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SHOCK VIDEO: Police Body Cams Capture the Public Execution of Unarmed Mentally Ill Man

Fresno, CA — On September 3, 2015 at approximately 11:00 a.m., Fresno Police Officers, Zebulon Price and Felipe Miguel Lucero shot 40-year-old Freddy Centeno seven times causing severe injuries. Mr. Centeno was unarmed, was wearing shorts, no shirt on, and walking along the street when he was approached by Fresno Police who immediately started shooting

Freddy Centeno would not recover from the multiple wounds suffered at the hands of these two Fresno cops.

According to Roger Centeno, the victim’s brother, Freddy is bipolar and schizophrenic and abused drugs.  The family had been asking the city and county for help and were told “something needs to happen” before Freddy could get help.

“Is this what needs to happen?” asked Roger, after the shooting.

Centeno was in the midst of a schizophrenic episode and a neighbor called the police after he knocked on her door holding a garden hose nozzle and asked if there were any drugs in the home.

When police responded, Centeno was walking down the street, shirtless, unarmed, and wearing only shorts when officers arrived on scene. The hard to watch footage from the officers’ body cameras shows them immediately start firing upon exiting the vehicle.

Centeno was never given a chance to comply with their orders.

On Thursday, after a press conference was held, the Cristobal Galindo Law Firm released the body camera footage to the public.

This execution by Fresno police is one of the worst police shootings ever caught on film.

Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer told The Fresno Bee that the video he reviewed showed the officers giving Centeno multiple commands and that he reached for his waistband. However, none of that is evident in the video below and, the officers gave him almost no time to comply.

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After the shooting, Fresno police Deputy Chief Robert Nevarez issued a clearly false statement to the press. “Officers commanded him to raise his hands, and he grabbed for the object in his right front pocket and raised it towards them,” he said. Centeno was holding a garden hose nozzle, but he most assuredly never raised it or threatened officers with it at all.

Chief Dyer also released a statement to the media, blaming Centeno’s death on the non-existent “war on cops.”

“There’s no question what’s happening across America,” Dyer said. “There’s an increase in aggressiveness toward officers. We’re seeing police officers that are being shot, officers that are being assassinated.

“Certainly police officers are being very vigilant, but at the same time, I know that there’s a high level of scrutiny and criticism on the actions of officers. What we have seen this week is an increased level of aggressiveness toward officers, and when officers fear for their life, or for the life of someone else, they use deadly force, and unfortunately we’ve had three of those incidences occur in the last week. This is our sixth officer-involved shooting in the last year.”

The officers fired 9 rounds at Centeno, 7 of which hit him. The last shot fired hit him as he was falling to the ground.

The officers involved in the shooting have not been disciplined. The Free Thought Project called the Fresno Police department on Thursday and asked if Zebulon Price and Felipe Miguel Lucero would be held accountable for killing Centeno. They declined to answer.

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As we have previously reported, the Virginia-based Treatment Advocacy Center, an organization dedicated to eliminating the barriers faced by those with severe mental illnesses, released a jaw-dropping report, last year. In their report titled, Overlooked in the Undercounted: The Role of Mental Illness in Fatal Law Enforcement Encountersresearchers discovered that people with an untreated mental illness are 16 times more likely to be killed during an interaction with police than anyone else.

According to the study, by all accounts – official and unofficial – a minimum of 1 in 4 fatal police encounters ends the life of an individual with severe mental illness.

Where official government data regarding police shootings and mental illness have been analyzed – in one U.S. city and several other Western countries – the findings indicate that mental health disorders are a factor in as many as 1 in 2 fatal law enforcement encounters.

Freddy Centeno was one of these men.

Attorney for the family, Humberto Guizar, told the Free Thought Project in an email, “The death of an unarmed mentally ill man without provocation is a tragic event as Mr. Centeno leaves behind a young child and loving parents.”

  • James Gillespie


  • Michael Barrach

    (559) 621-7000. This is the phone number for the Fresno Police Chief. Please call and demand the arrest of these two “cops” that murdered this man! They will be rude and hang up on you, but they need to hear from us. The police have kept this hidden, and the police chief blatantly lied about the video, now we have the video and we know that for a fact. Please, let’s ring their phone off the hook! It is not illegal to call and voice your opinion, so please don’t be scared, just make the call.

  • Harold L. Parkey

    I called an they were very cordial and referred me to the Public Information Officer at 559-621-2751. He was a bit less friendly and said there would be a press conference later today.

  • Freethinker

    Not mentioned in the article is that there is a civilian vehicle (SUV) in the street behind the victim in the direct line of fire. The wanton recklessness displayed by these two officers if frightening. No one is safe when officers that are supposed to protect and serve the public instead pose a clear and present danger to the community they are supposed to serve. I fear there will be many more needless deaths and countless taxpayers dollars wasted in wrongful death lawsuits before many of our police departments begin to raise the standards of their personnel hiring and training.

  • Charlie Red


  • Kalen Becerra

    Called the Chief of police in Fresno at: 559-621-2000 and got his answering machine. Registered my complaint against this incident and the officers response. The officers did not even allow Freddy Centeno time to react to their demands. I Suggested Internal Affairs investigate.

    • Fuck Tha Police

      After the Internal Police investigation it was determined that proper police procedure was followed.

  • from_the_bleachers

    This was a public execution, murder 1. And what kind of super human gets shot 7 times and still has the strength, if they even manage to survive the shooting, to raise their hands?

  • [email protected]

    Dead Squads. Simple as that.

  • icantbelieveijustwatchedthat

    They didn’t even know who this guy was, it could have been anyone. How did they know with certainty this was the guy they were looking for? And the worse thing the guy they were looking for had done was have a strange but not illegal encounter with a neighbor. There response is to shoot someone seven times and act like they are the victims? Only because the people let them.

  • Hosea Mcadoo

    Excellent treatment for mental illness, deafness, mental retardation, drug overdose and being a non-English speaker. No failures so far.

    As you know nothing will be done after seeing the clip and reading the giant lie from from the Fresno PD.

    Police school now consists of knowing two lines: “i feared for my life” and, “he reached for his waistband. Maybe we should shoot all cops who reach for their waist band and also how to pull a trigger. Shame on Stalin for being so soft on whoever they didn’t like. They went to salt mines.

  • Thugs with Pepper Spray

    [email protected] , Write these POS coward, murderers. That is the most cold blooded shooting by cops I have ever seen. The Police chief is a thug for covering up for the trigger happy killers. They need to becharges with 1st. degree murder. They should serve life in prison without parole. Cop shooting are out of control, there is soon to be a real war on cops. Not the pretent war they are now screaming about. We as citizens must put a stop to the gang in blue, they are far worse than any criminal I have ever seen. Email and call the low life scumbags and tell them what you think. Call your Congressman and complain.

  • Patrick Henry

    File a wrongful death lawsuit. YOu have more evidence against them than they had against OJ.

  • Eduardo Acosta

    Sorry, but if you look closely he does seem to pull something out of his right pocket with his right hand.

    • John Mclaughlin

      so fuckin what, havent these cunts got a ounce of common sense , and why shoot to kill whats wrong with a shot to the arm or leg . or better still keep ure distance and access the situation, nah fuck him lets kill the cunt , he is most likely homeless so deserves it, makes me fuckin sick.

      • Edward Drew

        What they are missing is BALLS!

    • Edward Drew

      Yes it was a water hose nozzle, you know the kind that looks like a GUN if your a cop!

    • Ágúst Örn Gústafsson

      You mean when he is standing with his arms out?

  • Benny

    As much as I hate cops, if you look at the slow motion tape, he reached for his pocket with his right hand and gets something ( probably the garden hose gun) you can see it falling on the ground when he gets murdered by the cops.

    The cops were still too quick to shoot. instead of running toward him they could have stayed behind the car door and called the order from there while calling for backup and securing the neighborhood.

    Cops in the US never try to deescalate the situations.

    • Edward Drew

      Cops have no rules about retreating, they got guns!

    • Tim Marchant

      I agree . he did pull something out of his pocket I didnt see that at first . I made a previous post ranting at the competence of the cop, but still the cop panicked in my opinion . They need to have a better mindset to do this job and better training to deescalate the situation as you stated

      • Matthew

        I don’t see that it looks like he drops his hands to his sides and they shoot him. I understand that people like to make excuses for the police because it makes them feel better and safer, but just face the facts some cops think they are above the law and can do what they want(and some of the recent decisions would seem to bare that thought out as true). There is good and bad even among our police.

  • Eduardo Acosta

    He clearly pulls a gun out of his right pocket and you can see it at 0:26 seconds of the video. Pause the video there and you’ll see the gun in his hand.

    • Edward Drew

      Where did you get your glasses? Out of a crackerjack box!

  • Anthony Duke

    Can we call this murder? Can cops never do wrong? This is good policing? I would like to hear how someone defends the cops here. Has the video deceived me? The cops were truly under threat?

  • 3jdefrcwd


  • 3jdefrcwd


  • Beverley Avalon

    that is horrifying the cops never gave him a chance that was an execution

  • Tim Marchant

    What is it with police training in the US ? In Britain they dont use guns to deal with the public and a British cop would have been capable of handling that completely differently. I live here in Spain and as with the rest of Europe they carry weapons but never need to get like this . In fact if an officer approaches you most people will respect the law and not give any trouble at all and even then the cops never get so nervous and trigger happy. I have to assume that cops are not taught properly when it is appropriate to draw a weapon or to use any kind of force and that they are not of the right mindset to do the job

    • Doug Dittmer

      We live in the US where everyone is packing a gun thanks to the NRA and our right wing politicians. Here, you can get shot for dissing someone at the grocery store or cutting them off on the freeway. Of course our cops are wary. They have good cause to expect that everyone is packing a weapon.

      • Brian Hogge

        If you don’t diss people and cut them off then you have nothing to worry about! 😉

        • Doug Dittmer

          You are living in an alternate universe. Some people think you are dissing them just by looking at them. On the TV news yesterday, a verbal altercation at a gas station causes a woman to draw a pistol and start shooting into another vehicle. Seven shots fired. Fortunately the Hi Def cameras got her face and she’s been arrested. Just a couple weeks ago, cop pulled a car over for traffic stop and driver pulled a gun and shot cop dead. This is the real world we live in.

  • Fuck Tha Police

    Blue Lives love to Murder

  • Cam Alft

    cops are just criminals with a badge,they will walk on this one too,just like 99.9 percent of them all…corrupt cops working for a corrupted system,all cops are criminals knowingly and willingly working for the corrupt system..

  • mary.hale

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  • John Pine

    I think those cops were drunk the passenger cop could barely find the door handle to open the door!

  • Philip Himmelreich

    I’ll agree with the fact that this was a brutal video to watch but after watching the video several times he did reach into his pocket and pull something out and in that quick moment officers have to make a split second decision. Was it right for them to shoot that quickly?…Does this person have a long and violent history with the police and city? If it were a gun, they’d have to react just as fast as they did here. I’m on the fence on this one

  • Nikki Curiale-Garrison

    It is sickening to watch video’s like this. I come from a long family of law enforcement officers and never in my life have I seen so much utter disregard for human life as I have in the last 10 years. Whoever is training these “police officers” to fire at unarmed people needs to find a new line of work! Police officers could at one time be trusted and admired for their dedication and service to the people. Now we have to teach our children at a young age to fear the police as well. Sad times are upon us.

  • Irene Gutierrez

    u know at that time … he was a danger to him self and others, the officers felt threatened and did what they had to do … what people don’t understand is that his family should have gotten him the help he needed before it got to this point ! because we … the public are very much afraid …of people like this. no one has the right to roam the damm neighborhood scaring people,, kids, the elderly … me !! my family, !!! do something about it don’t wait till its too late

  • They pump him full of bullets, then expect him to put his hands up. Cop logic.

  • Michael Crumm

    Beyond disgusting!

  • Dave Coppock

    Our LEO’S have milliseconds to decide whether to shoot or not. Unfortunately for this dude the outcome wasn’t so good. I’m sure the officers involved after the ‘smoke cleared’, didn’t go out and have a toga party over this. Who’s to know who is armed and looking to kill our LEO’S….better safe than another LEO down.

    • rayb_baby

      By your twisted logic it’s ok for police to shoot anyone for almost any reason. I sure hope that you’re not a cop.