Sicko Cop Tackles and Arrests Innocent Woman for Walking on the Wrong Side of the Road

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‘Please sir, please sir. Why are you doing this?’ It was like I was in a nightmare. I hadn’t done anything wrong’

April 14, 2014


(Whitehouse, TX) — Melissa Bonnette was on her usual morning walk when a costumed creep pulled up next to her on his motorcycle.

“I thought that maybe he was flirting,” she said. “I just thought it was odd, I thought it was odd. I wasn’t really sure but I felt uncomfortable because there wasn’t anyone around.”

She says she was worried he might not even a real cop, so she refused to stop and began jogging away from him, according to CBS 19 News.

That’s when Bonnette says he got off his bike, chased her down, tackled her and threw her in handcuffs.

“I just was crying and I was saying ‘Please sir, please sir. Why are you doing this?’ It was like I was in a nightmare. I hadn’t done anything wrong,” she said.

What exactly was the reason this thug felt it necessary to tackle an innocent woman who was out for a morning stroll? She was on the wrong side of the road.

His little authoritarian ego was probably maimed when she refused to lie down and lick his boot so he did what comes naturally to a jackboot thug. He used his “authoritah’ and initiated then escalated violence, and then kidnapped her.

Had Melissa Bonnette, known the magic questions, “Am I being detained? Am I free to go?,” maybe this jackboot bully would have backed off a little. But even knowing your rights sometimes, has little to no impact when dealing with sociopath tyrants.

One thing is certain here, if anyone is held liable for the belligerent actions of Officer Shawn Johnson, it will most assuredly be the tax payers.

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