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Sheriffs Across US Refusing to Send Police and Equipment to DAPL as Outrage and Costs Grow

In response to an increasingly furious public outcry, sheriffs from around the country have refused to send personnel and equipment to assist the Morton County Sheriff’s Department in guarding construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

A massive campaign of angry phone calls and indignant emails to departments planning to travel to North Dakota succeeded in persuading multiple sheriffs — elected officials — the brutal tactics used against peaceful Standing Rock Sioux and other water protectors have been a gross abuse of power.

That law enforcement have employed disproportionate force against water protectors is irrefutable; and while Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier might technically be tasked with ensuring Dakota Access can proceed where legally permitted, he is indisputably responsible for protecting people exercising their First Amendment rights.

Clearly, to the appalled constituents and people around the world voicing outrage against Morton County and other departments, officers have completely dismissed that protection — and, instead, acted as a rogue standing army, intentionally targeting medics, journalists, and water protectors with everything from rubber bullets and tear gas, to icy water and concussion grenades.

Sheriffs concerned about the heinous use of force — not to mention, re-election — have wisely reconsidered requests to join what has, in essence, become a war against Indigenous peoples interested only in preserving uncontaminated water for future generations.

According to Yes! Magazine’s Jenni Monet, those considerations coupled with vocal public objections caused Montana’s Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin to “literally turn his detail around” — after they departed for North Dakota.

“I got messages from England, Poland, New Zealand, Australia,” Gootkin said, according to Yes! Magazine. “I wanted to go and help my fellow law enforcement. I just don’t understand where we separated from the public. It really breaks my heart. We are not the enemy.”

Monet explains despite the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), which mandates law enforcement nationwide to lend assistance during emergencies or disasters, Governor Steve Bullock had concerns the agreement was being misused. A flood of callers and emailers doubted EMAC should apply to the protection of a private Big Oil company’s pipeline, when it seemed more aptly suited for situations like natural disasters and the attacks of September 11, 2001.

On November 14, Gootkin explained his decision not to join the Morton County Sheriff’s Department in acting against the Standing Rock water protectors in a post to social media:

“Yesterday I had made a decision to send Deputies to the protest in North Dakota to help with that volatile situation. I have been in protest situations in my career and fully understand that in many cases law enforcement is placed in the middle of two emotional opposing interests and we have to attempt to balance our role as peace officer and law enforcement. Many of you emailed and called the Office to voice your concerns. As your Sheriff I was very humbled by the honest conversations we had. Although my actions were well intentioned you made it clear that you do not want your Sheriff’s Office involved in this conflict. One of the biggest differences of an elected Sheriff from other law enforcement leaders is that I am directly accountable to the people I serve (YOU) and although I am personally torn knowing that people (Including Montanans) are hurting over there, we will not be responding. Finally I am incredibly grateful that we live in a place where we can have differences and talk about them respectfully as adults without conflict. Thank you.”

Gootkin and the Gallatin County deputies never made it to North Dakota, but other departments briefly assisted the Morton County Sheriff, and then refused to complete planned rotations, pulled out, and never returned.

Wisconsin’s Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney and his personnel lasted one week policing water protectors before public excoriation forced him to back out of completing a planned three-week rotating deployment. That group of officers left for good and no further personnel were deployed, as Mahoney told the Bismarck Tribune,

“All share the opinion that our deputies should not be involved in this situation.”

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Many of the agencies helping to guard pipeline construction have received been lambasted in a furious backlash, and, according to Monet, “the number of law enforcement agencies assisting Morton County has dwindled — in some instances, because of the pipeline’s polarizing effect.”

Minnesota’s Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek and his deputies were praised for their actions clearing what became known as the “1851 Treaty Camp” on October 27. However, water protectors and independent journalists on the scene contend law enforcement brutalized water protectors, disrespectfully disassembled tipis, and refused to allow anyone to gather their belongings. Some claimed when they returned to the scene much later, officers had carelessly thrown tents, clothing, and other items in a pile, leaving all of it damaged and soaked in what seemed to be ammonia and urine.

“I do not have any control over the Sheriff’s actions, which I think were wrong,” Lt. Governor Tina Smith said in a statement cited by Yes! Magazine. “I believe he should bring his deputies home, if he hasn’t already. I strongly support the rights of all people to peacefully protest, including, tonight, the Standing Rock protest.”

Stanek felt differently and reiterated the nine-day deployment to North Dakota had been “the right thing to do” — but, apparently succumbing to contention, the sheriff said his personnel would not return.

In short, public pressure can be surprisingly effective.

And in that vein, the American Civil Liberties Union compiled the most complete list to date — using information provided officially and that from media reports — of law enforcement departments assisting the Morton County Sheriff and pipeline construction. Some have since returned from those deployments while others may still be present in North Dakota. According to the Morton County Sheriff’s Department at the beginning of November, 24 counties, 16 cities, and nine states have contributed over 1,300 law enforcement personnel and equipment since August 10.

Links to news reports specifically naming departments have been included in the ACLU’s list here.

Considering the success of public outcry in forcing law enforcement to reconsider policing the Standing Rock movement to protect the water, following is the contact information from the websites for the appropriate North Dakota officials and law enforcement departments from all states, as listed by the ACLU.

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple

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600 East Boulevard Avenue

Bismarck, ND 58505-0100

701 – 328 – 2200

Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier

205 1st Ave NW

Mandan, ND 58554

701 – 667 – 3330

[email protected]


Beulah Police Department

701 – 873 – 5252

[email protected]

City of Bismarck Police Department

701 – 223 – 1212

Dickinson Police Department

701 – 456 – 7759

City of Fargo Police Department

701 – 241 – 1437

Hazen Police Department

701 – 748 – 2414

Jamestown Police Department

701 – 252 – 2414

Mandan Police Department

Chief Jason J. Ziegler  701 – 667 – 3250

City of Minot Police Department

Chief of Police Jason Olson

701 – 857 – 4715

[email protected]

Steele Police Department

701 – 475 – 2700

Grand Forks Police Department

701 – 787 – 8000

Williston Police Department

701 – 577 – 1212

Chief of Police James Lokken

[email protected]

Rolla City Police

701 – 477 – 5623

West Fargo Police Department

701 – 433 – 5500

Wishek City Police Department

701 – 452 – 2469

Watford City Police Department

701 – 842 – 2280

701 – 444 – 2400

City of Grafton Police Department

Chief of Police Anthony Dumas

701 – 352 – 1411

[email protected]

Burleigh County Sheriff Department

Sheriff Pat Heinert

701 – 222 – 6551

Cass County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Paul D. Laney

701 – 241 – 5800

Dunn County Sheriff’s Department

701 – 573 – 4449

Emmons County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Gary Sanders

701 – 254 – 4411

McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office

701 – 444 – 3654

McLean County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Jerry Kerzmann

701 – 462 – 8103

[email protected]

Mercer County Sheriff’s Office

701 – 745 – 3333

Stark County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Terry Oestreich

701 – 456 – 7610

Stutsman County Sheriff’s Office

701 – 252 – 9000

Ward County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Steve Kukowski

701 – 857 – 6500

Williams County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Scott Busching

Williams County Law Enforcement

701 – 577 – 7700

Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Department

701 – 780 – 8280

Divide County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Lauren W. Throntveit

701 – 965 – 6461

Kidder County Sheriff’s Department

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Sheriff Brandt Weisenburger

701 – 475 – 2422

Grant County Sheriff

[no phone listed]

106 2nd Ave. NE

Carson, ND 58529

Bowman County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Rory M. Teigen

701 – 523 – 5421

Benson County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Steven Rohrer

701 – 473 – 5357

[email protected]

Burke County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Jeremy Grohs

701 – 377 – 2311

McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office

701 – 288 – 5140 [ext. 7]

Barnes County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Randy McClaflin

701 – 845 – 8530

Bottineau County Sheriff Department

Sheriff Steve Watson

701 – 228 – 6720

[email protected]

Logan County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Andrew Bartholomaus

701 – 754 – 2495

[email protected]

Traill County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Steve Hunt

701 – 636 – 4510


Pennington County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Kevin Thom

605 – 394 – 6113

South Dakota Highway Patrol

Division Headquarters

605 – 773 – 3105


St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office

985 – 783 – 6237

[staff directory]


Wisconsin State Patrol

Division Headquarters

Superintendent J.D. Lind

Colonel Charles R. Teasdale

844 – 847 – 1234

Dane County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff David J. Mahoney

608 – 284 – 6800 [main number]

St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff John Shilts

715 – 381 – 4320

Rock County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Robert D. Spoden

608 – 757 – 7948

Marathon County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Scott Parks

715 – 261 – 1200


Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Richard W. Stanek

612 – 348 – 3744

Anoka County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff James Stuart

763 – 323 – 5000

Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff William M. Hutton

651 – 439 – 9381


Wyoming Highway Patrol

307 – 777 – 4301

Laramie County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Danny Glick

301 – 633 – 4700


Nebraska State Patrol

402 – 471 – 4545


Lake County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff John Buncich

219 – 755 – 3333

Schererville Police Department

219 – 322 – 5000

Hammond Police Department

Chief of Police John D Doughty

219 – 852 – 2900

Griffith Police Department

219 – 924 – 7503

Michigan City Police Department

219 – 874 – 3221

Munster Police Department

Chief of Police Steve Scheckel

219 – 836 – 6655

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

877 – 463 – 6367

317 – 232 – 4200

Marion County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff John R. Layton

317 – 327 – 1700

Brookville Police Department

765 – 647 – 4178

Porter County Sheriff’s Department

219 – 477 – 3000

LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office

800 – 548 – 5374

219 – 326 – 7700

Jasper County Sheriff’s Department

219 – 866 – 4950

Newton County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Thomas VanVleet

219 – 474 – 3331


Ohio State Highway Patrol

[no non-emergency phone number provided]

[email protected]

  • Support the local Sheriffs and refuse federal deputation of local police. The native Indians have been taken too often and for too long.

    • Prince

      Sounds like local sheriffs aren’t supporting people’s rights to protest peacefully.

      • John Tucker

        bombs, rocks and bottles are the way nice people talk.

        • ryanincalgary

          I haven’t seen a single substantiated report of a bomb. If there were bombs, the police would have moved in and arrested everyone.

          Spraying people with water cannons in freezing temperatures, LRAD sound cannons, water cannons, pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets, tear gas, batons, tasers, explosive concussive grenades fired directly at people against policy. That’s just the way a nice countries protect corporate interests over their citizens…

        • disqus_ZBXJDbYJHe

          am Seder of the Radio Show Ring of Fire, had talk to the Indian leaders and they informed him that they vetted and educate their protesters before they send them out to the protest lines so there is no chance that law enforcement can accuse them of acting with violence. Too bad the police departments can’t do that kind of vetting when they are hiring police recruits.

      • skyp0ckets

        They don’t like their authority to be challenged. Snowflakes.


    Send the thugs back to their respective depts..
    Respect the water..

  • Jackie Puppet

    I’m surprised Tommy (Toupee) Dart, Sheriff of C(r)ook County IL, didn’t send police over there – he’s about as corrupt as they come.

  • Drew

    Who owns the land that the ‘water protectors’ are on? Who owns the land that the pipeline is being constructed on? The federal gov’t (legally known as the United States, Inc. – a private corporation, for profit, owned by foreign investors(hint: Crown of England)) doesn’t own property. ‘We the People’ own what is called public property. Any time you use public property for private use you are a criminal. It’s call ‘conversion’ and ‘theft.’ Anyone who assists you in the conversion will be seen and dealt with as a criminal also – guilt of the same crimes. The Native Americans need to start focusing on the lawful (not legal) issues if they are going to win this war. They might win the battle of 11.26.16 by shouting, but they will ultimately lose if they don’t figure out what will stop the cabal. Showing up with signs and yelling phrases will not stop a criminal for very long. If the anyone would like more in depth comments on this, leave your email or request mine from The Free Thought Project.

  • tz1

    While I have some doubts, cspoa.org is right on the constitution.
    Again, my only quibble is that the DAPL protestors are fine with the Hammonds and Bundys and their supporters being convicted of being terrorists for far less.

    The DAPL protestors want a horrid, big Federal or federally pushed police force to crush people – unless it’s them.

  • Razedbywolvs

    Not that they care but I don’t think they would have jurisdiction there. Some one should
    check into that and see if the protesters can make lawful arrests for that.

    • John Tucker

      The protests are unlawful as of this point. It you are there you are trespassing.

      • Prince

        Who owns the land?

        • John Tucker

          Private individuals the state, and the federal government.

          • Prince

            But fed. gov. isn’t supposed to own any lands.

          • lawmanjed

            True, per Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the US Constitution, the only “Places” the federal government can own within any State are those purchased from the State by the consent of its legislature, and ONLY “for the erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenal’s, Dock-yards and other needful Buildings”. There are several Supreme Court cases that have ruled this to be so. Not many Americans, including most lawyers and Judges, are aware that most of the vast land claimed to be owned by the federal government, particularly in the western States, is actually owned by the States,if the Constitution us really the Supreme law if the land that Article VI, Paragraph 2 clearly asserts.

        • it’s just me, but . . .

          It is private property. The land belongs to the Water Protectors, per the Treaties of Ft. Laramie, 1851 and 1868. – THEIRS.


      • Razedbywolvs

        Back that up with a legal citation.

        • John Tucker

          Corps officials announced late Friday that effective Dec. 5, they will close to public use and access Corps-managed federal property north of the Cannonball River, where pipeline protest camps are currently located. TheCorps’ Omaha District Commander, Col. John Henderson, notified Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault on Friday that anyone found to be on Corps property north of the Cannonball River after Dec. 5 willbe considered trespassing and may be subject to prosecution. Dalrymple said he supports the Corps’ decision to close the property, but stressed that the federalgovernment must take the lead in enforcing the closure. The governor said the property should be closed due to ongoing public safety concerns involving unlawful protests and because of the serious health risk to those camping insub-zero weather. ( https://www.scribd.com/document/332380829/Dalrymple-Release )

          • Razedbywolvs

            That was a excellent cut and paste job of the artificial above that offered no legal citation to back up your claim.
            You must be a cop.

          • Phil Freeman

            Nice legal citation, sad. Well pathetic is a better description.

          • Doreen Lazore Thompson

            More mumble jumble and talking with a “forked tongue” !! Pathetic excuse for what they have done and for what they are still doing to the peaceful water protectors. #NODAPL #WATERISLIFE #POWERTOWATERPROTECTORS

        • Phil Freeman

          He can’t offer any citation, none exists to offer. Just another troll.

      • Jimmy Higgins

        John, you are a paid employee of DAPL. Your IP address has been traced and given to the Dark Web. They are now starting their work to make sure your accounts have a lot of interesting coincidences soon. Good luck finding your bank accounts and seeing how much your Mortgage just got adjusted as well as the extra charges you might find on your phone and cable bills. LOL.

  • David Allan Cole

    Freaking Fascists!!

  • John Tucker

    This whole thing has been portrayed dishonestly. Its a lot like the Black Lives Matter protests in Missouri.

    No pipeline is going on reservation land. There is an existing gas pipeline buried very near the water crossing route. The land route is all private. The reservoir route did receive proper vetting. The tribe’s water intake was in the process of being moved and upgraded 70 miles away from a 2009 recovery act deal, and will be completed before the pipeline is operational. No artifacts or remains of any kind have been found on the “burial ground” by extensive survey(s), the tribe leadership was contacted SEVERAL times during the decision making process, most of the contact attempts were refused, some discussion did occur and no protests were logged at that time by the tribe.

    The protestors are violent and initially attacked pipeline personnel. Now they are being investigated for bombs.

    All that is documented. This is all fake – another leftist “we hate the cops” style PR event.

    • FiuToYou

      Go suck up to your KKK meeting this weekend. I hope you never have the tyrants that make the laws to make themselves money, ever try and go thru your land. You’d end up pissing your pantyies!!!

      • John Tucker
      • John Tucker

        And here is my total assessment of the situation:

        I dont really support all of the Dakota Access pipeline “protestors” to be frank. I think there are major issues with honesty and violence with some of them. (not all of them of course) I dont like the extreme propaganda passing as argument here either. Someone almost got killed and the ATF recovered what sounds like homemade bomb components. From the beginning anarchists have probably been inciting violence by attacking police. Claims that the “police threw grenades” are misleading if not utterly absurd. “Flash bangs” have been know to case significant injury and death on rare occasion but those injuries are not consistent with the injuries sustained by the protestor that seems to have lost or is in the process of losing a arm.

        Once a protest becomes violent police can legally clear everyone from the area.

        The violent confrontations with police is not how this will be resolved. The only way to stop now it would be a successful environmental legal challenge. But thats a long shot after no one or not many got involved or expressed interest in that region in the planning stage.

        But nonetheless: in case you thought “this pipeline stuff sounds familiar, in route and the kind of oil being carried.” You should, thank your political press for not covering it well during the planing stage (and all the other stories on pipeline upgrades reconfigurations, and increased oil rail freight you never saw after “winning” rejection of the Keystone XL- (which we are also being sued for under NAFTA). What was published was many stories on how the keystone xl was no longer “Economically Viable” (some oil sands recovery has been put on hold until prices increase) all the while the Dakota Access was getting the full go ahead.

        • Stormey

          “Once a protest becomes violent police can legally clear everyone from the area”……Your quote….John Tucker…. Sounds reasonable right? As long as we are talking about Native American’s who have been peacefully protesting, as opposed to Liberal Crybabies who have been violently protesting, destroying property, assaulting people (all on public Land) simply because they don’t like the outcome of the election. It amazes me, that the press, who in not suppose to be biased in one direction or the other, choose which protests are worthy of coverage and which are not. I have not seen law enforcement, City, State, or Federal make any attempt to stop the Liberals from demonstrating, blocking road access, blocking people from entering buildings, pulling people out of their cars and beating them because of a bumper sticker supporting Trump.. they are however being allowed to terrorize communities, and few if any arrests. On the other hand, journalist who have done nothing but try to cover the Standing Rock Peaceful Protest have been thrown in jail, the police are aggressively attacking Native Americans, injuring hundreds of people, private security teams for the pipeline have turned their vicious dog on Peaceful Protesters, who are trying to protect our water. It’s all just a matter of priorities…BLACK LIVES MATTER..they can riot in the streets,causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage….go on mass killing sprees of our Law enforcement…but if we bring that up we are “racist pigs”…. I guess Native American Lives don’t matter so much though… their skin just isn’t dark enough, and all they are doing is honoring their ancestral lands. Double Standards.. Big Money talks…The little guy gets squashed….We have been going back on treaties made to Native People for centuries, and continue to do so……The one thing I have learned over the last 8 years is how biased the News Media is, If you want the truth you have to dig for it, because we cannot trust what the media is feeding us…. I personally have mixed feeling on the pipelines, because I don’t have all the fact…but what I don’t have mixed feelings on is the injustice being done to the Native people at Standing Rock…Our history books are filled with lies about what really happen to The First Nations People the last several centuries, Nobody should be proud of that fact, and Nobody should be proud of how they are being treated still…TODAY

          • Geezer Grunt

            Forget it Stormey. His wife and kids probably left him (can’t imagine why) a long time ago, so he has to have another direction to vent his bile. This type of narcissist you should avoid. Let him dig his own hole.

      • John Tucker

        Also I think its arrogant if not rather racist of you to assume you speak for all native Americans Some obviously are not OK with this. BLM doesn’t speak for all people of Color nor does the ACLU speak for all Americans.

    • Prince
      • John Tucker

        Because they are people of all races, without criminal records doing a job and no illegal actions have been proven.

        • Amor Terra

          Many are only “without criminal records” because the system will never charge them for their many crimes.

    • Marco Ruggio

      Right. These people are protesting because it’s fun…. just commie left wingers makin trouble…

      Might wanna think that one through

      • John Tucker

        I posted below my sources as to why this has been exceptionally misleading. Remember Ferguson ? Same type situation. Misinformation and Racial innuendo – no facts or conversation allowed.

        • Marco Ruggio

          It’s a fact that a leak from that line could contaminate water for miles and decades. Important water for everyone in the area. That might be worth protecting.

  • Prince

    Donut Nazis go home!

    • John Tucker

      That would be the Protestors. The Nazis were socialists leaning towards fascism from the left and right.

  • 30yrfed

    Contact each LE organization listed and ask them how many unsolved crimes they have in their jurisdiction while they sending personnel and equipment to protect the oil corporations

    • HellGato

      That is a good one..

      • stacey.jackson

        One year ago I finally quit my previous job and it changed my life… I started to work on-line, for a company I stumbled upon over internet, few hours each day, and I earn much more than i did on my office job… Last check i got was for 9 thousand dollars… Awesome thing about this gig is that i have more time for my loved ones…

    • disqus_ZBXJDbYJHe

      We should asks them how many times they have done white collar corporate crimes. They probably have never even tried because police don’t take white collar crime seriously like they do with street crime.

  • procomptor

    There has been an ongoing struggle across America to keep land within each state in the hands of the people of that state! Why does the Federal government keep breaking Constitutional Law? Please view the following;


    And here;


    And if you are interested in learning more see here;


    Now keeping that in mind you will start to understand where the real Constitutional Sheriff’s attitudes are coming from. My name is Mike and I have been following the corruption of our Federal government since 9-11 where, as a see’er for God, I was able to see the truth as it unfolded on live TV. There is a group that has been working on delivering America the real truth and you can follow them here;


    There was an event in our country that happened on December 25th, 2012 called the Lords 6th Great Awakening and many were part of it including myself. Jesus asked me to use the world web to awaken folks to STAND with him and this meant to follow God’s laws in accordance to the Bible and not derived by others outside the Christ. Our Constitution was written in accordance to God’s laws which is why our country had become the most appreciated one in the world for our freedom and open arms to all that needed our help in acquiring it for themselves!

    Our founders were mostly Christian and others that at least believed in a country driven under a Constitutional set of laws. Again these laws were in step with those that our father set in place from the beginning of mankind. Now we have an out of control Federal government following the corrupt laws set down by a corrupt United Nations owned by the Elite 1% or better known as the Illuminati. This Satan worshipping group consists in part of the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, Morgan’s, Soros, Monsanto and others included in the Bilderberg’s. They own most large corporations and to give you an idea of their power see here;


    The last I heard they set their value at over 500 trillion in gold! At least part of their wealth is that stolen from most countries like the US and can be seen in the huge amounts of debt we are falsely accused of having. Their power lies in the money they have stolen as bankers and they have no morals as they worship the Babylon false god BAAL or Lucifer as was known in those times. Ask yourself WHY WAS THE ARCH OF BABYLON built in New York city and in London against the National Jewish and Christian Church? Much like a dog marking his territory this is how they are claiming America for Satan!

    If you look at Agenda 21 now renamed Agenda 2030, the lies about “Planet Warming”, the Trans Pacific Partnership and even genocide worldwide against Christians they all lead back to the United Nations! Please see this;


    All what I say here is the Glory of God and what he is showing thousands of people to spread across the world web in an attempt to awaken folks to the truth. I supported the Bundy’s which fought a similar battle over a Federal land grab here in Oregon and won and I support everyone fighting this just battle to save their water from the certain contamination this corrupt business will bring. It is not only your Constitutional right to try and stop this illegal act against you but also your duty under our Constitution! The Sheriff’s that are honest and know their Constitution are acting as they should. Those Sheriff’s that aren’t are either being paid off or simply don’t know the Constitution and the oath they pledged to America and her citizens! God Bless everyone fighting the pipeline and I will pray for you every day until your fight is won…..mike

    • John Tucker

      Its private property, state and federal land. As soon as the protests became violent they should have been there assisting. The Bundy protests didn’t even turn violent before the feds moved in.

      • procomptor

        I appreciate your position John but you simply don’t have all your facts straight. If you actually read the part of my post where the gal explains the Constitution you will see why THE BUNDY”S WON their court case and why most the sheriff’s either left or failed to show up at all.

        The reason this country is in the trouble it’s in is because “Big Business” pays off politicians, lobbies for the ones they want in office and uses immoral tactics aimed at hurting then scaring any resistance to their efforts to take American’s money at any cost! You can argue with me but the facts are everywhere to support what me and others on here are saying. The violence started after dogs were used against the protesters on September 3rd so again your facts don’t play out.

        Now (like at the Bundy’s) the Veterans are coming out to support the protesters as a stand in unity. I fully support our Veterans both through my business and in my personal life so this becomes another reason to support the protesters. There simply aren’t enough folks in America STANDING up to big corrupt business so when I see the few brave enough to do this I will always support their efforts as long as they are moral and justified. So far I see nothing here to indicate otherwise. As a patriot home saint I pray that everyone remains peaceful and nobody else gets injured…..mike

      • Trish

        It is not private property as you believe…it’s Treaty land from the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851. It is sacred land and guess what…relics were found and not reported for 10 days after the fact. The live feeds prove that the water protectors are peaceful and praying but their prayers are with drums, singing.

  • The pipeline is being built on top of an existing gas line that’s already in service. It does not go through a Reservation. The “Right-of-Way” has already been established, and all the ‘red-tape’ has it’s eyes dotted and tees crossed. This smacks of a Soros funded event, not unlike the protesters Hillary hired to disrupt Trump rallies. The President of the Sheriffs from Louisiana gave his report that it’s “outside ‘eco-terrorist’ people” that are the driving force behind the protests.

  • Lee Van Queef

    You “separated from the public.” when you chose to whore yourselves out to Big Oil. It’s not particle physics dude.

    • John Tucker

      Unfortunately the protestors engaged in illegal activity on Public and Private property. The only place they haven’t is the Reservation. Where of course no pipeline is planed.

  • John Tucker

    The ACLU is pandering for handouts and presenting a myopic political perspective again. They do not even consider these officers as people.

    “Some officers have been targeted online by protesters, Kirchmeier included. He said someone recently posted the location of his father’s grave, which he took as an effort to intimidate.”

    “Social media has been very bad and it has turned out like law enforcement is building the pipeline,” he said. “I can’t stop the pipeline. My job is to enforce the law.” ( http://www.cbsnews.com/news/sheriff-dakota-access-pipeline-protests-law-unlawful/ )


    if state and individual rights are not regained America is no more than a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah
    and it will burn


    if they were black or muslim things would be completely opposite

  • kcdad

    “I wanted to go and help my fellow law enforcement.”

    NOT I wanted to help my fellow citizens. The brotherhood of the badge is strong.

  • Alom Fox

    Thx For The Digits

  • martymarsh

    I would argue that any out of state police agency has absolutely no authority there, and they certainly have no business spending the tax payers money from wherever they are from on this.

  • brattleboro
  • Steve Hampton

    Fun fact: All but three of these counties that sent law enforcement are red counties. The three blue counties are the three that pulled out (Dane, Hennepin, Gallitin).

  • Karl

    In the face of relentless provocation law enforcement has demonstrated remarkable restraint. If you look at the progression of this situation they only came in after criminal acts such as trespass and vandalism had occurred. If you look at the most notable clashes they occurred when protestors advanced on their position and attacked them. There are peaceful protestors that do not engage in these illegal activities, but obviously many that do. Also, there are 33 different agencies from 9 states providing mutual aid to Morton County and the Corps and BIA are on the scene now. If there is need for more assistance they can get it.