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Ad Campaign Offers $130K to ‘Debunk or Validate Conspiracy Theories’ on Murdered DNC Staffer

Billboard ads will be posted in Washington D.C. this week seeking information about the unsolved murder of Democratic National Committee (DNC) staff member Seth Rich. The new advertisements will appear at city bus stops and at least one full-size billboard in the neighborhood where Rich was killed. The announcement was made Tuesday on what would have been Seth Rich’s 28th birthday.

Seth Rich, the 27-year-old DNC staff member was gunned down in the early morning hours of July 10 while walking home after drinking at a Washington, D.C. bar he frequently visited. The ShotSpotter sensor system used by D.C. Police detected the sound of gunshots at around 4:20 a.m. and patrol units found Seth Rich lying on the street with multiple bullet wounds to the head. Rich was still conscious but pronounced dead at a local hospital about an hour later. D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department has not named a suspect in the murder and has not indicated there is significant progress in the investigation.

The new ad campaign was organized by Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman out of concerns that Rich’s murder was not a failed robbery attempt, which D.C. Police claim is a possible explanation. Burkman’s concerns have echoed the thoughts of many who think Seth Rich’s murder may have been connected to his work and the DNC scandal involving over 25,000 leaked emails which proved internal corruption related to the Democratic party’s presidential nomination of Hillary Clinton. Burkman is the same lobbyist who also pledged more than $100,000 in reward money for information about the murder.

“There are too many dimensions to the tragedy and none seem to make any sense. I hope the $100,000 in additional money will finally get to the truth of what happened here and will either debunk the conspiracy theories or validate them,” Burkman said in the September statement at the time the reward was offered.

D.C. Police confirmed details which may indicate that the attack was not just a random robbery attempt. Seth Rich still had his wallet, cash and cell phone on him when police arrived. However, his watch band was damaged. Seth Rich’s mother told NBC Washington he had bruising from a struggle and it also appears he was attacked from behind.

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“There had been a struggle. His hands were bruised, his knees are bruised, his face is bruised, and yet he had two shots to his back, and yet they never took anything,” she said. “They took his life for literally no reason. They didn’t finish robbing him, they just took his life,” Mary Rich continued.

The night of the murder, Seth Rich went drinking at Lou’s City Bar where he was known to be a regular. Rich usually sat in the same seat at the corner of the bar, usually showing up straight from the office in a shirt and tie. The Daily Mail reported that bar staff said Rich seemed upset, which was not typical of him, possibly over an argument with his girlfriend.

The Daily Mail’s report noted that Seth Rich normally had a high tolerance for alcohol but may have been unusually drunk by closing time, around 1:45 a.m. ‘It was rare for him to really show that he had been drinking,’ according to the manager on duty that night. ‘That was unusual for him. That was very, very unusual for him to do that.’

Staff at Lou’s City Bar say Rich declined to take the offer of a ride back home and instead opted to walk to a nearby bar called Wonderland to have a few more drinks. Wonderland closed at 2:30 a.m. that night. However, it is not confirmed that Rich actually made it to this bar.

The total period of time unaccounted for could be as high as 90 minutes from the 2:30 closing time of Wonderland until the 4 a.m. window when the murder may have begun. The Daily Mail’s report estimated it could have taken Rich about 30 minutes to reach home from the area of the two bars, possibly longer if the alcohol slowed him down. This could have left about one hour of time that cannot be verified, with the exception of the details of the phone call he made to his girlfriend. Police reported Seth Rich was still on the phone with his girlfriend at the time of the attack.

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There are credible reports that the neighborhood was experiencing a trend in armed robberies. However, the same Daily Mail report notes the robberies abruptly stopped in the weeks following the murder. According to the D.C. Police, there were also two robberies in the area in the hour prior to Rich’s shooting.

While the events on the night of Seth Rich’s murder are not conclusive, the circumstances after Seth Rich’s murder are reasonably suspicious.

Some early reports first described Seth Rich as a low-level staff member, but as the case drew national attention, it was revealed that he was tasked with oversight of a national data program designed to increase voter turnout with the use of detailed maps to polling locations. The program used data collected from every voter precinct in the country. Some think this may have been a key factor in Seth Rich’s understanding of what was happening at the DNC, as reports emerged of vote-rigging fraud in the Democratic primaries in June.

On July 22, two weeks after the murder of Seth Rich, WikiLeaks published leaked emails from multiple senior members of the Democratic National Committee showing they made negative comments about the campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders while the competitive presidential primary race was still ongoing. The DNC was accused of showing favoritism for Hillary Clinton and sabotaging the campaign of Bernie Sanders because the emails showed collusion between party officials and various media organizations. The emails included comments from DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was forced to resign days later and was immediately hired by the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

On July 25, the DNC issued a “deep and sincere apology to Senator Sanders, his supporters, and the entire Democratic Party for the inexcusable remarks made over email,” in a statement released on the opening day of the party’s convention in Philadelphia.

In August, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange announced a $20,000 reward for information about the murder. Assange then hinted that Seth Rich was the source who gave WikiLeaks the data, during an interview with Dutch TV’s Nieuwsurr.

Assange: Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often significant risks. There was a 27-year old that works for the DNC who was shot in the back… murdered.. for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington.

Host: That was just a robbery wasn’t it?

Assange: No. There’s no finding.

Host: What are you suggesting?

Assange: I am suggesting that our sources take risks and they become concerned to see things occurring like that.

Host: But was he one of your sources, then?

Assange: We don’t comment on who our sources are.

Host: But why make the suggestion?

Assange: Because we have to understand how high the stakes are in the United States and that our sources face serious risks… that’s why they come to us so we can protect their anonymity.

Host: But it’s quite something to suggest a murder… that’s basically what you’re doing.

American media has used the confusion to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin for giving the email data to WikiLeaks, causing Hillary Clinton to lose the election, even though no credible evidence has been given to support these conclusions. Although US President Barack Obama ordered an intelligence assessment to determine whether Russia did hack the email data, agencies including the FBI said they disagree with the C.I.A.’s conclusion that Russia was responsible, citing a lack of evidence.

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In mid-December, the Daily Mail exclusively reported that WikiLeaks envoy Craig Murray, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, claimed he had personal knowledge that the source of the DNC emails was not Russia. Murray told the Daily Mail that he personally flew to Washington, D.C. for a secret meeting with one of the sources, who was a DNC insider.

‘The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks,’ said Murray.


On Friday, Burkman noted that he ‘finds credible’ and entirely new conspiracy theory — that Russian operatives had Rich killed after he uncovered information that Russia hacked the DNC. He based these claims based on two phone calls he received.

Hopefully, his money will “either debunk the conspiracy theories or validate them.”

  • John Franklin White

    What kind of investigation is going on about this murder. The police have bullet fragments to be able to identify the gun in other violence. They might have DNA of the criminal, since there might have been a fight. What about the other robberies in the area, what did the person look like, how tall, other things that would help. Alerts to the public, more patrols in crime areas. The phone call that was going on with his girlfriend should have told the police what time this murder happened. Strange that a man comes into a bar and drinks along all the time. No friends? And it appears he drank for several hours. Was there live music in the bar? Did the autopsy report show any drugs in his system? The reason I say this is he could have been drugged. The oddest thing is that he was not robbed. Which leads to two theories, one that the killer was inexperienced. Or, it was a hit man. Blood alcohol level was also important. If high which is suggested by witnesses, would have lead to a larger chance of a fight. The victim not understanding what the killer wanted and decided to fight. Which appears to be the case. The police need to find the killer!!!

    • FiuToYou

      The neighborhood he was in is a high rent area with tons of security cameras. It’s been said by the police that they ‘got some footage’ but it only showed that there was two men that made the hit. And they only got pictures of their bottom pant legs. There’s something real smelly here!!! And this Jack Burkman is one of the odors. Trying to get the country back to believing the ‘Russian’ BS again at this time right before Trumps Inauguration. It just doesn’t make sense that Putin would kill a good source. This is total crap that Burkman is putting out. There was no telephone calls except the ones to get Burkman to do a little dance for money!!!

    • kirkland sewell

      …in the throes of 9/11, in the throes of the GREAT U.S.A. gearing up for War in IRAQ, there was a ‘spate’ of incidents involving ANTHRAX being sent to various offices…inclusive of journalists who had the BALLS to be querying the WMDs intelligence report, being offered to the nation. To date no person(s) has been convicted for such a despicable crime!! ( one “patsy” of a Doctor was wrongfully arrested, had his character besmirched/dragged into the mud. He eventually committed SUICIDE!!) Now those ‘investigations’ into those ‘incidents’ were being done by DEPARTMENTS that had more power/authority than the D.C. police dept. above. Hey John I tell you now, THERE WON’T EVER BE ANY RIGHTFUL OR JUST ARREST(S) IN THE CASE ABOVE!!…what with that political overtone connected to it!!…wanna bet???..lol

      • Eric Bolt

        He was Murdered by those behind the Anthrax there is identifying

        pictures of those behind it Zionist Kabbalah terrorist just like 9/11 can be seen to identify his Murders-! I was there was slimmed w/ Anthrax, early 2001 Miami Fl. before 9/11 Feb 2001

  • kirkland sewell

    …I tell ‘ya. Now is the time for spy/ mystery novelists to ‘gear up their productions’…The recent American election…its’ run-up…Moscow entering back the equation …since the Cold War….should make for quite a “many” BEST SELLERS!!…We do live in interesting times!!

    • Ann Johns

      Way too late. Allegiance went to air some time ago. The Blacklist still paints the Russians as ‘soviet spies’. You’re a day late and a dollar short, the beings who run the planet thought of that first.

  • doucyet

    More than likely this murder will never be solved……….unless Hillary goes broke and comes forward.

    • kirkland sewell

      …and that ain’t gonna happen!! Hey doucyet, Do you remember the “suicides” of the ENRON and FREDDIE MAC/FANNIE MAE accountants that were investigating IRREGULARITIES INTO THEIR ACCOUNTING/FINANCES???…lol…lol…We live in interesting times friend…DON’T WE???..

      • doucyet

        No doubt about it!

  • Ann Johns

    Ta Da, it was the Russians AGAIN. They’re just everywhere aren’t they? I’m calling bs on that conspiracy theory. All this is doing is showing the rest of the world how weak and pathetic america really is. You don’t see other countries crying and whining when they discover america has spied on them, they suck it up because they KNOW it happens. WEAK AND PATHETIC.

    • Connie997

      Well, Ms. Trumpette, there is a big differerence between hacking and even spying than having a FOREIGN government, who in spite of what Trump thinks, is our ENEMY, deliberately MEDDLING IN AN ELECTION in order to change the outcome. The fact that you are STILL a Trump supporter in spite of seeing who his cabinet picks are and in spite of him already breaking campaign promises on top of his asinine tweets that are NOT presidential, the $35 mil it is going to cost the taxpayers every six weeks for the protection of his family at Trump Tower (while you bitch about a yearly vacation for Obama) and all the other crass and classless things he has done and that it is plain he will do, shows your intelligence so I will spell it out: thinking foreign meddling in our election is okay if you get the outcome you want is still TREASONOUS.

      • junktex

        Stillrefusing to believe one of the few credible sources we have?Wikileaks is credible.CIA is NOT.

        • Ann Johns

          SHE IS NOT JUST SOME HARMLESS MORON, she is a symptom of what’s wrong with the world. So brainwashed, so devoid of critical thought – no wonder america is in the state in it’s in.

          • Connie997

            Actually, you are the example of what is wrong. “F*ktard is the language of the “conservative” party of the US, not language I use. You have so many holes in your commet that they can’t be answered but the Republican party here in the US is the party of American “exceptionalism” and so you prove yourself uneducated on that which you try to speak so profoundly about. Not interested.

          • Ann Johns

            “You have so many holes in your commet (sic) that they can’t be answered”, HAHAHAHA. The truth is, YOU can’t answer them. Clinton always talked about american “exceptionalism” and she was the evil bitch who wanted a “no fly zone” over Syria!! Stop blaming your republicans for everything that is wrong, your democrats are as bad, if not worse. F***tard just happens to be the word I chose to describe you, and it did, BEAUTIFULLY. I come from New Zealand, bring on the fall of the american empire, FAST AND HARD.

          • Your hatred of Americans is unbecoming. I am a leftwing Kiwi who happens to reside in the USA. You are nothing more than a Breitbart Brat like Wikileaks. Stop listening to the alt right morons. You say you hate John Key and yet you support those who gave him life.

          • Ann Johns

            Your assumptions make an arse of yourself. You wouldn’t have a clue who I support/don’t support – you have made assumptions and NOW, they’re true. Oh wait, just like the alleged “Russian hacking” bullshit.

          • *rofl*

          • Ann Johns

            I have no doubt you are. Stay there, fool.

          • junktex

            True.There is only one party in the US and it serves big money interests.I have friends in New Zealand and from what they tell me,the same bankster cabal rules there.I understand that neocon John Key just moved to a $6 million$ estate in Hawaii.

          • Ann Johns

            Yep, that filthy bankster took the money and ran. We will find out this year what he’s running from, it’s not all the poverty and hopelessness that he caused, he meant for that to happen. No, it’s some danger to him personally as to why he resigned. Sure as shit wasn’t the “family reasons” he trotted out.

          • But John Key and National are rightwing, like you. I would have thought you supported the awful John Key. Donald Trump is similar to John Key – which is why neither of them are suited to leading a nation.

          • Connie997

            Ann, I feel sorry for you. You have some real issues to deal with. I have friends from NZ and they are the nicest people ever. Obviously, I can’t look to them as representative of your people. I also fear the future. Donald Trump is not the pick of sane Americans to lead the US. He has deepened the divide and already embarassed us in the world. I am a major fan of our outgoing president who, I believe, did whst he could in spite of rampant racisim and obstructionism. He is one of the best. I don’t care what YOU think though I have friends in nany oarts of the world who i very much care what they think.

          • Not all New Zealanders are as stupid and blind.

          • Ann Johns

            Pahtrisha, YOU are the blind fool. Please don’t come back here, we don’t want you contaminating the gene pool.

          • It appears to me as if you are quite capable of doing that without any help from anyone else.

          • Ann Johns

            Pffttt, I’ve seen you before twat, you tend to follow around after me doing your best to deny anything I comment on. HAHAHAHAHAHA

          • Do not flatter yourself. I believed that you and I shared a mutual hatred of the small derivatives trader, lately PM of our great little country. However, I see I was wrong.

          • You need to join the rightwing trolls on NZ sites. They are also John Key lovers and National Party supporters.

          • Connie997

            Thank you, Pahtrisha. I do know that. I would say she would fit in very well here but we have enough people here who don’t get it. We sure don’t need more!

          • Indeed.

          • Ann Johns

            “So many holes that they can’t be answered” HAHAHAHA, what you really mean is you have no answers. I think you’ll find that the american conservative party don’t have the intellectual property rights to the word F*ktard, it’s a universal kind of thing. You’ve twisted yourself into a complete mess. Run along and try and untangle that mass of stupidity.

          • junktex

            Yep.2017 should be a rough ride with her “mentality” trending.

      • Ann Johns

        Well, Ms Moron, you really do know how to show yourself off as a complete f***tard!! You didn’t even understand that I am not an american. You really are brainwashed. Why do you call Russia your enemy? It’s not Russia with military bases all over the world. YOUR country has increased their military presence over 80% since your beloved Obomber has been in office, there are now american military bases in 143 of the 195 countries that make up our world. It is american “exceptionalism”, american hegemony, american greed and american cruelty that is ruining the planet for the rest of us. If your country can’t subdue another country into submission, in order for your companies to be able to rape the land of their own resources, with “friendly” trade and financial deals, very soon they will find themselves the victims of american blackmail, bribery and bullying. If that doesn’t work, some soft coup, like getting a “friend of america” elected “democratically”, or the good old fashioned, murderous coup that your country is so good at. And YOU, you have the sheer gall to complain when you are told by your “intelligence” agencies that Russia, “hacked” your election. There was NO actual hacking involved, I can’t be bothered going into the facts, you wouldn’t understand, but these emails that were released were LEAKED. You are doing exactly what your “intelligence” agencies knew you would do, (those very same agencies who are responsible for many, many lies they’ve told the people, lies that have caused wars and killed innocent people) cringing and crying, blaming the Russians for an act for which there is 100% NO PROOF.

        • No, you are not an American, Ann and you continue to make a fool of yourself by supporting the Republicans, the rightwing, American capitalists. For God’s sake go educate yourself.

      • The poster is supposedly a leftwing activist from New Zealand and I cannot fathom she continues to support the American alt.right when she doesn’t even live here. This person worships at the altars of Hannity, Breitbart, Jones, Fox new et al. I don’t believe she understands the difference between right and left in the USA. She is brainwashed by the rightwing nutter conspiracy theorists.

        Forgive her for she knows not what she does.

        • straight shooter

          I don’t know the poster, but anyone buying into a phony left-right paradigm is, by definition, among the brainwashed.

        • Ann Johns

          What a ridiculous statement! I don’t recall ever reading a Breitbart column, I’ve been known to watch Hannity during the election and sometimes I have even watched Alex Jones, well shoot me for wanting to get all sides of a discussion.. what difference between the right and left in america? They look pretty much the same to me – all in it for the power and the money. I know exactly what I’m doing and as for forgiveness, hahahahaha. You are a small minded, non-critical thinker so…. no more wasting my time with the likes of you.

          • How dare you address me in that way. You pathetic little person. You know nothing at all of American politics but you pontificate all over social media as if you do. You are hardly a world authority on anything much at all.

          • Ann Johns

            That was quick, so you obviously are following me around, hahaha. I DARE to address you in that way because it is true. Get it right pink pussyhat pat, it is YOU who pontificate all over social media as the pundit who knows all. And here’s me, who never claimed to be a world authority, being called out by you who, apparently is a world authority on everything, hahahaha. Keep it up trishy, I’m enjoying your discomfiture, it should be hitting home soon what your stupidity is doing for the so-called left. It is embarrassing to most of us who used to be able to call ourselves as being left of the political spectrum, with the utter demented delusional statements coming from your ilk, so I prefer to call myself a progressive now. I want CHANGE, unlike you who wants this very same pattern to repeat itself over and over and over. Did you join in that display of hypocrisy that was the women’s march, the one organised by Soros and his cronies? The one that had Wasserman-Shultz speaking, the very woman who stole the candidacy from a real progressive, Sanders, the one that had that woman speaking who did time for murdering an old man? Go away, you’re a complete nutjob who has no idea how to think critically. I am watching all this protesting happening, all the bitching and whining and crying because the democrats (hardly the right name any longer, they are republican lite) didn’t win, with happiness, americans tearing their own country apart and buying into the colour revolution playbook. BRING ON THE MARTIAL LAW.

          • You don’t know what I want. You are a fool. I received notification that you respondied. just as you did for my response. Do not flatter yourself. I have left the group now – I do not wish to see anything you write ever again.

          • Ann Johns

            Why are you still here commenting then? I do know what you want, you talk about it in your comments, dumbarse. Just leave, I so hope the door hits your arse on the way out and knocks you down the stairs, might knock some sense into your pink pussyhat head.

          • You wished harm on me? Really? So I guess you will tell me not to come home to my family as well? While I am working towards changing the government in NZ this coming September, our paths may cross and that would never do.

          • Ann Johns

            Still banging on trishy? I had hoped you would keep your word and leave. Promises, promises, don’t keep your word will ya? To hope that the fictional door hits your arse is hardly wishing harm on you but I see those Berkeley protesters are pepper spraying and assaulting anyone who doesn’t agree with them, in actual fact. I am already here, working bloody hard at changing the govt, while you sit there and make 23 THOUSAND comments on social media. I hit the streets and actually do something. “Clinton is the subject of a witch hunt” HAHAHAHAHA, yep, deny, deny deny, just like her, you really are ‘with her’. She is an evil, money grubbing witch who put american lives at risk by using a home brew server. Try reading the Wikileaks emails, then come back and argue. I don’t expect you will though, the truth hurts and your cognitive dissonance is in full flight. Wikileaks has been 100% right over 10 years and they prove what a nasty, filthy POS she really is. Her and Podesta the molester.

          • Ann Johns

            Find something constructive to do with your time trishy, volunteer, do something to change the world instead of the keyboard warrior shit that doesn’t change anything.

          • You make me ashamed to be a Kiwi, Ann. You are disgusting.

          • Ann Johns

            You moron. According to your own values system, the opinion of another NZer that YOU don’t agree with makes you ashamed to be a Kiwi? Please stay right where you are, you lower the IQ level of our nation.

          • You are mocking millions of great women in the USA who care.

          • Ann Johns

            Yep. And having a good time doing it. I bet you don’t want to read another word I have to say, you have no real points to make and are now just being personal. I literally LMAO when I just had a look at your profile, You have made nearly 23,000, 23 FARKING THOUSAND comments on the state of the world and you point your finger at ME? HAHAHAHA. typical pussy projection, what YOU do, you accuse me of, that’s pretty much par for the course for a clinton supporter. You’re getting your tits in a tangle trishy, good to see.

          • *lol* I am a Bernie supporter. But Hillary Clinton was the subject of a witchhunt, of that there is no doubt. I was also vehemently opposed to John Key.

          • So, you agree with Trump’s Muslim Ban and his shutting the door on refugees? My word, I thought you were more altruistic than that. You believe women should be subservient to men who, if they happen to be rich, can do whatever they like to them? You think that inciting WWIII is a good thing? But, you go on and on and on about Syria …. make up your mind.

    • Di

      Much research on this…the leak in my opinion came from washington dc and was a leak not a hack and it does not really matter where it came from but what it revealed. Julian Assange offered a reward for info regarding Rich’s murder which would lead one to believe he could have furnished the leaks after seeing the corruption. Division, anger, confusion, fear is being promoted by the globalists who control the media to control the populace. Beware of any news that is promoting division such as CNN on one side and FOX on the other because all their news is filtered through the world leaders. One thing the globalists fear and that is unity because with unity their agenda of perpetual wars, illegal immigration, unlimited and unconstitutional spending, police state, international banking, international free trade deals would be eliminated …peace to all

  • Eric Bolt

    These things are allowable like the head FBI Investigator being Murdered for probing Clinton-! The criminal Kabbalah Secret gov behind Selecting your Presidents for 1 purpose Occupied Palestine-! this was the reason I saw as an Mp for all the Murders going on in the Military & through out the entire system-! How else does 9/11 terrorist families still get paid pampered for their Family members treason on 9/11 this in the untold 1000’s-! you Murder all in gov like the past 250 years. who stand for America. you Select their presidents for them long in advance ask any alive-! this is how Murder like is happens-! saying anything about it is purely Anti Semitic-! notice the hostage situation of your corrupt Congress dealing w/ gods 4th promised land to the Jews-! this is why you 1st President G.Washington warned you about -! about the “Bible” stating such delusional thinking as the Bible is DANGEROUS especially to weak minded persons & the truly Criminal minded who are parties to it-! you can not say anything of these untold 1000’s of murders-! it is not a crime to them-! they control you-! when people learn the truth it is too late saying anything of his murder or others like the FBI Agent herein, is Anti Semitic-but truly America-! raise hell over them because you are on the list

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      Man, that’s just… fuck. Are you for real, or are you just fuckin’ with everyone?

      • Eric Bolt

        No I, was kicked out of the US Army by actual 9/11 terrorist, inside the U.S Military in 2000. I, was there when Ben laden, was proven Innocent by real Anti terror Counter terror personnel in 2000. Day’s later America was told by the most criminal and active 9/11 terrorist how he did it anyway-! U.S Special Forces knew of 9/11 in late 1999 – 2000-! there is info so unbelievable – but true facts, never told like all the 9/11 terrorist, inside Home land insecurity 4 years before you Joe Citizen, were told it Existed -! like the DIA TSA etc.not one 9/11 terrorist asked for in 2000 -2001 before 9/11 has ever been carried out many are behind the Selection Process for your President-! notice how they are holding your State Dept HOSTAGE right now as you read this, for their pre- 9/11 continued goals & objectives-! this is why ENLISTED shoot their Officers in the face-!

  • Stephen J. Koach

    All we know for sure is that a police forensic investigation confirmed that our fake president is an identity thief and none of the credible intelligence agencies or the fake complicit media thinks that fact is serious. We also know Pizzagate is real. Lock them up

  • FiuToYou

    Can’t trust this Jack Burkman! He’s working for Soros and Clinton to help bring Trump down by continuing to site the Russian involvement in hacking. Just another way to stop Trump. I mean why would the Russians kill their contact when he was working well? It’s not even a good lie!!! Look at who we’re dealing with:://


  • RomertL

    How many buys the Russian angle (very unlikely imo)