Study Shows That Alcohol, Not Marijuana Is The Major “Gateway Drug”



A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Florida has shown that alcohol is far more of a “gateway drug” than marijuana is.

The study concluded that:

Results from the Guttman scale indicated that alcohol represented the “gateway” drug, leading to the use of tobacco, marijuana, and other illicit substances. Moreover, students who used alcohol exhibited a significantly greater likelihood of using both licit and illicit drugs. The findings from this investigation support that alcohol should receive primary attention in school-based substance abuse prevention programming, as the use of other substances could be impacted by delaying or preventing alcohol use. Therefore, it seems prudent for school and public health officials to focus prevention efforts, policies, and monies, on addressing adolescent alcohol use.

According to the study’s co-author, Adam E. Barry, the later in life that a person consumes alcohol, the less likely they are to abuse drugs. Also, it seems that in most cases, use of alcohol and tobacco comes earlier in life than the use of marijuana.

“By delaying the onset of alcohol initiation, rates of both licit substance abuse like tobacco and illicit substance use like marijuana and other drugs will be positively affected, and they’ll hopefully go down,” Barry said in an interview with Raw Story.

Barry said that his studies were intended to correct some of the propaganda that has infected American culture since the “Reefer Madness” era.

“Some of these earlier iterations needed to be fleshed out, that’s why we wanted to study this. The latest form of the gateway theory is that it begins with [marijuana] and moves on finally to what laypeople often call ‘harder drugs.’ As you can see from the findings of our study, it confirmed this gateway hypothesis, but it follows progression from licit substances, specifically alcohol, and moves on to illicit substances,” Barry said.

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So, basically, if we know what someone says with regards to their alcohol use, then we should be able to predict what they respond to with other [drugs]. Another way to say it is, if we know someone has done [the least prevalent drug] heroin, then we can assume they have tried all the others. I think [these results] have to do with level of access children have to alcohol, and that alcohol is viewed as less harmful than some of these other substances,” Barry added.

Just like prescription pills and tobacco, alcohol is seen as more socially acceptable in American society because the government approves of it. However, these substances are largely more dangerous than many of the illegal drugs that people have a deep fear of.

Since certain drugs are taken less seriously, people are more likely to abuse them and not keep their addiction in check. That is not to say that these legal drugs should be banned as well, in fact, all drugs should be legalized so honest discussions can be had about the uses and dangers of each drug.

John Vibes is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war. In addition to his writing and activist work he organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference, which features top caliber speakers and whistle-blowers from all over the world. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can find his 65 chapter Book entitled “Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance” at

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    • instead, we should tell the truth, that the news media is the Gateway to Brain damages.

    • instead, we should tell the truth, that the news media is the Gateway to Brain damages.

    • That goddamned HARPIE Nancy Grace!

    • Ralph Noyes Nancy Grace is a DISgrace :p

    • Media whore

    • anyone watches nancy grace should be shot lieing bitch

    • Who would want to believe a fake bitch like that? All she’s good for is to spread her legs for ratings.

    • But again, even if the edible POT had been the cause of a man killing his wife, as nut-job Willie Kent previously stated this would be one of those “isolated instances of aberrant behavior.” If marijuana becomes legalized, I’m pretty sure DUI homicides will still outnumber THC-fueled murder sprees by like a million percent, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to ban alcohol. < ------ NO WAY! STATES such as New Mexico make BIG MONEY from ALCOHOL SALES and will NEVER try to "ban the booze"; it is ALL "lip service" nowadays! THEY could do the SAME with POT - just like COLORADO! NEW MEXICO needs ORE MONEY so they might - just MIGHT - be able to pull this toilet bowl state out of the crapper! POT TAXES are a BIG money maker and legal or not folks WILL STILL FIND IT -- TEST IT and GO NUTS ON THE STUFF! SO FOR KHRIST SAKE --- LEGALIZE IT! It will be SMOKED no matter what! Anyway, if you have ten minutes to spare and want to watch a screeching harpy SKANK grasping at straws, have at it. NOW - GO TAKE A GANDER at: …………….. It’s about POT but she sensationalizes it so much it could be about eating too many tacos! The hag is brain damaged!

    • who does she work for?

    • Satan

    • alcohol has done more harm to myself and my family than marijuana ever did! In fact the only thing marijuana ever did was cause me to listen to more music, paint, dream more and spend more money at taco bell.

    • Alcohol is the number one bad, and gateway drug.

    • That bitch is a BIG PHARMA shill!!

  • New Research Identifies the Real “Gateway Drug” and It’s 100% LEGAL

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    Thank admin by post: Can we finally put the “gateway drug” nonsense to rest?

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  • I’ll drink to that!

  • And history tells us how well prohibition works.

  • Well duh

  • Can’t get drugs without a dealers encouragement. Alcohol just makes people more pliable and easier to manipulate.

    • No drug dealer EVER made me do drugs. You’re an idiot.

    • I’m not the one who did drugs 😉

    • Wow you watched too many DARE programs as a kid apparently…real life doesn’t work like that smh

  • What about kool aid,Mtn dew, coffe, candy, smokes???

  • Why not legalize ALL “Drugs” so the Authorities can focus their lives on more important B.S. like eating a doughnut?

    • Because the government would lose lots of profit by making it all legal.

    • What profit? It’s cost a trillion dollars since Nixon declared the war on drugs.

    • Missie Schloep there is no war on drugs. The cartels distribute, sometimes we seize it. Then many times has the confiscated drugs or money goes missing and has been used to buy weapons to distribute and sell to foreign countries, such as operation fast $ furious. El chapo had many guns that came from us, guns u cant get from a store or the street. Back when ricky ross was the big time drug dealer from LA, himself and several others all testified that some drugs that were seized and money seized all flipped by the CIA to turn a profit.

  • A gateway drug is a drug that potentially could lead one to do other drugs. It can literally be any drug.

    This page went from harping on the beneficial quality of pot (which is fine)…to doing the same while demonizing alcohol. You’re doing absolutely nothing different to alcohol than what they’ve been doing to pot all of these years.

    • Alcohol leads to a lot of deaths…

    • Alcohol does a great deal of harm, so no one is “demonizing” it.


    • Alcohol SHOULD be demonized.. It’s a very bad substance and people do far more stupid things drunk on alcohol than people who do drugs..

    • it’s more like causing you to get addicted to other drugs while on the one you’re on.

    • Seriously dude? You think alcohol has not destroyed families? You are either in denial or have no experience – I have had people I know destroyed by alcohol –

    • We need to thank the great Patriot AL Capone, for his fight against unjust constitutional amendments.

    • Christian Doyle alcohol makes you tolerable.

    • Smoking marijuana never killed anyone. Yet alcohol kills people, destroys families and ruins relationships.

    • Statistics on alcohol – Alcohol Concern › Help and advice
      More than 9 million people in England drink more than the recommended … alcohol-related deaths in the UK in 2012; Alcohol now costs the NHS £3.5bn … Alcohol-related crime costs £11bn per year (2010-11 costs, England); A fifth … However, this has been from a very high level that had been going up over many years.

    • BTW I love a good shin dig fueled with alcohol! Its a matter of choice.

    • Just dishing out what was done to Marijuana. What’s the matter? Can’t take the truth? Deal with it.

    • Christian Doyle wine taste great

    • Almost died from alcohol,pancreatitis…..long story short went from 20+ pills a day to 2(stomach screwed) thanks to cannabis….and sober going on 2 yrs. Alcohol was my gateway drug to 95% of the shitty decisions I’ve made the other 5% is because I’m and asshole….stay high my friends…

    • “Christian Doyle” taste test? I bet she tastes like FISH …. just like most all of the ladies! That ain’t a BAD thing at all!

    • So Paul, have you figured out yet which is the most readily available drug in the U.S. yet?

    • How about we cut the gateway bullshit and take responsibility for our actions

    • Mike Feltner I have driven down the same road as you have… several times.

    • Kelly Shearer I agree. Some have to be shown their grave errors in judgement and must accept their part,, and that’s where the problem is.

    • Mother’s milk leads to everything so perhaps that should be illegal.

    • Alcohol is litterally a Demon. When you see how many lives it destroy it can only be a demoniac satanic substance.
      It is considered as such in esoterism.

      Some drink responsably or occasionally but teenagers are too immature to control their drinking.

    • Alcohol deserves it

  • And who didn’t know this?

  • Wierd I drink and I don’t do or crave drugs. Pretty sure it comes down to the individual and peer pressure. Also I’m pro pots, it should have been legalized along tome ago. Way to go “media”..

  • How you say…”duh”

  • Derp. Sugar? Caffeine? Nicotine? Have a real conversation don’t have one at all.

  • Alcohol should be outlawed and pot should be legalized. Crime would drop off of the radar. Stoners in general don’t get violent, drunks in general do. Peace and love. #Hippyforlife

    • Prohibition doesn’t work and it’s nobody’s business what I choose to do including pot or alcohol

    • We have tried prohibition, epic fail for both.

    • True that Matt, just an opinion.

    • Just an opinion people, I know it doesn’t work. I speak from experience. In my opinion alcohol is more detrimental to society than pot.

    • Everyone knows alcohol is 50x worse than pot by now. And Matt, it’s my business of ur driving while drunk

    • If you need your freedom to do as you choose revoked that’s fine but some of us enjoy alcohol occasionally.
      If you want to be factual and truly care about the root cause of addiction then seek to end child abuse.

    • Alcohol should definitely NOT be outlawed just because some people are fucking morons who can’t control themselves…

    • Outlawed and legalized, sounds statist.

    • Ever hear of prohibition or Al Capone? I don’t think crime is gonna drop off by making alcohol illegal

  • The other gateway drug is government. It’s a sure gateway to oppression, extortion, and butchery over a plant.

  • Well duh

  • Duh
    Alcohol is the worst!!
    I don’t have many of my old relationships because of alcohol!!

    • Then date more responsible men…

    • Jake Ording I said relationships not exes!!
      You have relationships with everybody you meet!!
      Dip shit!!

    • Jake Ording I said relationships not exes!!
      You have relationships with everybody you meet!!
      Dip shit!!

  • Alcohol was my gateway drug

  • Chad Kendall

  • Been saying this for years.. Actually, I think it’s cigarettes AND alcohol.,

  • I really wish people would realize it’s never a substance that’s the gateway. It’s pain and heartaches and unresolved issues that the soul has a hard time digesting that open’s up gateways. Pain opens the gate for more pain.

    • For example: 99% of sexually abused children will have problem’s with drugs and/or alcohol in their life time. Add all the other abuses people do. Yet society blames the victim’s while never accepting their part in assisting the harm by judging etc. When except for the grace of god did they escape but some how feel superior because harm didn’t chose them. Let’s talk about it

  • its by far the easiest thing to get you,re hands on .

  • Public school is the gateway drug.

  • Jonathan Kräft

  • Yes to ending a war that can’t be won and cost billions. Prescription drugs are legal and alcohol is legal. The combination is legal and deadly. Can one say more?

  • Don’t forget sugar and caffeine

  • Milk they’ve all done it

  • Actually, I would say prescription painkillers is the new gateway drug.

  • Duh…they needed to do a study to figure that out?

  • Study shows.. fuckoff. No shit Watson. My study shows that people could save money and time by asking anybody with 12% of common sense.

  • Alcohol weakens one mental and physiological defenses, opening one up to a plethora of evils, hard drugs being one of the many.

  • Why cant we just except the fact that nothing but our selfs led us into the drug world. if anything its your friends that bring you into it… quit blameing everything on someone or somthing. take responsibility for your own fucking actions. drugs are good

  • I agree

  • Instead of learning healthy ways to cope, people resort to getting “numb” and trying to block out reality, when they could gain life-changing coping skills instead. This applies to ALL forms of chemical use. Sad, wasteful, tragic.

  • And it causes brain damage

  • About fucking time

  • The real gateway drug is called bad parenting.

  • clerks not thugs, legalize drugs

  • I’ve been saying that for years

  • Oxygen is a gateway drug.

  • as a psychologist and researcher i’m going to take this a step further and hypothesize that it is more so sex that is the gateway to drinking and/or drugs.

  • Now days it it the psychotropic medications handed out like candy — luring kids into this. Unsuspecting parents who don’t get the hidden dangers

  • Good luck with banning alcohol. Theres too much revenue generated by it. Just like you will never see the drinking age dropped to 18, or the military age raised to 21.

  • Sugar is the real gateway drug

  • Culling the weak from the masses

  • Duh.

  • The gateway drug is sugar kids get a sweet tooth usually long before alcohol or marijuana addictions!

    • Yessssssssssss and zombies dont have a clue!!!!!

    • The most addictive drug known to man

    • No it isn’t please use facts when referencing the most addictive drug in the world is Nicotine.

    • Sugar and alcohol are closely related since alcohol raises your blood sugar.

    • Sugar is the most addictive drug….let me know when you can quit it Dave Allen. Lmfao

    • Nothing should be outlawed. When did it become normal to call for people to be imprisoned because they do different things than you do?

    • yep

    • Good point

    • Read the history of sugar the tests that made all the animals sick. It took alot of lobbying/ Bribing to get it on the market!!!!!!!!

  • Mason.. See. No boozing for you

  • Booze is!

  • This article makes me want a beer

  • Yes” Alcohol is the most accessible,kid would take from their parents cut it with water,and if you happen to be someone that wants a bigger and better high,you will try anything. Alcohol is also more addictive.

  • Yes

  • Alejandro Coronado

  • Agreed

  • the govt wants u to drink alcohol cause it keeps u DUMB

  • Alcohol causes more deaths than any other drug and is used by most people committing crime.

    • Id say safely with out looking up statistics 98% of people above 21 drink. Thats like saying people who buy gas are more likely to get in an automobile accident.

    • Jake Ording yes because they drink gas, idiot!

  • In your opinion

  • I have said that for a long time

  • been said this

  • Followed closely by coffee baby dolls lol

  • No kidding

  • Worst drug of all, from personal experience but fortunately I quit 35 years ago.

  • Careful studies have shown that child abuse is the gateway to addiction.

  • let’s see a war on alcohol and entire aisle in the supermarkets with a choice selection of skunks n haze’s.

  • Andrea Taylor

  • What a lot of you are doing is referred to as an appeal to authority.

  • You will regret what drugs can do to you. If you are not dead already.

  • Breast milk is the gateway drug

  • Well that makes a lot more since lol.

  • Ever wonder if that’s really the real reason marijuana is illegal and alcohol is sold in every corner store on every block in every town in America?

  • I have said this for years…………..look up the effects and withdrawals of alcohol, vs. marijuana,, on a body. Alcohol affects every cell in a persons body, and the withdrawals can kill a person. Alcohol withdrawal is rated at the top as being one of the hardest drugs to get off from.

    • I’ve done a bunch of things and cigarettes where the hardest 8 months ago I kicked them but I started with cigs then alcohol then pot

    • I was only considering alcohol and illegal drugs. In treatment centers, cigs are not considered a drug and they actually encourage cig smoking. But Anthony, your right, cigs are one of the worst.

  • Anything can be an addiction, its all about self control and moderation

  • Bs


  • one night stands , and other poor decisions …

  • Been saying this for years

  • Like we didn’t alerady know that lol.

  • Oh! Science is being applied to this now! o/

  • I will always share for these posts because the truth needs to be heard over the the alcoholics’ lies.

  • Wow, imagine that!

  • Well just file this under “No Sh*t”

  • “People who smoke pot aren’t violent and don’t do crime.”
    If you think that, you don’t know too many people who smoke. Obviously not everyone who smokes pot is violent, just like everyone who drinks isn’t violent. But if you think smoking pot makes you an all-around not violent person if you were previously, you’re an idiot

  • You know adrenalin can be a gate way drug shopping can be one also

  • I agree.

  • Hey Brent Rodriguez you are a fool I know many smokers that are better people than most religious people are they have at least 2 jobs and still have time for family

  • Every stupid choice I made in my younger days started with alcohol. My mom is an alcoholic and so is my ex husband. Now I work for state agency regulating alcohol and could share horror stories and statistics all day. From my own life experience, you can keep alcohol. I’ll take marijuana over it any day.

  • Only took 50 years to figure that one out.

  • Or fix society so people won’t have to turn to drugs to become numb

  • Really?…No way! 😉

  • Duh.

  • sugar is the main one

  • For more information on above topic plz like the page

  • alcohol is completely crazy shit

  • Free pot&thought… not necessarily in that order.

  • Here I thought it was tobacco all these years.

  • No Shit!

  • Anything can be a gateway to anything!

  • The entire “gateway” argument is questionable at best. People who take drugs, tend to have the propensity to experiment with more than one.

  • I thought everyone that wasn’t stupid already knew that….

  • No shit

  • Duhhhh

  • Of course, this means pot is good… That’s what some people read into this nonsense. How about a clear mind instead. Period.

  • Illicit drugs like tobacco?

  • i have been saying this for years. ive never smoked a bowl and then thought…”i think some meth sounds good”

  • but also Marijuana is

  • Tyler

  • Truth!

  • Alcohol is not a drug, it`s classification is of a poison.

  • Absolutely

  • Ya think!!

  • +1000

  • My childhood and since then, my experience have shown me alcohol is the gateway drug. But hey, it’s an established money maker, can’t mess with the rich people’s money!

  • Fact

  • that is because alcohol is a legal drug so people believe that is safe to use

    • No its stupid people not knowing how to regulate themselves.

  • In your years of smoking dope, how many lives have you cost in illegally purchasing your drugs? Shootings, prostitution and funding criminals with your hard earned money. You obviously don’t care about that.
    Do you have to get stoned or drunk to enjoy your life?

    • If you buy pot of bikers maybe you are as responsible for deaths as much as you would be by purchasing gas or oil etc etc. as for having to get high to enjoy your life … Sadly for many yes. If you had suffered the trauma which many addicts have had to go through as a child or young adult getting high is the better than suicide especially if you’re not able to put that on your family

    • Oops “…the better choice than…”

    • That’s absolutely nonsence.

  • I’ve done more stupid shit on booze than pot. Once you’re drunk you don’t care anymore. Once stoned you just chill for a few hours.

  • Actually it’s Sugar,and they start us young.

  • Not to mention the doctors giving children opiates to children for pulled muscles

  • Should try a little more research. The real “Gateway Drug” would be tobacco.

  • MILK….. All the heroin junkies out there started of drinking milk as a child it was their first fix. So all this talk about gate way drugs i.e. marijuana being a gaye way drug in my mind is just wrong.

  • Milk

  • The gate way is you. Nothing else. You are in control of your decisions. Until we stop blaming things for our actions nothing will change.

  • i tried sugar first…wow, that first time…been clean for a while now but still miss some candy bars.

  • I’ve been saying for years marijuana kills no one. Alcohol kills innocent people (drunk drivers) daily. Why is one (marijuana) considered the devil and the other (alcohol) sent in to our homes in these commercials as if it were a gift from God.

  • Welll duh. Also a gateway for big girls and big burgers

  • Broc Davidson funny we were just talking about this

  • The Weed>>Zombie and Weed>>Zombie>>other stuff routes are very well trodden – we’ve all seen it with our own eyes. The pubs are full over the weekend and the Pub>> Hard Drugs is a rare road – sounds like another nonsense study

  • Ehm,.. DUH

  • Alcohol ruins so many more lives then weed and I don’t smoke it but rather see them smoke a joint then drink themselves silly or get themselves hooked on big pharmacy drugs !!!

  • It’s a choice !! Has nothing to do with either drinking or pot !!gateway to death maybe

  • Jennah

  • Well, duh.

  • yes – south Africa would be a good proofing ground. We all had access to alcohol, most found dagga a bit harder to get, yet no one asked what the gate to dagga was.

  • Well shit, didn’t need to study to know that.

  • Marijuana is a gateway drug. It’s usually the first illegal drug one takes. And once you do, you should ask yourself, why the fuck is this illegal? You should then start to realize that something is terribly wrong with government. It’s a gateway to enlightenment. To see the tax farm for what it really is.

  • Alcohol is known as ‘liquid Heroin’ by addicts .

  • so ppl try the most freely available drug first , well that is a shock , and bears do shit in the woods , but buying a can of beer is not like buying canabis and the offliecence i use does not sell hard drugs either , just a silly prick trying to say smoke pot and everything will be fine

  • The only thing wrong with drugs is the prohibition of them. The only example the world has is Portugal, which legalized all drugs nearly 15 years ago. Crime is so low in their country, overdose deaths are nearly gone, and people can buy legitimate drugs, not cut with harsh chemicals. The only real example in the world, shows the exact opposite of what every government is telling us will happen.

  • Umm… DUHHH.

  • Duh.

  • Tobacco seems to be the start.. but i guess you can’t fight big tobacco right now..

  • The cops and the “justice” system call it a gateway drug because it’s a way of starting to be put people (mostly poor and/or black) into the prison system.

  • Finally

  • This is true, and it really hits home for me. I spent many nights, after copious amounts of alcohol, filling myself with all sort of terrible substances, chasing that second high…Taco Bell, McDonald’s, gas station sushi…

  • I still say Sugar, followed by Caffeine.

  • And non-locking medicine cabinets are the toll booth for many…in 11 months of working at a high intensity, 90 day residential treatment facility i was floored by the number of young folk would cast a wide net by visiting friends/extended family for the sole purpose of ransacking for ‘scripts….there’s a network whereby people will attend realtors’ open houses for the same reason…

  • No Shit!

  • Been saying it for years!

  • Only been saying it for over half my life!

  • Give it a rest. Poor parenting and education is the gate way drug. Nothing else.

  • A “gateway drug” is merely a ploy people use as a scapegoat to blame a different addiction on. I never believed in “gateway drugs” mainly because it’s entirely based on personal choice whether or not the person escalates to other, more dangerous substances.

  • Well duh

  • fuck you bitch

  • Meagan Gabriel

  • Duh. The People have known this since the 1040’s for Christ Sakes.

  • Pot is the gateway drug to taco bell

  • sure is.

  • Certain Psychological dispositions are why people are more susceptible to drugs rather than certain drugs being a gateway. Stop blaming foreign chemicals and start realizing it’s how the individual is made up chemically.


  • They already tried banning alcohol.

  • I never even considered this as a rebuttlle lol thank you

  • Shocking, I know. XD

  • Alcohol kills people, weed doesn’t. Alcohol is nicely packaged poison. Going thru a DUI course, one reads about how it destroys the organs. Alcohol should be outlawed. Get people drunk and watch fists fly, get stoned and order a pizza

    • Prohibition part 2. Do some history research. That didn’t go so well the first time, sures hell ain’t going to work this time.

      Also drinking in moderation can be stress relieving, binge drinking is just dumb. But then again at todays day and age the Dumb greatly outnumber the responsible.

    • and pot destroy’s brain cell’s

  • Have known this for 50 years. Only the ignorant among us would think otherwise…and the politicians of course.

  • Been sayin this for years!

  • Shit. I’m drunk right now, I don’t want to smoke Mary Jwana.

  • Breast feeding leads to heroin.

  • I thought it was milk.

  • Oh really? Never would have guessed…..

  • Yes. And we see alcohol everywhere on tv, magazines, movies etc…
    It’s like they can’t make movies if there is no booze in it.

  • duh

  • Yeah this argument will be put at rest, just like the “world is flat” argument is at rest.

  • Duh

  • It’s Milk. Milk is the gateway drug.

  • TBH I believe it all has to do with the person. Weak minded and weak willed individuals I believe are much more susceptible to addictions, whether it be alcohol or drugs. I drink alcohol just fine. I’m 27 and I’ve only been drunk a handful of times in my life. And I’ve never been plastered/blackout drunk. I’ve smoked weed a little before, but didn’t like it so I don’t now.

    The only time I was near borderline alcoholic was a very stressful month I was going through and I was drinking 2-3 strong jack and cokes every night. Here’s the thing, I realized I was going down a path I didn’t want, so I stopped. Now I drink maybe once or twice a week, maybe one or two drinks each time. It all depends on you as a person.

  • No free publicity of talking about drugs is a gateway to drugs… Remember how cool the DARE officer and the news made them sound cool? The only obvious ones that were a turn off were Heroin, crack, and cocaine.

    Officer: when high on pot you will feel like you are flying, if you take acid, you will see rainbows… Who the fuck doesn’t want to try that shit?

  • It was always bullshit. Cigarettes were for us. We could buy them out of the machine or say they were for our parents. We couldn’t get hold of alcohol until later. Weed came even later since it was illegal and we needed to get it from someone older, plus we needed a way to smoke it. Kids don’t always have access to those things.

  • There was a recent 60 minutes story about the increasing problem of heroin in suburban high schools. Many of the students interviewed said that prescription pain medications were their “gateway drug.” And of course, heroin is cheaper than a prescription!

  • Eric Lee Osterholm I
    They think your nonsense.

  • Duh

  • The Gateway Drug is actually an underground Hip-Hop trio from Sioux City, Iowa…check em out…

  • Lol

  • And I thought it was milk.

  • No fucking way. It took how long for this to be obvious?

  • depressant

  • alcohol the gateway drug-

  • I thought it was Brest milk !

  • Im drinking right now and my gateway drug is cup of noodles..damn I knew Id get hooked ..I need therapy quick

  • I think every drug is the gateway drug. It just depends on what we started with.

  • Alcohol makes you not give a shit … pot makes you have fun.

  • The free thought project is promoted by people that can’t think for themselves. They are predictable on every issue.

  • duh.

  • We did this, we are the society we hold at fault. We wanted to vilify what “the other” did, and glorify our way. Now it affects us, and again we look to help ourselves off the backs of others. Damn, when will the dissonance stop?

  • Yes!! Alcohol is definitely the gateway drug! I know from experience!

    • Yea sure, so does that make you a profesional or just irresponsible? I know hundreds of people who drink that do not do drugs.

  • I believe it goes chewing gum tobacco alcohol weed and so on

    • I chased the zebra for a long time next thing you know i had to buy it by the foot then i got into the major leagues and got it by the ounce.

  • Pot is not a gateway drug to anything! I’ve never seen a person smoke pot and want to get into a fight with anyone, but alcohol makes people turn mean and ugly!

    • You make it sound like everybody is a bad person when drunk. I myself and many other that i know are very happy drunks.

      You cant ban Alcohol you will end up with the prohibition period all over again, where crime sky rocketed.

    • Feelings, feelings, it is all about common sense when using/drinking anything!

  • True don’t forget cigarettes

  • People are the gateway my friends. I feel its time we stop blaming objects for our human problems. If we educated people more about all of them, there would be nothing to fear, the taboo would lift, and we could live amongst eachother without judgment….. About that anyways lol.

  • duh

  • They actually needed a study for this…..Strange,I knew that before this study,and I´m not even a scientist….

  • Duh!

  • I still believe tobacco is the gateway drug.

  • alcohol is a legal drug. just don’t need a perscription to get it

  • I’ve been saying that for sometime.

  • There is no gateway drug. You can just keep reducing it forever. The entire theory is absolute shenanigans.. Just don’t be a dummy.

  • I could have told you that in 1985….

  • As a licensed counselor, I’ve definitely seen this to be more likely.

  • it’s realy tobacco /booze/pills/pot

  • The “gateway drug” is the hole in the person that they are trying to fill….in reality not a drug at all..

  • Agree!!!!!

  • Can we drive a stake into its heart?

  • That’s the truth,I remember we all started with drinking,black label was a fav,and bones farm wine

  • It’s the truth,alcohol is everyone’s first,easy to get,you’re parents always have it !

  • Alcohol alone destroys so many families,everyone can attest to that,we all have our horror stories.

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  • We can no longer allow people to use the “gateway” argument with cannabis.

  • Nah, it’s sugar.

  • Patient: can i have weed for my back
    Doc: no its a gateway drug here have some oxy
    Patient: im addicted to oxy and moved to heroin
    Doc: here have some methadone

    Rinse, repeat

  • Usually starts with tobacco..

  • of course we knew…………

  • Cannabis being illegal in many places, is the very reason it might become a gateway drug. Because a person has to venture into the criminal parts of town to acquire it. Places where speed and coke are present already.

    • Or the fact that its a class one (really bad) drug listed while harder drugs have a lower classification

    • Watched refer madness one too many times did we?

    • My dealer only deals pot.. lol so i dunno who you go to lol

    • Ok well, my dude lives in a decent part of town and doesnt or hasnt ever mentioned other drugs unless i ask him. Just like people, some dealers suck and others are awesome.

  • The studies are wrong sugar is the gateway drug if anything is! Sweet tooth way before alcohol or marijuana use!

  • Everyone has known this. But there is no money in acknowledging that truth. Too many folks getting rich due to criminalization of herb.

  • Sugar, caffeine, nicotine, booze… It starts in the womb, is solidified in childhood and destructive by our teens. Good luck getting out of your 20’s, kiddos! It’s set up for us to depend on something…

  • They knew !!!! They just hoped we didn’t, and would fall for that prop propaganda!!!

  • Well, no shit! I didn’t need a study to tell me that.

  • T.v. and ill education and parenting are gateways

  • No shit.

  • i have only one very eloquent word for this…..”duh”.

  • April Hagadorn

  • more dengerus then cannab..,i know that cos i feel on my one exp….

  • The gateway is the mind, sometimes the liquor holds the key.

  • its not rocket science

  • Don’t you realize if weed was bad it would be legal like all the bad stuff out there.

  • We have fallen for prohibition…..AGAIN!!!!

  • Well,Duh…

  • No duh!

  • Pretty obvious don’t you think?

  • Booze has a bad record and that the scary part

  • i,ll drink to that !

  • I like how its supposed to be a great drug to cocaine n alcohol n such..meanwhile its considered a schedule one drug n cocaine n alcohol are its a gateway drug to lesser drugs?

  • Also to cannabis never killed anybody alcohol has

  • My first drink was 44 years ago


  • I’ve always thought that

  • Did you no that slutty chicks are more likely to give it up if they’re drunk than their high?

    • LoL , true sluts give it up sober.

    • I just want to make sure that people arent losing sight of what’s really important here lol

  • There are no gateway drugs, only choices.


  • My close friend who is no longer with us used to say ” if weed is the gateway drug, then alcohol is the floodgate drug”..

  • Yes.Yes I did.Thanks very much for the warning though.

  • Whats the ratio of people who need rehab from alcoholism to those who smoke marijuana, 100 to 1 or more I’ll bet….

  • I’ve never thought it was a good idea to spend $150 on blow while I was smoking Marijuana happened plenty of times with alcohol

  • ……………..any of us that have been doing it since 1960……………..ha ha ha ha……….

  • Seriously they needed to conduct a study to figure that out…intelligent idiots

  • So let me get this straight. We’re spending tax money on studies that we already knew the outcome to 25 years ago. And we think that legalization is a major issue. Wtf? SHEEPLE wake up, please wake up.
    Pot has been illegal since 1937 hasn’t stopped anyone from doing it. We have much larger issues on our plate such as letting our world leaders destroy our planet for profit, think about that for a second……. where are you going to grow if you can’t sustain life on earth 50-70 years from now

  • Let’s stop making arguments over which substance is worse and start talking about who really have ownership over your own body.

  • But what do “facts” really mean…

  • Yes of course alcohol has destroyed more lives than all the illegal drugs combined

  • Lying has never stopped congress from using that to pass laws.

  • Make it illegal

  • Or everything legal

  • I read an article on this just the other day. I’m thinking, “No shit Sherlock”.

  • Did you know :

    That I have been a consumer of alcohol since 1985 and I have always been, am and always will be, AGAINST drug use.

    • Congratulations, I can smoke cigarettes and not be addicted, doesnt mean they arent fucking addictive. Things effect everyone differently.

  • Alcohol is the pregnancy drug also ; ‘D

  • It all depends on how you experience life and look at life.There’s guys I know who smoke weed and start freaking out and use weed incorrectly. When they combine it with alcohol and other drugs it gets a bad name because it was involved in with their other uses. If your using it as a crutch or to escape some aspect of reality then your not using it in a positive way. The positive properties it has are phenomenal.


  • I call Bullshit on this one ! Blaming any drug for your own weakness of spirit , IS WRONG ! That is like blaming your pencil for making mistakes , because you are not smart to know better ! Only weak people with weak minds blame their abuse of a substance ,on anything but their own weak wills !

  • Shut the fuck up…the words “Gateway drug” is a joke, period!!!

  • aspirin . . .

  • And we already know banning Spirits (I dislike the Arabic word ‘alcohol’) doesn’t work…

  • Bri Crosbie

  • The problem is drug and alcohol education. All this lying about drugs being bad is the problem. Drugs are in moderation, I believe, are good for you. Particularly the psychedelics.

  • It’s bullshit, no such thing as a gateway drug. Twinkys might as well lead to ding dongs, milk leads to chocolate milk. Etc…

  • It’s astonishing what drug addled university types come up with.

  • #truth

  • DUHHH!!!!!

  • Knock it off with this shit, or the do-gooders will try to ban alcohol again. ALL drugs should be legal.

  • Makes sense. Weed makes you question– Alcohol makes you not question

  • Stupidity is the number one gateway drug Oh and pain , and trauma , addiction is not about the substance of the drug but the substance of the mind

  • No such thing as a gateway drug. If all drugs disappeared overnight, people would be spinning around till dizzy and hanging upside down to get lightheaded.

  • Cannabis is only a gateway to a bag of Doritos.

  • Interesting that a study was needed to validate what many of us have known since forever.

  • And if not alcohol there is Vicodin, OxyContin and so many more, and then there is cannabis for a successful recovery from those addictions.

  • Ya don’t say?

  • Pot is the gateway away from all the other drugs. I recommend pot to all the people I know addicted to pharmaceuticals. It helps for depression and anxiety drugs as well as pain killers..

  • The “gateway” theory is bullshit, always was. Applying it to alcohol is still bullshit. Even though I appreciate pointing out the hypocrisy in how we define what drugs are good or bad.

  • Let me end this topic once and for all, gateway is your mind!

  • did you know that most people don’t give a shit?

  • Well I drank before I ever smoked

  • not true!

  • Isn’t that a young Lindsey Lohan in the middle?

  • I disagree, handing children pretty “vitamins” and “pills”, teaching them that they are what makes them healthy—and sugar load “fruit juices” and sodas…. THAT’S the gateway. Children should be taught the bennefits of REAL food and understand the platform of health they can build for themselves through the knowledge of growing viable life.

  • Study confirms that which has always been patently obvious to even the most casual of observers.

  • Thats a no brainer haha

    Get drunk get a bag, get stonned eat food and watch movies

  • It’s also the exit drug after You’ve stopped all drugs You may still enjoy some alcohol.

  • Lucy Mcdonough tell your mother please

  • The main gateway is pure ignorance! – Seems the US of A… got loads of that…


  • So, alcohol, then cannabis?

  • Did you know misinformation and shitty education about drugs is the leading cause of drug misuse and abuse? Not alchohol not marijuana but just plain bad information.

  • So damn true!

  • There is no gateway drug. It use to be food and drug. We have always eaten food and taken remedies throughout existence. There is no gateway food. I like food you don’t and drugs don’t affect everyone the same way. None work for everyone. People should stop Judging and mind there own business.

    • It’s not about judgement of particular drugs over others.
      Some people are born who just don’t feel right, or have had a lot of trauma during childhood like many have, we don’t all cope the same way. In a world filled with people seeking instant gratification it’s no wonder people use/abuse drugs. Addiction isn’t about the substance, it’s about the obsession and compulsion to change the way you feel. We’re not taught self love in school/home, we aren’t taught about the connection between our thoughts and feelings, we aren’t taught to be emotionally mature, we aren’t taught about positive thinking and mindfulness, we’re taught by scare tactics that drugs are bad and that they can kill you. When you don’t fear death, why would that stop you.

    • i was going to add, until it starts negatively affecting ones life and others around them. I chose not to.. I didn’t think it was about addiction either. Some are prone to addiction and others aren’t also. Those that are need to be more careful then others Thank you, James:) P.S. Alcohol vs Marijuana Gateway:)

    • Lol Marijuana is more a gateway than alcohol. More people refuse to try marijuana than alcohol. I don’t know anyone that’s tried anything stronger without smoking dope first. And I know 100s of addicts

  • Been saying that for years

  • true but there is more money to be made by keeping cannabis on the black market

  • The rich get richer and the poor get the picture

  • We don’t need government studies We the People do the studies far cheaper

  • both are.

  • How bout having some fucking will power and saying “No” to:
    Any and all substances

    cuz you know it’s your choice to do a drug no matter what form it takes

  • Of course it is. How many people do you think would even smoke if it wasnt for alcohol

  • I’ve never smoked a bowl and been like, ya know what some cocaine would be nice right now…. Can’t say the same for alcohol

  • Is that Lindsey lohan?

  • We get it, you guys smoke weed

  • the gateway drug is milk.

  • 15 people die from the use of alcohol every day in Australia. It is a truly toxic, addictive and deadly drug best used for cleaning things and not for human consumption. Having said that I love a glass of wine or beer…One!

  • Not sure there’s is a gateway besides the actual person who doesn’t possess the power to say no and any drug or alcohol can put certain people to the test!!!

  • Cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana can be described as gateway drugs. That said there is a larger percent of people that have not tried marijuana than that of alcohol and cigarettes. I bet that someone who refuses to smoke marijuana, isn’t gonna go and use Meth, heroin or coke. Marijuana was definitely my gateway drug although I had drank liquor first. That said I wouldn’t have smoked marijuana if I didn’t smoke cigarettes.

  • Yep I drank before I toked…

  • my oath, even i could have told u that for christs sake. another tool of the new world order so to speak. create an addictive industry that destroys people for bloody profit-again!

  • No shit?!

  • Indeed my dear

  • Why is there no warring labels on alcohol bottles

  • i can say that foresure booze was the gateway for me. and i believe that it is for most