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Sheriff’s Union Makes Unprecedented Stand — Sides With Inmates During Hunger Strike

San Jose, CA – The Santa Clara County sheriff deputies union has made an unprecedented statement in support of inmates who recently took part in a hunger strike to air grievances about their housing and treatment. The inmates are hoping to improve living conditions, and their demands are very reasonable.

Just before the hunger strike began, the inmates published a list of 5 demands, which read as follows:

l. End: Meaningless classification reviews and biased appeal process.
A. Incorporate classification practices of other jurisdictions (CDCR, Alameda County,
B. Establish independent oversight and review of inmate appeal process, jail conditions,
practices and policies.
C. Safeguard all due process protections.
2. End: Placement in solitary confinement when there exists no serious rule
violation to merit such placement.
a. Prohibit the use of long-term/indefinite solitary confinement.
b. Prohibit the use of solitary confinement based solely on gang allegations,
affiliation, validation, etc.
A. Follow the classification and housing practice of other jurisdictions (CDCR, Alameda
County, etc.)
B. Allow all inmates a genuine opportunity to be downclassed and properly integrated
into the general population.
C. Determine classification/housing of all inmates based on individual behavior.
3. End: Policy/practice of denying inmates adequate clothing.
A. Establish policy that promotes proper hygiene.
B. Provide two sets of tops. and bottoms, three sets of underclothes, and sufficient
clothing exchange.
4. End: Jail profiteering and exploitation of prisoners and their families through
contract bidding of commissary vendors based on kick-backs and political
incentives for campaign contributions.
A. Set commissary prices equal to or cheaper than those set in CDCR.
B. Approve more packaging vendors to create a competitive and fair market.
5. End: Recidivism and misappropriation of Inmate Welfare Funds.
A. Expand and provide constructive programming and privileges for all inmates
regardless of classification status.
B. Create opportunity to engage in meaningful self-help treatment, work,education,
and other activities related to having a sense of being a part of a community in
preparation for re-entering society for all inmates.
C. Reallocate Inmate Welfare Funds toward education and rehabilitation programs

Surprisingly, the Santa Clara County sheriff deputies union has come out in support of the hunger strike.

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Dep. Roger Winslow, vice president of the Santa Clara County Deputy Sheriff’s Association told San Jose inside that “We find ourselves in agreement with the striking inmates.”

“Despite these calls for reform from a range of voices, the sheriff refuses to implement commonsense policies that would help officers better serve and protect our community. Her lackluster response to the serious hunger strike at hand is yet another example of her incompetence,” Winslow said.

The hunger strike ended earlier this week, when jail officials agreed to negotiate with the inmates about their demands.

Larry Lucero, one of the solitary confinement inmates involved in the strike, told reporters that the protest was a success.

“I feel like it was worth our effort and the pain that I’m feeling right now,” he said.

I understand that not everybody’s going to understand our plight … We’re not saying to abolish solitary confinement. If we deserve to come back here based on disciplinary action, then put us back here. But not indefinitely,”  Lucero explained.

“I believe he was there in good faith and wasn’t there to try to manipulate. I told him I need to trust him and he needs to trust me. … I liked his approach and I believe he was sincere,” Lucero said of the officials that he negotiated with.

Sheriff spokesman Sgt. Richard Glennon said that his office will continue to work with the inmates to improve conditions in the prison.

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  • ThomasJefferson

    Incredible! This Sheriff department spokesman, and this Sheriffs Department Union, are to be commended for the humanity, the integrity, and intelligence, exhibited in this matter. The fact that in the midst of what has become,the ranks of the WORST in America (i.e. the cops) there emerges a collection of individuals, that are HUMANS, and seemingly the epitome of all that was the original intent of their role in society, is encouraging to say the least. Unfortunately, the media won’t give this anywhere near the coverage it deserves and needs

    • Tonya Lange

      I agree 100%! The inmates weren’t asking for anything more then a little decent human rights and nothing more and nothing less! I’m glad that these officers stood behind what was right, no matter who it was coming from..
      Prison reform has long been overdue! As someone who’s had family in prison I can tell you that the rules are not the same for everyone and by no means is it always ” the punishment fits the crime “! I would say if they got it right even a quarter of the time that would be a stretch. These are still human beings and as such deserve to be treated as such and when their crime isn’t close to violent but what they experience in prison is by far far worse then anything they did while free, they become a product of their environment and in the mode of just pure survival they learn to do things they woulda never learned while getting let’s see perhaps some behavior modification treatment or something to that effect. I’m not sure what the solution is but it seems these prisoners and guards are on their way to getting there!!! Good for them!!!

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  • Boss Freedom

    Now I’ve seen everything.

  • gininitaly

    Good for them.

  • Pioche

    This sounds like evidence that the deputies are aware there is a problem, which leads me to wonder how well the sheriff treats them?