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New Study Shows Cannabis to be an Effective Treatment for the 6th Leading Cause of Death in US


Scientific research continues to uncover an astonishing number of ways in which medical cannabis can treat human ailments. The latest is a clinical study conducted by Israeli researchers which found that cannabis is “a promising treatment option” for those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

This degenerative neurological disease affects more than five million Americans and is ranked as the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. Women comprise about two-thirds of those affected with this devastating condition.

The study was carried out by researchers at Abarbanel Mental Health Center and the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel-Aviv University. Results of the month-long trial showed that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—the main active ingredient in cannabis—caused a “significant reduction” in mental illness severity, particularly with regard to irritability, aggression/agitation, delusions and insomnia.

The THC was administered through cannabis oil and was determined to be a safe treatment. These findings add to a growing body of evidence pointing to cannabis as an effective means of relieving the behavioral and psychological symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Past studies indicate the active ingredients in cannabis can provide palliative relief to Alzheimer’s patients with dementia — calming them down and allowing them to sleep. Cell studies also indicate cannabis’ active ingredients could prevent the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s, by interrupting the cycle of beta-amyloid plaque creation thought to cause Alzheimer’s Disease. – SF Gate

Since this condition is among the top ten causes of death in the U.S., there is real potential for cannabis to actually save lives. Alzheimer’s Disease kills people indirectly, through complications caused by the debilitating condition.

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Pneumonia may cause two-thirds of the deaths in patients with dementia, and is sometimes caused by inhaling food due to difficulty swallowing. Reducing agitation through cannabis treatment may help with swallowing, thereby reducing cases of pneumonia.

Infections and blood clots from being bedridden are other causes of death among Alzheimer’s patients. As cannabis becomes an accepted medical treatment, perhaps we could see a reduction in the prevalence of being bedridden.

In any case, family members would most likely see a reduction in aggression, irritability and delusions, which would be an enormous emotional relief.

This study is just one more reason why governments must end the war on cannabis and fully accept its status as a bona fide medicine.

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  • Lmfao. I agree to the usage of cannabis for medical traeatment. But its ridiculous that all the addict support it just because they want to smoke it. Might as well legalize cocaine for that matter. Its also used on the medical field.

    • Who’s to say what a person can or can’t put in their own body. In my opinion, certainly not the government.

    • Lmao. I agree but i dont agree to legalize for other than medical use.

    • Addict, lol.

    • there is a LOT of difference between coke and pot – heck alcohol is much harder on the body and addictive

    • Lmao. Likewise my friend. Can you get up in the morning, eat or sleep without it. I dont think so. Hence the word addiction.

    • But then again, one can never win an argument with weed supporters who want to use for other than medical uses.

    • I agree barabara.

    • Can I see your evidence that cannabis is addictive? Or is this just your opinion?

    • How do you win an argument with an opinion?

    • No ken its not my opinion.

    • It’s not your opinion? But you present it as such?

    • Lol. Sure.

    • Its none of your business and certainly none of the govts business who puts what in their body!

    • Not so keen to commit to your earlier statements Flip?

    • Cannabis is addictive, lmao, Spread that propaganda

    • Lol. Sure thing

    • Proof?

    • Typical, people spouting of an opinion on something with no facts to back up what they claim! Notice how all he has to say are things like “lol sure” and “no Ken it’s not my opinion”.

    • Were either free, including making “bad” decisions, or we’re not. There is no in between. If you don’t like drugs, don’t do them.

    • Exactly, legalize everything. Let us decide what’s right for us. It’s no one’s choice but ours, and that’s never going to change.

  • It’s called boredom!!!!

  • and a great way to NOT PHUCK PEOPLE UP for being so phuking stupid, thinking everyone is the same and won’t do shit about it…….NLM—“NO LIVES MATTER”

  • The ideal that a collective group determines what is best for the individual is asinine . Ones individual body is his greatest property right and should never be infringed upon . Anything else is SLAVERY at its purest form .

    • Actually its a small group forcing its viewpoint upon a large group because greed.

  • http://m.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/media/releases/extreme_exposure_to_secondhand_cannabis_smoke_causes_mild_intoxication free thought project you are overlooking the dangers of marijuana. This john Hopkins study goes so far as to show the dangers of even second hand marijuana smoke. There may be some benefits to marijuana, but you are vastly overblowing the benefits and drastically minimizing the horrific dangers of marijuana. This includes the way marijuana can exacerbate mental illness such as exacerbating bipolar and schizophrenia. I know this first hand. The violence in our society is increasing and I think it is related the deregulation of mArijuana. I don’t think we have legalization of marijuana we hVe deregulation and selective enforcement of drug laws

    • Keep spreading that propaganda, smfh

    • Ray, are you really so clueless that you need Johns Hopkins to tell you that sitting in an un-ventilated room with a half dozen stoners smoking their brains out will get you a ‘contact high’?

    • Ray Deh You fear change and fear the realization that the system you love so much has been lying to you since you were born. It’s okay to have cognitive dissonance for a little bit but it’s not okay to be OKAY with that forever. your ignorant and ignorance is curable. do some real research..

    • ray deh u are an idiot.
      i have been using cannabis for over 20 years, same as millions of others with no problem. as for your claim about exacerbating mental illness : cannabis can be used to treat mental illness.

    • Paul venneman you may have been smoking so much weed that it’s clouding your cognition…the studies showing the dangers of weed for mental illness are so numerous and there are very few supportive of weed for me tsk illness

    • That Johns Hopkins study is just the tip of the iceberg… You. People don’t realize the train wreck were heading for or you don’t care…you people do a disservice to the ethical use of marijuana

    • Ray, when Cannabis is exposed as a great medicine for body ,mind and soul, you gonna feel stupid. Thank GOD for Cannabis!

    • Only thing that really helped me with PTSD. Now I can sleep well without nightmares. I had all kinds of nerve damage from tension from PTSD all healed up. Made fists so tight that it damaged my arms at night. I also kicked and punched in my sleep and could not sleep next to my wife. Now I can. Ive never taken anything that works so well with nerve damage to my body. Arms, neck, back, all feel much better feels like it is all healing.

    • I’m speaking more about bipolar and schizophrenia…marijuana is devaststing to bipolar and schizophrenia

  • It’s not effective for number one leading cause of death.. killer cops.. i’ll tell you that for sure..

  • Ray Deh,take your blinkers off and get educated on medicinal marijuana.No ways will it be good for one sickness and bad for another.Any negative results surely comes from Big Pharma,they will do anything to undermind the good of marijuana.They stand to lose billions of dollars,no more blood money from us, we know now how they are poisoning the people and keeping real meds from us.

  • I don’t just post the stuff for sport I expect you people who are anti marijuana to read this shit and get educated. Now do your homework

  • They want you to buy their drugs. they want your money.

  • Ray Deh I would like you to tell me what do these so-called dangers are.

  • I’m OK with this 🙂

  • I still worry about the dangers of people driving under the influence of marijuana. Is anyone else?

    National Geographic did a good article on this too last year.

    • No. U drive slower and safer. Its the opposite of alcohol where alcohol makes u think u can still drive perfectly while in fact u cant. Weed makes u think ur impaired while in fact u drive almost perfectly.

    • Really? I’ve taught students who just smoked out and they can’t do anything.

  • Sammi Afzal

  • it can stop police brutality ??

  • cette plante a la propriété de réglé bien des mots, mais de les réglé n’est pas payant, c’est sa le probleme!!!! c’est bien plus payant de simplement soulagé et de crée un accoutumance et un abonnement aux médicament fabriqué par les compagnies pharmaceutiques!!!!!

  • Why this can cure and help so many people is not legalized is beyond me. But huge phamaceutical Companies would loose so much money and the gov. can’t let that happen.

    • It works best straight from the plant with no processing needed and all u need is a seed, soil, water and sun. No big farma needed so no profit…