Dayton Beach, FL — An infuriating body camera video was released this week showing the callous disregard some police officers have for the very laws they enforce. The footage shows the above the law nature exhibited by law enforcement that would get the common citizen caged or killed.

Known as blue privilege, there is an unwritten law among police officers: when they catch their fellow cop, or even their fellow cop’s family member, breaking the law, they are let go without consequence.

Last year, dashcam video was released showing preferential treatment of an Arkansas police chief who was let off — without so much as a warning — after speeding to an off-duty job as a referee at a football game.

The examples are unlimited.

In one case, in particular, an entire caravan of cops was given a pass for needless and dangerously speeding through town. An audio tape and video were published online of a conversation between a Washington State Patrol aircraft and a patrol car on the ground.


The aircraft kept identifying speeders while the ground unit would let them all go by since they were LEOs.

The cars were both marked and unmarked. There was also a dangerously driving motorcycle in the mix as well, weaving in and out of cars, who was actually stopped and then let go after realizing he was an LEO. Nothing happened to any of the officers for speeding.

The case in the video below, however, is perhaps, one of the most brazen practices of blue privilege TFTP has ever seen.

At 5 a.m., on June 13, Officer Rachel Ditton was driving a “red Chevy,” which was her personal vehicle, at high rates of speed. A patrol officer saw her speeding and conducted a traffic stop.

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The officer followed Ditton for over a minute, observing her speeding. He then moved to pull her over.

When the officer gets out of his vehicle, after Ditton finally stopped, he’s instantly berated by this infuriated speeding cop who couldn’t believe she was actually pulled over for breaking the law.

“I gotta get to work,” Ditton says, clearly employing a privilege not afforded to those in the prole class. Breaking the law to make up for being late to work is a prerogative enjoyed by only those with the power to arrest you for that very law.

“Start reading your tag first before you pull someone over,” the irate Ditton shouts at the officer as she throws her car back in gear.

As the officer tried to tell Ditton, “Well, stop speeding,” she then slammed down on the gas, peeling out as she sped away.

Had anyone but a police officer behaved in a similar fashion, rest assured, a high-speed pursuit, spike strips, helicopters, and potentially deadly force would’ve all been at the ready.

According to the News-Journal, Police spokeswoman Lyda Longa said on Monday that the department is “not going to answer any questions on this issue until the conclusion of the investigation.”

As for Ditton, she is still on the job and likely still breaking the very laws she, herself, would kidnap, cage, or kill people over.

Police in Dayton Beach would do well to take a page out of Volusia County’s sheriff’s book. Sheriff Mike Chitwood was busted earlier this year for going 78 mph in a 55-mph zone. Instead of acting like Ditton and demanding his blue privilege, he did the opposite. Chitwood actually asked for a ticket “to set an example” for the agency.

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“I ordered him to write a ticket to send a message,” Chitwood said of his own violation.

The sergeant who pulled Chitwood over quickly applied the blue privilege and told the sheriff to be on his way. But the sheriff realized this was wrong and called the sergeant back.

“I told him to write me a ticket,” Chitwood said, adding that the deputy was initially hesitant. “I shouldn’t be given a professional courtesy. I’m the sheriff for Christ’s sake.”

When cops refuse to act above the law and hold themselves accountable, this is most certainly a good thing. The Free Thought Project covered Sheriff Chitwood’s story back in January in hopes his example would spread to others — like Ditton and her ilk. As we can see from the video above, however, his leading by example has yet to have an effect.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.
  • Police violate the laws they have been paid to enforce and threaten the public safety they are sworn to protect. I am more upset, though, with the 95% who fail to hold the other 5% accountable.

    • Ed

      If people would ask any cops they know personally, if they have arrested another cop for breaking the law, NONE would answer yes!

      • I do know know any personally. I have known a few who had been LEOs that I worked with, but I was not personal with them. I did not like them or trust them, personally, even though we were all correctional officers. I suspect if they arrested another cop their careers would come to an end.

      • crazytrain2

        I have arrested other cops. My first cop arrest was my most memorable. I was breaking up a bar fight and this very large guy comes running at me. I thought he was going to attack me, so I grabbed him and slammed him on the hood of the car. He starts yelling that he was a cop, and tells me his badge is in his pocket. I get it out, see that he is indeed a cop, albeit a drunk cop, and let him up. He stand off to the side, but then starts barking orders at people. This large bar fight is still flaring up in places, so I tell him to shut up. I get it, he is from a small town with a five man department, so he never gets to see actual police work, but he should still know better. We end up taking someone to the ground and are handcuffing him, and this drunk cop is yelling people to “stay back” and starts asking people to get their ids ready and asking if anyone wants to give a statement. I stop what I am doing and have a chat with this goober. I tell him that he is not a cop in this city, and I don’t go to his little town and start shitting on Main Street, so he should probably find his sober ride home and leave. He starts whining about why are we treating him like that and he is only trying to help. I apologize, but I tell him that he is drunk, not a police officer in this city, and he is not to act like he is in any way affiliated with our department.

        As I am explaining this to him, another fight breaks out and we have to separate them. One of the combatants actually tries to swing on us, so he is taken down and handcuffed. Well, the dumbass comes over and starts yelling at this guy, lecturing him and starts yelling “you don’t hit a cop you fucking asshole!” At this point, my sergeant takes notice of him and orders him to get the fuck back. The dumbass stumbles over and starts saying “Sarge, it’s ok, I’m a cop.” To which my sergeant says “get the fuck out of here!” Still not picking up on the subtle hints, he then starts calling us assholes. He then steps on one of the officer’s foot, as we are still on the ground fighting with the guy being arrested. The drunk cop loses his balance and falls on all of us. This kid was big, probably 6’3, 260 lbs, and he lands on us pretty hard. So while he is already down, we inform him he is under arrest. So now he starts fighting with us. We have to use two pair of cuffs to get him handcuffed, and the cuffs barely fit his wrist. He also tries to kick and fight when we put him in the back of the cruiser. We had to stuff him in the back, and now he is wailing. We finish mopping up the rest of the combatants, and I check on our arrest. He is not breathing. I start to panic, and drag him out to do cpr. He had apparently passed out, and being so large in a small space, he was asphyxiating due to the position of his body. I sit him up and slap his back pretty hard and he starts breathing again. So instead of jail, he goes to the hospital and is released on several tickets. He kept coming back in the following days to try and get us to drop the charges, but that was not going to happen. An asshole lieutenant even yelled at us to drop the charges, but that is not an order he can enforce. The big, dumb cop is fired, and we find out that he was just as dumb on duty, as he was being investigated for arresting a ten year old boy for shoplifting and throwing the grandmother down when she tried to interfere. So I am fairly certain, had we not caused him to lose his job, he would have been in one of these bad cop stories or would have killed someone some day.

  • tom browne

    the so called “job” is a double dip. she is being paid for both jobs at the same time.

    • Damiana

      Was she in uniform and on the clock? If so, you’re right and she should be fired and sued forthwith. If not, then that “same standard for cops” is a two-way street. Why shouldn’t cops be allowed to take a second job?

      That being said, BOTH of these twats should be fired for the corruption of “law and order” we just witnessed.

  • Abz B Zbas

    Police spokesman won’t comment until their “investigation” is concluded. At that time, they will still have no comment. Case closed.

    • Alex Wymore

      Yep, just another investigation that will drag on for over a year until people forget about it and then be dropped.

  • Ibcamn

    keep telling ya….cops are bottom feeders,they’re job isn’t about protecting us,it’s about generating revenue,this is why this type of shit happens every single day with them…’s fucked up because they are fucked up..
    stop believing that cops are hero’s and are in constant danger or in fear for their lives and all that fucked up whiny propaganda they spew out all the time,cops make their jobs dangerous,cops put their lives in harms way on purpose,to gain the narrative and to get that ticket to get the arrest or to get the kill….that’s what they do…

  • Bob Barker

    That’s why I always say…… the only good gestapo thug is one that is no longer breathing !

  • fgt4urights

    “No one is above the law” class. The Entitlement class. ” Start reading your tags first before you pull someone over…”

  • msKnowItAll

    “squeal like a pig”?

  • palvadore

    “Conclusion of the investigation”! Lol!!!

    The “Justice System” has usurped the Constitution and cloaked itself as a deity demanding our worship.

    Obedience through fear.

  • crazytrain2

    What a bitch. I would be calling her supervisor, but that would only be after I verbally lit her up with a “who in the fuck think you are?”

    I have been pulled over in uniform, and I told the trooper to ignore the uniform and write, or don’t write me a ticket based on what he would normally do. Of course, I did not get a ticket, but that would be my fault and I would have paid it, and would have never said a word about it. If you work in a restaurant, and decide to go there to eat, your coworkers are not going to charge you. People that work for the cable company, I am told, do not pay for cable. I consider this to be similar, even though I am sure no one else will see it that way.

  • Case closed. Lol