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The State Tried Kidnapping this Amish Girl to Force Chemo on Her, She Fled and is Now Cancer Free


Akron, OH – After fleeing from government agents who wanted to kidnap her and put her through chemotherapy, an Amish girl who once had cancer is now entirely healthy. Sarah Hershberger, 12, was being treated at Akron Childrens Hospital, a government hospital, when the staff attempted to force her through chemotherapy despite the objections of her and her parents, Andy and Anna Hershberger.

In June of 2013, Sarah was receiving chemotherapy at the hospital and her parents were convinced that it was making her condition worse, and putting her at risk for many other long-term health problems.

We were pretty sure we were going to lose her if we kept doing the chemo,” Anna Hershberger, Sarah’s mother said.

The parents began to object the treatment and faced strong resistance from the hospital staff, who even took them to court and attempted to gain guardianship over Sarah. The doctors had testified that without receiving chemotherapy immediately, Sarah would die within six months.

The family stood firm in their denial of the treatment, which prompted an intense legal battle. At one point during the ordeal, the family was forced to flee the country so she was not kidnaped by the hospital. Eventually, the family won in court, and it was decided that they had a legal and constitutional right to treat the cancer as they saw fit.

Now, two years later, Sarah is not only still alive, but she is actually entirely healthy, and cancer-free.

According to court records released this week, Sarah is no longer showing symptoms of lymphoma and she is back to her regular life. This recovery is in spite of the fact that doctors insisted that she would die without chemotherapy, to the extent that they would attempt to take her away from her parents.

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The mainstream media has been very pessimistic and cynical about Sarah’s case, and many of the media segments about her suggest that her family is irresponsible and that she is essentially on her deathbed. However, this is not the case, she is now healthy and has beaten cancer because her and her family decided to stand up against the strong-arm tactics of the state.

The following clip was filmed during the legal battle in 2013:

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  • Patty

    A relative of mine saw his girlfriend die from them basically burning a hole in her stomach. He then was diagnosed with bone cancer over 5 yrs ago. He was told he needed to get chemo. he refused. Said he would not do it. The Dr. gave him about 5 or 6 mo. to live. A few weeks ago, with the Dr. constantly saying how “great” he is doing, saying all the other patients that were diagnosed roughly around the same time have died. My relative asked if they had chemo. he said yes, every last one of them. I am not treated with Chemo because the side effects would reduce my quality of life. Right now there is no cure for my form of cancer, but they are making advancements (other than chemo). I have told my oncologist (s), I will never do chemo. Call the “alternative medicine” quackery all you want, these those who haven’t had chemo (EVER) are alive today. Seeing how much in another article “money” a research project would “lose” all the more says don’t do it. As someone said, those who chose chemo are “already dead”, I refuse to expedite my death with someone burning me to death.

  • jamie collins

    This is all fine and dandy, so will they share with the rest of the class what if any treatment they DID go through? or did the cancer just go away?

  • Jerry

    Chemo can and does kill people. It is a poison to kill cancer but also kills everthing else that is good as well as your brain cells.