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“Sickening” Video Shows Cops Attack a Peaceful Old Man and Break His Arm for No Reason

Burlington City, NJ — In February 2014, Steven S. Kahn, 60, was peacefully sitting in his car, had not harmed anyone and was not suspected of committing any crime. However, these facts would prove to be no defense against Burlington City police officers and their tendency that night to escalate a peaceful situation into a violent one.

The entire interaction was captured on police dashcam.

According to the Courier-Post, Michael J. McKenna, a Cherry Hill attorney representing Kahn, said the video “demonstrates a use of force by police against a 60-year-old man so excessive that it can only be called sickening.”

According to a lawsuit filed on behalf of Kahn, police went to the Wawa gas station where he was parked in response to Kahn’s passenger being involved in a dispute over a clerk’s refusal to sell her tobacco products without an ID.

As shown on the dashcam, the situation looks peaceful enough as three officers surround the car. However, the scene quickly turns violent as the female passenger, the alleged subject of the police investigation, becomes the target of cops.

In the video, the officers are seen shouting at the woman, who is then yanked from the car and slammed on the hood of the patrol car as she is placed in handcuffs.

While this was going on, Kahn sat peacefully and calmly in his car, until he became the subject of the officers’ “swift, severe and unprovoked violence,” according to the suit

The Courier-Post reports, 

The suit alleges Patrolman Jeremy Bright then approached Kahn and believed he saw the man “nudge” the remnants of a marijuana cigarette into a Wawa coffee cup.

Bright ordered Kahn to step out of his vehicle, then pulled him out “without giving Mr. Kahn time to unbuckle his seat belt,” says the suit.

It says Bright repeatedly ordered Kahn to “stop resisting,” while the Philadelphia man shouted, ““I’m not doing nothing.”

After the officers had slammed the 60-year-old man face down on the concrete, they knelt on him while placing him in an arm lock. Wanting to join in on the assault, officer William Lancenese, jumped in and also “applied weight and force on top of Mr. Kahn,” the suit says.

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As multiple cops applied their weight and force to the 60-year-old, Kahn noted that he couldn’t comply with giving the officers his right arm because it was pinned underneath him by the officers’ weight.

According to the lawsuit, it was at this point that Bright “suddenly and with great force” bent Kahn’s left arm until it snapped.

The brutalized and tormented Kahn was then placed in handcuffs which “caused further agony and suffering,” according to the suit. Then, instead of bringing him to a hospital, the injured man was brought to jail.

The ‘charges’ against Kahn, which apparently required such brutal force to arrest him, were all dropped as a part of a conditional plea. The entire violent interaction in the video below was carried out by these officers for no reason at all.

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  • God your country is SICK America!

  • Those copsuckers should be arrested, protected, convicted and incarcerated in a max security prison in general population.
    Then we’ll see how tough they are.

  • Welcome to the US Police State. I don’t want to live in fear, but I am glad I cannot often leave the house.

    • Don’t worry, cops are experts in breaking down front doors at 3am.

    • Thats what guns are for.

  • Guns

  • Wendy J. Colby

    When will people tire of this nonsensical bullying in the name of “keeping the peace” and insist on an entirely new system.Do we need men out there arresting people for being belligerent?Is it in the public interest to pull old men out of cars and break their arms just because they can? They harass drivers,walkers,bikers even persons just coming from the corner store all looking for reasons to lock them in a cage and if they can beat them up and throw them around first all the better. This “Gang in Blue” needs to be disbanded.We’d be better off hiring private firms.At least then if they are heavy handed we can fire them.

  • Dale Shipley
  • Another example of our courageous men in blue…such bravery in the face of the brute force of a 60 year old man…these officers…risking their lives to make an arrest that was thrown out ona conditional plea…such courage….such undaunted bravery in the face of such

  • angel1948

    these men are not typical of our police. these men are thugs in uniform with mental problems and should be removed from the police force permanently and they should have to pay all medical expenses for this poor elderly victim and they should do time for their assault. also i pray they turn away from evil and turn to JESUS and be saved.

    • Guy Kelley

      Sadly You Are Wrong ! These men are atypical of ALL POLICE MEN & WOMEN IN AMERICA TODAY !
      This has nothing to do with Jesus or Evil. But, it does have everything to do with hiring practises, training and attitude of cop ! Once long ago the beat cop was to protect and serve. Today, only aggressive bulldog types are hired, aggressively trained to intimidate, lie, harass,arrest, shoot to kill, brutalize, and to make money revenue for the legal system,
      then turned loose on the unsuspecting public. Wake Up America, You are sheep and these are the wolves that you have hired to protect you !

      • Jefferson Hetzler

        I don’t think you meant “atypical”…

  • Why? Wrong question. Why not? This is the correct question. If they face no public humiliation why not beat the shit out of someone? Seriously why not? Our silence is seen as permission.

  • How the fuck is this possible?

  • not right

  • No video shows up

  • This is the reason I will always resist injustice. Weather they wear a badge and gun or not. I respect the job officers have to do. And they do a good job for the most part. Except the ones that don’t. One bad officer can spoil the bunch. The bad ones need to be dealt with swiftly so as not to tarnish the good ones.

  • sad

  • That’s so disgusting

  • Jeff Ex

    If this is true, I would have let them arrest me and then explain to the public WHY they arrested me….and let the woman die.

    This shit has got to stop…..

  • Police are not here to help, there nothing but a giant gang. FUCK ALL POLICE!

    • They are the Fascist police state for America’s working class while the rich enjoy Socialism

  • These sites always screw with my computor what’s reaaly going on?????

    • I used my phone but can’t see the video. How does it mess ur PC? Is it this site or the other one that looks like this?



  • Brutalizing cops hurts the good ones.

  • definition of bullies and its on video!

  • There are no good cops as long as thugs like this have badges, they are protected and by these actions all are judged guilty. POS BULLY PUNKS

  • Just another case of protect and serve

  • drug fuelled sadism.

  • Sick

  • Video was blank

  • they picked him because he wouldn’t fight

  • Should have killed the cops

  • No such thing as a good cop they all I mean all are bad. They do good things to cover all the vile shit they all do

  • Gosh this is horrible! Poor guy.. They don’t have anything else better to do? !

  • Cam Alft

    it’s the only time cops feel tough…when they are beating up children and women and old men in cuffs!funny they didn’t die in custody,i mean the hardened criminals they are!,f’kn cops are the criminals,all of them!

  • These are not cops. Cops are supposedly there to protect and serve. If the citizens of a country are too wet or cowardly to uphold the law against these arse-holes then they deserve “officers” like this. In the civilised world we arrest cops like this and put them on trial.

  • You smoke the weeds!?? That’s unhealthy for you! Let me break your arm.

  • very sick

  • is this “cop” still alive ??? amazing !!!

  • I would have gone after those cops and killed them while they were out of duty !