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Senior Citizen Held at Gunpoint, Forced to Remove Clothes in Public, Jailed, for Driving Classic Car

Las Vegas, NV — Because of the negligent actions of the Nevada Highway Patrol, a couple was humiliated, and their lives threatened, for stealing a car they actually owned.

Robin and Beverly Bruins were out for a drive in their classic car, when incompetent cops confused their license information and pulled them over.

“Driver! Remove your keys from the ignition and put them on the roof now!” screams the trooper over his loud speaker.

At first Robin Bruins found it funny that the senior citizen couple, who broke no laws, was being pulled over. But that changed quickly.

“Actually, I think I might have giggled to Bev saying, ‘well, I don’t know what this is all about’ and I put the keys on there,” Robin Bruins said. “And I turned and looked back and saw three gun barrels pointed at me. And, obviously it hit me. Whoa! What’s going on here? To this day, I have never experienced anything like looking down the barrel of guns like that.”

Multiple officers were shouting multiple different commands, which were conflicting. Fortunately, Bruins wasn’t shot for listening to one command while simultaneously disobeying another during the confusion.

In broad daylight, and on the side of the road Robin Bruins was forced to take off his shirt and hold his hands in the air while several officers drew down on this innocent senior citizen.

Bruins told KLAS, “And it wasn’t until I had taken my shirt off and told to get on my knees and handcuffed, and I said, ‘What’s going on? Do you think this car is stolen or something?’ And he said, ‘exactly right. And their car is going back to its rightful owner.’”

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In the meantime, a different set of officers has their guns drawn on Robin’s wife Beverly, who is in the passenger seat with a broken leg. She was forced from the car at gunpoint and then told to walk backward — with a broken leg.

“I got out of the car and I thought, how am I gonna walk back without crutches?” she said. “So, I went to reach for my crutches in the back seat, and they yelled at me, ‘Keep — we said keep your hands in the air and walk backward towards us.’”

Luckily Beverly wasn’t filled with bullets for attempting to grab her crutches.

“And then she (the trooper) ran a check on my license plate and came back and un-handcuffed me and asked me if I’d like to say goodbye to my husband,” Beverly Bruins said. “And I said, ‘goodbye to my husband? Where’s my husband going?’ And she said, ‘well, he’s going to jail.’ So I went over to see Rob, and he’s in the back seat with no shirt on, hands behind his back and tears are running down his face.”

Robin Bruins was subsequently taken to jail and thrown in a general population holding cell, where he would be denied his medication.

“And I said, ‘well I’m past the time for my medications, can I take those now?’” he said. “You know, thinking that he was going to give ’em to me. And they said, ‘no, you can’t have anything you brought with you.’”

After Beverly Bruins had found a hotel room, she went to the jail to try and get her husband out. It was at the jail where she discovered the police incompetence that got them humiliated, almost killed, and her husband behind bars.

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Restored plates, issued in the same year a classic car was made are legal in Washington state. However, when the trooper decided to run the plates on this car, he forgot to add a + sign to the beginning of the number, so it came back to the wrong vehicle.

That’s what got the couple unlawfully pulled over.

The incompetence continued after the car was stopped. When the trooper called in the VIN to dispatch, the dispatcher entered the wrong number into the computer. The random wrong number happened to be for a stolen car.

The situation was terrible, but with a few different variables, it could have been deadly.

The couple has since filed a lawsuit against the officers and head of the highway patrol for civil rights violations. And now it will be the taxpaying citizens of Nevada, who are held responsible for the gross incompetence of these officers.

  • Dub

    In Iraq, we were not allowed to engage an enemy that had fired upon us after the insurgent dropped their weapon but the police are allowed to shoot unarmed Americans if they perceive an unauthorized movement as aggression or a threat…..

  • Don’t do anything wrong and you won’t have to worry about being killed by cops. Riiiight. You’re a #&@%ing FOOL if you believe that.

    • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

      They weren’t killed. They didn’t disrespect the police. They didn’t yell at them or tell them to f*ck off. They didn’t start running away. Did the police make mistakes? Yes, and the taxpayers will pay for those mistakes.

      • Den Hickey

        And none of those things should get someone killed by police.

        • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

          Look, if you disrespect the police while they’re trying to do their job (or if you tell them to f*ck off or run away), you have a greater chance of getting shot by an edgy and disgruntled police officer. The police are human, just like the rest of us. It doesn’t take much to figure out that disrespecting another human makes tense situations worse. That’s just common sense. Nobody said that these things justify the police shooting people. People who fear for their lives on a daily basis behave in a certain way. Right now, police officers are on edge because BLM supporters are gunning for them. It sucks, but more incident like this one are going to happen.

          You may not want police officers to act this way, but what do you expect given today’s political climate? Professionalism? Respect? Many cops are trying, but many more are looking over their shoulders. BLM and the anti-police crowd have ensured that the police will be on edge for quite a while. You should be thankful this wasn’t a case of racial profiling.

          • Mike S.

            boot licker

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            You’re a clown. I’m no boot licker, but I am good at reading people. Do you know police officers? Do you understand that it is never a good idea for unarmed people (or armed people for that matter) to antagonize armed men? Advocating common sense and respect doesn’t make me a boot licker. On the other hand, especially given my original post, calling me a boot licker implies that you support disrespecting the police.

            I’ll tell you what – The next time you get pulled over, do the opposite of what I recommend and see what happens. If you were smart, which you not, you would already know that cooperating with agitated me who are armed is not only a good idea, it’s common sense.

          • Mike S.

            No, seriousl. You are a total boot licking, flag waving, mouth breather. Your profile even says you’re a ‘nationalist’. It doesn’t get anymore fascist than that

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            You’re a fool. I’m a proud American! That hardly makes me a fascist. You people throw that word around as if it makes you feel important. In reality, it only demonstrates your wishful thinking and ignorance. Do you even know what fascism is? How exactly is advocating common sense a demonstration of fascism? How exactly is being a patriot demonstrative of fascism? You must be one of those retards who believes nationalism=fascism. You are going to have your panties in a bunch when Trump is elected.

          • Mike S.

            …and you have a low IQ. I would lay odds it’s barely cresting the double digits. Go wipe the drool from your chin and put your helmet back on.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            For someone who doesn’t know the difference between fascism and nationalism, you sure do try to act as if you’re God’s gift to academia. You’re worse than stupid. You’re willfully ignorant.

          • Mike S.

            No, you don’t get to call anyone ‘stupid’. ANYONE who blindly follows orders, kowtows to bullies with guns and sympathizes with authoritarian agents of the state who routinely break our nations laws…is a brainless twit. You are pro Trump. That proves your lack of intellectuality. Nationalism is blind allegiance…one of the main ingredients of a fascist state. You are a boot licker. You can stomp your feet, shake your fists and squeeze your eyes closed and continue your tantruming and denial all you like…but it will not change this fact.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            I get to say whatever I want. This is America! Obviously, you aren’t capable of loving your own country or understanding people who do. That’s fine. People like me are the ones who defend your right to express your stupidity. You can claim I’m a boot licker all you want and bitch about Trump, but the fact remains that all I did was recommend common sense. Perhaps you should just ignore that advice and act like a jackass whenever you have to deal with the police. Go ahead and ignore pleas for civilized behavior and start mouthing off. People should be decent towards one another, especially when the other people are armed and ready to shoot you. Since you seem to disagree, and because you feel that it’s a good idea to abandon common sense, go ahead and treat cops in any way you want. I’m sure you’ll be proud of yourself when you can realize that your troubles could have been averted had you been a kinder person towards the people trying to do their thankless job.

          • Den Hickey

            “Go ahead and ignore pleas for civilized behavior and start mouthing off.”

            So… people stopped by the police should be civilized.. but police don’t have to be.. despite the fact that they are doing a job.

            You really are an idiot.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Who said the police don’t have to be civilized. See, that’s your problem. You make too many assumptions and reject common sense. Still, since you insist, go ahead and give the police a hard time the next time you’re detained and see how that works out for you. Idiots like yourself simply fail to comprehend the logic and common sense of civilized behavior. You would rather have citizens antagonize the police. Somehow, you think that’s a good idea. Your hatred of law enforcement only makes you look stupid.

            So yes, people stopped by the police should be civilized. It will help them if they ever need to sue the police. That is what this couple did. Had they acted like jackasses, they would have ruined any sympathy they might have received from a judge or jury. You’re too stupid to think that far ahead. Being respectful and level-headed doesn’t mean you support the police or police brutality. if you think otherwise, you’re part of the problem in America. Idiots like you preach about hatred and racism, yet you display the same sordid reasoning used by the people you supposedly detest. You can’t help but look at everything as if you are seeing things through the eyes of a victim. You can’t help but see race in everything. You’re a delusional moron, and the antics from people like you are making the problem worse. The real shame is that you believe you’re good intentions mean something or make things better.

          • Den Hickey

            “Who said the police don’t have to be civilized.”

            You. Repeatedly.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            No jackass. You’re lying again. I said absolutely no such thing. Cut and paste my comments and show me where I said they don’t have to be civilized. You know you can’t because you’re a liar.

          • Den Hickey

            You need a citation?! Idiot.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            You’ve already exposed yourself for the hate-filled racist lunatic that you are. You can’t comprehend basic logic, much less common sense. You simply want to rage over me recommending that people behave in a civil fashion. You imply that people shouldn’t be civil towards the police. You imply that being civil towards the police means people somehow support police brutality. You’re retarded if you think that, and there’s no hope for you until you pull your head out of your ass and reject the racist hatred ruling your life.

            Do you think people should disrespect the police? Do you think that’s really a good idea? And yes, paste my comments and show me where I said it was ok for the police to act unprofessionally. You know you can’t do it because I’ve done no such thing. You’re just a hateful liar who suffers from derangement. That’s what you get for letting politics rule your life. So, go on thinking that your good intentions and indignation are worthwhile. That won’t change the fact that you’re stupid.

          • Den Hickey

            “You’ve already exposed yourself for the hate-filled racist lunatic that you are.”

            Racist?! LOL!!!! Why do stupid progressives still act as if that word
            some sort of magic powers? You idiots have used it so much you’ve
            diminished the meaning of the word. Guess what? Nobody cares if you
            call me or anyone else a racist. See, you’re a political hack. When
            facts and reason TRUMP your argument, we expect you to call us racists
            and bigots. That’s how you liberals operate. You resort to calling
            people names because you are filled with hate

            Also.. you do realize I’m just quoting you, right?

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            You’re a fool. You haven’t quoted where I said it’s ok for the police to act unprofessionally. You won’t be able to because you know I never wrote that. You simply want to lie in order to mitigate your obvious cognitive dissonance. So, keep quoting me. All you’re doing is obfuscating the fact that you don’t know how to use critical thinking. You’re so hate-filled and stupid, I don’t believe you can actually defend a point, much less provide any substance for the BS you’re implying.

            You know you’re a liar. You also know that you’re wrong. You’re just too small of a person to be able to admit it. The fact that you and the other idiots like you get angry and upset over common sense doesn’t help bolster your argument. Again, you said that I said the police don’t have to be civilized. You’re too stupid to understand that saying that they are going to be uncivilized is not the same as saying the police don’t have to be uncivilized. Explain how that’s the case, genius.

            So, keep quoting me in an attempt to escape from the massive hole you’ve dug for yourself. You know you aren’t skilled enough to read properly, much less defend the stupid notion that people who are civil somehow support police violence. You people are going to come unglued when Trump wins.

          • Den Hickey

            Still waiting for you to show the guy in Tx was a part of BLM. … or are you a liar?

            “The fact that you and the other idiots like you get angry and upset”

            You’re the only one angry or upset.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Do a Google search for the following phrase “Micah Johnson anger for Black Lives Matter.: Officials have clearly gone on the record to state that Micah Johnson was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. He committed his crime in order to get justice for Black Lives Matter. Was he a card-carrying member of BLM? No. Who is? The BLM morons don’t issue out ID cards. BLM supporters aren’t masons or VFW members. Their movement is an adherent movement of racist victims who like to bitch about a false narrative they’ve been duped into believing. The shooter wasn’t just inspired by the racists at BLM. He was inspired by something worse: violent black supremacy. He was a trained loner who adopted the philosophies of black supremacists. He supported Black Lives Matter and murdered those police officers. BLM supporters then celebrated his crimes and called for more murders to take place. I know you don’t like facing the fact that BLM is a terrorist organization, but facts are facts.

            And stop lying. You know you’re angry. Your hatred is obvious. You hate anyone who disagrees with you. You obviously support BLM, so I have no doubt that you hate the police. Your posts demonstrate this fact. So, stop lying to yourself and admit that you are nothing but a worthless and hateful liar. All I did was suggest that people use common sense, keep a level-head, and remain civil. You rejected that advice because you’re stupid. Only stupid people reject common sense and act as if they did something intelligent. Grow up, little boy. You seem to think that behaving like a decent human being is bad advice. You seem to think that if people are decent human beings towards the police, they somehow approve of tyranny. Worse, you think that people who advise people to be civil are somehow defending the police. You can’t see how your logic fails because you’re stupid. Go back to school and take a critical thinking class. Idiots like you shouldn’t have kids or vote. Don’t play with scissors either. Moron.

          • MrMajor

            Racist, cunt.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            How exactly am I a racist? If you want to see a bunch of racists, look no further than the BLM movement, idiot. All you morons do is call other people racists when they disagree with you. You’re all too stupid to figure out that you have diminished the word. Yada, yada, yada…”Trump is Hitler and you’re a racist.” Do you hear how dumb you people sound?

          • Lauren Snyder

            Speaking of people who committed crimes because they were inspired by movements…

            In May 2016, two men in Boston assaulted a homeless Latino man, beating him with a metal pipe. They pleaded guilty and said, “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported.” They said they were motivated to commit the crime because of Trump’s message of deporting Mexican immigrants.

            Would you, as a Trump supporter, say you are linked to this crime because other Trump supporters committed it? Do you think it would be right to say all of his supporters are violent because of it? Because by saying that some members of BLM were inspired to commit violence because of the movement, and therefor the movement is violent, would be like saying you are part of a violent movement for being a Trump supporter. Are you?

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Goddamn you’re stupid. All you snowflakes are too stupid to vote. First, the people responsible for crime are the actual people committing the crime. See, I wouldn’t need to explain this to a normal person, but being that your cognitive abilities are suspect, it had to be done. So, acting as if there are reasonable answers to your subsequent questions stemming from your ridiculous inquiry would further promote your stupidity and give you the wrong impression that you somehow made a cogent point. The more you type, the more idiotic you appear. So, if two men assault a WHITE man (remember, thanks to you progressive retards, Latinos are WHITE), they are to blame for that specific crime. Do you see how that works? Probably not given your stupidity, but keep trying anyway.

            BLM is based on a lie and is filled with extremely racist thugs who embrace violence. You want to act as if Trump supporters are violent, but they aren’t the ones gunning down police officers or hunting down white people. The asshole who killed those cops in Dallas was most certainly inspired by you idiot BLM supporters and your ridiculous hysteria over a false epidemic that is clearly not happening. Don’t act as if BLM isn’t violent. It is, and you’re too stupid and gullible to realize it. Their foolish antics don’t help their cause. All they’ve done is alienated others and destroyed their own communities. Many of these idiotic protesters get arrested and are now in the system. And at what did they achieve other than getting a criminal record? Did they somehow stick it to the white man when they burned down their own neighborhoods?

            I already know that you aren’t going to answer anything or prove your points with solid argumentation. If you were smart, you would have already figured out that my original point will continue to stand. Until some dipshit figures out how to prove that it’s somehow a good idea to give the police a lot of shit when they detain someone and demonstrate how the police are less likely to shoot you in such a circumstance, you’re all just spinning your wheels and proving to the world that you’re all a bunch of ignorant children swayed by the propaganda dished out by the mainstream media.

            Again, prove that my original statement is wrong. Prove that BLM wasn’t founded on a pathetic lie. Explain how it is that blacks commit more crimes than white PROPORTIONALLY to their population percentage. Explain how blacks managed to kill one another at a rate 23 times higher than the rate of fatal shootings committed by the police. Explain how black lives matter to black people when all the complaints are regarding black fatalities caused by white people. I doubt you’ll do any of this. If you could, you would already know that I’m right.

          • Lauren Snyder

            You’re a hell of a fun troll to bait.

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            You already know that you aren’t trying to bait trolls. You thought you were a clever person trying to make a clever point, but in reality, you’re just an idiot who has failed to prove a point. It’s idiots like you who are ruining this nation. I’m sure the fun you have acting like an idiot won’t be enough to remove the sting of having to say PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP, nor will it assuage your depression and feelings of awkwardness when the BLM movement fades into nothingness.

            My points still stand. They will continue to stand because idiots like you are incapable of undermining my point. When you realized that your argument is incoherent, you dishonestly pretend to be a troll without realizing that by doing so, all you’ve done is demonstrate your cognitive deficiency and lack of dialectical skill. While you wallow in your stupidity, BLM will still be based on a provable lie. While you try to comfort your wounded inner-child, the fact remains that it’s still a bad idea to antagonize armed police officers. Nobody on here has proven anything to the contrary, and nobody here ever will because it’s self-evident. So, troll away and continue to show me how you suck at it.

          • Lauren Snyder

            I wasn’t originally, no. But one you got to the point where you’re saying “DENSE IDIOT MORON” you really just kind of seem like a troll trying to make people angry. It’s hard to prove any points or to have any discussion when somebody just starts attacking you personally and judging your capacity to understand anything. You really kind of can’t talk to them anymore at that point.

            You’ve really convinced yourself that everybody here is ruining the country, when really, you don’t know anything about the lives of anyone here. They have jobs, probably families, pay taxes, and you don’t know what ways they contribute to society. This includes people I disagree with too, like you. You’re calling people idiots for disagreeing with you on a certain point, but I’m willing to bet those people know a lot about something you don’t. I’m willing to bet you aren’t an idiot either, and that there’s something that you’re good at or know a lot about, even though some people online are calling you something.

            I was saying you’re a fun troll to bait because at first I was laughing when I saw how your responses just degraded into angry insults, and kind of became more about attacking people than proving a point, but now I feel sad realizing you’re probably really angry. That kind of negativity is draining on you. Don’t let people online get to you so much and make you think the world is such a bad place full of people trying to ruin it.

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Listen up, child. Don’t start pontificating as if you’re wise or something. You’re not. If you were, you wouldn’t have made excuses about baiting trolls. I can talk to anyone in any way I decide. What are you going to do about it? NOTHING. I didn’t need to prove my point because it’s self-evident. You idiots have failed to disprove my point, and here you are with your pathetic bleeding heart saying things that normal people take for common sense and acting as if you used remarkable insight to gather such notions. What you are is intellectually dishonest.

            You liberal progressives ARE ruining the country. Because of how you overly value your own good intentions, you empower criminals like Hillary Clinton. You guys soak up the propaganda dished out by the media and sustain yourself with the delusion that you’re all making a difference, when in reality you’re accomplishing nothing. I’m calling you idiots because you are idiots. If you were intelligent creatures, I wouldn’t have to point out how my point was self-evident.

            So far, no one on this thread has undermined my original point. They aren’t going to either. I suspect that all you will do is avoid my point because you know I’m right but won’t admit it. It is clear to any intellectually honest person that antagonizing the police is a bad idea. People shouldn’t antagonize the police because it increases their chances of getting shot. How exactly am I wrong here? You’re too much of a coward to admit that I’m right.

            As for negativity, don’t offer up advice as if you’re doing me a favor. Remember, you’re the retard who claimed that you were baiting me, when in reality, all you were trying to do was back yourself out of a corner. You’re delusional and stupid. I don’t care if you think there are people out there who know a lot about things I don’t know. Who the hell cares?! Are you going to continue to spout off notions that are normally derived through common sense and act as if you’re somehow brilliant? Of course there are people who are experts on things I don’t know about. I know all kinds of stuff that you clearly have no clue about, such as how to argue with critical thinking and how to derive points from reasoning. You’re incapable of such things. If you disagree, prove my original point wrong! Explain how it’s a good idea to antagonize the police. Idiot.

          • Lauren Snyder

            Sorry about whatever is going on in your life.

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            You should feel sorry for yourself, especially since you lack common sense and basic reading comprehension skills. I don’t feel sorry for you. That’s what you get for being stupid and intellectually lazy.

          • MrMajor

            No he isn;t you said it right up there, moron.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            It isn’t right up there. Cut and paste my comments if you think I’m wrong. You know that I’m not wrong. All you’re doing is proving that you people can’t argue for shit, as well as demonstrating how you are all a bunch of pathetic liars in denial of the truth. Come on you little bitch! Paste the comment where I said the police don’t have to be civilized. You stupid retards have rejected common sense and sound reasoning, and it’s hilarious. It’s going to be even more hilarious when you’re forced to ride the Trump train, lol.

          • Lauren Snyder

            “Who said the police don’t have to be civilized” You said earlier, “You may not want police officers to act this way, but what do you expect given today’s political climate? Professionalism? Respect?”

            So does that mean we SHOULDN’T expect respect and professionalism from police officers?

            They certainly didn’t act respectful in this video, at least. If the suspects are acting calmly and complying with orders, I don’t see why the officers have to act aggressively.

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            You can expect respect and professionalism from police officers all you want, but if you give them shit during an arrest, you run the risk of getting shot. That was my point. I don’t see why you idiots keep missing that point. The fact remains that none of you have proven my point wrong. Again, how is it that you guys don’t understand that all I did was advise against antagonizing men who are on edge, especially when they’re armed. But go ahead and antagonize them and prove me right. Go ahead and give them shit, all the while expecting professionalism and respect. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a patient cop. Perhaps that person will be ready to listen to your whining about how they need to respect you when you give them a hard time.

          • Mike S.

            ‘People like me defend people like you’…couldn’t be further from the truth. You may have the constitutional right to say what you want but you have zero authority to do so. I am an honorably discharge veteran of service. I swore an oath to defend all threats against our rights. These rights include ones that are inhibited by bully cops. No one should have to submit to a law breaking police officer for fear of getting shot. You are a flag waving coward and a lap dog to the system. It is nationalistic morons like you who set the precident for a police state. You can hang around on this article playing hall monitor but really you’re just a simpleton with a lot of opinion. I long for the days when the dumb kids stayed quiet.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            You’re a dumbass. You don’t seem to get that advising people to be civil and use common sense doesn’t mean they’re supportive of bully cops. How exactly does your reasoning allow you to conclude such a nonsensical conclusion? You claim you swore an oath an oath to defend all threats against our rights, but here you are threatening those rights with your stupidity. All I did was tell people to be civil with the police. It actually helps them if they need to sue the cops. You’re too stupid to think that far ahead. Worse, you conclude that people like me set a precedent for a police state. How exactly is that the case?

            There is nothing wrong with being proud of your country. Nationalism exists in EVERY country. Nationalism is not racism, and it is not a precursor to a police state. So, get all huffy and puffy and continue to act like an angry buffoon.

            You’re too stupid to understand that antagonizing armed people is a stupid thing to do. You seem to think that the police aren’t capable of becoming unhinged. Rather than realizing common sense, you let your lizard brain take over. You seem to think that being an ass towards the police makes you brave. When someone disagrees and gives you a well-reasoned response, you throw a tantrum and call people cowards. The only person who is afraid here is you. You’re afraid of using reason and common sense.

            So, little boy, go ahead and demonstrate your hubris and lack of reasoning by telling the police to f*ck themselves the next time you are around them. You still haven’t explained how that’s a good idea, but whatever. Go ahead and exercise your right to reject common sense. Go ahead and wrongly conclude that your behavior demonstrates principle, even though it actually demonstrates stupidity. Go ahead and tell yourself that I have no authority to say what I want, even though I do. You don’t know what you think you know, and it’s because your stupid. Your commentary is proof of this.

          • Mike S.

            Wipe the drool from your chin and put your helmet back on. There are MANY recent cases of people being civil and still getting fucked. THIS article illustrating just one of them. You can lick boots and champion a bully all you want, it just makes you a bully and a coward as well. GFY

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            You seem to want people to be uncivil towards the police. Explain to me how that’s a good idea. I understand that you’re not very good with logic, but I’m giving you a fair chance. Explain how being uncivil with the police is better than being civil with the police. Explain how being uncivil towards the police somehow constitutes approval of unprofessional behavior. Yes, people have been civil and have still been screwed over. Are you suggesting that they wouldn’t have been screwed over had they been uncivil.

            All I did was recommend that people remain civil towards the police. Never mind the fact that such advice is good advice. It’s common sense, which you obviously lack.

            So, rather than acting like a little name calling girl who can’t stand panties going up your ass, why don’t you prove your assertion. You and I both know that you’re nothing more than an angry little child who is upset at Trump because of all the mean things he says. Somehow, in your deluded little mind, that means people who call for civility are a bunch of meanies who support Hitler. Your tears and bitching aren’t going to cure you from the ass hurt you’re going to feel when Trump is elected. But go ahead an cry some more like a scared little girl. Better yet, prove your own point and tell the police to go f*ck themselves the next time you are around them. Go ahead and give them a hard time while pretending that your actions somehow makes things better. You know that you won’t. You won’t because the only coward here is you. You’re afraid to use your brain. You’re afraid of dealing with your cognitive dissonance. You know you’re wrong, but like an fool you cling to your nonsensical position.

          • Mike S.

            What the living fuck do you know about civility? You are Trump supporter. Please fuck off

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            That’s right! I’m a Trump supporter. You better get on the Trump train because your candidate is going to prison soon!

            And what do I know about civility? I know that people who antagonize the police are a bunch of retards like yourself. See, you haven’t explained why it’s a good idea to f*ck with the police. You haven’t explained how being civil demonstrates support for fascism. Dumb kids like yourself are so filled with hatred and anger. It’s no wonder you idiots can’t use critical thinking. You are too pissed off at things you don’t understand. Do you even know what a boot licker is? Do you even know the definition of “Nationalist?” You people are hilarious.

            So, hurry up now and try to muster up a clever response. You can do it. I believe in you.

          • Mike S.

            Shouldn’t you be off cutting eye holes into your pillow case for your next Trump rally? Please, pretty please fuck off. You are a mindless twit, a mouth breather, a self righteous moron and a grade A pile of shit. You are a shining example of why people like Hitler could rise to power. You repel logic like Teflon. You blindly follow anyone who will wave the flag. You don’t know sacrifice and you don’t respect our fellow countrymen. ANYONE who still supports Trump, has the rationalization skills of a lawn ornament and is absent of ANY integrity. GFY

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Stop crying and acting like a bitch. Calling people racists is your bread and butter. That’s all you have. And repelling logic? When have you used logic? You’re the idiot who thinks it’s a good idea to antagonize the police. You aren’t capable of using logic. If you were capable of using logic, you would already know that your argument is asinine.

            Why haven’t you explained how it’s a good idea to be uncivil towards the police? Why haven’t you explained how civility implies the support of fascism? “Rationalization” skills? You’re too stupid to understand that you should have used the word “reasoning” instead of “rationalization.” Of course, you’ll just rationalize and continue to ignore the truth.

            And what do you know of integrity? If you had integrity, you would actually back up your assertions with reasoning and logic. If you had integrity, you would be honest with yourself. You’re not. You know you can’t argue your points because your points are invalid. Instead, you resort to calling your opponents names because you don’t have anything else in the tank. Remember, you’re the moron who thinks it’s a good idea for people to give agitated police a hard time, and you’re the simpleton who believes that anyone who is civil supports fascist tyranny. You won’t explain yourself, mainly because you’re intellectually dishonest. You have no integrity. Your writing demonstrates this.

            So, go ahead and continue to act like a little brat. Unless you explain why it’s a bad idea to be civil towards the police, you’re only making yourself look like a bigger ass.

          • Mike S.

            Seriously too long didn’t read…boot licker.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Of course, a dumb little bitch like yourself finds reading difficult. That isn’t surprising given the fact that you can’t back up your argument. You better get on that Trump train. Your candidate is going to prison. I’m sure your candidate will get to lick all kinds of boots there. I bet you’re jealous.

          • Mike S.

            There is no argument. These cops deserve zero respect. You want respect, you give it. Cops dont automatically deserve respect. This means little to boot licking ass kissers like yourself. Trumps a cunt just like you. You have the intellectual capacity of a lawn ornament. I suggest you hop along back to your trailer park and fuck off

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Damn, you’re stupid! Since when does acting like a civilized person constitute deferential respect? Acting “respectful” is not the same as paying “deference.” You claim there is no argument, but that’s only because you can’t argue for shit. You don’t understand basic logic. There’s no hope for you. So far, you haven’t proven your point. You haven’t explained how being a jackass towards the police is a good idea. You have nothing to give except the bitter truth of knowing that Trump is going to be your next president. It would be sad if you weren’t so easy to laugh at.

            So, if you’re not going to prove your point or explain your logic, fuck off. If you are going to prove your point, please film it and upload it to YouTube. Maybe the BLM morons will see the police beat your white ass and then laugh about it. Maybe your video will go viral and get you lots of clicks. Maybe you’ll be able to move out of your mother’s basement. I’m sure she’s tired of you crying all the time and screaming “the mean boot licking people on the Internet hurt my feelings again.”

          • Kev Mccormick

            so you support hillary then is that what your saying

          • Mike

            Over Trump? Yes.

          • Kev Mccormick

            so you support a woman that is pro abortion made fun of a 12 year old rape victim laughed at her and said she deserved it was fired from the water gate investigation for un ethical practices lost her ability to be a lawyer in 2002 for those very same reasons takes money from arab countries that abuse woman yet says she stands by woman .Say victims of rape deserve to be heard ,unless its the woman her husband sexually assaulted has them harassed and threatened ,but ypu all good with that i suppose .

          • Roberto Cavalli

            Your points about Hillary making fun of a 12 year old rape victim is completely false. She was at the time the defending attorney for the accused. It was her job to attack the alleged victim’s credibility. She was never fired from the watergate investigation, she was never disbarred. She accepted donations from countries such as Saudi Arabia that mistreats women but those are their laws. Much like how the gop mistreats women. You keep using proven lies about Hillary Clinton as facts. Perhaps at least use a new lie that hasn’t be debunked.

          • Kev Mccormick

            debunked yea ok by who snopes or one of your other liberal clinton sites alleged rape victim no its fact the man raped her but hey pray it never happens to your kid hate to see someone laugh about it

          • Kev Mccormick

            Details of Hillary Clinton’s firing

            from the House Judiciary Committee staff for unethical behavior as she
            helped prepare articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon have been
            confirmed by the panel’s chief Republican counsel.

            Franklin Polk backed up major claims by Jerry Zeifman, the general counsel and chief of staff

            of the House Judiciary Committee who supervised Clinton’s work on the Watergate investigation in 1974, reported columnist Dan Calabrese in a column republished by WND.

            Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, called Clinton a “liar” and “an unethical, dishonest lawyer.”

            He contends Clinton was collaborating with allies of the Kennedys to
            block revelation of Kennedy-administration activities that made
            Watergate “look like a day at the beach.”

            Her brief, Zeifman said, was so fraudulent and ridiculous, she would have been disbarred if she had submitted it to a judge.
            Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2008/04/60962/#ObPrK0yrPxPxOC0Q.99

          • Kev Mccormick

            The Constitution of the United States says you cannot take money from
            foreign governments without explicit permission of the Congress. They
            wrote that in there because they knew the danger of corrupting our
            system by foreign money is enormous,” Gingrich said. “You had a sitting
            secretary of state whose husband radically increased his speech fees,
            you have a whole series of dots on the wall now where people gave
            millions of dollars — oh, by the way, they happen to get taken care of
            by the State Department.”

          • Kev Mccormick

            Debunk this asshole …….The Emoluments Clause, found in Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution, reads in part:

            “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no
            Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without
            the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office,
            or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign
            State.” She never got consent from congress

          • Kev Mccormick

            see snow flake if you did your research when she was Secretary of State she took money from them that was against the law and in violation .But you still get to hug your puppy and i wouldnt get caught in the pizza shop we kniw how you liberals like your pizza .

          • Roberto Cavalli

            Your are correct, there is a difference between a fascist and a nationalist. However under your own terms, their the same. You co-mingled both to form your own brand of racism and called it Patriotism.

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Damn you people are stupid. Under my own terms, THEY ARE not the same. I didn’t commingle anything. You’re the one who is commingling the definitions by proclaiming fascism and nationalism to be the same under my terms.

          • Darryn Frost

            No real american would tolerate this kind of complete ineptitude from the police. It is pathetic.

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Nobody is tolerating ineptitude from the police. All I’m saying is that people are stupid if they decide to give the police a bunch of shit when they are trying to arrest them because it drastically increases their chances of getting shot. How the hell is that wrong?. Advising common sense is not indicative of a submissive personality.

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Why are you people incapable of understanding that my comments are not evidence of tolerating ineptitude from the police. My comments referred to the fact that these old people did not give the police a bunch of shit, and because of that, they maintained a lower likelihood of getting shot, especially given the fact that the police are on edge these days. My original comment was made months ago, but they still remain true today. Antagonizing people who are well-warmed and well-trained, not to mention defensive and paranoid, is a bad fucking idea. How the Hell am I wrong here?! Explain to me why people should start mouthing off towards the police when they get detained. Do you idiots think that makes the situation better? Really, explain your nonsense.

          • Roberto Cavalli

            No, your a facist… What you stand for has nothing to do with being Patriotic and everything to do with being a fascist and a racist. Simply calling it “Patriotism” doesn’t disguise what you really are.

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Give me proof of my evil fascism. Prove that I’m a fascist. All I did on this thread is give common sense advice. That advice is simple: don’t antagonize the police because you have a greater chance of getting shot. The idiots here act as if that’s bad advice, but they haven’t provided any proof to support their contention. All they can do is resort name calling. I’m either a fascist, or a boot licking victim of would-be fascists, or whatever.

            And make no mistake about it, I’m a patriot. I’ve bled for this country and have made real sacrifices. So, go pound sand in your ass and continue to delude yourself about your misguided and incorrect points of view.

          • Roberto Cavalli

            Nah, I much rather watch you pound that sand up your own ass. It’s much more comical. I called you a fascist based on your own comments. “And you’re another uncreative Hillary supporter with his head up his ass” I’m guessing your a racist drumpf troll or just a racist. Either way, I’m just calling you out.

          • American Judoka

            You’re not calling anyone out. It’s obvious that all you want to do is watch grown men pound things in their asses, especially since you have expressed a preference for wanting to watch such things.

            It took you two months to respond to the last post, probably because you couldn’t actually figure out what fascism is or how to recognize it. You had two months to figure this out and you still failed. It’s as if the Universe is rigged against you. In a way, it’s sad. Still, it’s funny. Perhaps you should have used some concentration rather than fantasizing about watching sand being pounded into someone’s ass. Maybe then you would know what fascism is and what it isn’t. Probably not, since you’re stupid, but there’s still a chance. Don’t give up just because your candidate LOST, LOL!!!!!

            Does it burn you up that Hillary was rejected? Are you ass-hurt because you are now forced to say PRESIDENT TRUMP? I told you morons that Hillary wasn’t going to win, and now you’re all losing your minds like a bunch of unruly children. You have all shown the world what you people really are: A BUNCH OF WHINY LOSERS! lol

          • Roberto Cavalli

            It took me 2 months because I don’t use this email much. But I get a kick out getting racist trolls like riled up… nothing wrong with my ass thank you very much, but I’m guess nothings wrong with your either since your probably used to sand… And no, drumpfster will never be my president. Much like I suspect that President Obama was never yours… So dick wad, troll much?

          • American Judoka

            Racist?! That’s rich coming from a white guy. I don’t know what “dick wadding” is or isn’t, so you may want to keep your extra-curricular activities out of this. Ah, who are we kidding?! You have no curriculum! As if you can make it into school, lol.

            By the way, I noticed you keep using “YOUR” instead of “YOU ARE.” I think Common Core has failed you.

            And you’re wrong. President Trump IS your president. President Obama is my president too, that is until January. Then he’s an ex-president, just like the Bushes, Clinton, and Carter. Don’t be a little bitch and act like a little girl simply because your corrupt whore of a candidate lost. That’s what you idiots get for nominating a moron who obviously didn’t know what she was doing regarding OPSEC. Don’t worry. In time, you will get used to saying President Trump. It has a nice ring to it. Not only does it roll off the tongue, it makes me hear the sound of rushing tears hitting the streets from you precious little snowflakes who just can’t seem to get over yourselves. I told you bastards to get on the Trump train, but you wouldn’t listen. Now you’re ass-hurt and remain on the losing side. LOSER. lol

          • Roberto Cavalli

            dude, why are still trolling here.. no one likes you…. drumpf is laughing at you for voting for him. And no he’s not my president. And what make you think I’m white? As Hillary being corrupt, nice try regurgitating those lies. Go ahead and march like the racist troll zombie that you are. Also I’m way b4 common core. But if your stuck on that fair academics no wonder your too stupid to see facts….

          • American Judoka

            Hey, you’re* the retard who took 2 months to respond. I was merely giving you some much needed feedback because I feel bad for the people like you who have to ride the small yellow bus to school.

            And what makes me think you’re white? That’s simple: I’m psychic. I have remote viewing skills that allow me to see that you’re sitting on your couch again trying to pleasure yourself. It’s obvious that you’re a frail little white boy with a small pecker. It’s no wonder that you’re fascinated by shoving sand into the assholes of men.

            I can also feel the pain you feel due to my super-human empathy. I know that your ass hurts. At first, I thought it was from all that sand you shoved up there, but then I realize that it was more than that. This pain is from the betrayal you felt by Hillary Clinton and her obvious corruption. Of course, you’re just sitting there with your fingers around your tiny pecker trying to figure this all out. You don’t get that she betrayed you. You simply feel the pain in your ass. Want to feel it some more? Listen carefully – PRESIDENT TRUMP. Listen again – PRESIDENT TRUMP. ROFLMAO!

            Again, as a reminder – it’s “YOU ARE” not “YOUR,” IDIOT. lol

            TRUMP!! TRUMP!! TRUMP!!. I know this bothers you, but in time, you will come to realize that he is now your president. You can be a child and say “he’s not my president,” but we all know you aren’t going to renounce your citizenship. He’s your president now! lol

          • Roberto Cavalli

            LMFAO,,, wait you hear that? Its drumpf thanking you for voting for him… He’s telling you thank you very much, now bend over while I drain the swamp…. LOL!!!…

          • American Judoka

            There you go again with your wishful thinking about me bending over. Perhaps you should find Jesus. Not the guy who mows my lawn, but the Jew who was nailed to a cross by ancient Italians. Maybe if you find Jesus you can stop giving in to your impure thoughts about other men.

          • Roberto Cavalli

            Yea, your obviously a russian troll. You didn’t read what i said. Either that or your the one with impure thoughts. Than that’s between you and drumpf.

          • American Judoka

            If you’re buying into the fake news about Russian hackers, you’re a gullible fool who is empowering a bunch of douche-bags with your abject ignorance. You morons don’t seem to understand that your ideology, as stupid as it is, has been hijacked by a bunch of power-hungry liars who only tell you what you want to hear. You are one of their useful idiots.

            Do you hear that?! DO YOU HEAR IT?!!! That’s right – IT’S THE TRUMP TRAIN, BABY! Your side LOST! Get over yourselves. Trump is now your president. Denial only makes that pain in your ass worse! (Don’t get excited. I’m simply explaining that you ass-hurt snowflakes need to accept reality and stop trying to blame your shitty candidate’s loss on the boogie man).

            You idiots should ask some basic questions without going ape shit. For example, how exactly did the Russians hack the election? What did they hack? Are you idiots saying that Podesta’s emails were all hacked? Explain how the hackers were able to defeat a 2048 bit RSA key for thousands upon thousands of emails. Was the content of those emails manipulated? If so, how? Where’s the proof? If the email content was altered, why do these emails stand up to DKIM verification? I can go on an on, but we both know that you or anyone else on your side of the fence won’t face the answers. You don’t want the truth.

            The fact remains that the DNC and Hillary Clinton are despicable. The sooner you idiots divorce yourselves from the Clintons and the DNC, the sooner you idiots can go back to the harmless little dipshits you long to be; like those morons who hug trees and avoid the use of deodorant. It’s funny as hell watching you dipshits get all bothered over the Russians, especially given how you simpletons desire socialism to the point of full-retardation. It’s as if you morons forgot who you used to idolize.

            I’m sure you won’t forget who your new president is. If you could, you would, but you can’t. Say it with me – PRESIDENT TRUMP! lol

          • No seriously @tychonian:disqus , @mike_santoro:disqus is right: you’re a bootlicker.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            And just like Mike S., you’re retarded. Advocating for common sense does not make one a boot licker. All I did was recommend that people remain civil towards the police, but you bastards want to cry like little bitches since you wrongly think common sense doesn’t apply. You idiots somehow think that being civil implies approval of tyranny. You people are too dense to realize that you shouldn’t antagonize agitated police officers since it actually increases the chance of you getting shot or having your ass beat. The sad thing is that you morons vote. You should be ashamed of your lack of reasoning. It’s as if you dumb bastards are incapable of using basic logic. You have no common sense or critical thinking skills.

            Like I told the other morons who are defending stupid points, go ahead and tell the cops to f*ck off. See what happens. It is obvious that none of you window lickers are going to explain how it’s a good idea to give the police a hard time. You won’t explain how you came to the conclusion that I’m a boot licker. I challenge you bastards to demonstrate your reasoning. You won’t, mainly because you aren’t using reason, but I challenge you nonetheless. Idiots, lol!

          • I think you need to seek professional help @tychonian:disqus

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Why don’t you read the words written on your avatar picture? Universalize Non-Violence, right? Do you know what that means? Apparently not since you think I’m a boot licker simply for stating that pissing off the police is a bad idea. I recommended that people remain civil. Is that not an expression of non-violence? Or is the notion not universal? See, you’re a hypocrite and you don’t even realize it.

            Why would I need professional help? Simply because I believe that people who piss off the police when they’re doing their job run the risk of getting their ass beaten or shot? Is that not common sense?

            Like I said, you people are retards. There is no desire from you people to use reason. You’re just filled with rage and hate. You idiots don’t even know why you’re pissed off. You think it’s Trump or his supporters or Nazis or Police Officers or white people, etc. The real reason why you people are so pissed off is because you’re gullible. You believe the BS reported by the media. You idiots think Trump is Satan, all the while doing your best to lie to yourselves about Hillary Clinton. And you idiots think I’m the boot licker. Go figure, losers.

          • Your posts are all long, nonsensical rants.

            Your avatar is a skull

            Your handle mentions nukes for crying-out-loud.

            I was being serious when I said that you need professional help @tychonian:disqus

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            It seems nonsensical to you because of your inability to use common sense. Again, none of you idiots have proven how it’s a good idea to give the police a hard time when they’re doing their job. It’s because you people can’t. You’re all anger filled morons who live in a vacuum filled with like-minded idiots.

            Yes, my avatar is a skull. Yes, my name is NUCLEAR JUDOKA. Those are facts. Do you know what facts are? If so, why don’t you provide some facts that support your stupid arguments? Why don’t you educate me on how being civil with the police is a bad idea? Why don’t you prove me wrong? We all know you people are a bunch of douche bags who get angry with people simply because they advise non-confrontational behavior when dealing with agitated police officers, but you’re also a bunch of cowards. You idiots know that you would never give the police a hard time if it were you in the video. If so, prove it! My point is self-evident. Only retards argue against self-evident points, but maybe you’re one of those special kind of retards. You, just like the other people on this thread who believe that being civil is somehow wrong, are retarded. Really. Fucking retards. You idiots are going to be beside yourselves when Trump is your president, lol.

          • Craig

            Keep telling yourself whatever makes you feel right and good. Boot licker. I bet you hope you get to hold the whip.

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Oh, you mean the TRUTH? You mean embracing common sense and reasoning? People shouldn’t antagonize the cops because it will drastically increase their chances of getting shot. It’s as if you idiots can’t figure this simple shit out. So, go ahead and play like little boys in your make-believe Universe of stupidity. Go ahead and attempt to prove me wrong. Act on your obvious need to feel like you’re a tough guy and antagonize the police the next time they pull you over. See how that works out for you.

            Unlike yourself, I have no need to be hostile towards the police whenever they pull me over. I obey the law because I consent to be governed by law. You people are just a bunch of stupid morons who can’t understand the wisdom and common sense involved with what I’m saying. IS IT NOT COMMON SENSE TO AVOID ANTAGONIZING ARMED POLICE OFFICERS TRYING TO DO THEIR JOB? Prove me wrong. You can’t, and more importantly, you won’t. None of the other simple dipshits on this thread have mustered the argumentation skill needed to prove that I’m wrong. Nope, they just claim I’m a boot licker while deluding themselves into believing that they’re brave members of the Rebel Alliance against Imperial police. You people are the reason why America has gone to shit over the last 8 years.

          • Roberto Cavalli

            And so was that little kid that was shot in Ohio, I think about 2 seconds right after the police got out of their car just for playing with a toy gun in a park. Was he disrespecting the police? Or how about that man that was carrying a unloaded pellet gun he had just purchased and walking back home. The police didn’t give warning, the police simply ran him over with their cars.

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Listen moron, you’re too stupid to figure out that all you’re really doing is illustrating my point further. Read what I wrote in this thread. Start at the top. I made it very clear that people should do their best to avoid pissing off the police. You idiots think it’s because I’m either a boot-licker who will kneel before the cops, or that I’m a fascist who wants people to kneel before the cops. The fact of the matter is that all I did was advocate for common sense. In other words, IF YOU GIVE THE POLICE A BUNCH OF SHIT, YOU INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING SHOT. I especially qualified this by further explaining that cops are on edge. Even though I said this on this thread months ago, it still remains true today. Cops will not put up with anything that may threaten them, especially people who choose to antagonize them when they’re trying to do their jobs. Since you already think that the police are willing to kill people for stupid reasons, how is my advice bad? What is your reasoning? Why should someone disrespect the cops during an arrest and not cooperate, especially given the fact that they seem like the kind of people who “simply” run people over with their cars or shoot people playing with toys? Explain yourself, pendejo!

          • boot licker for sure. .

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            And you’re another uncreative Hillary supporter with his head up his ass. The fact that you idiots think that civil behavior is unacceptable proves your stupidity.

          • Buffalo Trace

            Boot licker.

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            You’re an imbecile, especially given the fact that this thread is from months ago. Still, just like I told the other retards on this thread, you’re an idiot. It should be obvious to people that the police aren’t fucking around when it comes to shooting people they perceive to be a threat. If you want to be a dumb-ass and antagonize these people with your little boy bravado, be my guest. Prove my point for me and discover why being an asshole towards the police is a bad idea. It’s as if you people haven’t figured out the correlation between being an asshole and getting shot by the police. So, instead of making the correct conclusion and realizing that antagonism is a foolish approach when it comes to ill-tempered men who are armed, you guys idiotically conclude that I’m a boot licker, as if the police are somehow concerned with law abiding citizens who happen to be on their side. That’s what you idiots don’t get. It isn’t surprising given your penchant for licking windows and playing with spoons. Pendejo.

          • Roberto Cavalli

            And you must be one of those racist murders….

          • Lauren Snyder

            I don’t think anybody said that civil behavior is unacceptable, just that things like yelling, running, swearing, etc shouldn’t be a death sentence. They’re disrespectful and shitty, but shouldn’t cost you your life without trial. A police officer has every right to defend his life if a suspect is armed and is trying to assault them, but the suspect having poor behavior does not warrant an officer becoming a self-appointed executioner.

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Are you kidding me?! Lots of people on here are acting like idiots and claiming that I’m either a boot-licker who will somehow enable fascists, or I’m a fascist trying to make people lick my boots. All I did was advise people to be respectful, mainly because there’s a greater likelihood of getting shot, especially given the fact that the police are on edge due to the assholes from BLM.

            Now, for some unexplainable reason, you want to emphasize that being an asshole shouldn’t cost your life (as if I said that it should, which I didn’t). Why don’t you understand that I’m telling people to avoid being an asshole towards armed men who are on defensively on edge? Somehow, in the deluded minds of all the assholes here on this thread, that makes me a boot-licker. Or maybe that makes me a fascist. You idiots can’t seem to make up your minds.

          • YellowHammer Pirate

            UnDead Bootlicker—we expect police to use their heads and not their triggers. Having several officers yelling commands is the worst mistake, and, had this couple not been senior whites, when Bev went back to get her crutches, she could have been shot, when Robin listened to one officer and turned, he would have been shot. There is NO excuse for such behavior–“human” beings make mistakes–not massive blunders of protocols and common sense. AND folks who are NOT accustomed to being pulled over and harassed, like these two, are the ones most likely to do something innocently an get shot by officers who were way to hepped up for a traffic stop in the first place.

            I ain’t voting for Hillary either but your saying that means you are totally hateful and out of touch with reality—or responsibility for your own words.

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            You can expect the police to kick your ass if you decide to antagonize them when they’re detaining you. You idiots don’t even get that you are all over the place when it comes to the thoughtless points you morons are making. Had you read what I wrote, you would already realize that nobody is making excuses for the cops. If you think that, you’re just as stupid as all the other losers on here who can’t grasp simple logic.

            It doesn’t matter if you morons expect or even demand that police officers “use their heads.” If you’re an idiot and don’t use your own head, one of these officers may indeed pull the trigger, regardless of your expectations. See, cops are on edge right now. They were on edge when I first wrote on this thread, and they will continue to be on edge as long as the anti-American assholes from BLM continue their bullshit.

            And how the Hell am I out of touch with reality?! It’s you assholes that aren’t in touch with reality, especially if you think I’m wrong for advising people to be respectful. You dumb fucks simply want to rage over shit for no reason. If you read what I wrote carefully, you will see that what I was advising is common sense. PROVE ME WRONG! Go ahead and give the police a bunch of shit and see what happens to you. Explain how being civil towards the police is a bad idea. Rather than recognizing that it’s a bad idea to mouth of to the police, you crying little bitches want to complain and pretend that as you’re all a bunch of rebels who stand up to authority or something. You’re really just a bunch of ignorant fools who don’t grasp the very simple point I’ve made.

          • YellowHammer Pirate

            Dear Undead Bootlicker.

            Your initial post about the couple ignored their plight and said that anyone who is disrespectful of the police can’t expect to be treated well. You totally ignored that these two did nothing and were still treated deplorably, not only by breaking standard police protocols (always, ONE officer giving commands) but also by not double checking the data (that was uploaded incorrectly by both the officer and the dispatcher) even though the officer present stated he was not convinced that the couple were car thieves.

            You’re posts to me also reiterated what you said initially about the police “kicking your ass” if you antagonize them–again not addressing the article about two people who did nothing. NO one in any of the posts responding to you said the senior couple mouthed off at police…hello?

            …and accusing people of being “Hillary backers”, “ignorant fools”, “dumb fucks”, “morons”, “crying little bitches”, “assholes”, who were truly and correctly upset about the way the couple were treated shows you are not grasping reality–or are a calloused troll who is thriving on drama.

            I now tend to believe you are a troll, hence I’m putting up the sign, “DO NOT FEED THE TROLL”.

            …of course, you can prove me wrong by apologizing to those you’ve gone off on.

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            First of all, you haven’t undermined my point. As soon as you can explain how it’s a good idea for someone to give the police a bunch of shit, maybe you’ll get somewhere. Second of all, I didn’t ignore the fact that these two old people were treated like shit. Just because other people chose not to mention it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t mentioned. It also doesn’t mean that mentioning the fact that these old people didn’t deserve their treatment somehow invalidates my point. It does not such thing. I made it very clear that what happened to them was messed up. See, you’re just to stupid to have gathered that. If your reading comprehension were better, you would have figured out what I wrote. Alas, you’re a dumb bastard who probably chews on forks. You can’t seem to figure out that my point was proven by these two unfortunate geezers.

            You should have been able to read from my very first post on this thread that I wrote the following: “They weren’t killed. They didn’t disrespect the police. They didn’t yell at them or tell them to f*ck off. They didn’t start running away. Did the police make mistakes? Yes, and the taxpayers will pay for those mistakes.” As you probably can’t surmise because of your slow brain, I clearly indicated how these old people behaved. That’s the way people should behave around the police; not because compliance is akin to the acceptance of “boot-licking” subservience to a fascist state, but because police officers who are acting unreasonably can easily be antagonized. Police officers require equanimity in order to due their jobs. When people purposely agitate them, or worse, threatens them, things can go South in a hurry. It’s like poking an angry cougar in the eye with a stick. If the cougar attacks and kills you, I will probably think that you shouldn’t have poked the cougar in the eye with a stick. The same thing works with human beings. You may not like it, and you may even sense the injustice of it all, but the fact remains that the advice I offered is good advice. You are free to ignore it. Go ahead and give the police a bunch of shit and see what happens. In fact, if you think I’m wrong about the cougar, go ahead and try that too. All I ask is that you film it and upload it to YouTube. Just name it “Video for the Undead Bootlicker.”

            Unfortunately, you idiots can’t grasp my points. They elude you because you simply lost the genetic lottery and don’t seem to have the traits necessary for intelligent discourse. So, in order to communicate with you window licking buffons, I must address you in a way that is appropriate and effective. I call you people out for what you all are: IDIOTS. Yes, that over-used word is the very best label for you unintelligent leftists.

            You shall get no apology. If you can’t handle people going off on you for being a complete imbecile, stop acting like a complete imbecile. Again, my points still stand, and unless you provide actual reasoning that undermines my point, all you’re doing is reinforcing the image that you have severe cognitive deficiency.

            If you support Hillary Clinton, it is because you’re clueless or morally bereft. More likely than not, it’s both in your case. Hillary Clinton is a world-class liar, and if you were intellectually honest, you would already know this fact. She is the worst sort of person, and you will be kicking yourself next month when she loses the election. You better get on the Trump train!

            As for thriving on drama, you’re the worthless asshole who decided to play. You’re the crying little bitch who is now complaining about trolls while at the same time posting on this thread months after I first posted a response. For being a special little snowflake who complains about trolls, you certainly didn’t mind necro-posting.

            And for the record, I’ve already proven you wrong. My points, after all, are self-evident. Antagonizing the police is a bad idea because it can lead to someone getting shot or legally compromised. How exactly am I wrong here? None of you simple bastards will answer this question – not a single one of you. You little retards will simply claim that I’m a troll and then act as if you were right all along, despite not spelling out a sound and valid argument that can be evaluated premise by premise. We all know that you dipshits haven’t actually undermined my point, but go ahead and keep acting like the small yellow bus riders that you are. If you had any notion of reasoning, you wouldn’t think that an apology proves anyone wrong. Only valid argumentation does such a thing, and unfortunately for you, it’s too advanced for you to discern. You can prove otherwise by making a categorical syllogism that undermines my point, but you won’t do it, probably because you can’t.

          • Jack Smith

            forcing a senior citizen to take his shirt off just to humiliate him is ok?? wtf is wrong with you

          • Den Hickey

            A. Police are supposed to be trained professionals and this is their job, but you want leeway for them because “they’re human, just like the rest of us” while at the same time trying to blame the people they kill because they were rude to police or ran from police.. all things someone who is human might do after decades of police harassing, assaulting, and even killing (black) people for no good reason. You are making excuses for the lack of impulse control among those who are trained professionals but not giving any such leeway to those who are NOT trained professionals.

            B. TWO people have killed cops because of cops killing black people. NEITHER of them were “BLM supporters”.

            C. “You may not want police officers to act this way, but what do
            you expect given today’s political climate? Professionalism? Respect?”

            YES. Professionalism, Respect, and restraint BECAUSE THAT IS THEIR JOB! If they can’t do that, then they should not be cops. Period.

            D. “BLM and the anti-police crowd have ensured that the police will be on edge for quite a while.”

            BLM is not anti-police. It is against police harassing, assaulting, and killing black people for no good reason. That is something that has gone on for decades. If you think that is anti-police, then what does that say about what you think the job of police is in the first place?

            E. What you are basically saying is that if people complain about police killing black people and if two lone criminals kill police because police kill black people so casually police will then be MORE likely to kill even more people… and we should just expect that, rather than expect actual professionalism from the professionals we task with enforcing the law.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Obviously, you think it’s completely fine to disrespect police, yell at them, tell them to f*ck off, and run away. Try doing all those things and see what happens.

            And save your BS about BLM for the fools who buy into your obvious apologist propaganda. Don’t lie and say BLM isn’t anti-police when their hatred is so profound. You’re probably one of those fools who is upset over the fact that this couple wasn’t black. You probably wish they were so you can feel better about your indignation. You aren’t fooling anyone.

            You can lie and put words in my mouth, but all I explained was that people who yell at the police or run from them have a higher likelihood of getting shot. Sure, they should be professional. Hasn’t common sense and recent history shown that professionalism can easily be trumped by paranoia and anger? But go ahead and tell them to f*ck off and run from them while you’re yelling “YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE PROFESSIONALS.” Maybe they’ll hear you and respond by saying “You’re right, and now we won’t beat your ass.”

          • Richard Moore

            Is running away a cause for deadly force now? I’m not up on the current rules. Does yelling constitute bodily injury and harm and can therefore be mitigated by shooting the person and be absolved by the officer claiming they feared for their lives because of words? I don’t have my rules of conduct handy. And we all know car theft raises to the level of public endangerment where we need three officers drawing guns to stop this heinous crime.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Is running away a cause for deadly force now? No, but if you run away from the cops, there’s a greater chance of you getting your ass kicked or shot. Is it wrong? Sure, but it is reality. Use common sense.

            Does yelling constitute bodily injury and harm and can therefore be mitigated by shooting the person and be absolved by the officer claiming they feared for their lives because of words? No. There’s nothing illegal about yelling; however, if you choose to yell at the police, there’s a greater chance of you getting your ass kicked or shot. Is it wrong? Sure, but it is reality. Use common sense.

            You people seem to think I’m defending the police. You guys are smoking crack or something. All I’m saying is that the police are on edge right now, and if you had been paying attention to the current political climate, you would understand why. You can demand all the professionalism and reform you want from police officers, but police officers are human just like the rest of us. That means they’re assholes like the rest of us. Still, you can think what you want. Go ahead and yell at the police or run from them. If you get your ass beat or shot, you can then argue before a judge that your civil rights were violated. Maybe you’ll win the ghetto lottery and get a large settlement.

          • Den Hickey

            “You people seem to think I’m defending the police.”

            Because YOU ARE.

            “All I’m saying is that the police are on edge right now, and if you had
            been paying attention to the current political climate, you would
            understand why.”

            Police deaths are at their lowest in decades. Please explain what the political climate is that puts them so on edge.. outside of people getting fed up with them killing black people for no good reason, of course.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            No, I’m not. I’m defending common sense. It’s not my fault you’re too stupid to figure that out.

            And get real. Have you not paid attention to all the loser BLM people threatening cops?! Do you not remember the BLM supporter who killed all those cops in Texas?! Stop being an apologist for BLM. If you think the cops aren’t on edge, you’re an idiot who isn’t paying attention.

          • Den Hickey

            Except, of course, that guy WASN’T involved in BLM. Aaand still just ONE guy. How many cops have harassed, assaulted, or killed black people for no good reason?

            ” If you think the cops aren’t on edge, you’re an idiot who isn’t paying attention.”

            You mean despite the fact that police deaths are incredibly low? And yet you expect black people to not run away from cops despite the numbers of black people killed by police?

            “I’m defending common sense.”

            Oh, so you are trying to lecture (black) people about how they should act around cops… like the actual people being harassed, assaulted, and killed haven’t known that for decades.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Go ahead and be a useful idiot for the BLM movement. Nobody is going to take your seriously. The black man who killed those officers supported BLM. He hated white people and really hated the police. You’re just a liar who wants to make it seem as if the losers from BLM are a bunch of reasonable people. They’re not. They’re assholes who endanger people’s lives by blocking the freeway and encouraging violence against the police. You can lie and try to paint a different picture, but people will see through your nonsense. BLM are a bunch of idiots and racist agitators. Go ahead and act as if police aren’t concerned about BLM supporters assassinating them. Your delusions won’t change reality. The police are on edge, and only clueless people like yourself think otherwise.

            And stop being a racist. I didn’t lecture black people. That’s just wishful thinking on your part. I’m advocating common sense. If you tell the police to f*ck off or start running away when they detain you, you stand a greater chance of getting your ass beat or shot. If you don’t think so, it’s because you choose to see things wrong. You just want to see race as an issue because you’re mentally deranged.

            So, go ahead and do what you want when the police pull you over. Get out of the car and piss on their leg. When they beat your ass or shoot you, you can lecture them on how they should be more professional.

          • Den Hickey

            “The black man who killed those officers supported BLM. He hated white people and really hated the police.”

            Citation needed.

            “They’re assholes who endanger people’s lives by blocking the freeway”

            Its funny how you paint an entire nationwide movement by something done by a tiny number of people… but when it comes to cops, not so much. You make excuses for them.

            “Go ahead and act as if police aren’t concerned about BLM supporters assassinating them.”

            …. because police have been harassing, assaulting, and killing black people and getting away with it for decades.

            “You just want to see race as an issue because you’re mentally deranged.”

            Except, of course, black people are statistically more likely to be assaulted or killed by police. .. and the police are more likely to get away with it. And the media and society are more likely to try to blame them for their own deaths no matter what the circumstances.

            “When they beat your ass or shoot you, you can lecture them on how they should be more professional.”

            No, I’m saying they should be more professional RIGHT NOW.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            You need a citation?! Idiot. That bastard assassinated police officers. His hatred should be as should be as self-evident as your stupidity, but people like you are blinded by your politics. Like I said, you are deranged.

            Quit bitching about the plight of black people being harassed or killed by the police. What you need to do is get over yourself. You don’t know what you think you know. Look up the statistics. It isn’t hard. Use Google. If you do your homework, you will see that there is no epidemic of police officers killing black people. Most of the black people killed in America are killed by other black people. So much for Black Lives Matter. More white people are killed by the police than blacks. That’s a fact, but you’ll dismiss it. BLM thrives because of racists like yourself who can’t get over what someone’s ancestors did to someone else’s ancestors. Your tantrums and indignation only reinforce your rejection of reason. Yeah, racism sucks, but so does posing as a bunch of weak little victims who use race to complain about everything. Get over yourself and stop being a racist.

            You can demand professionalism all you want, but you should know better. You’re probably one of those morons who gets pissed off and shocked when you are surprised by the wait at the DMV, despite the fact that such a wait is to be expected. Behavior is predictable. The police are behaving in the way they’re behaving because media sensationalism has promoted a dishonest narrative that you are buying into. To make matters worse, you’re deluding yourself into thinking that this problem doesn’t exist. You disregard the evidence and act as if it lacks credibility or doesn’t exist. It’s no wonder people like you tend to support Hillary. She’s a talented liar, and you seem to like to telling lies to yourself.

            Your statistics are BS. The real statistics paint a different picture from the scenario you’re conjuring. Black people commit over half of all murders, despite only comprising around 13 percent of the population. Even with that statistic in mind, the police still managed to kill more white people – CRIMINALS. Everyone bitches when the police do stupid things like arrest an old white disabled couple, but they don’t seem to mind when the police have to deal with violent thugs, rapists, child murderers, arsonists, vandals, heroin dealers, or crazy people. Police have to deal with the worst of the worst, but here you are demanding more professionalism like a childish spectator. Your naive approach to the burden of civilization keeps you ignorant.

          • Den Hickey

            “You need a citation?! Idiot. That bastard assassinated police
            officers. His hatred should be as should be as self-evident as your
            stupidity, but people like you are blinded by your politics. Like I
            said, you are deranged.”

            You specifically said he was associated with BLM. You dropped that, of course, when you responded. Goodbye. Someone as dishonest as you is not worth talking to.

            ” Look up the statistics. It isn’t hard. Use Google. If you do your
            homework, you will see that there is no epidemic of police officers
            killing black people. Most of the black people killed in America are
            killed by other black people. So much for Black Lives Matter. More
            white people are killed by the police than blacks. That’s a fact, but
            you’ll dismiss it.”

            Yes, more white people are killed.. because white people make up around 80% of the country. Black people are more likely than white people to be killed by police per capita, though.

            ” Behavior is predictable. The police are behaving in the way they’re
            behaving because media sensationalism has promoted a dishonest
            narrative that you are buying into.”

            Despite most of the behavior we are talking about here predating this media sensationalism.

            You are dishonest, racist scum.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Racist?! LOL!!!! Why do stupid progressives still act as if that word some sort of magic powers? You idiots have used it so much you’ve diminished the meaning of the word. Guess what? Nobody cares if you call me or anyone else a racist. See, you’re a political hack. When facts and reason TRUMP your argument, we expect you to call us racists and bigots. That’s how you liberals operate. You resort to calling people names because you are filled with hate but have no real power to do anything about the problems you’re bitching about. You think your good intentions and flawed ideas somehow make you more important than you really are. The fact of the matter is that you are completely unimportant.

            What are you going to do about the problem of bad police behavior? Are you going to cry some more like a little girl? Are you going to get all huffy and puffy while you pout at the screen. What are you going to do? NOTHING. That’s right, NOTHING. When the police pull you over, go ahead and keep it real by telling them to f*ck themselves, all the while telling yourself that you showed them.

            And stop lying to yourself. You use conjecture to reluctantly accept the fact that more whites are killed by the police. You then try to marginalize the statistic by implying something stupid, all the while ignoring the fact that blacks commit more than half the murders in this country. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT, GENIUS?! Tell me how blacks, who make up around 13% of our nation’s populace, are somehow not to blame for their disproportionate participation in murder. I suppose that it hasn’t dawned upon you if black people stopped committing crimes, they would probably encounter the police less. You probably think that’s racist, but facts and reasoning are on my side.

            You probably think you’re special because you think this problem predated media sensationalism. It’s too bad you lack common sense. Maybe if you had some common sense, you would already know that the behavior you are referring to isn’t going to disappear. That behavior isn’t going to go away. Mankind has demonstrated thuggery from time immemorial. Oppression is a human trait that will never be eradicated. No amount of training or professionalism is going to get rid of that reality. But go ahead and try to do so by giving the police a hard time when they’re trying to do their job. Go ahead and pontificate about professionalism and how they should deal with murderers and gang members. Go ahead and rehash that delusion going around in your head where you somehow believe your good intentions make a difference. We both know that you will not solve this problem. You’re the kind of idiot who thinks using common sense is bad advice. Maybe if you weren’t such a racist viewing things through a racist looking glass you would understand these points. Now, go back to being all upset with the mean racist man on the Internet who hurt your feelings, lol.

          • Den Hickey

            “Racist?! LOL!!!! Why do stupid progressives still act as if that word some sort of magic powers?”

            He says after having called me a racist in previous posts.

            You’re an idiot.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            See, that’s what’s funny – you really are a racist, and you have the nerve to call others racist because you mistakenly think I’m a supporter of the police. You then respond in the only way you know how, which is to call me a racist. All I did was recommend that people use common sense and decency around the police and you act as if I’m a Nazi who killed your cat. You really are deranged. I wonder how sad you’re going to be when Trump wins in November.

            And yes, you are a racist. You see the world through a lens of victimization and skin color. You let politics define your actions, even when that action is to deny the truth and common sense. You don’t know what you think you know, and in the end, your efforts are meaningless.

            Tell me, what have you done to lessen the violence happening in the black community other than bitch and complain? What solutions do you have that are realistic? See, you have none. There are no solutions to the problem you’re complaining about. Human nature is what it is, and the arrogance of modern man is thinking that they are somehow different and can fix it. You aren’t fixing anything. No one is fixing anything about racism and hatred towards one another. You’re too dense to understand that concept. If you were smart, you would realize that being civil towards the police isn’t in any way bad advice, but in your deranged mind, I’m a police apologist. In your deranged mind, black supremacists have not been killing the cops or putting the cops on edge. In your sick mind, the cops aren’t on edge and the problem is non-existent. In your sick mind, BLM loves white people and the police and are merely introducing a grievance. So, yes, you are a racist and stupid to boot.

          • Den Hickey

            Racist?! LOL!!!! Why do stupid progressives still act as if that word
            some sort of magic powers? You idiots have used it so much you’ve
            diminished the meaning of the word. Guess what? Nobody cares if you
            call me or anyone else a racist. See, you’re a political hack. When
            facts and reason TRUMP your argument, we expect you to call us racists
            and bigots. That’s how you liberals operate. You resort to calling
            people names because you are filled with hate

          • Roberto Cavalli

            He’s lying, A report released by the FBI documented 12,765 people were killed by police officers between 09 and 12. of that 77.7% of the people killed were men, and 51.1% were black men, while 46.3% were white. It’s obvious this dipshit makes shit up to fit his narrative and still can’t make a clear argument. All he can do is swear at others and whine about it. It’s like arguing with the toilet after eating a large bowl of 12 day old chilli. Nasty as fuck and no substance.


          • Lauren Snyder

            “Most of the black people killed in America are killed by other black people. So much for Black Lives Matter.”

            Black people kill eachother, therefor it completely excuses racial profiling and discrimination? You make it sound like “black people” are just one unit, and if it hurt itself, that’s its own damn fault. If siblings hit each other would that mean it’s alright for the parents to beat their kids, because hey, the kids hit eachother too?

            More white people are killed by police than blacks because whites make up 75-80% of the US population. You’re saying “more” by numbers, not by percentage of each population. Blacks are three times more likely to encounter force from the police than whites.

            Don’t say “you disregard evidence” when you don’t have a complete or unbiased picture yourself. You aren’t a statistician, and you don’t have all the evidence to make an unbiased judgement. I don’t either, nobody does except for real experts, but when you keep playing off the wise and holier-than-thou thing, it’s hard to take seriously.

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            When one refers to “Black people,” “White people,” or any other label for an ethic group, one is referring to the social construct of generality that all colloquial political discourse on the Internet relies upon. Exceptions are inherent to such constructs. So, when I refer to “Black people,” I am referring to the people who identify themselves as being part of the black community. As such, they function as not a single unit unto itself, but rather a group of individuals who meet criteria for the subject being addressed through political discourse. In this case, I am referring to the idiots from BLM.

            You are wrong. When you evaluate the data using proper reasoning and utilize basic first-year college mathematics, you will conclude that there is no epidemic of anyone getting shot and killed by the police. Anyone who claims otherwise is intellectually dishonest. According to the Washington Post, 986 people were shot to death by the police in 2015. 258 of those people were black. In comparison, there were almost 6000 black people who were killed by other black people in 2015. Even though 23 times as many black people were killed by other black people than by police, that is still nowhere near being an epidemic. We have around 319 million people in the United States, and law enforcement serves all of them. A “black” person here in the United States has a 1 in 1.2 million chance of getting shot to death by the police. NOT AN EPIDEMIC.

            Now, regarding your butchered logic about siblings and parents, please know that your silly attempts at analogy don’t apply to anything I’ve written on this thread. The fact remains that if the police pull you over, your chances of getting shot and killed are extremely low, but they will increase significantly if you become an asshole towards the cops. They’ll go up even more if you rush them or threaten them somehow. Again, this is common sense.

            And so you know, I don’t have to be a statistician to understand basic statistics. Also, stop embracing logical fallacies which appeal to authority. One does not need to be an expert to know that the data and statistics don’t support the BLM narrative.

          • Lauren Snyder

            Again with the “more black people kill other black people” thing and I’m not sure what that’s supposed to prove. A civilian who kills another civilian is a criminal and is tried and prosecuted. A police officer who kills a civilian, which has in recent cases been an unarmed, non-violent civilian, the officer isn’t prosecuted, and this is what people have a problem with. The chances of a violent encounter with an officer are low, but they ARE HIGHER for blacks. The New York Police Department collected data and found that officers were 53% more likely to use force on blacks and hispanics than white civilians, and apparently even in cases where the civilians were described as compliant, they were still 21% more likely to use force against blacks and hispanics. The Washington Post database you cited from 2015 also found that blacks were 2.5 times more likely to be killed than whites. Apparently according to a 2015 database tracked by The Guardian, rates of civilian fatalities by law enforcement were 2.92 for whites, and 7.2 for blacks, despite the fact that whites are by far the majority of the US population. That is the BLM narrative, and I’d say those statistics support it.

            All epidemic means is “widespread occurrence.” There are probably very specific medical definitions for what constitutes an epidemic in terms of illness or disease, but in terms of social occurrences, I don’t believe there’s a threshold that needs to be met. We could call it a trend if that sounds better, . This is seen as an “epidemic” by people because it should be an incredibly rare case that a police officer kills an unarmed civilian, and while yes, it’s unlikely to be you, it’s happening to SOMEBODY at a higher rate than it should.

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Why are you so damn dense that you can’t understand basic logic and reasoning, much less discern basic facts from data? Do you even read? If you did, you would already know what my Goddamn point is, but like a dumb chick, you keep missing it.

            Again, for the umpteenth time, I asserted that people should avoid antagonizing the police because they are armed and on edge. How the Hell is that bad advice? Explain it to me, genius.

            As for your statistics, you’re just a liar with confirmation bias. See, you are going to peddle the statistics that support your bullshit. Statistics is the art of using math to tell lies, and you have embraced that wholeheartedly after claiming to not know jack and advising that this should be left to the experts. The fact remains that over 50% of the crime committed is committed by black people. Maybe if they don’t want to have problems with the police they should stop robbing people and being a bunch of asshole thugs.

            As for “epidemic,’ there is no widespread epidemic. Idiots like yourself are manipulated by the assholes in the progressive liberal media. They have you wrapped around their little propaganda machine. Again, we have 319 MILLION people in the U.S. 258 black people were shot to death by the police in 2015. How exactly is that an epidemic? IT ISN’T. Also, keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of these assholes are criminals. You idiots act as if black people don’t commit crimes or something.

          • Lauren Snyder

            Some psychotic people who associated themselves with BLM assassinated officers, and now you’re disregarding the entire movement and saying nobody that supports the movement should be taking seriously. Those people didn’t speak for ALL THE OTHER Black Lives Matter supporters who want to find justice through peaceful means, including me, a white chick. That’s as bad as saying that the people who support the Blue Lives Matter movement shouldn’t be taken seriously because cops are killing unarmed black people, or because of incidents like this. Or as bad as saying “A Christian mother drowned her kid because she thought Jesus told her to, therefor Christianity is bullshit.”

            You have to learn to weed out the nutjobs without painting an ENTIRE social movement as unreasonable.

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            I’m disregarding the entire movement because it is based on a lie. “Hands up, Don’t Shoot.” Do you remember that nonsense? Yeah, it didn’t happen that way. The jerk who got shot rushed the police officer after he had strong-arm robbed a customer. How did the black community in Ferguson respond? They burned down their own neighborhood. You expect me to take those idiots seriously when they started their movement based on a lie and destroy their own communities as a way to get back at the police? How exactly are they helping? Protesters are mostly idiots. Their antics only embolden the people they are protesting against. There is no real change accomplished through protesting. Has the black community improved since BLM started their protests? Of course not. Protesters think they’re bringing awareness to others and doing something great, but all they’re really doing is deluding themselves into thinking they’re people of profound value. In reality they’re nothing more than a bunch of politicized losers who serve as “useful idiots.”

          • Den Hickey

            “Obviously, you think it’s completely fine to disrespect police, yell at them, tell them to f*ck off, and run away.”

            No, but outside of running from them (when they have reason to lawfully detain you) none of those things are illegal and none of those things should cause police to assault or kill you.

            You are doing nothing but making excuses for criminal cops. If they can’t be professional in their duties, they shouldn’t be cops. If they can’t do their job and not needlessly assault and kill (black) people, then they should be in jail.

            “Don’t lie and say BLM isn’t anti-police when their hatred is so profound.”

            Funny how you make excuses for cops because they are “only human” and can be subject to paranoia and anger because two guys not affiliated with BLM killed cops in retaliation for cops killing black people… but act like black people should all just be completely rational and professional and not be angry at all despite decades of police harassing, assaulting, and killing black people and getting away with it.

          • Joseph

            I don’t need any fucking training to know that i shouldn’t: 1.) Ever run from police, 2.) Be rude and disrespectful to police, in any situation.

            Since when do you need training to not be a dumbass?? I guess welcome to 2016 where the people need training on how to be respectful.

          • Den Hickey

            Never said anyone did need training for that. Cops, apparently, though, need training not to kill those people… or black people who AREN’T doing any of those things. Welcome to the last century for black people, Joseph.

          • ZeroHostile

            “The police are human just like the rest of us, disrespecting them makes it worse” Um, ok, so next time a guy at a bar disrespects me I can draw down on him and empty a mag into his chest? I mean, that’s your fucking argument here you fucking idiot…

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Why are you people devoid of common sense? Your reasoning implies that you’re an idiot who can’t think. You’re confused and haven’t grasped my assertion, much less any argument stemming from it.

            People should use common sense. If you antagonize the police, there is a greater chance of you getting your ass beat or shot. How is this point wrong? Are you saying that police are extremely rational and can’t be provoked? Police are on edge right now due to the current political climate caused by all those BLM losers. Are you going to say that the police won’t act irrationally towards people who give them a hard time? And how do my comments translate towards support of the police? See, that’s where you people are demonstrating your stupidity. Nobody is saying that it’s ok for the police to act unprofessionally. I’m saying that the police are going to act that way regardless of what you are anyone else says about it. But go ahead and think I’m wrong, even though it’s obvious that I’m not. Go ahead and tell the police to f*ck themselves the next time you get detained and see if that helps your situation. If you think it does, you are as stupid as you appear.

          • MrMajor

            Moron. They serve us. The citizens. The minute you accept the idiotic statement that, “just do what we say and you won’t get hurt” you are living in a fascist society. “just do what we say and you won’t get hurt” is what hijackers and kidnappers say to their victems, you idiot.

          • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Who said the police don’t serve the citizens? You idiots really need to learn how to read. All I said was that people should be civil when dealing with the police. How the fuck is that a bad idea? You morons seem to think that it’s a good idea to fuck with the police. Haven’t you idiots figured out that the police are on edge right now thanks to all the idiots from BLM? Explain how giving the police a hard time benefits someone. You dumb shits act like you’re doing some sort of noble defiance by being a bunch of jackasses towards the police, but all you’re really doing is demonstrating your profound lack of common sense. BEING CIVIL IS NOT THE SAME AS PAYING DEFERENCE.

            You fucking dipshits should prove me wrong rather than crying and bitching like little Hillary supporters. You sensitive little snowflakes need to put in more cognitive effort. Explain your logic and reasoning. Explain how its a good idea to give the police a bunch of shit. If you morons just stopped and thought about it for a few minutes, maybe you would realize that it’s a terrible idea to agitate armed police officers. You idiots think that it’s your duty or something to act like a bunch of uncivilized morons. Worse, you dumb fucks think that behaving in a civilized manner implies approval of police brutality. Like I said, you’re all stupid. Not a single one of you is capable of explaining yourselves or proving me wrong. If you think you can, do it and stop crying like a bitch.

          • Roberto Cavalli

            That’s where you’re wrong, the police have been on edge for far longer than “awhile”. And a lot of that has to do with the us vs. them mentality that goes back perhaps 7 decades. It’s not a BLM matter, it’s a policy matter. And a governing matter.

          • Darryl

            What about the police disrespecting them that is alright for them do to right you fucking jackass

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            Settle down, Beavis! Nobody has said that disrespect from the police is acceptable. If you think that based on what I’ve written here, it’s because your reading comprehension sucks. I’ve made a simple claim that stupid people apparently can’t comprehend, and that’s the notion that antagonizing armed police is a bad idea. I indicated that you have a greater chance of getting shot by agitated police officers. How exactly am I wrong here?

          • YellowHammer Pirate

            Funny, that senior citizen couple didn’t look like BLMers….

          • Undead Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

            I suppose you think your skills at observation are extraordinary. What gave it away? Their white skin? If you stupid bastards are going to argue with other people, at least make a cogent point and stop acting as if common sense is some sort of profound revelation.

            That senior citizen couple didn’t deserve the treatment they received from the police. Who said that they deserved it? I certainly didn’t. I said that had this couple been stupid and started mouthing off, it could have been worse because their chances of getting shot increases. They could have been shot. How the Hell am I wrong about that? Are you saying that the police will ignore assholes who mouth off and disrespect them? They won’t ignore it. They will remember every stupid little thing you do and bring it up in court. Of course, they may claim that you reached for a gun and then shoot your ass. Are you saying that the police aren’t capable of being annoyed and frustrated to the point of violence. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you “expect” them to lick your ass. It doesn’t matter if you’re stupid enough to believe that being civil amounts to licking their boots. What matters is the fact that they’re human beings with predictable behavior. If you antagonize them, how are you making anything better? You people bitch about cops killing people for doing nothing, but you can’t understand that mouthing off increases the chance of them not taking any chances with your stupid ass? It’s as if you douche bags believe the cops will always shoot people, so you’re ok with being dicks towards them since you’re going to get shot anyway. it would be one thing if you people made that argument (and even if you did, you would still be wrong), but you assholes aren’t even making an argument. You are all just a bunch of intellectually lazy children with your heads up your assess.

            None of you pendejos have undermined my point, and it’s because you’re all a bunch of simple-minded idiots who can’t grasp common sense. It’s like you dumb fuckers don’t know how to read plainly written English. It’s as if you imbeciles can’t use basic critical thinking skills. If you think I’m wrong, prove it. If not, continue on being the pathetic and deluded retard that you are. Nothing you do is going to change reality.

      • you’re an idiot if you think this behaviour is in any way acceptable.

        • Nuclear Judoka ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

          Listen dumb ass: You idiots need to learn how to use critical thinking. I know it’s tough for you small bus riders, but you’re going to have to try a little harder.

          How exactly is acting civilized unacceptable? All I did was speak the truth, but you people stupidly reject common sense and reason. If you give the police a hard time when they detain you, there is an increased chance that they will beat your ass or shoot you. Explain how this is false. The police are extremely agitated right now because of all the BLM dipshits who want them dead. Despite this, you seem to think that acting like a civilized person towards the police is somehow a bad idea. Worse, you idiots think that behaving like a civilized person somehow implies approval of fascism. You guys are as stupid as those stupid social justice morons. Just because a person chooses to act like a civilized person doesn’t mean the person demonstrating civility is approving of unprofessional police behavior. If you think it does, prove it.

          Since you are pathetically stupid, and since you seem to think that it’s acceptable to give the police a bunch of shit, why don’t you prove your point. Go ahead and prove that giving the police a bunch of shit is a good idea. Why don’t you walk the walk, retard?

    • Casey Sierhuis

      not true ,today, cops kill first then ask questions

  • Ruth Skowron Becker


    • pan nat

      Fired? Fined? Are you crazy? If the cops had put 50 bullets in each one of those citizens, they would have received no more than a two week paid vacation. The facts are that the cops can legally rob you at gunpoint, rape your wife, daughter, and son, or murder you, without getting such a cruel punishment as fired of fined.

      • Ruth Skowron Becker


  • 2broke4 her

    I got cited for speeding while others were speeding past me, by the Nevada Highway Patrol,the officer in question SUGE, out of Lovelock, didnt know how to spell. Aurora or other things i stated.. he asked me for my Social Security number and I said let me look at the form.. nowhere on the form doesnt it mention privacy act. So i told him by Federal law i dont have to provide my SSI number because it doesnt state the privacy clause on it.. he also pulled the guy behind me, Claiming he was going faster than i was.. when i challenged him about the speed he claimed I was going 67mph and the speed of the car behind me 90mph and the max speed on my speedometer 85mph, he dropped the speed I supposedly was going 87 by 15 mph. the speed I was going when I got pulled over was 67mph going up hill in a fully loaded pickup truck.. I contested the ticket and before the court date, I was sent a letter stating it was dismissed..

  • alpha2omega47

    This is something that should be worth a $million dollar law suit at a minimum.

  • Brian

    If the woman had been black they would have filled her full of lead the moment she reached into the car for her crutches.

  • SD Okrent

    lol where are all the people saying “they just want a payday” “let’s see their criminal records” and “don’t break the law and you will be fine”?

    • Den Hickey

      They are too busy saying that about anyone with brown skin no matter what the circumstances… because they hate people of color.

  • Maske002

    But don’t worry, all the hero cops went home safe.

  • reticle

    Holy smokes.

    I imagine the dispatcher is at this point unemployed; I do hope they included the dispatcher in the suit too. Jeesh.

  • pan nat

    Sue the crap out of the police state.

  • Rick A. Mattia

    Nuclear Jodako, Bang on brother. If there has been injustice here, they have the right to pursue it. Not just accept it.

  • Cindy Worley

    I am so sorry for these dear people. I feel like cops don’t know how to even be nice anymore, no matter what the situation. None of this was necessary, and I hope they are financially compensated for this terrible experience, but that will never be erased from their psyche. Jerk cops.

    • Roberto Cavalli

      Actually I know quite a few cops and they’re pretty good people. But like any large organization there are bad apples..

  • Josh Daniel

    same shit, different pigs. SUE THEM TO SHIT.

  • Josh Daniel

    well naturally if you sue for compensation it’ll be the taxpayer’s expense. what they have is something called revenue- OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. the PD is a business. when they need money they “make mistakes” to justify their actions. if they need a paid vacation, they’ll “fear for their lives” and shoot you. it’s easy. the dept only continues to benefit off the civilian.

  • Dave Cannon

    They insure against legal settlements like this. Unfortunately nobody will learn a lesson from this.

  • Raphaël De Backer

    America is full of incompetent fuckwits..

  • Mike Wilson

    Face it! Some cops suck and should be in jail for the way they do their jobs.

  • YellowHammer Pirate

    Two officers yelling conflicting ordersas to what Robin was supposed to do–had the guy been any male other than a senior, he could easily have been shot. They draw down on a possible stolen vehicle?? Hello?? Those officers sounded full of adrenaline and in hair trigger mode for a stolen sixties junker??

  • Ed Jaworski

    If there were good cops, they would be arresting the bad ones, not protecting them!