Smash a Man’s Face into the Wall on Camera and Not Face Charges, The Perks of Being a Cop

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May 23, 2014

In December of 2013 Marion County Corrections Officer, Charlie Broaderick, was caught on surveillance video clearly assaulting a handcuffed DUI suspect.

James Duckworth was being booked for DUI when he went to clear his throat and mouth to talk to officers.

Broaderick thought that Duckworth tried to spit on another officer; so he reacted with violence, slamming Duckworth’s head into the wall.

The blow knocked Duckworth out and split his head open. Then, officers put a ‘spit bag’ over the unconscious man’s head.

When the nurse came in to help the injured man, Broaderick clearly lied about what happened.

In February of this year, Broaderick, being the state employee that he is, used his ‘power’ to beat his charges.

He reached a plea deal with the State Attorney’s office and in exchange for his job, all charges were dropped.

It must be nice to be facing criminal charges and simply get out of them because you are a cop.

What do you think? Was Officer Broaderick’s exchange of his job for freedom just?

Here is the entire unedited video.

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