

  • i fekkin hope so!

  • Gene

  • Betina Elbrønd

  • Hahahhahahaha omg Kyle Chien

  • Yes and about bloody time! Just watched The Big Short today (y)

  • המשיח שם קץ לדתןת ןלכסף

  • no

  • Oh good. more people that think everything is about to collapse any day now. Been hearing it for 30 years now, but you’ll see, it’s really gonna happen this time.

  • Take the number of us citizens and times that number by the cost each one of us would pay after enacting this new law. Yes we’d sell our live kill guns too.

  • I’m going to be the only one here keeping my 457 and Roth IRA (both stock vested) and be retiring with a nice fat check while you knuckle-heads who drank the Kool-aid will be greeters at Wal-Mart!

  • It was set up to crash only fools don’t listen

  • Take everything out of the stock market. Put it in bonds. 25-40% of everything we buy is a tax to us and a profit for the stock market. We do not need to let them have this advantage. Bust them out of existence.

  • Give the hemp economy a chance.

  • Done , sold everything.
    Thank you big banks. You have always been there for me.

  • Tony Zhang

  • Sounds like they’re trying to cause an epic collapse

  • You read graphs left to right, that graph is of an increase…

  • Yup. Pull the curtain back and let’s see the face of the 2%!

  • snap already and lets get back to living free!!

  • Yes, sell everything so that banks can buy it up cheap.

  • P T Barnum was right.

  • Hope so

  • pok

  • Im telling you Rocie Trujillo Jimenez

  • (Y) + Comment or SHARE to help us debunk Obama’s lies!

    • I’m in full support of legalization. But it doesn’t CURE cancer. It is very effective in treatment but it has never been linked to curing it alone. Combined with other treatments it is certainly a very effective treatment and useful. But you can not just smoke a ton of pot and think that alone will cure your cancer.

    • sure, and you Do that by putting that quack in at the head of federal Office of Drug Control Policy? no, you are a liar and a traitor who lies to my best friends, the democrats… you Damned sure aren’t just going to lie me… I’ll call you on it… republicans are not all oligarch loving fools

    • Smoking it won’t cure as much as the CBD oil will…when is the last time you checked on the research? There’s been a lot more studies done.

    • I don’t know about a cure, but a management treatment for sure. I’ve been impressed by the limited studies that have begun to surface thus far. We’ll just need to figure out a way to keep politics out of it, so real work can be done.

    • Tumeric,B17 cannabis, the list goes on for natural cures, but america can not bleed people dry if they allow healing to occur.


    • Top 10 pharmaceutical companies earn more then every other company on the fortune 500 combined. Thease companies own a lot more then just the president and anyone who thinks any one thing will change that has there head up there ass. I personally use CBD to control my epilepsy as one of my main meds coasts $850 a mounth. No politician is going to take on these compainies themselfs so it’s on us as a people to intact change. Be part of the solution or your part of the problem

    • You don’t smoke to cure, the concentrated oil helps the body to heal

    • Rami Dawud ye ye ye

    • Cannabis doesn’t care cancer it can help alleviate some of the side effects of chemotherapy but it does not cure cancer. No form of cannabis cures cancer. You do not sound intelligent or well informed when you post stuff like this.
      Cannabis is not particularly harmful and I personally think it should be legalized but that still doesn’t mean it cures cancer.

  • Sorcerer. your exposure will be horror to America.

  • Lying scum.

  • Idiot

  • China will be the first to crash, then down the line.

    • The market in China is already falling and most of the wealthiest ceo ‘ s are either disappearing or being arrested by the Chinese government for a corruption scam involving the Chinese stock market

    • Lets hope not because if they do they will call in all debt. And the US is in deep debt to China.

    • The US will just say sorry, no can do lol

    • Everything will change! Or will it?

  • When you are in the final days of your life, what will you want? Will you hug that college degree in the walnut frame? Will you ask to be carried to the garage so you can sit in your car? Will you find comfort in rereading your financial statement? Of course not. What will matter then will be people. If relationships will matter most then, shouldn’t they matter most now?” – Max Lucado

  • That’s the market, the economy is something different. We had seen that in the last few years with the market reaching record highs while real unemployment numbers, the per capita income falling… So to say the economy is doing well because the market is going up is akin to saying wages are going up because GDP is increasing.

    • I’d go out on a limb and say we haven’t seen true numbers representing our economy in decades. You see numbers that reflect the agenda of those presenting those statistics.

    • No doubt. Nobody is saying it but we’ve been in an Austerity lite economy since Reagan.

    • the market is what tells rich people how much money they are potentially worth the economy is how much money in physical dollars is moving around

    • Also it’s only the market for the past like week or two. The market literally changes all the freaking time

    • *A market not the market

    • Corey Logan No it isn’t. Please refer back to an economic textbook.

    • as an econ major I would like to help you do you think the stock market is a actual representation of actual goods or a representational dollars no its prospects of potential cash from representative shares in physical properties. so what I said is perfectly accurate but I will let the econ prof at penn state let you know you are spreading stupid jacob

    • and really a market vs the market you are comming of as a troll right now I left plenty of punctuation errors for you to pretend that what you said is correct instead of addressing the issue of what I said

    • jacob has 31 friends all made in 2015 and only those hmm feels like a bullshit account one profile pic a young white guy one an Asian man

    • I wish middle class wages weren’t so stagnant….

    • so a bunch of companies that are owed y big oil didnt do well in the market, man my heart weeps for them… meanwhile gas is lower jobs are increasing.

    • Well look at baltic dry index, you couldn’t have a better indicator. The economy is fucked.

  • The domino effect

  • Said the biggest puppet in history..

  • The Dow Jones is not the economy…smdh.

  • Dow Jones value is based on Obama’s efficiency

  • can Obama use the toilet by himself or does he need assistance? I think we should make it a law from now on the president is required to have a brain.

  • Lol

  • Well Damn….

  • Lol this chart shows a drop that happened over the last 20 days. Lets see the Dow over the past 4 years. Misleading douche bags, why cant you just be honest? If your philosophy is so correct why do u need lies and distortion? Your shits weak son.

    • In the military we called this a quibble. The telling of a half truth to lead to a different conclusion. It’s good enough to get someone kicked out of any military academy, OCS, WCS…

    • I don’t think this page is deliberately trying to be dishonest. Lets not give them too much credit. They’re probably just a few kids that have absolutely no working knowledge of economy and markets, as they have demonstrated many times in the past by posting ridiculous stuff like this. The only thing they get half right is their police coverage.

    • Has anyone seen the Baltic Dry Index?

  • Enough is enough just get ride of obama already. mang I’m tired of seeing this stupid false bullshit he says


  • He also lied about being the strongest and best economy in the world. Switzerland and Singapore are better. USA ranks 3rd in economy.

  • This post shows that the free thought project is non sensical and bias.. But hey, posting bullshit should be allowed in a true democracy.. So keep up the great work of posting crap for people to decifer.. You’re actually helping in a paradoxical way lol

    • The United States isn’t and never has been democracy.

    • Steve Voorheis Neither is Australia, mate… Same shit, different arseholes…

  • The stock market only indicates what investors are doing, and has nothing to do with the actual economy us working folks live in!

  • lol in Australia they call that a “Budget Emergency” that is of course until they win the election!!! And then it becomes “A fire, we are the fire men and we are putting it out!!. So no need to worry anymore “

  • If people saw the peer reviewed articles I have you’d wish you lived in a hardened bunker already.

  • If the stock markets collapsed completely I would personally be better off. Just saying 🙂

  • The whole damn country is in decline. When all I see are basically Mexicans, we’ve pretty much hit rock bottom.

    • Yeah, the country is declining into rampant open racism apparently…

    • What you call racism I call quality of life. Thanks for playing, Liberal.

    • Lol quality of life that’s funny but true

    • That’s funny, 1.because I’m a libertarian and 2. because immigrant labor is the only thing keeping produce affordable. You wanna know what happens when we get rid of undocumented immigrants look at Alabama, the crops rot in the fields because none of the Americans they hire work hard enough to make it profitable. They lost out on millions of dollars worth of agriculture revenue because they “fixed” the immigrant problem.

    • Publicly expose racist people.

  • Ha ha. It’s funny cause its true!

  • Everyone blames Obama. He is only the face of the machine. The next will be the same…

  • playing his fiddle while rome burns,

  • Not only that. Dow Jones promotes drug addiction, alcoholism and everything wrong.

  • Those pesky facts darn it.

  • Dont let your kids play with the The Free Thought Project.com. But that was cute to let your kid try to understand what the difference between the Dow Jones and our economy. Or do we see the Trumpster money control this page? Please tell me it was your kids.

  • Idiotic post you may want to look at where the Dow was when Obama took office.

  • What a Fucking putz. Why don’t you go do two minutes of research before you show your ignorant bullshit to whoever will like your make believe fantasy. The two Blue Stripes represent The Tallit. The traditional prayer shawl. Look it up shit stain. Idiots of the world Unite and like lies and Bullshit. It’s all the Jews. Everything, all of it, planned thousands of years ago. They will rule the world. Okay Hitler Jr. Instead of pushing crap why don’t you use the computer you’re jockeying and educate yourself. But, But, But the Rothschilds.

  • The DOW, really? were you in a coma in 2009 when it dropped to 6,547.05
    – and “The value of all U.S. stocks had dropped from a peak of $22 trillion to $9 trillion, a staggering loss of wealth.”

    Someone needs to let the administrator of this page know their teenager is logging into their account and posting memes.

  • What?

  • You heard it, guys! The market isn’t the economy therefore everything is fine and don’t pay any attention to this because it’s completely unrelated. smh

  • And as seen from Versailles, things also seemed to be going really well in early 1789.

  • Only good presidents get assassinated.Its such a same.

  • You’re posting a two week chart and presenting it as an economy in decline? Are you serious with this garbage? Fox News wouldn’t do somthing this dumb. (Pro tip: Blur the image even more if you want to make sure no one can read it. Cheers)

  • The stock market has become a tool for the rich to use to scare us. It is but one indicator, the rest of us can see the truth.

  • Obama worset president since Woodrow Wilson

  • So all that you do is take what you’re told, flip it 180 and you get the facts…No shit. Just try it

  • The documents don’t lie Obama does

  • the people at the top are making buck on all those weapons

  • I love how many people are defending Obama on this page. Idiots.

  • Thats just stored middle class productivity hyped by greed. Color it a lot of wealthy people who are going to lose a lot of the rewards for their greed. Instead of it vaporizing into the atmosphere, they could have invested it in company GROWTH to build the economy, ….but they bet on rising stock prices instead. And they lost. Hopefully they lost enough so they have to put their overpriced houses up for sale. Don’t cry for them.

  • At that point maybe it was on an upswing. These people pushing stats and shit never ever give a time frame

  • Shit, did he really say that?!

  • One thing you can count on more and more is that when politicians say something isn’t then it is and if they say something is then it isn’t…

  • and this coming from the head bullshit peddler

  • And you’re not a nigger?

  • Funny, when the Dow was on its last meteoric rise, theGOP pundits were saying that the Stock market is not an indicator of the economy….. How convenient you ducking sheep!

  • the stock market isn’t a concrete indicator of how the economy is doing.

  • bought the vxx a couple days ago. thanks obama 🙂 $$$

  • A loon, a total fool!

  • Gas is less than $2.00

  • LMAO!

  • This is the week after xmas, no shit the dow dropped as expected

  • He is an awesome con a man full of shit and a bully if you don’t agree with him

  • The FBI gnab having lots of sexy easy females profiles up an ready lol they need make fast cash lol

  • Hahahahahahahahahaha glem historierne fra landsbyerne verden over Boban ham her kan snakke

  • The first wave of baby boomers must be cashing out them 401’s, should keep going like this for a long while

  • The rise and fall of the equities markets does not reflect the real economy at all. John Williams understands the real economic situation. http://www.shadowstats.com/imgs/sgs-gdp.gif?hl=ad&t=

    • We have been in Recession since 2000.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9Q_1RiShtI some communist propaganda. Enjoy

  • Spending billions to look for intelligent life on Mars? And so many homeless people? Life from outer space is here already in the form of ISIS. But carry on looking, because we have no intelligent life here.

  • So for 14 days the economy went down a bit. Try expanding the chart over some years. JUST sayin…

  • Anders Carlsson

  • you’re argument is based on the movement of the dow over or week or so? really?

  • The economy is way worse than the decline in indices. Stocks still have much further to drop to match the recession we are in.

  • Obama is one of the best fiction peddlers in the world. Git mo is closed, military home. Kept none of his election campaign. promises

  • What a bunch of bullshit you have to follow it for more than a year look at the dates on the bottom

  • Sorry John is no longer Speaker of the House. Wrong SOTU pic guys.

  • Smh at those that don’t know the difference. The free thought project make sure you post correct information not just slanted info…

  • Samuel Wilson We are not in a recession moron. Jesus stop watching Fox News. Its making you the most uninformed morons on the planet.

  • then explain all the retail closures……

  • Holy shit, you people can’t be this stupid. The Dow Jones has fucking DOUBLED SINCE HE TOOK OFFICE. But hey, spinw hatever you want however you want, fools. http://www.macrotrends.net/1358/dow-jones-industrial-average-last-10-years

  • FTP showing it’s conservative bias.

  • Dumbest meme ever. When he came to office it was around 8000. Keep reaching

  • Also this is a very small scale screen shot of the Dow jones only over a 10 day period.

  • HA…..who is peddling fiction? He’s been peddling fiction for so long he’s forgotten what truth is.

  • Here are a few indisputable facts for you, before you decide.
    1.The labor participation rate is at its lowest point since 1977. Only 60% of Americans age 16-64 are working.
    That is 40%!! are not employed or working.
    2.Poverty, especially child poverty is much,
    much higher
    (child poverty rate is 22%!!)
    3.This year, the number of businesses that were started was at a 30 year low.
    (Go ahead and fact check please)
    No one disputes any of these statics, some argue the causes, but it’s not that hard to understand!
    Who would start a business in a socialist country??
    Without these new businesses there are fewer jobs which means the poverty rate will continue to go higher.
    Of course there are millions and millions more people on food stamps now then 7 years ago. So for that pat yourself on the back Obama.

  • What a Lier!

  • Talk about somebody peddling fiction

  • Has anyone seen the Baltic Dry Index?

  • How does that graph look when you extend the range to the last ten years or so, instead of cherry picking a couple of weeks that say what you want? By cherry picking, you provide an example of what he is discussing.

  • Please talk about immigration
    Tell him no more promise
    Time to fix immigration they started tearing up families

    Yes I will vote for Bernie but address this !!!

    As of January 2 ice police is everywhere and nobody has our representatives has called Obama !!!

    We Hispanic help him win
    Which no one talks about!!!

    No more promise!!

    I pay so much taxes
    For rich people’s war
    I rather spend it on humans

    Mexico don’t ship people this way
    And Mexicans are not the only family they are tearing apart.

    What do you this those new orphans will do in the future with their lives or even to society
    We are probably building the next generation of killer or terrorist
    We are building them!!!

    No more promises
    Find a solution now

    No more promises!!!!

  • Please talk about immigration
    Tell him no more promise
    Time to fix immigration they started tearing up families

    Yes I will vote for Bernie but address this !!!

    As of January 2 ice police is everywhere and nobody has our representatives has called Obama !!!

    We Hispanic help him win
    Which no one talks about!!!

    No more promise!!

    I pay so much taxes
    For rich people’s war
    I rather spend it on humans

    Mexico don’t ship people this way
    And Mexicans are not the only family they are tearing apart.

    What do you this those new orphans will do in the future with their lives or even to society
    We are probably building the next generation of killer or terrorist
    We are building them!!!

    No more promises
    Find a solution now

    No more promises!!!!

  • I didn’t realize Obama has taken up being a comedian, China is crushing America who is wasting over 60% of the budget on wars its loosing

  • Sick of the BS going on?? A free world is waiting for those in need. The technology is here now to supply the necessities we need to survive, we only have to create this free world. Out with the old and in with the new. Its time for change. Join this group to be part of the change>https://www.facebook.com/groups/265603456982790/ .

  • Roots , the world is laughing .

  • Stupid nigger, vote smart.

  • What the Fuck has this nigger been doing for 8 years? Peddling fiction.

  • Fuck the Mexicans. How about that?

  • Hmm a 2.2% decline in the first two weeks of the year in the final year of a Presidency — it’s usually much worse

  • So is the Fed pulling the 9 Trillion $$ out of the stock market.

  • e’s insulting our intelligenceagain