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As Police Peacefully Meet with Bundys, It’s Time to Address the Glaring Racial Bias Among US Cops


As the small group of ‘militiamen’ took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge last weekend, to protest the BLM land grab practices, social media erupted with calls for their deaths at the hands of government.

These calls for “disemboweling” the non-violent group of men in Oregon are brutally ironic as they came mostly from those who have been pushing to stop police brutality.

Calls to “drone bomb the place” or “mow them down” blanketed social media Sunday by a hypocritical group of ostensibly peaceful activists. Instead of realizing that the police state in America is violent on all fronts, these groups were blinded by their hatred and could care less if state violence was used against non-violent people–so long as it fit their world view.

What the Bundys are doing in Oregon is certainly questionable, and they have undoubtedly broken many local, state and federal laws. However, none of their actions warrant a death sentence.

On Thursday, three Oregon sheriffs met with the leaders of the armed group to talk them out of leaving the ranch.

“There are some positives that could come out of this,” Harney County Sheriff David Ward and his colleagues told Bundy and his group.

“Before this thing turns into something negative, which would ruin all of that, I think we need to find a peaceful resolution to help you guys get out of here,” Ward said.

This is where the double standard comes in. Many people are claiming that had the Bundy’s skin color been a shade darker, they would have already been shot–these people are probably right.

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So does that mean that the so-called militiamen should be killed? Of course not.

Just like the Bundys don’t deserve to be killed, 38-year-old Jason Harrison didn’t deserve to die when he held a screwdriver in his doorway during a mental breakdown.

If the armed militia doesn’t deserve to die, then the unarmed and naked veteran, Anthony Hill most assuredly didn’t deserve to die last year in the midst of his mental breakdown.

Where was the sheriff outreach for the 107-year-old Monroe Isadore when he was involved in a standoff in his own empty house? That’s right, there wasn’t any. Instead, SWAT busted in and filled the mentally ill elderly man full of holes.

When it’s one of their own, however, they somehow manage to find a way to bring about a peaceful end, even when there are hostages involved. San Antonio cop, Daniel Lopez was involved in a standoff in July of 2013, in which he was armed and held women and children hostage. Not only was Lopez brought in without incident, but he was also given a slap on the wrist and got to remain a cop.

When Americans watch as three sheriffs, who all have easy access to heavily armed and militarized SWAT teams, simply shake hands with armed men who took over a government building, they cannot help but be enraged–especially considering that cops killed almost 1,200 people last year–many of whom were children, innocent and unarmed.

However, this rage over the preferential treatment of the Bundys is misguided as people call for their deaths. Instead of calling for more police action and violence, this case needs to highlight the ability of police to be peaceful.

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No one is arguing that police kill minorities at a far steeper rate than they do white people. But this is no excuse to call for more violence. Instead, this non-violent reaction by the sheriffs in Oregon needs to serve as an example for cops nationwide.

If police can negotiate with armed occupiers of a federal building without killing them, it exposes the sheer murdering cowardice of cops like Timothy Loehmann, who gunned down a child for doing what so many other children do every day–play with a bb gun.

If this standoff in Oregon teaches us anything, it’s that the time to end this double standard in policing is now. However, citizens calling for violence to be equally applied to all Americans is a dangerously hypocritical notion. Instead, this example should be used to expose the sheer savage nature of ‘Peace officers’ in America killing more than three people every day. 

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  • Also be aware that because the sheriff is a voted upon position they will only respect his authority, which they made clear from the gate that he is the highest official in the policing institute they would meet with.

  • yep, now they’re best friends. let the militia come into town, shop, eat at the restaurants, let them be a celebrity, after all, they’re doing it for the lord

  • The Bundys, while douche bags, have not committed violence.

    • Ted Bundy was a violent serial killer therefore they have!

    • Why are they douche bags?

    • Beats me. Ask them.

    • Don’t be a douche bag! Why do you think they’re douche bags? Is it because they stood up to a tyrannical government? Is it because you think government can own land even though it’s unconstitutional? Is it because they have weapons even though it’s their civil right to do so?

    • John Bowers Good one.

    • It’s everybody’s land, not just theirs. If they want grazing land, let them buy some.

    • They owe we the people a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for grazing on OUR land.

    • Al Bundy.

    • Good point Richard.

  • It would burn some of your asses to see a black patriot, militia member or conservative politician.

    Skin color is not what this battle is about. Some of you make it about that. These guys are fighting for everyones rights.

    • You might wanna lay off the meth, Larry. I don’t remember treason or sedition being exemplary American values.

      Not like a troglodyte with delusions of patriotism would understand…

      Fecking fascists.

    • No drugs for me David.

      I dont remember rioting, looting or burning down communities being a form of protesting.

      Not buying into the race baiting.

      Until you all understand its us vs the corrupt and unconstitutional system, we all lose.

      Suck it.

    • Larry, I do agree that it is about all of our rights and this is good for all of us, every race but at the same time it is also unexcusably also about race in how this is being dealt with. We should not be against these ranchers. We should be with them but at the same time understand and protest the clearly bias reaction from our officials.

    • Luis, im not gonna argue that there isnt bias. But i also believe that the bias is due partially to intellegence.

      Geographical location and population has a lot to do with things as well.

      There are many variables.

  • Once again they’ve had nothing but respect for the sheriff and said they would meet with him! Small government the way it should be

  • I see all whites. Thats why its peacefull

    • the peaceful nature of this armed protest has less to do with race and more to do with the overall behavior of the protesters….no burning and looting of private property, no shots fired even though they are armed to the teeth….
      Don’t go assuming every situation revolves around race!

    • I really don’t think it’s about race. I know people see it that way but think about like this. In many of the situations we read about involving cop shootings/killings, they’ve claimed to fear for their life without a real reason too. This situation is a hell of a lot different. There is a real threat. All this is doing is showing us that when a real threat is present that they’re going to play the game differently. These are heavily armed individuals and some may have some decent military training (maybe, I haven’t seen anything about any of them having military experience but it’s possible).
      The cops/gov is gonna play this carefully. If this becomes a firefight, there will be heavy casualties and not just from the “militia”.

  • Yup, If the jerks had been brown or black they would already be dead.

    • Racist

    • ^^When the truth hurts

    • That’s not true at all.
      In fact, I’d dare say if they were “black or brown” that the situation would be handled the same if not more carefully for fear of the gov/federal agents being called racist, opening themselves up to civil rights lawsuits, sensationalized media coverage, protests, etc.

    • There used to be a Quick Trip near the riots in Ferguson, MO….the “peaceful protesters” burned it to the ground!
      See the difference?! It’s not about race, it’s about behavior!

    • Seth Hofstetter Hah, Hah,Hah. Jeez fuck. its a shack in the wilderness and they need twinkies. Go blow.

    • Richard is racist scum.

    • He’s just a coward making excuses. The government could poison his children and he’d still sit in a corner and cower like the little bi.ch he is.

    • Shane Calkins They were peaceful protests until the pigs came out and started spraying and beating. Ya know that.

    • White pig cops.

    • Shane Calkins Really? So I walked my daughter down the aisle to marry a black man in Jamaica to be married by a brown female and us whiteys all got sunburned. I know racist when I see one and it is calling ne racist. Shane Shane. Take a bow. You are in the light dude. A libertarian racist. That’s something.

    • Perez Nichols Y’all Queda was the term I think 🙂

    • Wonder how many of their ‘fans’ are keeping abreast of the trending reading materials for the snackless, Richard Vance…


    • They are freezing their asses and I’m laughing. If there is a claim to that land the native Americans have it. So the Bundy bunch can just freeze their dicks for all I care.

    • They told the sheriff today they werent leaving peacefully until their grievances are adressed. So nah, theyre alright

    • White boy talkin’ to white boy. White privilege.

  • I guess it’s the white thing to do

  • Race baiting? Really? Good god

  • If they were black people would be dead

    • Rather than being pissed that white people aren’t being killed by police…you should be pissed that black people do get killed by police!
      Get your priorities in order!

    • I am pissed that police are issued guns, sprays, and batons. Give them radios and good running shoes and cars that have reverse.

  • Can anybody talking about race actually confirm that there aren’t any black/asian/hispanic people, etc up there with the “militia”? I believe I saw at least one photo with an asian guy there.
    I Just don’t understand how people call them racist???

    • I’ve seen a black person as well. And also at the Bundy standoff, it was mixed. They aren’t racists. The people who are calling them racist are just mad because the very same police brutality they protest against for black people, isn’t be wrought down upon them. They keep saying, if they were Black and Armed, they would have been shot. Not the case, as several articles and youtube videos show Black Panthers armed, taking over government buildings, and not one single black person was killed.

    • Asian Guy was photoshopped.

  • It would help if certain other “protests” didn’t involve the burning of private property, or shots fired, or other violence before police are even involved….BLM, take notice…this is how you peacefully protest while armed!

    • Don’t judge as a whole. The media doesn’t portray the BLM activist that are peaceful. Only the ones that act foolish and dangerously. Same way when this happened they only showed a red neck white males with guns. Media portrayal

    • Good point, the media does have a habit of distorting the overall picture…but you know as well as I do, had any of those “rednecks” shot someone, or if they’d burned the visitors center down, the headlines would most definitely reflect it!

    • It’s like this…racism is a convenient scapegoat for any given situation…much easier than taking personal responsibility for ones own actions! This mindset is then further perpetuated by the media and public figures wanting the media attention.

    • Any thoughts

    • Sure…sports fans and people in the city are fucking crazy!

    • They should all be brought to justice and pay for any damages and stolen property. Peaceful protest versus not peaceful protest. Do any of these people deserve to die? No. Stop brining up race and it will cease to become a dividing point of Americans. Say something when someone says something raciest.

    • The people who should definitely pay are ones like George Soros, who has been funneling funds through subsidiaries to groups like BLM…..if you’re paid to protest the rest of us have to question the cause you’re protesting for!

    • Akitu Nosrettap Yes. What does any of those offenses have to do with the Oregon thing? You gave examples of violent acts vs. a non-violent protest. Your examples show people committing crimes just because they want to – not because they are protesting oppressive govt actions.

  • Okay so get off the native wildlife preserve already then.

  • …aaaaand unliked. See ya ‘free’thoughtproject. If you’re not smart enough to see the difference between a truly peaceful nonviolent protest and burning down cities and shooting at cops, then I won’t waste any more of my time on anything you post in the future. See ya!

    • Dumb comment. So all black people that have been jkilled by cops have been the result of violent protests? How about most of them? Wow, you dumb

    • Nah, you’re dumb and clearly blind too. This isn’t about race at all. Not everything is about race. Get over it. It’s my choice not to follow this page anymore because only a very low level of intelligence sees racial issues in all things.

    • Luke Wyrock…

      You’re still here?

    • i just cant take seriously someone that hates the federal government but sports the american flag

    • They long for an America from days gone by Todd, too bad, you can never go back!

    • David, why all the butthurt? You should save that for the 8 years of TRUMP! Todd, your comment shows that you’re not at all informed on the purpose of the protest in Oregon.

    • Man, you are extremely naive and thoughtless if you think that black people will not focus on cops reactions in this case when They have been subject to zero tolerance in their own neigborhoods. It’s common sense and logical to make the comparisons. Look at the American Indian. The most peaceful protesters on earth and the most abused and the ones living in the worst conditions of any race in usa. Hey, but let’s just focus on those ranchers for what they are Doing for themselves. Dumb

    • ah the good old days, slavery ,bible in school,polio……..

    • You statists are a damned low IQ bunch. Sure, NOW we should imprison people for a 2nd time over the same crime. Yes, let’s allow the government to strongarm anyone off their land when valuable minerals are there to be stolen and sold to foreign interests. You’re all clearly geniuses. Sorry it’s not about some petty shit this time, otherwise you’d get behind it.

    • LOL “ah the good old days, slavery ,bible in school,polio……..” See my point. This is a classic LOW IQ argument. #StatistsGonnaState

    • Luke Wyrock , I am all for what these people are doing. Never said otherwise. We need more people like them no matter what color they are. At the same time it is quite obvious that the reaction is not the same from officials. So in both cases I am against officials. They are racist and unjust and those 2 issues are both clear.

    • Todd Patterson , Idiot, they are America, not who they SUPPOSEDLY elected to represent them

    • Luis, whatever your motives, I’m about the issues at hand. BLM land grab over minerals, and imprisoning ranchers for a 2nd time for the same crime. It’s about the government using strongarm and intimidation tactics to seize land from the Hammonds. If you want to make it a race issue, go for it, but that’s secondary AND I do disagree with your assessment.

    • Let’s look at statistics based on “skin color” to see why they are targeted by police….

    • BTW- Crying racism is akin to the boy who cried wolf. We’re all tired of it, and it’s been more often than not misapplied, so sorry if it’s so watered down now that nobody gives a shit anymore – even if it were true.

    • none of us are constitutional experts. if we were we’d have better things to do than argue about it on social media. go protest about the federal reserve or something useful to all americans

    • They were never imprisoned twice the first local idiot judge did not give them the minimum 5 year sentence for their crime…it’s a federal offense requiring a MINIMUM 5 year sentence rather than the 15 months they originally got

    • Luke Wyrock , I agree with you on issue at hand and am not making it a race issue. I just agree with stating the obvious. If you refuse to see the obvious only because you are only capable of dealing with an issue one ata time then thats your problem.

    • Luke Wyrock Who is nobody? You are white. Extremely direspectful to talk for everyone or even for your own. Alot of people care and this blog proves it homie. Just so you know, I dont play race cards. I am Mexican, self employed and doing pretty good. But I’m not blind. I am not so naive as to think that just because I did well that its as easy for everyone. I see the injustice even if it hasnt affected me directly. Most cant see things that way. Nepotism.

    • He did and they argued in court and won a reduced sentence. Now the government went to an appeals court who overturned that decision. The first judge wasn’t stupid or anything. He agreed on a reduced sentence based on what happened in court. It happens all the damn time. And now they are out and the BLM wants their land so they got the decision overturned by a higher court so in say 2 years when we’ve all forgotten about this they can quietly grab the Hammond ranch. And then a few years later sell it to a foreign fraking or oil company. Just like what they did in nevada in 2013. Please research about what’s going on first before speaking

    • For anyone interested in learning more about the facts, here’s the best compilation of up to date information with references about the protest in Oregon:

    • i thought you were leaving

    • I agree with Todd…please leave like you promised Luke.

    • Akitu Nosrettap the issue is that they were tried under federal terrorism statutes. That is the overreach here. You can be charged with arson in the federal system without being charged under the terrorism statutes. In fact, most arsonists are charged in state courts, even when federal land is affected, but even those who are charged by the feds are rarely (if ever) charged with terrorism even when they INTENTIONALLY set fire to public lands. You want a good comparison of how the federal system treats people differently? Look up Tre Arrow. He was convicted of several counts of eco-terrorism for literally fire bombing and destroying equipment and buildings. The group he was with, ELF, was considered by the FBI to be the top domestic terrorist threat at that time. Tre Arrow fled and was even on the FBI Top Ten Most Wanted list. Know how much time he finally served in a federal prison (after he was located in Canada and brought back to the US)? ONE YEAR. Then he was released to a half-way house in Portland to “serve” the rest of his supposed five year sentence. So you tell me, does that sound like equal treatment under the law? The sentencing judge, by the way, said the five year minimum for what the Hammond’s actually did (which was NOT terrorism) was a violation of the 8th Amendment prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment. Even the judge knew the charges were BS.

  • preferential treatment

  • Does racial bias mean we should have more shoot-outs?

    • Why can’t people get this??? A police officer uses excessive force against another person and violent protests are acceptable. The federal govt as a whole violates our rights, freedoms, liberty and when someone peacefully protests those violations while exercising their Second Amendment rights, they are called terrorists. C’mon, people, it’s all govt abuse, can’t we just protest together?

  • it wouldnt be like this if they were coloured or muslims,

  • I think it has to do with location, out in the middle of nowhere, and no looting or vandalism more than color.

  • Listen, there is a strong, STRONG difference between being armed and doing essentially a sit-in, compared to rioting in the streets and burning cop cars. This has nothing to do with skin color whatsoever as much as it has to do with there being an issue and citizens protesting it.

    Protesters in Baltimore/Ferguson shut down local highways and businesses with marching through the streets. These guys took over a federal building that does not nearly have the same amount of use in the local community. There is a strong difference here indeed, but don’t you dare drag race into this as that is the trigger that sets everyone apart when times like these and Baltimore/Ferguson we should come together against a clearly oppressive and over bearing government.

    • Not to mention they “took over” the building while it was closed all week for Christmas and new years. So they just walked into an empty building and called it theirs. And they are staying there with the intent to use the land for logging and ranching.

      In contrast they could just burn the building out and chop down all the trees for fun and then break any fencing on the whole compound. That’d be much more like ferguson. But that would also make it a peaceful protest I guess.

    • Rioting and burning cop cars, like white people do after sporting events right?

    • Stop trying to make this a race issue because it’s not. By your logic there is not one person in those sporting events riots that is not white. To believe that makes you one severely dense person, nice try though.

    • Sean Charles Thank you!

    • Lmao a “sit-in” they plan on staying for years and have threatened violence against law officials if the government moves against them…I’m sorry but that’s not peaceful….and taking over a federal building requires less force that bumping police cars?? You sound crazy sir

    • They took over an unoccupied building. Making a threat is just that, a threat. The riots in Baltimore were not threats they were physical acts of violence against police and citizens. Citizens that had no real chances to get away from it. There were no employees in the building when they took it over, no one there to be harmed. You’re confusing crazy with logically explaining a completely unbalanced comparison.

    • Doesn’t matter if the building was empty, they took a government building by force and threatened anybody who tried to remove them (including law enforcement and government agencies)…some would call that treason….but it’s cool because they haven’t killed anyone…yet

    • Remind me again how many people died in the Baltimore riots

    • Interesting to me how many people who describe themselves as “liberal” only support civil disobedience when it fits their world view or the doctrine of their political party.

    • I support all non violent civil disobedience, especially when it has a good cause. They met peacefully with 3 members of the local sheriff’s department yesterday to discuss the situation and getting the men out of the building. And that went peacful. No one was harmed, no one even showed weapons to the cops, they all shook hands, sat down, and had an actual converstion. This is a peaceful protest. They only brought guns and threats to get people’s attention.

    • It’s been almost a week and no damage has been caused. Can you say that about baltimore? Ferguson? No.

    • Look guys, he’s not shooting the cop or lighting his car on fire! He’s shaking the man’s hand!

    • Sean Michael Person what you see is that the protestor isn’t shooting at the cop, he’s shaking the cop’s hand. What I see is that the cop isn’t shooting at the criminal, he’s shaking the criminal’s hand.

    • Joseph remind.me how many people have been killed in Oregon. Also let’s talk about how many people have been shot in Oregon at this protest. Now let’s talk about people that were shot in Baltimore during the riots. Some of them not even by police.

  • Do all of you honestly think that armed peaceful black people taking over a federal building would receive the same reaction in a predominantly white town? Or even a black town for that matter? The true definition of being Naive. Current news all over the country suggest the contrary and takes away any doubt that USA is far from leavk ng racial problems behind. Shit, it hasn’t even been 40-50 years since black people were granted basic rights as human beings. We still haven’t even come close to making it right for the American Indian. If anything USA is making it worse for them systematically till this day. Wake the fuck up people

    • Hell, wasn’t former attorney general Eric Holder a part of an armed takeover of a federally administered Navy ROTC building at Columbia University in the 70’s?

      And he eventually became the highest law enforcement officer in the nation. So just stop.

    • I am an American Indian and the only people making it hard on the Indians is the Indians, the only ones making it hard on the black community is the black community and so on…… this country is a melting pot of cultures but only 3 refuse to assimilate.

    • Michael Spence , the abuse is systematic. Can both races overcome adversity? Of course. Should they? YES!! But white people simply are not facing those same adversities. Allow as many liquor stores and bars in white neigborhoods as you do in American Indian reservations, as well as understaffing the police department and limiting jobs and I can bet you any amount of money that the outcome would not only be the same it would be worse.

    • I didn’t know there were white only neighborhoods? Or black only neighborhoods? Keep making excuses cause that’s the real problem with the areas you say are lost due to whitey holding you all down. Nice try bud.

    • Most black people that cry racism are the same people that would never do anything to fix problems just bitch about the problem or bitch about the people trying to fix things

    • Josh Daniels ok mostly white neigborhoods. You got me. good one.

    • Graham Carriage Works I am your brother. I dont get where I am being divisive by stating the obvious. Yes, the rich enslave all of us but clearly not in the same way, therefore not the same reaction from all of us brothers. The sooner the favorite slaves realize this the better for all of us slaves.

    • Oscar Serrano so you think its a huge coincidence that Native Americans, who were committed genocide against, and black people, who were enslaved and made this country rich, are the 2 cultures struggling the most in our system? You think that the same people in power who did this to them just all of a sudden said “ok, lets leave them alone and allow them to thrive”. Holy Cow. USA education at its finest!!

    • Luis the single greatest threat to any race is excuses for behavior…. I have a liquor store 200 feet from my house and yet I don’t drink, I have been poor my whole life but refuse to steal, our school systems are poor as well but I managed to educate myself and now live modestly and always humble….. First you have to quit making excuses for why a person or group acts the way they do…. They have a choice and chose either right or wrong and should reap the benefits of that decision. Jail or education

    • And Luis Arreola study history and you will find all races have suffered through slavery and conquest at some point in history…. learning from the past is essential but living in it is ignorant.

    • Michael Spence , why do people always believe that only because of their own specific experience everyone is capable of the same outcome? I am speaking in general terms. Who is making excuses? Facts are not excuses. They are facts. Are those people in Oregon committing treason using oppression as an excuse? Every person has a choice to make within their lives and must live by them. Nobody is arguing that. The difference is how much harder it is sytematically amde for some in comparison to others. Everyone that improves their lifestyle from when they grew up to an adult, always moves a better neigborhood and provides a better atmosphere for their kids. Why? Because it will increase their chance of succeeding by improving their atmosphre. If you belive this and understand that the government uses the media and many other means to control the country, then you must agree that they influence in the environment of targeted races. Look at the difference between schooling in black and white neigborhoods. the money invested. The amount of student to teacher ratio. That must be black people’s fault too, huh?

    • Michael Spence , your last sentence is the only one I agree with. So your argument is it;s perfecetly normal because other races in the past suffered the same? Really? My bad. I thought we evolved. SO what you are saying is that white people have suffered the same or equal to the same racism as black people historically? Native Americans suffered the worst genocide of any race in History by the same people. The jewish atrocities dont even come close. Who do we hear about much more by our own media?? Thats our fault right? We choose to care more about Israel and Hitler than our own history of genocide?? Ok.

    • Lmao @ “Armed peaceful black ppl” GTFO… If they were farmers on the land for decades then they would be treated just fine because they would be part of the community.. but that doesn’t exist because theyre in the inner cities being fucking ignorant welfare babies…Fuck off.

    • hee haww

    • Luis, you are making it seem like whites are more privileged than any other race. You aren’t providing facts as of now. Just making statements. Explain yourself.

    • Caleb Donley , I am making it seem like whites are more privileged than others?? LOL. I gave you an example in our education system. How about we do this. You tell me where whites are not more privileged in USA in genral terms and I will counter?

    • 49 percent of those killed by officers from May 2013 to April 2015 were white, while 30 percent were black,” the Washington Times article said. “He also found that 19 percent were Hispanic.” but whites make up 63 percent of the population of this country. Blacks are just 12 percent. misdirected rage is not necessarily illegitimate rage.

    • Landon N Tom , nobody in this country directly steals more of our taxpayer money than white collar white people. They have nothing to complain about so your focus is on the black community to direct your frustrations.

    • ask eric holder he did it and still was appointed ag

    • Graham Carriage Works , I agree with what we all “should do” because it is the logical thing to do. Using that same logic you must agree today’s injustice is not the same for all our brothers. Do the Scotsman feel the same outrage today in regards to what is happening to the Syrians, Iraquis, Black people, American Indians as they did when they were the direct victims? The answer is NO. Therefore not the same urgency to fight back, protest, make comparisons, condemn. Easy for you to say all this now. You are no longer victims of racism or close to the same atrocities. Black people and Native Americans are to this day suffering systematic oppression. Since you have been the victims in the past, you more than anyone should be more than able to see this.

    • Lee Sullivan III ok sure. Want to take a guess % wise of how many of these thieves are white and not white? LOL. Always funny to me when people try to make these comparisons that are completely lopsided. Its not even close. So eric Holder is the best you could do ? Lol. Especially when we are talking about general terms?

    • Stephen P. Hennessy who here hates white people? No room for that here. Let me know. I’ll put a hit on that Puto

    • Luis Arreola you make absolutely no sense what so ever….. How many white people today owned slaves? How many white people today were at wounded knee? Or brought infected blankets to the Indians? So am I to blame all Blacks for cultural degradation? To look at Africa, Ethiopia and every country controlled by blacks I could certainly do this….. How about blaming all Democrats for the failed policy of Detroit or mass shootings…. How about all gun owners be labeled as mass murderers for the actions of the few…. Educate yourself and expect nothing from anyone….. I can say this because I lived it…. The only person in control of your life is you so quit looking to punish others for your ignorance. There is no better country than the United States of America and if you think there is then by all means leave this Racist country.

    • Are most African countries controlled by blacks? Are you sure? Ok. Whatever. So white people today would have to be slave owners and kill off Indians so you could see how they systematically set them upn for failure TODAY? I’m the one that makes no sense? What black people choose to do themselves is one thing but What we all allow for system to do to yt?them is another. 2 completely different talking points. Blaming democrats? Now I know you are not capable of understanding. You think Democrats are better or worse than Reoublicans? You one of those huh? Nobody should be labeled. In that you are correct. I am not labeling white people at all. When someone point s the well known fact that blacknpeople and American Natives are treated far worse than white people by police and officials you guys state that it’s their own fault. Is that not labeling? So when I reply more facts about what white people have done in the past and few still continue to do (who happen to be the ones in power) then you state I’m the one putting labels?

    • Your last sentence is the most unAmerican thing to say. “Dessent is the best form of Patriotism”. A true American chooses to fight for what is right and fight hisboppressor. Not leave. What’s great about America when compared to at least 10 other countries in the world? Saying its great doesn’t make it great. I bet you can’t name 5 things with those conditions. As far as mass murderers who happen to be white 99% of the time, no we should not label all white people as mass murderers or eleven gun owners. So why would you label black people as violent protestors? I do educate myself and don’t expect anything from no one. I am pretty happy with my life but I would be selfish ton not see the truth. Answer this question. Where does a regular person have a higher chance of succeeding, in a middle class white neighborhood or a black neighborhood or better yet American Indian Neigborhood? Please state and why? If you can visualize your own kids and be honest.

    • And we choose to fight for everyone…. How many whites died freeing slaves? And you still miss the point….. Acting out in violence doesn’t bring people to your cause…. educating them does. Living in the past leaves No room for the future….. What are you doing to help them? Talk on here? The point I am making is feeling sorry for someone does not push them to be better. Forcing them to accept responsibility for themselves does. Welfare does not help a person achieve greatness, conditioning the mind, focus and a will to strive for the best does…. If you only focus on the negative your life will be negative……. Slavery happened, murder of the Indians happened can you change the history of either? No so stop living in the history.

    • “We” choose to fight for everyone? Lol. Man, you are way out there. You are completely clueless. Every single conflict and war USA has ever been involved in has been for the sole and only reason for a few white guys to profit big $$ from. Name a war and I’ll tell you who profited from it directly. Ok. You know how many Germans opposed killing Jews? You know how many Americans opposed going to iraq and syria? The point isn’t that white people enslaved black people. Then point is they are still oppressing them. Not all white people enslaved them back then. Not all of them oppress them today. Point is it still happens. And there is tremendous proof of it. The problem is itbis being systematically and directly done by our leaders who happen to be white. Again you generalize that all black protesters act out in violence. How can you generalize them and not white people for mass shootings or present day genocide? Seems you are a hypocrite. I run a sports club where I also educate many kids based on facts and better ways tondefend themselves. To see the greater good but also understand the greater evil. What do you do? I don’t feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for the oppressors. Welfare is such a dumb talking point. Do you even understand what welfare really is? The biggest form of welfare is all the tax money the very rich use to further enrich themselves. It’s straight up theft. But the the completely ignorant sheep will bitch about the minimal welfare given to the poor in this country who in their majority are white. Yet most of these dumb people that bitch about it don’t know thisvfact. History helps to understand the future. History dictates what happen in the future in most cases. We are slaves. Just in different ways. Our overall quality of life has greatly diminished in the last 30-40 years. Our rights and freedoms are being taken from us at an alarming rate. If you dont leanr from the past you are condemend to relive it. Thats exactly what we are doing because most people think like you.

    • 90% of the racism in america is coming frm the so called occupiers almost all of it frm the elite like mr sharpton mr jackson etc

    • How did you get that statistic? Is that an exact number? Please state where you get this valuable info from

    • Luis Arreola I’m not sure which Native American Indian reservations you are referring to, stating that “they” put more liquor stores there than in “white” neighborhoods, but the reservation closest to me is dry. There isn’t a liquor store or alcohol served anywhere on the reservation. I’m guessing (probably shouldn’t!) that other reservations are the same. So I don’t understand your point at all.

    • Luis Arreola I’d have to guess that you are Hispanic and probably believe the ” white devils” stole Texas, Arizona and California from Mexico as well….. Right? Keep playing right into the racist deck of cards…. I guess Jesse Jackson, AL Sharpton, Opera Winfrey the race baiters are all white as well because racism is just a White thing right? And power elites are all White? Is that what color Obama is? How about the Saudi King? Or the Jewish elite? Obviously I need to stick to talking to people who can see the forest through the trees…… And America is the greatest country on earth……. Sure as hell isn’t Mexico.

    • Robert Short , do some research on what goes on in Dakota and most other places where Native Americans live. I speak in general terms and not exclusively where you live. Most should be enough. Its kind of dumb to expect all neigborhoods to be as bad. Native Americans live in the worse conditions of any race in USA. You think its a coincidence? If you do, I would love to sell you some stuff.

    • Michael Spence , I am American. Cant imagine why you would assume that about me. So you cant make an intelligent statement to support your theories and now resort to insults and petty attacks? HAHAHA. How did USA aquire those states from Mexico? I bet you dont know the full facts just like everything else you have tried to make an argument on. America is the greatest country on Earth, Huh? I asked you to state 5 things we are greater at than 5 other countries and you couldnt do it. For every Al Sharpton their 100’s of Trumps. You better start looking around because its starting to look like Mexico all over USA ese. LOL. Have a good one brother.

    • Interesting posts I can see both of your points. The problem is not as simple as your trying to make it . it’s not about skin color its about those in power exploiting those without power. Trump Jackson two cheeks of the same ass.

    • Yea agreed but it’s still pretty obvious who the biggest most dangerous of those 2 idiots is for the opposite race.

    • Luis Arreola look up dr. Umar Johnson’s war on black boys part 1/2. It talks about everything your saying…as well as all of the education issues. And some medical issues we are dealing with here in the USA. Its 100% focused towards blacks and “brown” people, but in my personal opinion, and he even states it a couple times, that the oppression is happening to even whites now. The division is based on how poor you are anymore it seems, blacks definitely get it worse, but I see lots of “ghetto” white people and lots of white people in poverty, stuck as a slave to the system, all the time. I really suggest watching both parts of Dr.Johnsons speech. He’s very intelligent and talks about exactly the things you are.

    • Also I will wholeheartedly agree with pretty much everything you said…its sad that these people can’t understand what your typing to them..BTW I’m whiter than white.

    • Nick Beau so your 1st picture means that black people are not treated unjustly in this country under same conditions, in general? Is that what you mean? Because if you do thats really funny.

    • SO how does eric Holder make black politicians compare to white ones, in general? Is he your example of how they are all the same and therefore no uneven treatment?? Man you guys crack me up

  • you say if they were a darker shade of skin they whould have shot them how about in mo they trashed and burned the city no one got shot if thease guys in Oregon burn the buildings and town then because they are white they would shoot them they are standing up for our constitution

  • Watch the representative of this district in Oregon address to Congress. Maybe then you’ll understand the issues happening instead of some hogwash media bullshit.

  • If they were brown they would have been dead day one.

  • The Oregon protesters were incredibly peaceful… If you recall the recent protests of black activists openly carrying rifles [black panther groups] did not attract violent responses from police, because those activists were peaceful [and armed]. The protests in Baltimore were not peaceful… The protests in Ferguson started out peaceful… Violent protests often result in more violence. Peaceful armed black protesters, as with all peaceful armed protesters, tend to be left alone, if for no other reason than the police simply being hesitant to escalate with dozens of armed men.

    • This wasn’t a protest so much as a take over. Event he militiamen said so. Even without violence, a take over is still considered hostile in nature. Especially when they are making verbal threats of being willing to die for their cause, or being willing to take action.

    • They took over that land as a protest…. to protest the fact that the BLM can, and has in nevada, just sell land they are supposed to be protecting to foreign fraking and oil companies.

    • Those protests were made violent by agent provocateurs sent by the police to discredit the protesters.

    • Yup. And for the most part, the protests were peaceful in those places all the way through, and non-peaceful events were generally located elsewhere from the protests (except those committed by cops) while the cops were so busy intimidating and bullying the peaceful protesters.

    • It’s about being armed in enough numbers to give the cops pause, period.

    • Some of those Black Panthers actually threatened police.

    • Nathaniel Wilson WRONG. You cannot equate this with the thigs in Ferguson or Baltimore. You are being intellectually dishonest.

    • Ferguson & Baltimore can certainly be compared. A better comparison would be the Boston Tea Party. But what do I know of Patriotism and fighting oppression…

    • Shad Arington Seeing your military photo, I would have to answer your question with a “not much, seeing as how you never fought oppressors.”

    • That’s exactly why you shouldn’t assume. The photo is a memorial.

      Tell me how were those rioters different than the other. You can’t because they’re the same.

    • Were you saying military men & women know nothing of Patriotism?!

    • Bear in mind this is very rural Oregon as opposed to outlying a major metropolitan area. Believe it or not, country sheriffs do act differently in general.

    • you cannot be this blind.

    • The NBPP were chanting “OINK OINK BANG BANG” and they still didn’t get shot, people who make this argument, including Matt Agorist are not being intellectually honest, this has nothing to do with race and everything to do with guns. Guns are a deterrent against violence by state actors, any real Agorist should know this, Matt.

    • Anytime a peaceful protest becomes violent watch for the agents.. They have used that tactic for centuries

    • Shad Arington “Patriotism” is nothing but a word slaves use to show their unconditional obedience to their master, the state.

      And, you know nothing about fighting oppression if you are on your knees worshiping your oppressors.

    • Buck Kracker Nice try buddy. Patriotism is about your country not your government.

    • Wow. Patriotism is a slave term…. Wow…so us marines are just showing obeidiance to our master… … I’ve got more patriotism in my uretha than you have period

    • Tim Kellogg Hit nail on head there.

    • Did you know?

      Harney County Oregon (Malheur) population approx 7000+ population scattered over 10,000 sq. miles

      St. Louis County (Ferguson), 1,000,000+ population packed into 523 sq. miles.

      Of course a sheriff is going to act differently irregardless of who he is dealing with.

    • It was patriotism that led the colonists to stand up against england and her tax’s…America wouldn’t be a country without patriotism.

    • Brainwashed, you poor thing!

  • Cops need to be brave about honesty and what’s really the right thing todo!

  • Its the war on drugs, stupid.
    Thats everything and everyone in power is sweeping it under the rug

  • If you Act civilized you get treated civilized. You act like a bunch of Animals then that’s how you are treated. All lives matter….. Enen the Stupid ones.

  • Different circumstances, different color, probably not so much.

  • Eric Holder, former Atty General of the US, did the same thing in 1970 when he and other armed black men took control of a ROTC building at Columbia University in NYC.

  • Let’s stop calling for equal injustice…

  • So the indians are getting their property back? I wish

  • All i smell is PUSSY

  • Well, good for that then. You can’t realistically expect the same kind of reaction when it’s not your own people. Black cops reacting to white people, when they have a axe to grind, when they’re inclined to act like bruts, it’s not going to go the same way Likewise, white cops in the ghetto, where they expect to run into thugs, pimps, and drug addicts, not going to go the same way either. It probably pays therefore, to man your police forces with the same people who live there.

    • So what happens when cops run into ceo’s, politicians, governors, presidents, etcI. who steal from millions into poverty? Where is that axe that needs grinding? Maybe Ijust maybe, cops in black neigborhoods know they can get away with grinding that axe. And they know exactly what outcome is if they try to grind that axe with the biggest criminals of all times, the elite.

    • Luis Arreola I know plenty of cops who would rather put Wall Street executives in jail vs. those on the lowest of our socio-economic scale. Problem is, the feds are responsible for that, not the street cops. Why hasn’t the DOJ under the Obama administration gone after the biggest criminals of all time?

    • I think the cops are always responsible for their own actions. This passing the buck stuff, and “I’m just doing my job” stuff, is what keeps the police permanently excused and permanenlty corrupt.

  • This has nothing to do with any racial bias! Fact is though they are no threat to the military they are armed and a threat to the police if provoked. FBI and ATF don’t want another Waco or Ruby ridge. Take it into account also that these men are occupying a piece of ground in the middle of nowhere. If they were in a city and occupied a property the story would be different. Here they can just starve them out. Again nothing to do whatsoever with race.

  • This is what happens in a peaceful PROTEST and ppl wonder why they react with force when it’s a RIOT.

  • Some racist BS!

  • Maybe it isn’t a race issue….maybe it is because they are not looting stores, burning cars, throwing bricks and acting out violently. Stop playing the race card and acknowledge that ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES! You throw a brick at me, or break into my home, you can expect to be met with violence. I would expect the police to have the same response.

  • Stop with the race baiting, will ya?

  • Are you sure it’s racial? Do you suppose lots of guns in a group (and not one or two, else color won’t save ya, trust me) might play a role?

  • Why wasn’t he arrested?

  • I call BS. Here is an example of blacks peacefully carrying weapons without violence erupting.


  • This all seems like a set up to me. Look people ” peaceful protest ”
    Look people ” friendly cops”
    Look people “non violence”

    Now what rights to what have they been promised to go through with this little fiasco?
    We all know how this would end with blood shed but it all of a sudden has become butterfly’s and rainbows. NO! That’s not how our government has worked for many years. Wake up.

  • The reason there has been a peaceful police response (so far, at least until the murderous, lawless Feds get involved) is that there has been no violence or threats or riots or public damage. There is a huge difference. These people are NOT terrorists – they are harming no one and hurting nothing. They have “occupied” a vacant shack in the middle of the forest over a claimed injustice by the government (may be arguable). There is no reason for violence on the part of the police or government. The reaction of a few (mostly leftist racist Blacks) calling for their murder by violent government action is unspeakably ignorant. I have read the full backstory to this situation and it boils down to the abuse of government power more than anything else. However, a violent end to this standoff is perhaps Obama’s goal furthering his ideological race agenda.

    • Don’t forget his war on guns. If this ends badly it will likely give Obama the tools he needs to have everyone disarmed accept Leo.

    • There have been threats. They’ve been saying they are willing to take violent measures before anyone said anything to them. They went into it with a vocal violent mindset.

    • Nathaniel Wilson That’s not quite the same as burning cars, throwing rocks, smashing windows, and rioting in the streets as BLM has done now is it?

    • “Vocal violent mindset?” The only thing I’ve heard them say is that they will protect themselves if attacked. The feds aren’t exactly known for caring much about a person’s civil rights. Just because they’re trespassing doesn’t mean they should be subject to a military style assault.

  • guns

  • It’s the difference between inner city police officers and rural police officers. I hate that it always seems to come back to the racism card.

  • I’m pretty sure the peace had more to do with the open arms rather than the color of their skin. As I recall, fully armed black protesters didn’t get any trouble, either, even if it wasn’t widely reported.

  • Respect begets respect.

  • The Glaring Racial Bias you speak of I believe lives on the other side of the fence, not the cops. The protesters in Oregon are peaceful gentlemen with a ligit grievance. We all know how the black lives matter crowd acts.

  • Fuck all you white apologists. If armed, Black, peaceful protesters staged the exact same demonstration, you & Faux “News” would support the SWAT teams descending on the location!! You same assholes categorized the PEACEFUL, UNARMED BLM organization terrorists, but suddenly these guys are heroes?! Get the full fuck out of here with that blind, ignorant, privileged bullshit. #RIPTamir <-- you remember him, right? The 12 year old that was murdered because you're SCARED of Black people.

    • And why shouldn’t we be? Just listen to the violent rhetoric and abusive language you are using in your post.

      Also, don’t forget that blacks tend to burn down their cities when they ‘protest’. Property damage and rioting and violent behavior begets violent behavior. You want to curb that shit and maybe you’ll be taken seriously.

    • If YOU were being murdered, and your murderers were scared of you and excused in the courts and everything you did to try to stop it was ignored, you’d be pissed too! Faux News makes up shit for you to be mad about, meanwhile I could get shot this weekend and you scoff? I don’t believe the violence is being used effectively. If it were, you would have a valid reason to be scared of Black skin. I assure you you would take it seriously were it up to me, furthermore race would be a part of it. Wall Street fraudsters would get a chunk taken out of their ass as well. Injustice to Black people and poor people are battles worth fighting.

    • That’s not true at all.
      In fact, I’d dare say if they were black that the situation would be handled the same if not more carefully for fear of the gov/federal agents being called racist, opening themselves up to civil rights lawsuits, sensationalized media coverage, protests, etc.

    • You seem to be ignoring the 12 year old Tamir Rice that was holding a toy gun in an open carry state and shot within seconds. If you think everyone is treated the same, ask yourself which race you’d rather be treated as. I KNOW you didn’t say Black, so it’s not the same thing.

    • Can we stick to the Oregon issue for a moment? First off, the BLM does have armed agents and the BLM bureaucrats have created their own rules/laws that then affect the livelihood of these families. BLM has a documented history of IGNORING laws passed by Congress. Right in this very same neck of the woods. So instead of following the laws as written by Congress, the BLM itself violated those laws. Yet no one was prosecuted. The BLM had harassed the Hammond’s in several ways, cutting off access to water supplies, physically blocking access to their property, etc. Hammond’s have SUED the BLM twice and WON BOTH TIMES! That just made them a bigger target for the BLM. The BLM is anything but “peaceful.” They use the power of the federal govt to impose their will upon the people. It’s called tyranny.

    • Can you provide evidence of these statements?

    • I don’t remember any specific facts, but I did read about the BLM years ago and was appalled at what they were doing. I can only imagine it has gotten worse. However, I agree with you 100%, Lamonte Stewart. If this “militia” in Oregon were composed of people of color, it would have been handled much differently. More violently. My heart aches for the state of this country.

    • Also, my BLM is Black Lives Matter, not Bureau of Land Management. All of a sudden this became an Abbott & Costello routine.

    • Hahahaha. Yeah. I was referring to the Bureau of Land Management in my comment. They’re scary. I’m not scared of the Black Lives Matter movement. Very different things there.

  • I can assure you that if these fine upstanding gentlemen were moors, then the police would have absolutely went in shooting.

  • Don’t burn shit down you fucking racist fucks cops won’t bash skulls

  • “Racial bias???” Are you for real??? You do know that cops shoot more whites than blacks, right? Cop involved shootings of black people has steadily declined over time whereas the shooting of white people has remained relatively unchanged.

  • Yeah…You are off base with that assessment.

  • They treated them with professional restraint because they are peaceful protesters, not a violent, rioting mob.

  • They would have been killed if they were a different race… Law’s have been infringing on our constitution’s… what people don’t seem to realize more law’s less of what we call freedom. . the constitution was the foundation of Americans.. Not all cops are bad. Some maybe looking for a chance to fire there weapons at somebody. Need to start checking the mental health of officer’s before hiring them, and see what there intentions are. Protect and serve.. in God we trust…

  • the Jews fund the BLM!!!

  • It’s not about race lol , the guy had 150 armed men with him

  • I’d like to believe that’s as long as it remains peaceful, no buildings get burnt, no bricks/bottles are thrown, and everyone acts like adults and show respect theirs no problem!…we’ve all seen the pics/vids of “leaders” of “peaceful” protests meeting with and shaking hands of mayors, police chiefs, governors, etc… Then 2 hours later watch as the “leader” stands back and allows the “peaceful protestors” burn, loot, flip cars, and all kinds of other dumb ass things to their own communities!…the only race issue is in how some races act, compared to others! Why not point that fact out while your trying to perpetuate hate towards white people? The free thought project is starting to sound like the BLM racists or the the racists from the NAACP!

  • When you’re doing this, it’s kinda hard to do things peacefully.

  • Yup

  • They are just scared of a public backlash if they murder Bundy and supporters. But officers are itching to pull their triggers and call in drone strikes.

  • Well these guys weren’t burning and looting hmmmm…..

  • Nothing happened to armed organized black protestors in ferguson. Oh, and what about the guy in the meme? No fires, no looting, no distruction. No comparison to violent riots. All people should take this as a lesson on how to get your voice heard. Peaceful but forceful is possible.

  • What..?!?!? Awwww Mannn…!!!! White conspiracy (Stone Masons, Illuminati) Shoot them Red-Necks Goddaammm…!!!!!

  • I am so done with this bull-shit!!

  • lets not play the division tactics its counter productive..

  • Bullshit.

  • Must be nice. Free White

  • It is peaceful because the Sheriff is” Of the people by the people and for the people”and an outstanding example of public service, and has no ties to the “FED “THUG” gov”…………….who wants to impose “tyranny” on true Americans………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “This just in: white people set standard for how to treat white people.”
    Come on guys, are you serious? Could you possibly endorse the good ol boy system explicitly instead of showering white people with praise for not killing white people?
    Guess what? That’s never been the problem.

  • I don’t care what color you are, armed or unarmed, peaceful or not, if you are standing up for our rights against an oppressive government your alright with me.

  • did the mainstream news talked about it ?

  • No doubt the newsies are calling for another Ruby Ridge/Waco scenario so they can milk it for dollars.

  • I think you miss the point where they did not shoot anything, did not riot or attack/infringe on other people’s rights, and stated it was a movement with a goal to bring publicity to problems with the federal government. This is a peaceful, non-violent demonstration with arms…That is why they get proper respect. Stop race-bating!

  • So people are trying to interject something about race into this? It’s time to stop the “everything is about me” attitude. When your demographic is involved, then we will hear from you. Until then, let’s focus on the issues of the people involved.

  • police aren’t violent in Oregon and most of Washington. #wildpnw #bejealous

  • All staged i bet.

  • Being civilised has its perks. Nobody getting hurt is the one of the better perks I have to say

  • Race baiting??? Really?? This was peaceful and had a direction. Black riots are the polar opposite. Fuck off.

  • I wonder if they were in compliance with the Fed’s with the new I D required to fly and be on federal property like court house and military bases , driver license are no good

  • It a revenue generator

  • Oregon Demographics 2014…..White, percent, 87.9%
    Black or African American, 2.0%
    American Indian and Alaska Native, 1.8%
    Asian, 4.3%
    Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, 0.4%
    Two or More Races, 3.6%
    Hispanic or Latino, 12.5%
    White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, 77.0%

  • Maybe these sheriffs agree with the Bundys’? Maybe they see the federal government injustice?

  • Bundy’s are white and have money. Good luck changing the attitude of law enforcement.

  • Sheriffs, are RARELY, the problem. It is typically municipal police that are the issue. Even more rarely is a problem State Trooper. Just because an sheriff, or trooper, is professional, doesn’t automatically indicate a racially motivated bias.

    Oddly, if you move farther up you find the worst violence and abuse. Like the ATF and all its scandals.

  • I understand your message but this gives no consideration to us Oregonian’s who want them the fuck out of our state back to Nevada. Also does not give consideration to the locals in burns who have to live in fear and have their school shutdown.

    The reason these guys go all the way out to a small town with a small population and a small police force with a tiny budget is because if they came near anywhere A larger city or population in Oregon they would get their asses kicked, I promise you that.

    • Fellow Oregonian here and you don’t speak for all of us. Second, there was no reason to shut down the schools. That was a huge overreaction by government types. There had been no threats to the schools, no threats to the public and the schools aren’t anywhere near the refuge. Third, many town folk have been out to visit the militia and have had cordial conversations. Who are these people you are referring to that are living in fear? The only fear I’m aware of is the fear of an over-reactive federal military-style raid on the refuge. The greatest threat right now in Burns is not from the militia. I’m not saying everyone in Burns supports what the militia is doing, but you are greatly exaggerating the “threat” the residents feel. The militia come and go from the refuge, they attend town meetings, go shopping, eat at restaurants, and yet no one has been hurt or killed by them.

    • I do agree however with your assertion that if these militia members had gone to the Portland area, for example, they would have been harshly dealt with. That’s because in the urban Oregon areas, civil disobedience is only allowed (and often encouraged) for “liberal” causes and not for those conservative wackos. Occupy Portland? Sure, take over publicly owned places, excluding others from using those public places, destroy public property, march in the streets without permits and block traffic, it’s all okay – if it’s for a “liberal” cause. Tre Arrow sitting on the ledge of the USFS building for 11 days, the mayor bringing him cookies. He’s (now) a convicted eco-terrorist, but hey, he’s doing it to save the forest so his trespassing in/on a federal building was supported by city officials. Speaking of Tre Arrow, convicted eco-terrorist who ACTUALLY committed acts of domestic terrorism, you know how much time he served in a federal prison? One year. Then he went to a half-way house in Portland. But the Hammond’s? Nope, they get to do the whole nickle.

    • They exercised all due process that any of us are entitled to including a jury of their peers and then all the way to the Supreme Court.

      And if you do not have faith in that you do not have faith in America.

    • If you believe in taking arms and weapons to terrorize people and your government to get your illegal, unjustified and unfathomable demands then maybe you should go join ISIS.

  • There’s more to this one tha racial bias. BLM and F&GC have asses to cover.

  • Yep throw race in there. It has nothing to do with the fact that they’ve been peaceful. Not burning down buildings, or looting store stealing tvs and shit.

  • I know for a fact brothers wouldn’t get away with what those militia men just did…

  • No racial bias. Just experience.

  • White supremacy!!!

  • UNARMED OCCUPY and BlackLivesMatter and Ferguson Protesters have been met with Tear Gas and Billy Clubs by cops wearing Body Armor. In Ferguson Unarmed Protesters met Cops mounted on Armored Cars.OCCUPY folks were Forcibly removed from a NY City Park.

    These ARMED and THREATENING Y’all Qaeda Protesters are met with a handshake but of course they are ALL White.

    • Ray, out here in Portland, Oregon, those OCCUPY protesters were allowed to criminally trespass on govt property for months. They also destroyed public property. The parks they “occupied” had to be completely rehabilitated including repairs to structures, facilities, etc. This was allowed to continue for a long, long time. Then those so-called anarchist / black-bloc folks blocked streets, damaged property and the cops just watched them do it. Just like in Baltimore, the city leaders told the cops to give them the “space” to protest – which included committing criminal acts. So this concept that every protest by a Black person is met with police brutality is completely bogus.

    • Robert Short So does that make it OK for Protestors to Arm themselves and announce that they are prepared to die fighting if their demands are NOT met? The carrying of arms is itself a threat.
      In 1967 when Black Protesters carried AR15s while marching in Sacramento President Reagan responded by pushing for and signing the MULFORD Act which has made California the Most Gun Restricted state in America.

    • Correction: Governor Reagan.

  • If looters of any color are disrespected, I fear for my country.

  • These guys are heroes ! They are kicking the feds ass !!!!

  • Really the writer of this should be fired, the free thought project is turning into MSNBC or FOX now? To much ignorance in one article to point out.

  • This black guy nicely explains how only racists (including whites brainwashed into joining in on the racism against whites to prove they’re “one of the good ones”) are comparing the two.


  • Problems between police and black communities is a failure of government, staffed by unionized public employees. Blaming the problems on racism or white american’s is a cop out. Want better government? Get rid of public employee unions.

  • Law enforcement is a joke in Harney Co. That Sheriff wont be re-elected.

  • <3

  • Yeah, except this kind of reaction isn’t shown to people of all color.

  • Another needed reform is make rules for police and law enforcement using firearms in self-defense the same as for all other citizens. If this were to happen individual rights to self-defense would be reinforced and expanded and police rights constrained.

  • Peaceful protesters vs pillaging protesters. That’s the difference

  • lol funny because that’s white and white talk. Let’s say those people in Oregon would be a different color than we would see an outrage from the media and the authorities

  • Our sheriff would have done the same thing. When we had a rash of gang violence hit a certain area he tried to set up an anti-gang seminar with parents and the community that it was breaking out in and people threatened to protest at the event saying the sheriff was racist. The man was trying to save their community from gang violence coming out of Oakland California (we are in Florida). These were black on black crimes perpetrated by youth and young adults and the sheriff wanted to work on prevention while they cleaned up the streets with force. When you have people that are that illogical in this country, there is no helping them. They called a man a racist for wanting to end the daily murders of black people in a primarily black community and said he was racist despite deploying double patrols, community resources for prevention, and more. He figuratively held out his hand for a handshake and they spit at him b/c he was white. Racism goes both ways.

  • trying to compare apples to oranges…. shame on y’all

  • I haven’t seen the Oregon Protestors throwing rocks at cops, burning down buildings and causing chaos. Perhaps showing some respect to the cops and the community can avoid you getting put six feet under?

  • Without prejudice if there is a will there is a way for all to achieved PEACE.

  • Exact same thing

    • NO! You’re not allowed to show this. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

  • No. It’s bullshit.

    This reaction taught Americans that cops will only be nice if you HAVE A GUN.

  • Sick of the BS going on?? A free world is waiting for those in need. The technology is here now to supply the necessities we need to survive, we only have to create this free world. Out with the old and in with the new. Its time for change. Join this group to be part of the change>https://www.facebook.com/groups/265603456982790/ .

  • Racial fuck off. this is the difference between doing things right and wrong….
    Burning your neghborhoods all wrong. Being an organized and civilized armed group is why you see a difference….
    it’s not a matter of race but a matter if stupidity

  • This isn’t a matter of race! This is a matter of behavior and attitude!

    • John, if I might add, the top picture illustrates a right-wing domestic terrorist organization assaulting a federal building by armed force. The bottom picture illustrates peaceful protesters.

  • Hmmm, lots of complaints about police violence. When the police start to seek peaceful resolution it’s then racism…. Nuts

  • BULLSHIT they did not fire at the police, and followed what they said unlike 100% of the people that get shot do

  • Please!!! If they were black or brown they would have been dead in 15 seconds.

  • Cops would never treat blacks that way. They would shoot on sight

  • My opinion. The only reason for this behavior is: they are white americans. if they were native americans, blacks or hispanics, the answer had been diferent.

  • So correct me if I’m wrong. This is Federal land , that is part of a park that has been leased to the Bundies and they want to take it over, even though they never paid for it. Then a bunch of conspiracy theory good ol boys with their semi automatics decided to help them out?

    • Ummm, not even close. The Bundy’s don’t live anywhere near this wildlife refuge and don’t own or lease any property there. The Hammond’s, on the other hand, have lived in the area for decades, own property nearby, ranch that property and have leased grazing rights from the BLM for years.

    • Also, if you do some independent research on this issue instead of just reading liberal media crap, the BLM has for many years screwed with the adjoining property owners in an attempt to obtain their land. Ranchers didn’t want to sell to the BLM, so the BLM flooded their property. Made the property useless to ranch. Now the property was worth nothing so the only option they had was to sell to the BLM – for much less than what had been the real value of the ranch land before it was flooded. Once the property was acquired by the BLM, they stopped flooding the land. There are too many examples to list. The BLM violated laws passed by Congress for a management area nearby and yet nobody got in trouble. As for the Hammond’s, the BLM cut off their access to a water source and also blocked a road so the Hammond’s couldn’t access their private property. Hammond’s sued the BLM over both issues and won both times. BLM managers are tyrants out there, flagrantly breaking the law because they know most of the time the ranchers don’t have the resources to fight back.

    • Thx Robert, I’m up in Canada and was just trying to work this out based on how our public grazing leases work. Sounds like both parties are at fault BLM and Hammond’s and the Bundies decided to “help”

  • Oh for f***’s sake, you guys have to buy into the race obsession too? There is racial bias in policing, but this Oregon thing does not evince that fact.
    How can anyone possibly claim that there would be a different response from government if these protesters were black? The only remotely similar historical parallels are the MOVE organization in Philly and the Black Panthers at the CA state house. The circumstances were still very different and they occurred long before Waco and Ruby Ridge. They also took time to play out. We don’t even know how the Oregon situation is going to end!

    • It’s going to end peacefully, they really don’t want to die.

  • Had the occupiers been any other race beside white and they would of been met with brutal force.

  • Respect given = Respect earned

  • Great. Shake hands with the white insurrectionist.

  • now your race baiting

  • Bundy is guilty of sedition.

  • Don’t you guys think it’s possible that people in regional areas actually know and respect each other? Couldn’t that be why this meeting was non violent?

  • Since there has been no violence i would assume police did not have 2 fear 4 ther lives. The occupation of ferguson or baltimore or wherever else occupiers rioted 4 peace

  • Usually if you shoot at the police they’ll shoot back – regardless of skin color.

  • I feel this has more to do with the bundys being open to talking with the police and not fighting them every chance they get rather than color

  • Whole thing is set up by the Feds it’s a gift game to the race Baiters, serves to discredit Patriots and all federal prevaucatuers doing its game on a whole nother level. Me I’m like watching who is taking the bait

  • Because standing up for civil liberties and pushing back against federal land grabs of farmers property makes them monsters huh? Stand with farmers and watch them begin to stand with you. I mean hell we grow your food! And we don’t put tons of gmos unwarranted hormones or extremely dangerous herbicides!

    • I’ll stand with the farmers if they give the land back to the native americans they stole it from in the first place , other wise suck it up !!!!

    • If you feel so strongly lead by example and move back to where ever you descent and heritage lends. For your knowledge at least half of the farmers in my home county have documented proof of a Cherokee, Black foot, and many other native descents so they indeed have right to the land. I myself would have to decide between staying here with my wife who is one third Seminole or move back to Israel. Do not assume that based on an appearance we are all from some alien place that is prejudicial, racial, ignorant, and stereo typical in your own right.

  • Bromance

  • Usually (mabby not 100%) a cop doesn’t hassle you until you (as a smart ass) start it, then it’s his job to finish it,,,so you end up ggetting the worse and hollering “police brutality” ”get a life”’

  • Considering the bundy’s haven’t incinerated any Lil Ceasars…

  • the difference had nothing to do with color………….you racist……….it had everything to do with the respect the bundys showed and how they behaved……in a civil manner.

  • One of the boys

  • One needs to look at recent history involving militias.

  • I really like this article. Great points.

  • Racial bias? Black panthers regularly have marches practicing their open carry second amendment rights uninterrupted. Fact is the government can’t afford another Waco it has nothing to do with race.

  • If the terrorist on the left was anything but white he would be a GOPersikle by now.

  • Thank you

  • Keep dreaming…If you dont deal with Reality, then Reality will deal with you…Why don’t you research the last several hundred years???

  • This is the way these types of protest should be handled as they have very legitimate reasons to bring this type of tyranny to light

    • Well, the law system didn’t really work out so well for the Hammond’s and from the pictures I’ve seen, I think they’re white…

  • scum!

  • AmeriKKKa, AmeriKKKa…..

  • Why are you trying to fan the flames of racial bias The Free Thought Project.com?
    The Tamir Rice incident was awful, but the police were never relayed the information that the pistol is “probably a toy”. So the responding officers approached it as an active shooter situation.
    Regardless of whether it was real or not, HE DREW IT FROM HIS PANTS AS THE OFFICERS PULLED UP!!!! And then was immediately shot. ANY officer, black, white, Asian, whatever, would have done the exact same thing. I’ve scrutinized the situation at great length; as unfortunate as it is, it was a perfect shit storm of events.

    What’s going on in Oregon is about the federal government owning land that they’re not supposed to own.
    This lady can help shed some light on WHY the militia is there.


    • After you watch the video, you will understand what is wrong with this map.

  • 1. A field in rural Oregon

    2. Metropolitan city centers

    “A group of people aren’t dead! Racism!”

    Only in this media perverse country would people be offended by a peaceful resolution to a potentially violent altercation.

  • T H ereall White bigots lol

  • I doubt that this points to a Racial Bias. This more likely points to a Bias toward KNOWLEDGEABLE citizens using FACTS and their LIBERTIES to ADDRESS Government without Threat of Violence, but with Threat of EXPOSURE for the OLD BOYS in Government.

  • BLAH BLAH BLAH… the sheeple remain uneducated.

  • Putting the race baiting aside, you give this rural Oregon sheriff way too much credit. If he had been doing his job, he would have simply drove out to the refuge on DAY #1 and met with the militia members. Instead, he bunkered down with the FBI in the “command post,” thereby losing any credibility with the group. In fact, he didn’t make contact with the group until AFTER he held a town hall meeting where many, many citizens asked him why the hell he hadn’t been in contact with the militia. This guy, this elected sheriff in a rural west county had to be SHAMED into doing his job by the public. Then, he had to take two other elected sheriff’s with him, followed up with three vehicles of tactical officers. This sheriff has absolutely NO CLUE about how to handle these types of people. The constitutionalists/militias/whatever usually respect the elected sheriff’s because they are the ONLY elected law enforcement officers in the US. He could have driven up alone, right to the occupied buildings, without a problem. These guys aren’t just going to execute a cop, especially the elected sheriff. Had the sheriff done that, on DAY #1, he would have had much more credibility with the group and would have been in a much better position to negotiate a peaceful resolution. That photo-op handshake was too little, too late.

  • If that was the native americans or african americans or muslims the sherriff would have gone in guns blazing like the old west and the media would have made the minorities look like t g ey were the aggressors !!!!!!

  • if they were black or muslim, they would have been killed the first day. these oregon “protestors” were not peaceful, they took a government building and threatened to kill anyone who took it away. hopefully they rot in jail at the very least since they are terrorists.

  • they may be armed but at least they are civilized. They haven’t caused any harm to anyone. However Ferguson and Baltimore protesters were destroying and stealing everything in site. They were burning down buildings etc. They weren’t defending the constitution they were just running rampant for no reason like a bunch of savages.

  • I’ll bet my ass these guys would never leave an agent provocateur “do its job” from within their ranks… they would just take care of it before escalation

  • NOT a race issue.

  • yes indeed…. if these folks were black, they would have machine gunned the whole compound to death by now and bombed it out of existence… I have no doubt — extreme racial discriminatory reactions of white vs. black — very f&^ked up!

  • It helps that they aren’t looting and destroying a town.

  • Most blqcks that end up in these situations live in ities, major cities where guns are illegal…..put a few righteous men against the govt or pwers that be with guns in their hand and theyll think twice about using mase and force……..and this is why they wanna take away our guns….use your heads people….its not about race, its about power….when people are armed and have a brain and balls the govt becomes irrelevant

  • …maybe it’s past time to analyze this Cluster Fuck, and GET IN THE STREET!!!

  • they are doing something far worse they are going around telling ppl to close businesses schools and lock thier doors cause them evil gun toten militita crazies are going to kidnap them and hold them for ransom yep thats right guess who does this alphabet soup crown agencies atf fbi cia blm and your so balless sherry iff they do the terrorizing harrasing kidnappin stealing and murdering not those who are now at the refuges putting a stop to this rein or terror

  • Spin it til the top flies off but at the end of the day its still DOMESTIC TERROISM!

  • White on white come on!

  • hmm sorry I don’t think this is racially bias at all, they weren’t burning shit down and rioting

    • also do you think that because they’re white that the police should use that as a reason to come in guns blazing? That’s a little racially biased. ..

  • This would and did only happen because they were all white!

  • Thanks for the race bait

  • You people are really starting to piss me off with these race baiting articles. You are seriously upset that the police haven’t murdered those people? Are you high? So because they kill black people more than white people (which they do I’m not disagreeing) they should also kill these people? The people should die because their black counterparts would? Seriously, I have been a reader for years but you guys are going off the rails. Taking a page straight from msm and putting out stupid articles so you can keep getting ad revenue. For shame.

  • Skin color has nothing to do with this. It’s because they are equipped to fight back. 2nd amendment FTMFW!

  • Yeah, the government Doesnt go after them because of a few things in my opinion:

    1) They are armed and organized, unlike rioters in the streets.
    2) Shooting militia men would just embolden the movement and “radicalize” more Americans who get the news of the feds having an armed standoff with the militia and killing them.
    3) The news has had a hard time slandering these guys because they really haven’t done much besides occupy an unlocked building with no staff assigned to it, as opposed to people running through the streets getting into scuffles with the police in a populated area.

  • Really !

  • That’s because the protestors were peaceful, they were armed just in case the worst happened. When you go out looting and burning in “protest” you get a much different reaction no matter what you look like.

  • These guys have been asking for food, they have lots of guns, they’re in a nature reserve with wild animals, (protected wild animals) What are they eating if nobody is taking food to them?

  • The only reason that government is not killing people is because it has become Political.

  • ah well, sharpton and jackson WERE NOT THERE TO INCITE the protesters, thus cooler minds prevail,,, they were not there for fear of their useless lives…

  • Well you cant compare these wanabe barney fifes in these urban cities to a real peace officer. Problem is these big cities have police officers who got small man syndrome. They act all stupid and paranoid if you look crosseyed at them And the general population of these cities are of the im entitled mentality. I dont totally agree with everything going on out there in oregon. But when i see idiots on the internet desperately comparing the events out their to ferguson or baltimore. It only proves the stupidity of the American people. And the reason this country is going down.

  • this was the moment. The sheriff publicly stated these men will face charges. At this moment, he should have handcuffed Bundy and taken him directly to jail

  • Police, media, society….

  • kkks work with the kkk