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Shocking Report Shows Most Chicago PD Dashcams are Being “Intentionally Sabotaged”

The Chicago Police Department has come under scrutiny over questionable malfunction of surveillance equipment meant to hold officers accountable for actions in the line of duty. A new report indicates dashcams in certain squad cars failed to capture audio for reasons spanning from maintenance issues to “intentional destruction.”

 A review of 1,800 Chicago PD maintenance logs by DNAinfo suggests that several dashcam systems failed to capture audio because batteries had been pulled out, microphones were stuffed in glove compartment boxes, and antennas were busted or went missing.

Last month, Chicago PD officials blamed audio missing from 80 percent of dashcam footage on human error and “internal destruction.”

One of the dashcam systems analyzed in the report was the one inside the car driven by Jason Van Dyke on the night he fatally shot Laquan McDonald, whom he had been pursuing after receiving reports of a man armed with a knife in the street.

That night, the dashcam in squad car No. 6412 caught no audio before it was put under wraps by the police department as evidence in the internal investigation that ignited. The viral video capturing McDonald’s death was recorded by another dashcam at the scene. It too recorded no audio.

According to maintenance records, squad car No. 6412 underwent two dashcam repairs with each being completed months after an issue was reported.

On June 17, 2014, police technicians recorded fixing a dashcam wiring malfunction about three months after it was reported. A day later, the dashcam system again was reported broken. On

October 8, 2014, technicians reported fixing the system which had suffered “intentional damage.”

The shooting occurred 12 days later.

Four other dashcams at the scene failed to catch audio. Only two captured video.

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Following a review of 10 videos downloaded from the dashcam on squad car No. 6412, police records dated Nov. 21, 2014, state it was “apparent … that personnel have failed to sync the MICs [sic].”

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  • Why not just develop something that requires a log in to use or the car wont function, so people can track which cops are tampering and which aren’t. Narrow down the field of trouble makers.

  • Any cop found tampering with their car or body cams should be grounds for immediate dismissal and black-balled from ever serving the public in any official capacity. Problem solved.

    • It would most likely be a group of them conspiring together. Be rid of the moraless killers!


  • It’s as much of a crime as the crime itself.

  • Why isn’t it against the law to turn them off!!!?????? Why not a HUGE fine for THEIR “human error”???

  • Mark Johnson

  • Mayor needs to fire them all and call in the National Guard to police the city. KInda like what Reagan did, firing the air traffic controllers and refusing to rehire any of em. What’s chicago got to lose?

    • From what I keep reading, you will have to do that with the whole country!

  • Was this ever not going to happen? Suspend without pay one month then second time, sack.

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  • People know, why do you think those cities are being abandoned? Americans should reclaim what is there’s. If the police are running people out of towns, I thought towns prospered from growth? If the police are running people away and stopping growth—why aren’t all the cops who’s dashcams are messed with being brought up on murder charges?

  • Something to hide I guess.. so much for protecting and serving the public. They’ve become the enslavers of the public and just another criminal gang.

  • Thisnis shocking thisnis kind of like no shit this was going to happen. I think a better solution would be hold the police accountable by neighborhood committee
    S by people who are not military or police. Also switch police to non lethal weapons. Have a way to report police officers who are doing drugs raping in a way that protects victims amd investigates. Have a system in place where if an officer kills someone they are partly responsible for the well bing of the loved ones left behind. Change the system. Change what type of people are hired by the police. Reach out to other countries and ask for help with training.

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