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Shocking Dashcam: Cops Walk Up to a Man for “Looking Suspicious” and Kill Him on the Ground

Seattle, WA — Che Taylor, 46, was no stranger to the police. He’s been in and out of jail on numerous occasions. However, none of his crimes ever warranted a death sentence — but on Sunday afternoon, that’s exactly what he got.

Around 3:30 Sunday afternoon, according to the Seattle police department, officers were conducting surveillance in an attempt to bust people for selling illicit substances to willing customers, when they saw Taylor and called for backup.

According to police, officers observed a man with a holstered handgun, and identified him as Che Taylor, who is legally prohibited from possessing a handgun. Additional units were called to the scene around 4:15 and at this point, multiple officers armed with AR-15 rifles began to approach.

Forget Taylor’s past for a second and only look at this scenario from an objective viewpoint. Here is a man, standing at his car, about to sell a willing customer a product, when multiple armed men jump out of an unmarked car, are not in uniform and approach him with assault weapons aimed at his head. Most people would immediately freeze and do exactly what those armed men asked, unless you had a chance of escaping by shooting your way out or running.

However, it was clear that Taylor knew he was surrounded, and any attempts to fight back or flee would have been futile. So, from what the dashcam shows, Taylor complies with the officers’ demands to get down on the ground.

It is at this point, where the claims made by the officers become insufficient.

As Taylor lays down, out of the view of the camera, officers then claim that he tried reaching for his holstered handgun. However, when we watch the dashcam, it does not show this and the officer who came up to Taylor last, who immediately began firing, was clearly blocked from seeing anything up until he pulled the trigger.

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Che Taylor was killed.

As is standard in instances of officer-involved shootings, the Seattle PD released Taylor’s arrest record to shame him and pictures of the illicit substances they found on him, to justify this extrajudicial killing.

As was stated at the beginning of this article, Che Taylor was no saint. However, he certainly did not deserve to die, and had it not been for the war on drugs; he may have never found himself in that position in the first place.

If drug sales and use were treated as a medical concern instead of a criminal one, cops would have never been on the street that day. If drug sales and use weren’t met with state violence through the immoral act of prohibition, criminals wouldn’t rule the market and crime would be drastically reduced. If drug sales and use weren’t treated like war crimes — the United States and the rest of the world, would be a much safer and peaceful place.

  • john smith

    been the war on drugs is supposedly made legal by declaring it a war and that would mean anyone caught dealing prohibited substances would be war criminals….that in it self sound nutz…
    what if we call a spade a spade and make a point of these people being called war criminals in hopes of bringing light to this nonsece?

  • john smith

    lets look at this under another light
    they declared a war on drugs
    the american people are the enemy
    to give(drugs aka medicine) is aiding and abetting the enemy
    and warrant a field execution..thats how they treat it and thats the reality of all this..because declaring war is declaring war and they are treating this like a war and your the enemy.

  • NoGuff

    The war on drugs isn’t the problem in this case, and I’m for the legalization of most drugs. The problem here is that the police and the politicians have given themselves permission to execute people on the street. And we let them. You get the government you deserve.

    • Shannon Clarke

      i think its more akin to the effect of, you get the government you allow. we the people allow this to take place, in no way are we actively rising up in large organized or even unorganized groups or militias. instead we take the passive route and do nothing except complain because to do anything would cost you everything and no one would help you due to the media being used to paint you in an unrealistic color that the average person assumes is true because we have been raised to believe in things that are not always true and because logic and common sense are almost as taboo as talking about politics besides just on election years with select few people you know.

  • David WillisTruck Dean

    Look kids! If it’s due to a war on drugs then that suspect should have been apprehended and brought to trial in a military tribunal or
    something to that effect. What you just witnessed was
    nothing but cold blooded murder. I sincerely pray that
    you little cowards are happy to accept what your being dished out to ya because
    it’s only going to get worse.
    Happy Hunting Officers!

  • deathfrogg

    This post is an outright lie. This man was running from the Police after murdering his girlfriend at her workplace in a hospital just a few hours previous to this incident. He was being specifically sought out as the only suspect in a public murder in front of over a dozen witnesses who knew him personally. He was a known violent felon and therefore prohibited from legally owning a firearm and he was armed. He fled the Police after they tried to pull him over. He WAS reaching for his gun when the Cop fired his weapon.

    Don’t bullshit. It doesn’t make you look very good when you’re trying to support a legitimate point.

    • Fernesque Golan

      He doesn’t look like he was running any where, and even if he was guilty of all the things you posted, the situation didn’t warrant the cops opening fire. What guy gets on the ground and then reaches for his gun. It makes no sense. You are bending over backwards to defend a murder. Are you a cop or a cop-sucker?

      • deathfrogg

        No, I am most certainly NOT a “Cop” or “Cop-sucker” as you so eloquently put it, but I do recognize the fact that there are some legitimate Police shootings and this absolutely was one of them. The man had no intention whatsoever of being taken alive, he had just murdered his girlfriend with that same weapon.


        The point I made quite clearly in my OP, was that if there is a legitimate concern for abuses of rights of citizens and the responsibilities of Police officers, it serves no purpose whatsoever in using nakedly false premises such as this one as an example. There are plenty of cases where the situation is questionable at the least, and many, many cases where there should be a Cop going to prison.

        This is not one of them.

        This should not be a propaganda site. Report legitimate news in a concise, factual manner or be dismissed as another example of what Police Unions legitimately describe as being “crackpot”.

        • Marcus Washington

          You’re mixing up two completely different situations that happened to happen in the same weekend, this was not the guy that killed his gf that guy was shot 27 times by state patrol not Seattle police, do your research

    • Lynnxx Veritas

      But when other individuals go on a shooting rampage and kill multiple people, and are confronted while still armed…even pointing their guns at officers… They are apprehended and given a fkn cheesburger…

    • Marcus Washington

      You’re confusing two diff situations the guy that killed his gf was Mexican not black

  • Fernesque Golan

    After they shot the guy who was on the ground, you still can hear one of the murderous cops telling the now dead man to put his hands up. Where do they find these guys?

  • Tim St John

    Shooting and killing a drug dealer….the viewpoint to most is: “No big deal”, right? But what about the tons and tons of Heroin that comes into EAFB (Edwards Air Force Base) on C-130’s coming from Afghanistan? Oh I get it, that’s Heroin for Big Pharma. That’s different because Big Pharma are “Legal Drug Pushers” along with docs in cahoots.
    The idiots that think taking our guns away will make this country a “safer Place” are completely and utterly CLUELESS. We’ve seen first hand, many, many times what happens when you give the goon police firearms and a badge. They kill continually and get away with it 90% of the time.

    Reality, in this situation, is that there were no witnesses (other than police) who saw the guy reach for his gun. The dashcam footage is pretty much worthless because you can’t see if the guy actually reached for it. From my perspective, the jury is out on this one. We can’t see if he did reach for his gun. Knowing he is a multiple felon is something that is being ignored here. Drug dealers with guns, especially those who don’t want to return to prison, are a lot more likely to reach for a firearm if they think they have a way of shooting their way out. Can’t ignore that fact, as well as the danger these officers faced.

    I am not siding with police, OR the felon here. I don’t have enough evidence to make the call.
    One thing I do know is that we ALL need to be armed as well as police are. There WILL come a time (If you live here in the US) when firearms will be THE ONLY THING that stands between US citizens being forced into FEMA camps and not actually winding up there.

    I know you don’t know me, but PLEASE trust me on this. Arm yourselves and stock up on plenty of ammo. If you stay in the US, you’re going to need both to protect your families. And if you think I’m kidding, that’s OK. Just don’t ask to borrow any firearms, or 5.56 rounds when the shit hits the fan. And it will.

    • upset citizen

      Tim, you are exactly right. But that is only part of the New World order. The underlying cause of police executions is the DOJ and Homeland Security has endorsed and encouraged by giving local and state police the newly but illegally interpreted federal statues giving immunity to all officers using deadly force for any reason they deem potentially hazardous. The root objective is much more sinister. Global depopulation, in order to micro-control the populace and exterminate all citizens who are not beneficial which interpretated is those not working and paying taxes or minors and elderly who are costing the government money in benefits and entitlements, which rightly belong to any citizen who has worked and paid into the system over many years. Ex. Social Security, Medicare, and the State and Federal taxes. The corrupt policies and out of control spending of the Federal government has robbed the citizens of their collective wealth and cannot afford the distribution of rightly deserving funds. The Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid taxes seized from your company paychecks to be government invested in the stock markets of Wall street is the world’s biggest ponzie scheme ever devised.

  • Jean Boyd

    They look like they are playing a game in the back yard of their house. They yell, “Move in, move in.”After the shots, they all yell excitedly, “Shots fired, Shots fired!” It is so sick.

  • Cam Alft

    all cops are just,shoot and kill your suspect and then make up a story that he/she is to blame……
    cops are criminals,they are rapists,they are robbers and theives…and they are,beyond a shadow of doubt…murderers and exacutioners…they seem to think they are judge ,jury and exacutioners,why.
    thye are all scared little boys and girls with a god complex and seem to be cowards behind that badge.if they fear for their lives everyday,they need to get a new job.these cowards need to go flip burgers for 15bucks n hour.corrupt and they work for the corrupted.all cops are just criminals….


    I find it amazing the author wants to portray the drug dealing felon, carrying a loaded gun, as the victim. I wonder if he’d feel the same if this dirtbag had sold heroin to his kids, or used that gun to pistol whip his mom in a home invasion. Our society has become ass-backwards . The bad guys are all victims now, with excuses and zero responsibility for the shit that they do. In a million years who would have thought our country would become so pussified….a laughing stock around the world.

  • Boink389

    All personal drug use in the privacy of your domicile should be legalized immediately.

    A person becomes a victim when he or she is wrongfully punished, hurt, or just interfered with while living. It has nothing to do with what you were punished for in the past.

    Courts have a very important function in world of law and order. They are supposed to filter out opinions and emotions and just judge on the facts presented.
    All of us have opinions and emotions but they should never rule the day when it pertains to impacting the lives of others.

    If everyone was able to act upon their opinions and emotions with deadly force, most on the planet would be dead…starting with some first, second and then lastly.
    So let us pass as much as practicable thru the court rooms. (This one was an easy no brainer to pass thru.)

    Ooops. I forgot; the quiet financiers, banks and other money launders
    would lose 100’s of billions of dollars if we legalized drugs. Let me take that back. Do you
    think these enablers should eat some lead or uranium–whatever people
    keep handy these days, whenever it feels right for he or she?

  • Seth

    I’m not surprised that this country is still wasting billions on a drug policy that clearly doesn’t work. We have a history of creating draconian laws to solve complex social problems. Matthew Arnold’s seminal book, “Culture and Anarchy,” clearly elucidates the kind of unproductive thinking that draws people to the idea that one thing is necessary to solve problems that require open, intuitive thinking. His ideas are as relevant today as they were in 19th century England. He wrote that we should think like the Greeks, with “Sweetness and Light.”

    What I do find amazing is the number of people who think that we have nothing to learn from ideas of the past. I saw this attitude even in Academia. I was once assigned a research paper on Shakespeare. My professor told me to use the most current criticism I could find. Baffled and annoyed, I asked, so Coleridge’s criticism is no longer relevant? He didn’t respond and walked away. I knew I was sacrificing a possible grade. But my gut feeling was that my professor was placing contemporary criticism on a higher level than classics that have withstood the passage of centuries.

    “No! Time, thou shalt not boast that I do change:
    Thy pyramids built up with newer might
    To me are nothing novel, nothing strange;
    They are but dressings of a former sight…” Shakespeare’s Sonnet No. 123.

    But my point is, that we need to view drug addiction from a different perspective. The enormous sums of money wasted on an ineffective drug policy could be used to help get drug users back on their feet; to provide job training and medical care. It is well known that many drug users are self medicating mental health issues. Who their right mind would purposely put poison into their bodies?

    Our cruel drug laws are punishing people who are already suffering: those who crave the death-like state of a drug high to escape their pain. There is something sick about a society that uses 70% of the world’s illegal drugs. We brutalize the weak, while those with wealth and power create shell corporations to avoid paying their tax obligations.