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Entire Florida Police Dept Busted Laundering Tens of Millions for International Drug Cartels

Bal Harbour, FL – The village of Bal Harbour, population 2,513, may have a tiny footprint on the northern tip of Miami Beach, but its police department had grand aspirations of going after international drug traffickers, and making a few million dollars while they were at it.

The Bal Harbour PD and the Glades County Sheriff’s Office set up a giant money laundering scheme with the purported goal of busting drug cartels and stemming the surge of drug dealing going on in the area. But it all fell apart when federal investigators and the Miami-Herald found strange things going on.

The two-year operation, which took in more than $55 million from criminal groups, resulted in zero arrests but netted $2.4 million for the police posing as money launderers. Members of the 12-person task force traveled far and wide to carry out their deals, from Los Angeles to New York to Puerto Rico.

Along the way, the small-town cops got a taste of luxury as they used the money for first-class flights, luxury hotels, Mac computers and submachine guns. Meanwhile, the Bal Harbour PD and Glades County Sheriffs were buying all sorts of fancy new equipment.

Besides these “official” uses of the money, confidential records obtained by the Miami-Herald show that officers withdrew hundreds of thousands of dollars with no record of where the money went.

“They were like bank robbers with badges,” said Dennis Fitzgerald, an attorney and former Drug Enforcement Administration agent who taught undercover tactics for the U.S. State Department. “It had no law enforcement objective. The objective was to make money.”

The operation, which was not fully reported to federal authorities, funneled millions of dollars to overseas criminals and interfered with investigations being carried out on known money launderers.

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The latest revelations show that at least 20 people in Venezuela were sent drug money from the Florida cops. Four Venezuelan criminals and smugglers were major recipients of the millions being wired from the Bal Harbour PD and Glades County Sheriff’s Office, including a figure tied to one of the largest drug cartels in the hemisphere.

These actions violated strict federal bans on sending illegal money overseas, and the Florida cops never investigated the backgrounds of the people receiving their laundered drug money.

“I can’t think of a more podunk town than Bal Harbour — not in a bad way. But in the sense that these cops would have otherwise been stopping traffic or shooting radar,” said Ruben Oliva, who has represented alleged narco-traffickers since the 1980s. “In reality they were being launderers. The minute they started doing busts, it would have been over.

“This is like a movie. You’ve got these guys and they’re flying all over. They’re saying, ‘Hey, I’m in the big leagues.’ I’ve seen every kind of law enforcement money-laundering investigations. I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s really one for the ages.”

After the Department of Justice busted the Bal Harbour PD for misspending seized money to pay police salaries, the Miami-Herald began deeper investigations and found a much bigger pool of money that was never noticed by the feds. Soon after that, the ambitious sting operation—which was really just a money-making scheme—began to fall apart.

“The Miami Herald gained unprecedented access to the confidential records of the undercover investigation, reviewing thousands of records including cash pickup reports, emails, DEA reports, bank statements and wire transfers for millions of dollars. The inquiry found:

▪ Police routinely withdrew cash — thousands at a time — totaling $1.3 million from undercover bank accounts, but to this day there are no records to show where the money was spent. “In all my years of law enforcement, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Chief Overton said.

▪ Bal Harbour officials say they cannot find receipts for hundreds of thousands in expenses, including five-star hotel bookings, dinners that ran up to $1,000 and scores of purchases like laptops, iPads, electronic money counters, flower deliveries, and even iTunes downloads.

▪ While posing as launderers, police delivered nearly $20 million to storefront businesses in Miami-Dade to launder the money for drug groups — gathering critical evidence against the business owners — yet took no action against them. Years later, the businesses are still open, some still suspected by federal agents of laundering for the cartels.”

Cash deposits to SunTrust Bank totaling $28 million do not appear anywhere in police records. It’s no coincidence that the operation was launched “at a time law enforcement agencies across Florida were looking to boost their budgets during one of the state’s toughest economic periods.”

“We had to find a revenue stream,” said Duane Pottorff, chief of law enforcement for Glades. “It allowed us to have resources we wouldn’t normally have.”

Federal authorities and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement have launched probes into the Bal Harbour police, which will surely confirm the rampant abuses of power. However, the fact that these types of shady operations, carried out with the help of agencies such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement, can occur at all is even more troubling.

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Government creates a black market of drugs and blood money through prohibition, then under the War on Drugs it grants itself the power to break the law and get involved in money laundering operations. While the professed goal is to “sting” the bad guys, government rakes in millions upon millions of dollars to further bolster its prohibition and war on drugs.

The War on Drugs is the real scheme that should be investigated.

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    • What MORON would believe this bullshit? There IS NO “Florida Police Dept”….You just lost me and anyone else smarter than a TURNIP.

    • John Vonbier – the entire police department of Bal Harbour http://binged.it/1ZHoSKT

  • WTF ……. o.O

  • How fucking shocking!

  • Government is the original organized crime.

  • I am totally unsurprised.

  • No pls !!! just FIFA…..we need a ” Prince ” to run it !

  • Investigated or invested in..?

  • It’s ok, they’re the police they’ll just arrest themselves right?

    • But none will go to jail.

    • What MORON would believe this bullshit? There IS NO “Florida Police Dept”….You just lost me and anyone else smarter than a TURNIP.

    • John Vonbier That is a good point but they said Bal Harbour in the article.

    • I think they meant “An” entire Florida police department.

    • John Vonbier ,always gotta be one bootlicker on the post.

  • I live in Florida.. wow. no way out ,,too broke

  • How is that the Miami Herald found out most of the info and the feds didnt? Who was all in on it then. How deep does this go

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  • Big brother keeping us safe!

  • Crooked Cops and Juddges and Court Commisioners really PISS ME THE FUCK OFF .Bust them Cut them then feed them to the SHARKS.

  • cops are the biggest drug dealers ever even if my best friend was a cop i still would never trust him

  • Only in America lol.

  • I bet they will investigate themselves and find themselves innocent.

  • No surprise, as I lived in Miami for a year and it was immediately apparent that the entire law enforcement system was completely flawed.

  • Not shocking, its a state of heroine junkies an Pedifiles why should cops be any different

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  • Fast and furious: Bal Harbour

  • Best way to have police corruption is to make owning property illegal

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  • This is only a very tiny fraction of cops who are doing this and only because the rest of the countries law enforcement hasn’t gotten busted yet

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  • They will all get away with it, corruption 101

  • Only difference between cops and mobsters are their uniforms.

  • Are we really surprised? Check the gov’t pockets too.

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  • “All Governments are created and operated by thieves, murderers, and other scoundrels, in order to protect themselves from the righteous karmic retribution that is due them, and which would otherwise quickly descend upon them. And good people consistently acquiesce to this ridiculous fraud, and willingly place themselves at the mercy of those very same scoundrels.” Somebody missed a payoff . . .

  • the entire police dept ?? oh my ! who will investigate them ?

    • Likely the state troopers, the FHP. I can only hope they have a few thinking people in their staff, the encounters I’ve had with them convinced me they are zombies with patrol vehicles and weaponry.

  • Duhhhh

  • If anyone knows Bal Harbor, you will know it’s far from a Podunk town. The very very rich come from far and wide to shop and live in this city. Millions of dollars are worn and adorn most bodies there. This is not at all surprising.

  • And I’m supposed to be the bad guy

  • How can anyone respect these basterds; if they are not killing someone, they’re stealing!

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  • The human brain cannot differentiate between reality and what it sees on the telly…….we don’t rebel…..because we think we already have……Thank You Miss Everdeen……

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  • If alcohol is readily able, then all drugs should be. This is all a disguise for government thieves.

  • No surprise here. The U.S. government and its agencies including the CIA, DEA, ATF, FBI, country-wide PD’s are the biggest terrorists the world has ever seen, the biggest drug traffickers worldwide, the biggest arm dealers in the world, both legally and ilegally (from arming drug cartels in Mexico to arming ISIS). These pieces of shit belong in hell! People say ‘I can’t believe the world sat there and watched for so long’ when speaking about the holocaust, well I can’t believe more people aren’t saying it now with all the shit these bastards are doing. This also goes for the U.K., France, piece of shit Israel, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, all their leaders, and their leaders puppeteers belong in hell!

  • Everybody with access seems to want to cash in on the corruption boom.

  • but… but… the thin blue line…. something something…

  • people just now finding out what happens to the money

  • Jeri Makowski

  • Truth that why they are so hush hush of all things

  • unfortunately they are not the only ones — just the first ones to go down — what is the bigger picture I wonder?

  • The $ speaks louder than the oath they took – it really comes down to the fact that truth and integrity are not a requirement for our police — not to say that there are not good police but the bad ones smear the good reputations

  • Never HEARD of the “FLORIDA POLICE DEPT”. Assholes. Try some more bullshit.

    • By that they mean, a police department in the state of Florida.. Try thinking, it’s not illegal yet

    • Peter Applegate “ENTIRE FLORIDA POLICE DEPT”…maybe you should learn how to READ, bless your heart.

    • It’s in the English language, and in thinking terms – that would mean an entire Police Dept in Florida. You don’t read much, do you?

    • John, I do read. And therefore I understand that the police department in question is the Bal Harbor police department. Please stop. You make 9/11 truth era look bad. On account of you sound stupid. I’m not trying to be mean, just being honest

    • 9/11 was an inside job, and I will put my I.Q. against yours any day, bless your heart.

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  • Imagine how bad corruption use to be before the age of the internet & cameras in every pocket! Obviously old habits are hard to break!

  • The “War On Drugs” has been a dud from day one.

  • Nicholas Alonso

  • The war on drugs had been nothing but a scam exactly who the fuck did they declare war on. Back in the fucking 80’s the Reagfan Administration was soley responsible for disributingcrack cocaine in black and brown communities DO YOU FUCKING HER ME BLACK AND BROWN COMMUNITIES. aND THEY HAVE THE FUCKING NERVES TO POINT THEIR CRUSTY KNURLED DOWN FINGERS AT THE TORN UP AND FUCK GHETTOS THEY GREATED LIKE IT’S OUR FUCKING FAULT. FUCK YOU YOU LOW DOWN REPTILIAN COCK SUCKERS I HOPE YOUR OFFSPRINGS SUCK BI BLACK DICKS TO GET DRUGS.

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  • Is this true , really ❤️

  • Well – good luck on that investigation, but hats off to the miami herald for delving into something that quite frankly would give me the screaming heeby-jeebies. You’ve gotta have some kinda nerve to get involved in that sort o’ thing. It’s actually very difficult to get your head around something like that; ’cause it could quite frankly cause your head to get cleaned right off!

  • References? Misleading title. Perfect

  • ‘Business as usual

  • I hope that they have all since been arrested…. but not likely.

  • one bunch of armed criminals are steeling from another bunch of busniess people to prevent any competition

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  • I’m sure that they will investigate themselves and find themselves innocent.but only they are innocent until proven guilty, if there is Even an investigation, lol smh

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  • The war on drugs was an assault and robbery of the american public.

  • how much will the money the bust will go and help people in the usa ? not a dime

  • So who are the real crooks and murderers?

  • Of course they were!

  • We all have sin n came short to the glory of God…….n they go by law bullshit

  • Pretty much the way it goes in every town..thugs with badges and guns

  • And these are the only people who will be armed if we let gun control legislation get passed. Does anyone really think that’s a good idea?

  • Legalize drugs,,case closed,,,,

  • Be like Belgium!

  • What no one is saying yet, either because they haven’t thought of it or they wanna ignore it or just can’t prove it yet, but just can’t help but notice that this comes from a port town that is close to the capital, where they do vote counts or could have been made to interfere with vote counts. Is it possible? I wanna know?

  • This documentary video may give some perspective on the creation of the Oligarchs and their worldwide monopolies. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ySnk-f2ThpE. A paradigm shift about history.

  • This story is just an example of the real situation. The banks of the FED have been laundering up to a trillion a year for the government agencies that import drugs.

  • It is up to all of us to ensure criminal cops are held accountable. Please (Y) + Comment + Share this story. Thank you.

    • So, instead of using our tax dollars to HELP our law enforcement with the war on drugs, we spend our tax dollars busting our law enforcement???? Wow. Instead of cutting positions for Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement etc…, we better start freeing up funds and start helping our employees so they don’t have to make deals with the devil. Wise up Americans.

    • So, instead of using our tax dollars to HELP our law enforcement with the war on drugs, we spend our tax dollars busting our law enforcement???? Wow. Instead of cutting positions for Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement etc…, we better start freeing up funds and start helping our employees so they don’t have to make deals with the devil. Wise up Americans.

    • What in the hell are you talking about? A crooked cop is as bad and no different from the criminal they are suppose to arrest. Wake yourself up.

    • Cops are the worst arseswipes they think they are licensed gangsters.. they clan up on individuals within who want to stay neutral make up stories &even kill their own for not tagging along with the petty minded fretenity clan

  • I concur. Throw dirty cops out wiyh today’s trash. #TRASHDAY

  • Legalise it and Tax it – simple!

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  • the black market loves “prohibition”

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  • Lock them all the fuck up or it proves the system is broken and doesn’t work. And all this police state shit has to stop

    • To recruit more place them into the jail system …mr.president this is why Prs Reagan had more executive orders the time was similar now its war on Tyranny not drugs…Change the habits then the results.

    • Start with drug testing by independent companies of our government employees redefine treason anyone using their position to incite anarchy government employees only. Why they are the fabric that holds our country strong.

    • Agreed

    • Let the banks fail this time and lock up all the treasonous politicians, bankers, wall street and corporations. It might be time just to start over before we are all property of the state.

    • We already are. Your social security number is collateral in the national debt

    • Ya that is true i guess

  • Just like the early 80s

  • This does not surprize me not in the very least , Thugs & dealers many wear a badge and carry a gun and they hide in plain site .

  • I had a friend that used to train the police in Florida , in the art of Tai Kwon-Do ; At the time of his death ( 1980 ) His mother stated that the departments were inter connected mafia; I’ve seen photo’s of piles of money on a bowed wooden table , at a former DEA agents home ; By the way , his family ” Had more money than God .” Corruption is rampant in the department’s ; Hardly nobody does anything to completely stop it ; The public ends up being the victim , as I was later .

  • Lol..

  • Crooked cops are way worse than criminals

  • Hasta Puerto Rico.

  • Cut crime in half (or more!) eliminate government!

  • Florida finest bunch of criminals

  • Good thing there are many more law abiding law enforcement to find & proscecute criminal cops! #PoliceLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter

  • It’s always Florida!!

    • Not just Florida ! Remember Mena airport smuggling in Arkansas ?

  • Betting Jeb Bush put a stop to this criminal operation.

  • You are a fucking moron-girl. And a whore.

  • Weak ass hoes still need attention

  • give it to the homless and the poor. sis xoxox

  • Just think what is going on with the Mexico border states.

  • Can’t trust anyone

  • The judicial system is as crooked as the crooks…..

  • All Governments are created and operated by thieves, murderers, and other scoundrels, in order to steal your wealth, and to protect themselves from the righteous karmic retribution that is due them, and which would otherwise quickly descend upon them were government not there to shield them. And good people consistently acquiesce to this ridiculous fraud, and willingly place themselves at the mercy of those very same scoundrels, and their costumed muscle, the police.

  • I just to know who’s policing the police?

  • For the love of money……………….

  • The average police officer spends a few hours a week for 6-8 months learning the “law” when a lawyer spends 4 hrs a day for 8-12 yrs learning the law.
    So you think that they knew that they were breaking the law? Ha, the enforcement agencies of your country have been doing this openly in plain sight since Nixon created the drug war. It’s time to catch up folks, it’s time to wake up.

  • Follow the money.

  • Automatic death sentence and then peoplr would think twice doing this crime

  • Florida, well that’s JEB! country….

  • Well, this is a product of high crime, low wages, an increasingly dangerous profession and dirty politicians. Our police force is always being dammed by the media. You have big mouth, disrespectful people bellering out that they matter and taking out all their frustration on the police because they are ones that have to deal with them. The police need equipment to tackle the criminals in todays world of crime. If there are not funds to buy this equipment, you are nothing more than a target, or you become creative. As I lay dying and the only gun for me to use is that of my enemies, do I use it to protect myself. Common sense says yes.

  • And they keep the money

  • It is called Organized Crime. Exists all over the world and the media says nothing because they get paid not to. Simple !

  • Bob Reynolds

  • TREASON/TERRIORISM KEEP DRUG TESTING WELFARE NOT GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES…I feel safer that they carry the guns and not me…treated as traitors facing death may slow it down.Plea bargain/union bargain. Criminal behavior knows no bounds.Working for the mafia is good do your job get paid we called it good business and the working class had unions. Back in the USSR BOYS…THE GOOD UNION IS ARMED

  • The FBI arrest 46 cops in Georgia
    Men seek salvation from an evil that they deem a living monster of the nether world; and they have gods that are but demons in disguise; all powerful, yet full of jealousy and hate and lust;

  • More evidence proving we must end the war on drugs. We’d all be so much safer if our law enforcement could focus on keeping us safe instead of keeping us “drug free.”

  • Its only “Business” nothing personal !

  • x

  • Are we really surprised about this. The Rico laws and war on drugs encourages this behavior. Sounds like Prohibition all over again. Look at the Prison/Industrial complex. Most of our state legislatures and Congress are in league with this bunch. The militarization of the police under the War on Crime is also part of this nonsense. Greed

  • real drug dealers expose

  • Government is above the law. If this is the only way the cops can make any serious money then why not? The real crime is the War on Drugs. A person, or group of persons, i.e. the CIA, would be foolish not to take advantage of government inflated prices.

  • British East India Company again

  • David Kehl

  • Five bucks says that they receive federal grants and they’ll get them next year too .

    “Everything the government touches turns to shit ”
    Ringo Star

    Want an honest police department ?
    Fund it locally .

  • No surprise.

  • And that surprise s people. Really! Crooked cops imagine my surprise.

  • This isn’t the first time this has happened

  • The entire Florida police department? Bullshit.

  • The federal government has been doing this for years too. In fact they probably gave them the go ahead.

  • Where is my share.

  • Why the fuck do you advertise on completly irrelevant spots ?

  • And who’s going to stop them

  • Im sure they will investigate themselves internally and find no wrong doing

  • Read Dark Alliance

  • Drug money built south florida

  • why is this a surprise……..THERE IS DUPLICITY A LAW FOR US WE THE SHEEPLE AND THEN THERE IS THE UN-LAW for law enforcement and elected officials i am sad to say that i truly believe there are more criminals within the system than outside the system…..if politicians and their cronies get busted they just change the laws so that in the future its not illegal……if police and law enforcement break the law well they cover it up or THE NOTORIOUS BLUE CODE OF SILENCE PREVAILS the FOP hires their best lawyers and voila exoneration or a lesser verdict handed down a quiet early retirement WITH FULL PENSION OF COURSE OR MAYBE JUST MOVE TO A DIFFERENT CITY AND LIFE GOES ON AND BUSINESS AS USUAL

  • and the talk about the Mexican police mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • lol they the ones buyin the shit

  • Of coarse its fl, what do you expect. Its all pedifiles an crime. Thats just the money collected from the fl addicts


  • Are we surprised???? I seen Miami Vice!! LOL!! You cant ride in Speed Boats and Ferrari’s on a cop salary and not be in the mix!!!

  • Catherine Mae

  • Absolutely disgusting!!

  • Wtf put all there faces on national television, trail on TV for all to VB view…

  • No wonder that the mob has declined, the cops are too good a competitor.

  • Shelbi Theresa

  • Dirty “Old Money”

  • This is where your money goes!! They are theives too!

  • The “war on drugs ” is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard. Yeah let’s put people in jail for victimless crimes and do it all in the name of the good of the people. Fucking governement I hate it

  • No shocker here

  • Like any of this is anything new..smh

  • Hey El Chapo, I’ll do it for half the cost

  • Is Winning

  • Bet they’d vote for trump

  • Sarah London
    Daniel London

  • ……

  • The logic in these comments is freaking hollow as fuck. You’re saying to end the war on drugs, and how it’s victimless crimes…
    But then in the same comments, you’re demanding these police be tried for treason… WHAT???
    If it’s a fucking victimless crime, be consistent with it. That means it goes for everyone, not just you.
    They helped a cartel sell some drugs, and made some extra money. Who freaking cares? Maybe they’re just trying to support their family.
    Of course, this is all hypothetical, because, OH! LOOKIT THAT! This event isn’t true.
    The actual event it refers to happened in 2010, and it was only bar Barbour that was involved…


    The Free Thought Project.com, you post a lot of fake shit, and it’s really starting to irk me. As an anarchist, I get frustration. But by spreading all of the fake bullcrap that you do, you’re just as bad as our politicians that are trying so avidly to rule us.
    You spread ignorance, and Fear mongering shit. And you lie, similar to our government, in an order to win people over on to your cause. It’s disgusting.

    • When you steal money from people, there is a victim.

    • Yes, but that has nothing to do with this.
      This PARTICULAR instance was the police helping cartels to get away with selling drugs, and also helping them maneuver them around the DEA. So in this PARTICULAR instance. Who’s the victim? The DEA? Because they didn’t get to bust people on drugs, that all of you people are demanding be allowed anyone? Great logic.

    • The victims are the people sitting in jail for the very same thing these cops are doing while on the job. They put people away so they can move in on their money

    • THAT’S going to be your defense to attempt to relate this?
      That is a weaker argument than the first comment.
      People are in jail for drugs. It sucks, and they don’t deserve to be there.
      You’re acting just as brainwashed as the people who blindly follow the government. You’re not seeking justice, you’re seeking revenge. Your arguments are so inconsistent, and it’s gross.
      You either believe that the war on drugs should be ended, and these particular individuals did nothing wrong.
      You believe that these cops should be tried for treason, and in turn, everyone who’s currently in jail for drugs should go down with them.
      This… Bending what you believe is right and wrong based on who participated in the event is just as low as the government, and the cops that are ACTUALLY doing shit wrong and hurting people.
      As for you comment that people are jailed just so this small town force, bar Barbour, could move in is a bold statement, considering the police aren’t the ones that decided people should be jailed for drugs. They’re not law makers. And they certainly aren’t the judges that hand out sentences

    • (Oh. For the record. Due to the oath they swear on, letting people go if they have drugs, when they’re really not supposed to, would be the actual act of treason. Not following their job description,) I know FAR too many police officers who are just as tired of the war on drugs as we are. But they have to enforce it because it’s in their goddamn job description, and to break it, is to get themselves fucked over through aiding and abetting. And in turn, leaving their families without a member. And an income. But y’know, it’s all about you, so that doesn’t matter. 😉

    • ((Unrelated, mostly. Liam, this is what I was referring to.))

    • As the law stands currently they did something illegal so they should be punished same as everyone else would be. No debate about it. Also even if the war on drugs was to be overturned cops involved with drug trade is immoral regardless of the law. If you need to feed your family and can’t do it on a cops salary there are other problems that need to be addressed or maybe greed is to blame and being enforcers of the law they think they don’t have to answer to it.

    • Its not victimless if you stole all the product and imprisoned people for it, then used and sold it moron

    • I’m the moron, yet you can’t even have a debate without resorting to name calling. Great logic. 😉
      See, I’m fighting against biased opinions, and you people are being hypocritical and closed minded. So I honestly can only take what you all say with a grain of sand. The reality of it is, you’re frustrated and looking to pin it on whomever, considering the article is fake, anyway. Anything to rile up the sheeple of the masses, I suppose. 😉

    • For future reference, I probably won’t respond to this thread any further. Unless someone raises a legitimate argument, supported by facts, and is actually worth something responding to. Because at the moment, it just feels like debating with an emotional child.

    • Basically what you posted was the same . Cops that did this had no business doing it . I applaud Free thought project . And you sir are an imbecile . All you did with your rant and post was show your stupidity . The Orlando sentinel printed almost the exact details

    • I could of left the “moron” part out. I chose not to…..
      If your gonna accuse others of having “hollow” reasoning, you might want to have some reasoning with all the factors instead of acting like a cop who imprisons people for selling drugs is no different than an avg joe who sells

  • Juan Eric Fabela

  • Surprised… Nope

  • As a Floridian,I have to add that this is actually a “Feature” in Law Enforcement down here,not a “Bug”. Now,show me an above the board,honest department,then,then I would be surprised lol.

  • Wtf yeah i dont think they are serving and protecting the public very well

  • Better be locking every single one of them away for the rest of their lives just like the legal system did to my innocent dad for supposed bank fraud.

  • A war against Americans for profit !

  • Daam if that’s the case let’s all be cops and get crazy rich and go on insane vacations

  • It is proving what I write everyday, cops are armed and uniformed criminals who represent the rampant corruption of the judicial system.

  • Stephen Kilroy

  • Crazy shit!

  • No way

  • Fuck drugs and those who are in support of them!

  • Emmett Rumbles Jr.

  • The same thing can be said of our own government and our military! The mob has been intertwined with politicians and the military since the 1960’s. I question the “international” drug cartels….. I believe they’re domestic……! Drugs is one of the reasons why this country has started wars and created instability in regions like Afghanistan, Libya, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc.

  • I would offer immunity from prosecution to the cops to get the larger crooks. You may find the larger crooks are sitting in Congress, or the Justice Dept., or the Dept. of Defense or at the top of our military brass……

  • Fools………..

  • good cops or bad cops???????????? normal cops???

  • I’m sorry that something like this makes you believe ALL cops are bad,,,,,, they’re not,,,,,,
    But if you think there isn’t bad cops around,,, and not just one or two,,,,,well pay attention to some facts,,,,,

  • The war on drugs has been the chief money maker for all police departments crooks with a badge.

  • Nice carpet..

  • Ebenezer Tinkle

    Florida, where good is evil and evil is good.

  • SCAM

  • Oh really?Come on what else is new.Cops? Crookedest Legal gang that exist..along with the gaddam GovermentALL..A CROOKED ORGANIZATION.

  • Theyll get probation n paid leave

  • insanity.. and that’s only the police dept.. What about our food and religion ?? Hence, my protest song https://www.reverbnation.com/blackeyebutterfly/song/25291347-heaving-it-behind-me

  • Not buying this bs.
    This would be all over mainstream media if it were true.
    This is the problem with these bs left wing fly by night websites

    • Just as I thought ” 2 ” officers NOT entire police force lol somebody is seriously mathematically challenged lol

  • Police hard at work ,but for who

  • crooks…..period

  • Good article. And, there should be some significant jail time for this. Hope it’s federal.

    However, unless you have proof, you cannot imply that all police are like this.

    But you have my support on this article. The question I have, “did the chief not know where his people were and what they were doing?

  • And I agree the war on drugs needs to stop. My opinion, if your the predatory drug dealer, long jail term. User, we are gonna have to start correcting the mental health issues first.

  • Maronzio Vance

  • Shawn Simmons


  • The real reason why Gov. Jebb Busted Bush dropped out of the race… The cat is out th bag….. Lol

  • Jeffrey Justice

  • I’ve been told a time or two by LEO’s, “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. Funny how that only runs one way.

  • and the CIA get away with it :/

  • The USSA is the biggest drug dealers in the world.

  • I’m too tired for this…

  • Ashley Foreman

  • Gene

    If they have been convicted…then lock’em up. Throw away the key…
    Lt. Ret. 72/95 RPS
    Ill Marine Vet

  • Ragman69

    Well Miami is a hole so what did you expect? Just wondering????? Does anyone in the PD speak English?

    • Well, the CIA has been doing this since Nixon. I think they speak English.

    • isome

      In other words, you need to convince yourself that no white American cops would ever be involved in criminal activity under the cover of law. Enjoy that delusion.

      • CW James

        That’s absolutely what he’s saying

        • Andrew Peek

          Fuck what he’s saying

    • CW James

      You know what…you so call WHITE MF always holding some SHIT on your tongues! STOP spitting the SHIT out and just swallow it like you’ve always DONE DONE DONE. #STFUBITCH!! Your F…ing KIND has ALWAYS been a festering scab on this Planet Earth. You make me sick😷

  • Lawman

    This story completely glosses over the fact that these dirty cops were exposed and are being investigsted by good cops.

    • isome

      No, it doesn’t. It links to the entire series in the Miami Herald.

      • Lawman

        A link to other articles is not the same as mentioning it.

    • Shane Randy Lee Burlech

      “Federal authorities and the Florida
      Department of Law Enforcement have launched probes into the Bal Harbour
      police, which will surely confirm the rampant abuses of power.”

      Says it right there, so… Dunno what you’re whining about.

    • Howard Gardella

      Dirty Filthy disgusting pigs of men with Badges on 12-30-13 came and robbed me when my son was shot to death in my house and I also was shot I am a legal grower and was not breaking law but who cares when I called 911 it was because a thief and a murderer had his way I needed help, so what does the Detroit police officer say when he comes done into the basement of my house, with me bloody and crying over my dead son : ( Is This A Grow house with a joy of he struck gold question) he called in the drug task force. My sons death was not what the news made important or that two days latter this same murderer shoots a 91 year old man who dies for his car, in front of an off duty Southfield police officer, who calls it in and then chased, so the Southfield, Farmington, Redford, and Detroit police chased this murderer who shot another person during the chase then the officers shot the murderer to death. No charges just robbed and mocked on the day my son was taken from me. Then august 22 2014 the drug tasks force came and robbed me of my 2005 F250 and my VW Bug and all my plants and money threw me in jail and after two nights I was released no charges just mocked and robbed again. Let me make this real : Until these officers apologize, and my properties are given back 100 fold, I will never Respect the police or the so called department of Justice. We the People are whom any office holder has sworn to protect but this is not what is going on.