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‘Stop Operation Soros’ – Massive Movement to Overthrow Soros Takes Off in Macedonia

Macedonia – Only a week after Hungary announced plans to purge all NGO groups funded by globalist progressive mega-donor George Soros, a new global initiative – Stop Operation Soros (SOS) – dedicated to the countering the influential political/social engineering the billionaire activist is now engaged in across the globe through his Open Society Foundations, was announced in Macedonia.

During a press conference last week, SOS founders called on all “free-minded citizens,” regardless of race, ethnicity or religion, to “fight against one-mindedness in the civil sector, which is devised and led by George Soros,” the Vecer newspaper reported.

This move comes on the heels of the Hungarian government announcing that it will use “all the tools at its disposal” to target and “sweep out” all non-governmental organizations funded by Soros, a Hungarian-born financier who has become one of the U.S. Democratic Party’s major sources of funding, according to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s ruling party.

Co-founder of the movement, Nikola Srbov, called out Soros for hijacking civil society, in an effort force his own personal ideology upon others by monopolizing civil discourse through strategically funding certain organizations via his group Open Society Foundations.

At the press conference, the group announced that their first step would be to work at uncovering ‘subversive’ activities by Soros-funded NGOs.

“We’ve witnessed the takeover of the entire civil sector and its abuse and instrumentalization to meet the goals of one political party. That is unacceptable and goes beyond the principles of civic organizing,” Srbov said at the press conference.

“The Open Society Foundation, operating under the Soros umbrella, used its funding and personnel to support violent processes in Macedonia. It has monopolized the civil society sector, pushing outside any organization which disagrees with the Soros ideology,” he stated.

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Co-founder, Cvetin Cilimanov, editor-in-chief of the state-run MIA news agency, noted that Soros worked to undermine Macedonian sovereignty by colluding with the opposition center-left SDSM party and outside globalist interests. By cooperating with foreign embassies and organizations such as USAID, Cilimanov believes Soros-backed groups have interfered in the political process of Macedonia.

“This is unacceptable and has largely contributed to a feeling in the public that the traditional relations of partnership Macedonia enjoyed with some countries are being undermined,” Cilimanov told journalists.

These complaints are par for the course with the Soros’ Open Society Foundations, as Russia has banned a progressive charity founded by globalist hedge fund billionaire George Soros in 2015 – noting that the organization posed a threat to both state security and the Russian constitution.

In a statement, Russia’s General Prosecutor’s Office said two branches of Soros’ charity network — the Open Society Foundations (OSF) and the Open Society Institute (OSI) — would be placed on a “stop list” of foreign non-governmental organizations whose activities have been deemed “undesirable” by the Russian state.

The Open Society Foundation (OSF) was created by the Hungarian-born billionaire with the stated aim of helping former Eastern bloc countries transition from communism. However, instead, it operates as a lever in the domestic politics of states by funding subversive political activities. For example, Soros publicly supported the violent overthrow of the legitimately-elected government in Ukraine during the ‘Euromaidan’ revolution.

Subsequently, leaked memos, appearing on DC Leaks, exposed Soros’ plan to destabilize and overthrow Putin – the ultimate prize for Soros.

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The document details in an extensive bullet point list, “what must be done” to destabilize Russia, focusing on many recurrent neo-liberal themes that Soros uses to infect host nations and overturn governments.

Essentially, Soros works to install his political will on states, under the guise of promoting a free and open society. In reality, he looks to capitalize on the installation of puppet governments that are largely beholden to him and his OSF in an attempt to increase his massive fortune and create a globalist system of governance that supersedes national sovereignty.

  • May that movement move throughout USA and force Soros to pay for all losses and damages done by the activities that he has funded and that he is or will be funding.
    Articles suggest that Soros funded more than 50 groups during the inauguration and Saturday’s march.

  • DF86

    Soros should be shot, The most evil human being alive today.

    • Seth Tyrssen

      Bingo. That’s the solution right there. A good professional hit might cost a million, but I bet lots of people would chip in.

    • junktex

      He’s certainly in the Top 10

  • yannis

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    • WisdomOfSilence

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          • KhaLu Peenche

            I know where Grease is on the map, it’s right between Macedonia and Turky, in the south east so not even technically europe…..
            so tell me again, after watching this video, how YOU are making this world more of a better place than Giorgy is, by giving money to guys like Vasilis?X)

      • MostOfYouRBrainwashed HAHA

        Horrible comparison. It’s USA: United States of America, so of course America is a valid abbreviation when speaking about the country.
        If anything, place the blame on your founding fathers for not coming up with a clearer distinction.

  • Mother Earth

    You would think a man who has been involved in so many wrong doings would want to set things right before he leaves the life of luxury and conceit , mustn’t have a soul”

    • posercom

      If he is a Sabbetian, Frankist as a suspect, he is trying to bring as much sin as possible to this world in order to hasten the coming of his messiah. Too bad he doesn’t know his messiah was already here and was named Jesus.

  • lol, Soros is just one Oligarch, how about a movement called “Stop the Oligarchy of the world” instead?

    Now that would rattle some cages, cages that are even higher up than Soros.

    • posercom

      We can make and example of him.

  • KhaLu Peenche

    you are allll fucking retarded Orban governement is right wing and opressive.. soros was actually creating progress there, have you fucking been to Hungary ever!?! those dipshits are the most biggoted and racist europeans ever,and they dont even come from europe, also all of their systems were abusive and mostly totalitarian…Orban is the guy who gave europe the idea for fucking RAZOR wires against imigrants, Soros iis there fighting for gay right, womens rights, marijuana legalisation, and multiculturalism to name a few things, so what if his organisations give him more power when people accept them !?!all other orgs are also controled for personal interests but dont even claim social progress, also you think macedonia is doing allright on its own? guess again

    • yannis

      How much you get paid from SOROS Enterprises to make your propaganda pothead? Stay out from politics, get a real life, animal!

    • posercom

      You are full of it! Soros has no political orientation. He is a chaos maker and created change and violent revolution so he can swoop in afterwards and buy up land and resources. That is the way he has made money all his life. He is an agent of the Rothschilds. He is responsible for the mortgage bubble that ended in disaster when he burst it right before the 2008 presidential election. It was what got Bath House Barry elected president. Then he got US to bailout his banks and he bought up all the small community banks with the tax payers money. He and Nathan Rothschild wanted to reinitiate AFRICOM, that is why they promoted an African American president to appease people of color while they raped and pillaged the resources of Liberia..
      Screw his legal pot and culture destroying NGOs based in dumbing down Christian culture until young people are so screwed up and demoralized they no longer get married and have families. He is a sick population alarmist who would do anything to make half the world’s population disappear.

      • sharon terry

        well said.

        • posercom


      • KhaLu Peenche

        see that’s the real issue we’re talking about here,
        all of you are nationalist pricks, but because you are nationalist pricks,
        you don’t see being a nationalist as being a prick,
        so in your delusion that there is nothing wrong with being
        a nationalist authoritarian leader you think a guy like Orban
        does a better job at making the world a more tolerable place
        than a guy like Soros, who actively funds civil rights organisations
        throughout the world, let alone just Hungary…
        and i quote; ” in hungary, yes the government are kinda fascist. but don’t replace a lesser evil with a greater one”
        you think razor wires are better than actually taking care
        of those people at the borders?
        also this has less to do with politics
        than you imply, in reality most rich people are just opportunists,
        who by that same manner of being come to acquire such enormous
        amounts of wealth, and then get to push their own ideas upon the world
        that is how it’s been and is not likely to change, so in that situation,
        you can either have a Bush family runing the shit, or you can at least have
        the likes of ‘philanthropists’ paying for actual civil rights,
        because Giorgi soros lived in hungary during communism,
        so he want to make hungary, and already made a lot of other places ex-communist states, a little more open….
        don’t get me wrong, he’s still a nosferatu jew capitalist swine who’s enforcing his views on the world,
        it’s just that his views are a little more open,
        than the leaders’ of the countries he operates in…
        most of the time, i’m not aware of all things that go on, but
        neither are you guys,
        so to claim you know everything because you read a couple of articles on shit news sites like this one in particular is pathetic at least,
        all i’m sayin is don’t demonize someone over the views that are your own,
        because i saw you mention religion in a positive tone i fear we’re not on the same page here, religion is trying, in my country, to make abortions illegal, and they have been legal since communism,
        because you knoww human rights and shit,
        and now that religion stepped in, noone except Soros has money to counter them, so basically he’s the only one fighting for rights,
        and that’s as far as i knoe, you should inform your self on what he actually does in your country, instead of taking your information from biased sites like this one, which don’t even have centralised opinions on what they’re actually conveying,
        they go vaguely into spiritualism, the modern western kind,
        seem as antinews but are most likely russian propaganda,
        could seem at first, (due to the name i guess? ) as someone who cherishes free thought… but are in fact just misinformed becuse we do live in the age of misinformation
        btw i would like to be a shill for soros recomend me if you know any agencies;)

        • posercom

          If you believe that Soros is fighting for anything other than his own obscene wealth, non of us here can even help you get a clue.

          • KhaLu Peenche

            again missing my point…i think he IS fighting to gain wealth, but in doing so he’s also helping the world, unlike people who profit from hotels, casinos and guns, you can’t blame the troubles of the world on one man… he’s not the reason people are power hungry or gay, or whatever makes you tick, he’s just a guy, a sickeningly rich guy, you can actually hate him for that, he is fighting for capitalism which is bad on it’s own, but he’s not a lizard who’s going to ruin the world, there are a lot of other shapeshifting jews that do that, this one is at least not a zionist banking warlock, he betts his money on human rights, so what I’m sayin is do your research before spewing shit on the internet….. also posercom, believing has nothing to do with this, i like evidence before i make my assumptions, I have none against soroš, i’d like some if you have, i’ve been trying to find some since my last post and been having a hard time, maybe he’s good at covering his tracks, please share with me your sources that might change my mind, if you are so inclined to believe that he is in fact a demon….

          • posercom

            Find Soros’ interview on 60 minutes with Steve Kroft. It was scraped from the internet for some time but is back up (yes Soros does go to great lengths to cover his tracts.) Then do some research on Soros and Nathan Rothschild and Africom.
            Like Marc Rich, “the king of oil” who Bill Clinton pardoned even though he was the FBI’s most wanted fugitive, Soros is a globalist. Rich was a pioneer of globalism and proved to his friends how one can make massive amounts of money if he doesn’t allow the laws of sovereign nations interfere with his doing business. Rich did not wait for the Global Government to ignore the laws of sovereign nations so he got in big trouble until Clinton who was raking in campaign cash from Marc Rich”s wife Denise, let him off Scott free. Soros is like Marc Rich but on a much grander scale. He uses his money to foment revolution. Sometimes he changes a communist country to a democracy. sometimes he changes a secular nation to a Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship, and now he is trying to overthrow the constitutional republic of the U.S.A.. It is all for his own gain. He is a vulture capitalist and that is why he loves to create chaos. Jews like Soros are never loyal to any sovereign nation. They are loyal to their tribe! After the BP oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico, Obama, who had been selected to be the democrat nominee by Soros (HRC actually won that primary) gave several oil rigs to Soros and he used them in his Petro Bras operations. So called environmentalists had no complaints about that even though he was drilling in waters much deeper than the waters were the rigs were in The Gulf of Mexico. Rothschild own Reuters which bought out Associated Press some years back. So you have to do some digging to get the dirt on Soros. But it is no secret that many nations have booted Soros out of their countries for destroying their economy by way of currency manipulation. And the housing bubble in the US, circa 2001-2008 had Soros’ name written all over it.

          • KhaLu Peenche

            so ok you’ve pointed me in good directions, i now think soroš is more of a douche in profiting from world events, though i still think he’s not the worst, or even one of the… because he is pushing some good progressive thoughts, and sooner or later when people accept these things they wont need him for that, who really knows what his end goals might be!? he’s not to be blamed exclusively or directly for the world events he was involved in, the US empire is the one trying to rule the world and not even they are the sole subjects in these events, sometimes they use him for that sometimes he uses the empire, sometimes the empire uses him as a scapegoat, sometimes he uses the consequences of the empires actions to scapegoat and legitimate his own involvement in certain places, they both use natives of places to initiate their own plans, and the native ‘rebels’ of some places in the world are neither morally or in any other way progressively superior than their proposed initiatives, though at least less imperial…. what strikes me most is all the fake media disinformation and propaganda that serves only to separate people even more and shape public opinion on these ‘minor’ players, rather than institutionalized aggression the empire does on a geopolitical scale against all of the people of the world, in the US, and every other country specialized treatment according to the will of the (only still currently) most dominant empire, we could sure use a one world gov if it could include decentralization from the united states, and if people think that that’s what soroš is doing then he’s alright in my book, though i don’t think that’s exactly what he’s doing….

        • Sergei Girin

          Was “jew” really necessary in “nosferatu jew capitalist swine”? I mean you obviously implied a deragotary qualification the way you threw it in there. So much for advocating multiculturalism and tolerance. You oppose fascism? Please. You, sir, appear to be a hypocrite and a bigot. You and Soros have that in common then. By the way, he is a bit anti-Semitic by his own admission. Weird, huh? I guess it’s possible when one sees himself as an outside “player” and the world as his playground as if it was a board game of some sort. He really does not identify with any culture or national character. And why is that good? Should the world just become one single nation with single culture and single identity? Would that really be better? Multiculturalism means having many different cultures in one society. In reality, multiculturalism is simply another way of saying melting pot. Which inevitably results in one culture, albeit new and unique. Like American. But in the process, the greater variety (spice of life) gets lost. So wouldn’t it be good if the same wasn’t happening everywhere? So that we could keep some variety that makes the world such an interesting place? Because you seem to be advocating turning every country into something akin to America. Is there really a nessessity? Refugees should be helped in times of crysis, of course – that should take precedence. But the major part of responsibility for making accommodations should be placed on the nations directly responsible for this disaster in the first place! It does not make any sense that USA, which also happens to be a melting pot nation, accepts so few refugees while small nations with strong national identities and mostly culturally/ethnically homogenous populations receive a lion’s share while having absolutely no hand in the destabilization of the refugees’ country of origin! It’s funny, how many so-called “open societies” end up accepting so few refugees while critisizing others for resisting disproportionate numbers of immigration.
          On another note, smaller units of governance are always more representative of their constituents when compared to larger umbrella states. What do you think nations are? A nation is just an autonomous unit of governance. So why would we want a world government again? Wouldn’t be very democratic, don’t you think?
          Now, there exists a globalist claim that as long as there are nations there will be war because of the inherent differences in their agendas, frictions, competition for same resources, etc. Good point. However, once you actually compare the overall statistics of those who lost their lives in fighting external enemy to those killed by their own state, you begin to realize that worldwide, more people are murdered by own governments. Of course, there is a great variance and some governments are relatively benign while others are downright tyrannical. Now imagine there is only one government. Let’s say we are lucky and it’s benign. How long until it is not? Fifty years? Hubdred? Five hundred? The point is, at some point our luck or will run out and we will end up with a tyrannical world order, and then what? There is no place to run, no one to ask for help. Once the tyrants consolidate power and have monopoly on use of violence, we are quite simply fucked. I guess the drug legalization that Soros promotes will come in handy in this situation. Just like Soma in Brave New World.
          Also, legalization of drugs has another interesting side effect. It eliminates black markets. Yes, those that are typically outside of government control and offer completely separate power ladders that governments have little control over. So as you see, legalizing drugs helps the consolidation of power by the government. Not quite as appealing all things considered, is it?

          • KhaLu Peenche

            you’ve made great points! and normally I would agree with a lot that’s been said;like the US should accept more refugees since they’re most responsible for there being that much of them and that smaller administrative regions are more efficient, but in the context of Soroš, (just to add I’m not anti-semite as such the wording and connotation was in context of all the nationalist attitudes here though I am a strong believer in group mentality taking over individuals’ worldviews, especially with inclusive, elitist, oppressed and/or marginalized groups, such as the jews) I still can’t imagine him being in the center of globalist NWO plots to control the world, i believe those organisations are so stealth no one really knows them, and on the topic can’t really say what the outcome would be, I mean sure if ‘they’ succeed in conquering the world, really in a couple of generations we wouldn’t have nationalism and war..maybe, maybe things would revert quickly in nations with strong aspiration for independence? but nations tend to be selfcentered and it might not be a bad thing to try to curb that, in the scenario where these people don’t want to exterminate most of the worlds population ofc, but imo globalisation is already in motion, and should be guided for the best, not just cultural and economic hegemony the west drives, cultural hermeticism and new age slavery the arabs practice and strong traditionalism coupled by market dominance the chinese export…
            the world has been explored, all of the humans know of each other and have to adapt to the fact, we can’t pursue isolationist tendencies, it would be at our own demise, all cultures and societies will evolve wether they like it or not….
            as with multi-culturalism and the melting pot phenomena….
            i strongly believe all tribes and nations exist only in connection to others, and the migration of peoples is one of the things that drive our evolution, sometimes conservatism helps groups establish common traits and further their uniqueness, but without change in the form of progress, they cannot survive in the environment with other nations, so all cultural and technological progress tends to traverse the cultural circles that make up the many connected nations by individuals who choose to move,
            ex. Tesla, who invented electricity had to go from my country, Croatia, to the US in order for electricity to be adopted trough the west worldwide, and i believe most progress should happen that way, with cultural exchange, that says nothing on cultures going extinct or not, if they survive in the natural environment they were meant to if not probably not, (although i would disagree if politics would do that)
            so what I’m saying basically is that every nation is a meltingpot of sorts with the us being the prime example, but also a prime example of how it can go wrong!, we now have white nationalists that think ‘murricah is for the whites and see the states as a unified thing, though it is what it is due to multiculturalism (which is different cultures coexisting in the same country before being melted), also most of the ‘whites’ weren’t white in europe to begin with, so that’s also a human natural tendency to develop in-groups and out-groups, again I’m just talking about the way nations behave, not how they should, I’m not sure how they should, because things that may seem wrong contribute to longterm positive outcomes, like a one world gov could, not to say I don’t think it should be radically different than the systems of power we already have, of which most are just capitalistic soft fascism, but the population of the world deserves connection, on all levels, starting with tolerance and increased migrations and followed by uniting political entities to share common goals, and believe me, no-one would be more happy if we could rearrange the people where they want to be most in self-sufficient little ideologically homogeneous communities where they could be ‘safe’ from the things they don’t want but also so that others could not be affected by them(hierarchical communities with regional centers as capitals) , in the context of multi-culturalism….
            as in when people really identify with ‘their’ culture, and want to stay that way, that’s the biggest problem of the right/left dialogue, the right only focuses on some that do not wan’t to ‘integrate’/or already are, and paint whole groups as such and the left wants people to come but stresses that they shouldn’t even need to integrate/or progress if they’re too close to the norm, and both are wrong in those claims, people that want to come in a different place should want to integrate but also the societies should let that happen or offer alternatives and societies could be arranged, imo based on ideological preferences rather than historical/ehtnic bases,so to say immigrate to places more akin to them on ideological points rather then ethnic, religious or economic, which shouldn’t have anything to do with the dominance of certain nations over others, that’s the only way to really thrive trough globalisation…. but sorry that was a digression, what I want to say is ‘people’ are the ones that should grab power from the institutions, and if that institution should be a one world gov then it would be easier for them to do so, and a tyrannical leader is exactly what could push them to do so….

            the curious case of the US should be a teacher to us all about human nature, and the nature of political entities, the larger organisms composed of people, it is up to us the newest generations to further humanities quest for real freedom and equality but on the basis of abolishing previous outdated experiments which have gone rancid, the experiment of a ‘free’ society the us once was has turned into yet another empire with global aspirations, and that’s certainly not who we want in charge, we need a world council, but one that is impervious to centralization and cultural one mindedness, but the whole of this topic is plagued by the corrupt systems that are currently in power vs. the ideas of just societies we want for ourselves, and it should be noted that we don’t really have a choice, we have found limits to our world in the sense of resources, land and sociology…
            and we have to find a way to deal with them, some say we need a revolution some say the world is always revolving, we can’t say either is better, we need both to work in order for humanity as a whole to function, thrive and one day hopefully unite to everyone’s advantage….

    • sharon terry

      NO NO. Soro’s goals through his open society charity networks are not what are intended. Its a takeover of nation states by stealth. forget gay rights, forget marijuana, forget protect the natural environment. These are just ways the globalists want to gain support from wallies like you. The EU have tried the same tactic. Thats how we can confirm EU and George soris are hand in glove. The reason mass Immigration is happening is to breakdown national identity. this was the globalist cabal are closer to there global centred new world order. Get your head screwed on, have you been sleeping all your life. I ve lived in hungary, yes the government are kinda fascist. but don’t replace a lesser evil with a greater one. don’t be so gullible next time. they’ve played on your fears. Do u really think all these people on this site are talking crap. Lol

  • olde reb

    If the 50 groups in DC Soros funded include the ones in ski masks who destroyed property, would he be guilty of funding terrorism ??

  • gordiethegeordie

    How do we join – we need to make this international fast and promote it thru’ groups

    anyone got links?

  • posercom

    George Soros has a home in exclusive So. Hampton N.Y.. I wonder if any of the Muslim refugees will be settled there? Let’s demand it! The Hamptons houses a lot of liberal hypocrites. They all drool over George Soros

    • KhaLu Peenche

      are you by any chance a white nationalist? because that would explain your comments….

  • sandy030359

    He seems to be the most hated man in the world! How sad to live your life, have as much money as he does. What good he could do for the world and chooses evil!

  • satrams

    Congratulations on being a Putin PUPPET, SOS! ‘Free thought’ my ass. These people want the complete opposite- no thought- no opposition. That is brutally obvious.
    Yes, Putin outlawing Soros organizations in Russia should tell you something; Soros is the GOOD GUY. If you think Putin is the good guy, then, well I guess there’s no hope for you…