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“She’s a f*cking Liar” — Caitlyn Jenner Causes Heads to Explode, Destroys Hillary Clinton on TV

On Friday, E! Now published a clip from their I Am Cait series, starring Caitlyn Jenner to YouTube.

In the clip, Jenner lets loose her feelings about Hillary Clinton and explained how Hillary has been caught in multiple criminal conspiracies.

The Hillary supporters on the show could not handle it.

“If Hilary becomes president,” she says, “the country is over.”

“Look at all the things that are going on in the Middle East, all because of what she did,” Jenner exclaims. “She lied to us. She’s a f**king liar!”

Shortly after the video began to take off, it was removed. Perhaps Hillary’s damage control team viewed the video and demanded E! remove it. However, an hour later, the video was back up.

Watch the short clip below and let us know in the comments below what you think.

  • Rizwan Malik

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  • John

    gg, ‘E!” already censored it

  • Steerforth

    Blaming the problems in the Middle East on Mrs. Clinton is the height of stupidity and ignorance. Read up on Churchill’s Lessons from History. Jenner need to keep its name in the news, so what else is new?

    • John and Linda Robel

      Clinton DIDN’T HELP one fuckin bit. The “height of stupidity” is giving the cunt a free pass. She should be tried for treason and shot.

      • John and Linda Robel

        Jenner has more balls after removal than Osama Obama.

    • John and Linda Robel

      Steerforth, did you read “WHILE ENGLAND SLEPT”?

      • jadedgentleman

        Steerforth has read nothing; preferring to ignore the abundant factual information revealing Hillary for the corrupt and treasonous traitor she actually is. She was disbarred as a lawyer, the enabler of a repeat rapist as a wife, a hateful bitch as First Lady, a useless senator, and used her position as Secretary of State to sell her influence, enable the enemy, and murder American Patriots. Hillary is a power mad whore, who will stop at nothing to gain the presidency. She deserves no consideration from the public, only scorn and the end of a rope. To think her worthy of the highest office in our land, is the real “height of stupidity and arrogance”.