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BREAKING: Rogue Tribal Council Votes to Evict NoDAPL Camp, Use Donated Funds to Pay Off Debt

Cannon Ball, ND — In an astonishingly abrupt move, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Council went rogue and voted to shut down the Camp of the Sacred Stones  — the original encampment set up by Indigenous youth — and to apply all funds donated in support of the camps to pay off the tribe’s debts.

As LaDonna Brave Bull Allard — head of what has become known as Sacred Stone and owner of the property on which it sits — said in a statement at the council meeting today in sharp protest of the motions,

“This is supposed to be the time of prayer and gathering of the people to stand for the water as we fight for our water and against this billion dollar company Dakota Access Pipeline. This is the time for our nation to heal together and develop relationships with our nations and allies.

“This is not the time for betrayal, negotiation, nor compromise with a company that does not know honesty and will only destroy the world around you, destroy the future for our children and the world.”

Standing Rock Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II — long believed by some to be corrupt — claimed in the meeting the camps have rampant health and hygiene issues and must be shut down.

“We’re not sitting around taking donations,” Archambault stated, addressing rumors he and other leaders had simply taken donation money for themselves, “but when it comes to the tribe, this council is accountable and responsible for the members it represents — fiscally responsible. So, we’ve always been transparent, whenever resources come to the tribe.”

That assertion has been disputed by among tribal members and other water protectors who have spent time in the camps — particularly as the tribe had claimed in the past it supported opposition to the pipeline’s construction. But after a chain of celebrities, a group of military veterans, and other notable people visited the camp, it seemed too much attention was trained on the tribe — and its politics.

LaDonna, as she is most commonly called by water protectors, continued:

“By July, the call was made out for people to come help Standing Rock with the fight against Dakota Access. Thousands of people came out. The SRST tribe then started with supplies and help at the new camp. The tribe slowly removed all fund or help with Sacred Stone Camp which was okay, we paid for our own porta potties and garbage.”

She added Sacred Stone had hired CPAs to manage donations, set up non-profit status for the camp, and kept track of all receipts from purchases made for winterizing and other purposes. But, as LaDonna added,

“Sacred Stone continued to develop for the long term, getting ready for winter by and getting the camp prepared as we were left out of support from the tribe and the other camps, which was ok.”

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Now, two council members under Archambault’s guidance, have proposed a tragic end to the oldest camp in Standing Rock — and the complete removal of all water protectors who have called the site home — some of them since opposition to Dakota Access began.

Indeed, some water protectors gave up their lives to support opposition to Dakota Access — leaving behind jobs, friends, and, in some cases, families for months at a time. Many intended to stay for the duration — until the construction is halted.

Many well-meaning outsiders have also been at least somewhat betrayed, as they would have assumed monetary contributions given in support of the camps would be applied exactly to that — not to the Standing Rock Tribe to do with as it pleased.

So, this sudden move — although not entirely unexpected — sends a shock to the heart of hundreds encamped at Sacred Stone and thousands more enduring the bitter and relentless North Dakota winter in several camps nearby.

Archambault previously used the cover of a delay imposed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to declare, falsely, a victory over Dakota Access and attempted to effect a mass evacuation of water protectors. After that announcement, the atmosphere became noticeably hostile at Standing Rock, as leaders seemed to both worry for campers’ safety in the subzero temperatures — and resent their massive presence.

Summarizing, LaDonna stated,

“In the meantime, the resistance to Dakota Access Pipeline was being in the forefront in media and the news. The violence of Dakota Access and Morton County was escalating to major injuries, arrests and attacks. We watched as the world watched as Amnesty International, ACLU, United Nations all came to record what was happening on the ground. We worked with many different media groups, we sponsored Dean, Myron and Unicorn Riot for media. We worked with the youth and their runs to Omaha and Washington DC. We had the world standing with us as we fought a billion dollar company.

“Now here we are on January 5, 2016. We have SRST tribal council making decisions about the camps and the people who came to help them. One motion made by Frank White Bull and Joe Dunn to take the camp funds for the tribal debit, and then motion made by Robert Taken Alive to close Sacred Stone Camp. I object to any decision that is made without consultation with the camps.”

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Confirming suspicions, Archambault, White Bull, and Dunn have now broken the ultimate promise — that opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline would last until the ‘black snake’ had been shut down completely — in one stunning move contrary to everything the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe claimed to hold sacred.

It’s imperative to note the tribe council isn’t acting on behalf of all its members as it claims — many want all of the camps to remain in place until the permanent end to Dakota Access. It’s additionally imperative to note the Camp of the Sacred Stones stands on private property — a vote to clear the camp for any reason isn’t likely to carry weight. Concerns about camps being located in a flood plain might be valid during the springtime thaw, but that won’t occur until April or May.

Water protectors remain resolute in opposing a pipeline with the potential to contaminate precious water — and have, indeed, sparked a phenomenally important movement to stand against the greed and recklessness of Big Oil. Thousands staying in the encampments have formed a new, fully-functioning society of prayerful, peaceful opposition — precisely as had been the intention from the beginning.

However, that Water Is Life, Mni Wiconi, is apparently of little concern — for a select group of people — when money and corruption instead take precedence.

NOTE: This article has been updated for purposes of clarification.

  • dhinds

    WTF! Totalmente Decepcionante

  • Pamela McDermott

    From what I’ve understood, the biggest problem with the pipeline was the plan to construct it under a water source that is vital to the tribes. I thought that the pipeline was going to be diverted away from that source, thus eliminating this threat, while still permitting the pipeline access. Correct me if I have it wrong.

    • Monica Denning

      The corporation decided not to divert because they think the new presidency or “administration” would side with them. They even produced a statement that claimed they had no issue with paying the fines, they would not follow a different route. They were going under the water supply.

      Archambault has to look at what is best for his tribe, so there may be many more factors in this decision. I just am surprised and think we were finally getting more press for the cause. So I am saddened and confused because I truly believe drilling under the water supply is a disaster waiting to happen.

      • permalink

        Maybe it would help you understand IF you were to download the USACE environmental assessment. It is 1,100+ pages, but is very specific and thorough. I don’t know what more could be found out about the current route that isn’t already known.

      • IceTrey

        You think this is the only line under a water supply? 😂 Let them get their water from Flint. No oil there!

    • permalink

      “Correct me if I have it wrong”

      The SR tribe’s water intake is 70 miles south in Mobridge, SD…

      The current water intake in Ft Yates, ND is basically non-repairable. Anyone who “half paid attention to the news” would know this.

      DAPL is 95% complete and I expect it will be finished shortly after the new president takes office in January.

      • billdeserthills

        I expect Mr Trump to do as We the People wish, I do believe that he wants Our approval and has an interest
        in doing his best to make America a better place. I’m willing to give him a chance, maybe several.

  • Benita Moore

    This type of reporting is a twisting of the events from the perspective of someone that sees things as black and white. This kind of journalism is closely related to mainstream media and selects from the apparent drug use, alcohol consummation, poaching of animals in a disgraceful way by non native people and violence/theft coming from both camps.

    See what I did there?

    I told truths that were not evident to all but none the less, exposed them. Just like you did.

    • Andy Formosa

      i tend to agree with you sadly….I love this site,but it seems very sneaky with its truths.

      • permalink

        This site is no different than the New York Times, Breitbart, or the local paper… The proprietors of the web site have their own agenda in mind.

  • anniehugo

    I think the tribal council should listen and do what the tribe wants. They are in leadership positions to lead and represent, NOT to dictate and enhance their own personal interests. PERIOD. Natives have repeatedly been betrayed for hundreds of years and betrayal by their own leaders and representatives is not acceptable. I would love to know how supporters of Standing Rock Tribe, such as myself can help with this issue and make sure the tribe’s wishes are kept.

  • This is fake news. The majority is information cribbed from the now-non-operational Army Corp eviction info and this Colorlines article http://www.colorlines.com/articles/icymi-nodapl-camp-facing-eviction-december-5 about that Army Corp eviction. Also, it runs precariously close to plagiarism on the part of Free Thought Project

  • Phil Freeman

    If this is accurate, then members should hold a recall on those members who violated the trust.

    • christine.goldberg

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  • Undecider

    This is why and how the Native Americans have been repeatedly screwed. Much of it came from their own greedy people looking to get ahead. What they didn’t realize was, their own ounce of gain created a pound of pain.

    • Stuffcrusts

      Exactly! We should just close down ALL tribal governments because they are simply an extension of the feds and corporate bribery. Tribal leaders ALL have the potential to be Trumps as well.

      • Evocati

        If they were Trumps they would be nationalistic and looking out for the tribe rather than the special interests. If you’re worried about them accepting money in exchange for favors then you’re worried about them being potential hillarys. You don’t even know what you’re saying, just blathering mindlessly. Who are you to call for the shutdown of someone else’s tribal govts? You didn’t get enough of destroying their leadership infrastructure the first time around, now you’re going for round 2? Planning on giving them any blankets while you’re at it? Mind your own business.

  • Annette Schneider

    This is new and relevant – believe it, it’s real. https://www.democracynow.org/2017/1/4/from_keystone_xl_pipeline_to_dapl

  • Patricia P. Tursi

    I am so sorry for the disunity. I know how much has been invested and the costs of the struggle. You may not have obtained the end goal, but you have united indigenous people all over the world, sent out hope and protected with prayers and song. It seems as if it wasn’t a group decision.

  • TeslaFan

    The money was donated to fight off the pipeline, not to pay someone’s debts. This is inappropriate at best.

  • Debra Moore

    Well craptastic. How about returning some of that cash, kids? Some of us could use it if you refuse to properly use it yourself.


    It doesn’t matter what your race is, you will always have politicians rising up like a turd in a cesspool. Looks like the Sioux Tribe politicians have learned their slimy arts well from the white man. Their has never been a bad situation that couldn’t be made even worse by politicians. I don’t think it will be long before the Sioux Tribal politicians are driving new top end trucks and building mansions. The Tribe should be proud.

    • Evocati

      Yea no tribal leader was ever corrupt before whitey came around. Racist.

      • JDSKULL

        That doesn’t even make any sense, Asshole! And what does that last word even mean? Oh, wait I think that used to have some meaning years ago before it was totally wore out from overuse. But I can’t remember what that meaning was.

  • Greg Zephier

    The DAPL victory was decided before the fight even started. The Injunction filed as well as the environmental impact statement, all a formality to give the illusion of hope as if the people had a voice. All you need is to look at Trump’s incoming cabinet appointments to realize the whole system to be oil rigged. Drill a little deeper and you’ll begin to see the movement’s transformation into a sculptured façade and then you’ll find the characters you thought were real, were just paid performers.

  • Greg Zephier

    You protesters have become unwitting extras in a blacksnake comedy staring SRST directed by DAPL produced by the Oilygarchs! You’ve Hoodwinked….You’ve been Bamboozeled

  • Greg Zephier

    Tribal Governments are mere reflections of what’s happening at the Federal Level…The BIA has awesome power over Tribes and with the advent of Tribal Constitutions the blame shifted to the Elected Tribal officials instead of their true puppet masters the BIA…You see, Tribes don’t fail by accident but by design…The chairmen is only doing what he’s directed to do not by the people but by the system.

  • Uniquematerial

    Some camps are in the flood plain. Oceti sakowin camp, I believe. Waiting til spring to move is not logical. it will be too late by then. Waiting til thaw would only make a bigger mess. I take issue with much of what you said. Not by WHAT you said, but by what you IMPLIED. You do us all an injustice trying to make this piece “sensational”

  • Bonnie Otto

    Pretty impressive story here. It is too bad that people really don’t watch the video. Nobody kicked anyone off. If you actually watched the video before speaking, you would hear that 50 acres has been set aside for those at camp and no one was asked to leave. This reporter who reported this: I pray what you reflect mirrors back to you in ten fold.

  • Tyler Dirden

    Betrayal i Am Sorry-Many Have Spent Much on Supporting This Movement…..Damn who is selling out whom?
    Tribes Need Unity Not This Crap I Hope They Didnt Cut a Deal-say its not like the past please