gun-doorFinally some rational legislation is passed concerning ‘public servants’ unlawfully entering another person’s property.

All too often, we see examples of cops breaking into the wrong house and shooting the family dog, or worse, killing a member of the family.

Well, Indiana has taken action to “recognize the unique character of a citizen’s home and to ensure that a citizen feels secure in his or her own home against unlawful intrusion by another individual or a public servant.”

This special amendment is no revolutionary new thought, only common sense.


Self-defense is a natural right; when laws are in place that protect incompetent police by removing one’s ability to protect one’s self, simply because the aggressor has a badge and a uniform, this is a human rights violation. Indiana is leading the way by recognizing this right and creating legislation to protect it.

Of course cops have already begun to fear monger the passage of this bill, “If I pull over a car and I walk up to it and the guy shoots me, he’s going to say, ‘Well, he was trying to illegally enter my property,’ ” said Joseph Hubbard, 40, president of Jeffersonville Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 100. “Somebody is going get away with killing a cop because of this law.”

Instead of looking at the beneficial aspect of this law, which creates the incentive for police to act responsibly and just, Hubbard takes the ‘higher than thou’ attitude and is simply worried about himself.

How about questioning the immoral laws that you are enforcing in the first place? Or how about sympathizing with the innocent people whose pets and family members have been slain, due to police negligence?

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Who’s to say that a cop pulling you over to extort money from you for the victimless crime of not wearing a seatbelt, isn’t an unlawful act? Or how about breaking down your door in the middle of the night to kidnap you and throw you in a cage for possessing a plant?

Hopefully this legislation will lead to these arbitrary traffic and drug enforcement “laws” in place solely for revenue collection (aka theft), being brought into question.

The law states:

(i) A person is justified in using reasonable force against a public servant if the person reasonably believes the force is necessary to:
(1) protect the person or a third person from what the person reasonably believes to be the imminent use of unlawful force;
(2) prevent or terminate the public servant’s unlawful entry of or attack on the person’s dwelling, curtilage, or occupied motor vehicle; or
(3) prevent or terminate the public servant’s unlawful trespass on or criminal interference with property lawfully in the person’s possession, lawfully in possession of a member of the person’s immediate family, or belonging to a person whose property the person has authority to protect.

It is through legislation such as this, which will empower people again and aid in bringing down these tyrants from their pedestals, who are given free rein to murder and pillage without consequence.


Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.
  • We are Anonymiss

    Second amendment fan here! We need more laws like this.

  • James Conway

    Idiot. There is a difference between illegality and moral high grounds. Just because a law is in place doesnt make it right. And search warrants have to be announced. Making raids illegal just by that fact alone. Yes. Anyone will defend themselves. But calling a plant a drug only forwards the ignorance. And entering someone’s property over a plant causing death or injury; is not justifiable by possesion of one too many plants. Plants dont hurt people intentionally. People hurt people. By using political terminology such as a drug. Anything that changes our natural state is a drug. The god damn phone you typed that pathetic sack of shit called commentary on is releasing seretonin in your brain right now. Thats right. No fucking different. Do yourself a favour and experience the world before you judge it. And a side note; the real dangerous drugs are the anti-psychotics; anti depressants and other mood altering chemicals your doc probably feeds you. If cops should be raiding for dangerous drugs it should be big pharma’s front doors not guys just tryna get out from under the boots of political society

    • Ulysses Kimbrough

      Well said. ?

    • Liz O’neill

      couldn’t have put it better myself, well said sir.

    • Scott Noway

      It’s releasing dopamine the around the same amount that cocaine would

  • Liz O’neill

    just another cop apologist, if they had a warrant, if you had a gun, you conveniently forgot all the times, they kicked in the door of innocent people and murdered someone who hadn’t broken any law. what about the baby who had his face blown off as he lay in his crib, or the 5 yr old asleep on her grandmothers sofa, shot to death by cops, again at the wrong house, no cop was punished for either of these “MISTAKES”, every state in America needs to make it legal to shoot any cop who does not knock and announce themselves properly. only then, will the number of people murdered by cops every year go down, not to mention the 900 or so dogs murdered every year by cops who are so afraid of their own shadows, that their first recourse is MURDER.

  • Rob W

    No kidding. What did they do in the bad old days before the police had these paramilitary units? They staked a guy out and arrested him as he came out of the party store with his smokes… that was called good police work. Now it’s ready, fire, aim… and we’ll manufacture the story later.

  • Nick p

    You very much lack common sense and intelligence if you are willing to blindly follow the oppressors who have set forward unrealistic and unjustified laws. So because a law is put in place it automatically is justifiable and should be followed without challenge and question? 1984 called…..they want their sheep back…
    Pretty sure our “amazing and non corrupt” government used to have a little law that legalized the concept of owning another human being as property…and im pretty sure those that violated this and or fought against it were punished to the fullest extent of the law…..I would love to hear your defense of these acts as well since they were clearly documented and enforced with what some may consider devastating negative results for our country and specific groups as a whole(social and economic among others.) Shame on you for supporting with robotic like actions and thoughts. Only an idiot or a completely passionless schmuck would defend a community “protector and leader” entering the privacy of ones home without any form of proper probable cause and stealing the life of another human being. shame on you indeed Janis Simon.

  • Lastrealindian

    For one, my God I am so tired of all these murders by cops. I refuse to take up for any of them. I DO understand why good cops are on trigger tight mind sets due to these goddam moslems/ illegal aliens from Mexico and every other damn intruder country. Even our own American people do not know who is right. Too much “muddying” of the truth. I want all these outsiders whom have invaded us gone!!! And, “I” just call for outspoken Patriots speaking out for us to speak up louder. When real true patriotic Americans begin to step up, out of their houses we will begin to rid our nation of these bastards!

  • Sharon Wayne McCullough

    Well also we have casinos here and people bring large amounts of cash to play with. If they get stopped by the police and the cash is found it has been confiscated as drug money and the owner has to go to court and prove it was not drug money.

  • Scott Noway

    What happen to that poor little baby that got a flash grenade in his crib

  • Larry Probert

    Body cams would take care of any question.