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Shocking Video Shows Cop Gun Down Unarmed Teen in the Back as He Ran Away

Chicago, IL (RT) — Lawyers for the city of Chicago, Illinois have dropped objections to the release of surveillance footage that shows the police shooting a black teenager in 2013. Cedrick Chatman was killed as he fled officers who stopped him for car theft.

(Warning: Graphic images)

Surveillance camera footage (5:36 mark in the video) shows Chatman bolting from the car, and one of the plainclothes officers pointing a gun and firing in his direction. When the camera pans over to the other corner, Chatman is lying motionless the ground.

US District Court Judge Robert Gettleman lifted the protective order on the recordings on Thursday after lawyers for the city said they would no longer oppose the release in the interest of transparency.

“I went to a lot of trouble to decide this issue, and then I get this motion last night saying that this is the age of enlightenment with the city and we’re going to be transparent,” said Gettleman. “I think it’s irresponsible.”

Chatman, 17, was shot on the afternoon of January 7, 2013, in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago.  According to the police report, Officers Kevin Fry and Lou Toth stopped the silver Dodge Charger that Chatman was driving because it matched the description of a car that had been reported stolen. As two officers in plainclothes approached, Chatman bolted from the car and ran down Jeffery Avenue.

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Fry said at one point he saw Chatman turn around and point an object at the officers. He fired four shots, hitting Chatman twice. Attorneys for Chatman’s family said that the video contradicts Fry’s account, and that the teenager never turned around.

The object in Chatman’s hand turned out to be a black box containing an iPhone. Police believe the box was obtained in the carjacking, according to Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA), which had ruled the shooting justified.

“The video supports Officer Fry’s observation that (Chatman) was pointing a firearm at Officer Toth,” the final IPRA report said, concluding that the “use of deadly force was in compliance with Chicago Police Department policy.”

However, that finding only came after the firing of a senior IPRA investigator, who originally said the shooting had not been justified. Lorenzo Davis said his last performance review accused him of “a complete lack of objectivity combined with a clear bias against the police” and said he was the only supervisor who refused to make“requested changes as directed by management in order to reflect the correct finding” in cases of officer-involved shootings.

Davis, who reviewed the surveillance videos during the course of his investigation, told the Chicago Tribune in November that he never saw Chatman turn toward the officers.

“Cedrick was just running as the shots were fired,” Davis said. “You’re taught that deadly force is a last resort and that you should do everything in your power to apprehend the person before you use deadly force. I did not see where deadly force was called for at that time.”

The shooting was captured on a police surveillance camera, a camera outside a nearby convenience store, and a camera near the South Shore High School. Lawyers for both the city and the Chatman family agreed that the footage was low quality and showed the events from a distance. City attorneys nonetheless argued that the release of the recordings could inflame the public and interfere with the proceedings in the family’s lawsuit.

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Police said that Chatman and two others, Akeem Clarke and Martel Odum, robbed a man who was selling a cell phone. Chatman drove off in the victim’s car, while Clarke and Odum kept the cash from the robbery. They were each sentenced to 10 years in prison last September for robbery and unlawful vehicular invasion, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. The police initially charged Clark and Odum with Chatman’s death as well, but dropped the charges later.

An attorney for Chatman’s family said the release of the video would show a systemic problem in the city, coming in the wake of revelations about other cases involving police shootings of African-Americans.

“This is a bomb that’s about to drop in the city of Chicago, where everyone suddenly realizes the system is broken,” Brian Coffman told DNA Info.

Chicago has been in turmoil since last November, when a Chicago PD officer was indicted for first-degree murder in the fatal October 2014 shooting of a black teenager. Officer Jason Van Dyke fired 16 shots into 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

The initial cover-up of the McDonald shooting incensed protesters, who shut down the city’s main street on several occasions in subsequent months. Among their demands is the resignation of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a former White House chief of staff.

Emanuel has refused to resign so far, but has fired both the police superintendent and the head of the police investigative agency. In December, the US Department of Justice announced a civil rights investigation into the Chicago PD.

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    • Yeah but I’m also fed up with youngsters thinking they can steal our shit and run amok in the cities.

  • Understand that you own nothing, everything that surrounds you is temporary. Only the love in your heart will last forever.

  • It started with a car jacking… then he ran away from an arresting officer. I get it… I get it… but these stupid ass kids need to understand, #1 DO NOT STEAL PEOPLE’S SHIT. and #2 IF YOU RUN FROM A COP AFTER STEALING A CAR AND THEY TELL YOU TO STOP AND YOU DON”T, CHANCES ARE YOUR ASS WILL GET SHOT DEAD.

    It is what it is. I get it… I understand… but still… in this case… this dumbass should have made better decisions.

    • the punishment for theft, and running from the police, is not a death sentence

    • Jay Bento we both know that however, you play the game, you’re ass is gonna get pumped with bullets one day. This time it was a cop… usually on a nightly basis it’s others on the street that shoot them for being stupid.

    • can’t be a “gangsta” one minute and a poor little victim the next… I grew up on the street… we know the reality… stupid kids making dumbass decisions trying to be that dude in the neighborhood.

    • He was a criminal, sure.
      Did he deserve to be killed by the police ? No.

      The officers involved weren’t threatened by an unarmed, fleeing man.
      If you or I shot a fleeing person in the back and they died we would be charged with murder, or at least manslaughter.

    • If anyone tries to carjack me and my family here in Arizona and I have an opportunity, I’m firing shots and dropping the punk.

    • That kid wasn’t like the others who were absolutely murdered by crooked cops.

      This punk was in the game of carjacking and received the ultimate risk of the game he chose to play.

      I’m not buying the other narrative on this one. He massively increased his risk of dying by getting out of that car and running away.

      As an officer you have no clue if that dumbass is high and has a weapon and might use it on an innocent civilian when trying to escape.

      If any dumbass wannabe thug carjacker is reading this, learn from it and keep your ass in the house.

    • Theres a difference between shooting someone car jacking you to protect yourself and cops shooting them after the fact when there is noone in danger of being killed for a car.

    • Just taking out the garbage. I’m glad he didn’t get away with it. You risk the lives of innocent citizens and live a life of crime. You have made your choice.

    • So you would kill someone over your insured car if they never harmed you? Franco Gonzalez

  • The Policing in America is just an extension of the elite. Dont be fooled. Look at all this new legislation being introduced, its Police friendly. I cant use my cell phone camera to film a Policeman hurting or murdering a stranger? Why would we ever want to not let innocent people find justice?

    • Yes that is what the law says but… If you see the police doing something illegal that makes you an accessory however if you feel them showing them committing the act there is evidence that can be used against them that’s why I don’t want you feeling so you’re in a catch 22 situation you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t if you see the police raping a female suspect well? You can feel that the law says you can’t you see the picture now it don’t matter it’s illegal you still cant film it hahahaha

    • The law in America is a systematic barrier in itself. It will always be a veiled fascism when it comes to Police and protecting the loosely written laws that protect them.

  • King Hollis

  • I must be blind.
    I watched all the footage provided and don’t see any reason to shoot the man. He was fleeing, and if you or I shot a fleeing man and he died we would be charged with murder, or at least manslaughter.

  • Maybe someone can point it out for me, but I couldn’t find anything to do destroying records in the article. I also googled this incident and still didn’t find one single mention about destroying records.

    BTW, the destroying of records has to do with misconduct records. The officers in Chatman’s case here were cleared of any wrongdoing so there would be no record to destroy. But that’s besides the point, right TFTP?

    • Well, if the cops shot an unarmed guy in the back and their superiors found it to be legit, that would be illegal twice in 1 case. Being that they are being investigated by doj, that would explain motive for destroying the records. By law, they cant just open fire cause an unarmed person doesnt follow orders.

  • Stop or I will shoot means what

  • Widespread

  • horrible

  • Stop or I will stop !
    One did and the other didn’t
    Don’t run !!!

  • He stole a car and ran from the cops. I don’t feel bad for the kid. Not at all. If I had done that, I’d expect the same treatment.

    • If he stole a car then he should go to jail not shot in the back. What kind of fucked up warped thinking do you have. That’s why they have a thing called due process so people that break the law get to go to trial.

    • Funny you say that. I think you have really fucked up thinking. I’m not saying it’s right to shoot the guy. But, I do not feel bad for him or his family. If you do something stupid, you get stupid results.
      PS I never said it was right to shoot him. You interpreted that yourself. What said was in don’t feel bad for him.

    • Oscar clearly Barbara has never made any mistake in her life and knows exactly what it’s like in those circumstances and he got what he deserved according to her “get stupid results” logic.

      Hope Barbara or her family never encounter any police brutality, think it only happens to criminals? think again lol or keep blaming victims that will really solve problems and help us progress as a society lol if you honestly think running from the police and car theft justifies the death penalty in the back, unarmed, in the street please move to Somalia or Saudi Aurabia because this is America where every citizen has rights that many of my family and millions of others have fought hard and even sacrificed their own lives for, not for people like you to praise these blatant violations of basic human rights and obvious lies from corrupted police and say that it should be “expected” you should be ashamed.

    • When something happens to you, get back to me.

  • Sadly it seems to be the norm anymore. Run and get shot in the back

  • Murder !

  • and those black youth gunning down black youths…we don’t see that nightmare on tv.

    • We arent paying all those black youths salaries to uphold the law n keep peace.

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  • Please replace the word “Shocking” in your title and replace it with “Typical”.

  • he shot him because they aren’t able to run anymore because they are lazy and they aren’t smart enough to realize they know what they look like and there from the area they can find them later

  • he will get away with it.they always do .so.sad.

  • In response to all of the innocent lives lost at the hands of corrupt law enforcement…

    The Thin Blue Line

    Keep on selling the American lie
    All puppets dance for the public eye.
    Can’t beat us all down so
    they’ve built their walls Berlin high.

    Brutality has faded the thin blue line.
    Drawn against freedom by political design.
    No justice for the piece that won’t fit in.
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    Hatred and violence suddenly back in demand.
    How many gotta fall til we take a stand?
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    Sworn to protect but who do they serve?
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    Anchormen ensure the outcry stays minimal.
    Your local station doctored the newsreels.
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