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Study Shows Deaths from Dangerous Painkillers Plummet in States with Legal Weed


So far in the US, 23 states and Washington, D.C. have legalized cannabis for medical use. Direct benefits are continuously being discovered and confirmed, such as cannabis oil successfully treating epilepsy.

Medical cannabis can even combat the problem of prescription drug overdose that continues to rise in the United States.

A study published by JAMA Internal Medicine found that states with medical cannabis laws had significantly lower rates of opioid overdose mortality. A time-series analysis was conducted from 1999 to 2010, including all 50 states.

“Three states (California, Oregon, and Washington) had medical cannabis laws effective prior to 1999. Ten states (Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Vermont) enacted medical cannabis laws between 1999 and 2010. States with medical cannabis laws had a 24.8% lower mean annual opioid overdose mortality rate…compared with states without medical cannabis laws. Examination of the association between medical cannabis laws and opioid analgesic overdose mortality in each year after implementation of the law showed that such laws were associated with a lower rate of overdose mortality that generally strengthened over time. In secondary analyses, the findings remained similar.”

The US health care system has a reputation for heavy reliance on prescription drugs. Drug companies make billions by securing patents through government and showering doctors with gifts for pushing their pills. Opioid analgesics are prescribed for chronic pain.

According to Americans for Safe Access, “it is estimated that at least 38 million adults suffer from chronic pain, and at least 12 million have used cannabis as a treatment.”

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Cannabis can provide direct pain relief and can control nausea, vomiting and dizziness that often accompany severe, prolonged pain. It can also control nausea associated with taking opioid drugs for pain relief.

Medical cannabis laws are pending in other US states. The longer they deny this treatment, the more it will contribute to prescription drug overdose.

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    • The only argument that’s really needed is that alcohol is legal and infinitely more destructive and dangerous. End of story

    • the republican party is a church.

    • obama must be some constitutional scholar, since he doesnt know shit about the constitution he swore an oath to defend

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    • No it is not fair!!

  • The only medicines we need come out of the ground.

  • Right fork in the road for me !

  • I have known people so ill that only medical marijuana could ease their suffering. Some were forced to relocate to states that recognized the value of medical marijuana in order to avoid arrest and jail.

  • Heard that too!

  • Oh how sad. The OxyContin family will lose billions

  • Weed will not be “legal” until you can plant it in a pot yourself and harvest it. All these states are doing is generating yet another revenue stream that will soon be diverted into politicians pockets.

    • You can grow it yourself in states it’s legal. 6 plants per person I think.

    • Depends on the state and the type of license you have.

    • Jay Roberts If you must have a license then you are still generating state revenue.

    • No rich business owners!

  • Big Pharma and uneducated folks who haven’t a clue about marijuana are dangerous to my health. I have forty-two+ years of smoking the natural herb and I’m in good shape for a gal who does not eat right or exercise and has also smoked cigarettes for damn near same amount of time. I am a law abiding citizen other than my love affair with Herb. Now if you want to hear about what happens to me when I consume alcohol, we’d have to meet in person as I can’t type that many words,lol. Peace & Prayers

  • I don’t see how any drug is a gateway drug to something stronger. If you know how painful it is to have your guts dug out your leg because of vascular ulcers and the pain from getting dvts constantly and your veins are in knots from all the damage plus other issues ontop of that, I take pain medication to ease the pain. Been dealing with these issues for the last 4yrs. Guess what, I’m not taking more than I should and I’m not using any illegal drugs.
    Now idk about medical marijuana. Is it different than normal pot? I used to smoke a lot in my younger years and again about 10yrs ago. I didn’t think it worked good for pain like others stated so I’m curious to know if there is a difference.
    My view is they can’t tax it for profit. If crack was suppose to relive diet problems, we would be talking about legalizing crack. But if they legalize pot then only a few places will be allowed to sell it and then you will get taxed, all other ways will be illegal.
    Only thing I see bad about smoking pot is that it calms you down and makes you eat. So if it doesn’t help me with pain but helps others and others don’t want to be on painkillers then it should be legal.

    • I take it for PTSD and it also stopped all my pains. Neck,back,and arms. They have some strands that are very good for pain at the medical marijuana dispensary.

    • I just think those who don’t know about marijuana are the ones who are against it. Like I said, it didn’t do much for me except for make me chill and eat, but what don’t work for me may work for others. I just hate those who claim its a gateway drug that will lead to something stronger. But I know people who complain about prescription drugs and they are the same who abuse the drug by taking more than they should.

  • A natural

  • This is huge success!!!

  • The government taxing the things we need or at least what we benefit from greatly is nothing to be proud of.

  • Just do it

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  • Yes of coarse about time

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  • Let’s go green for the environment

  • It just takes a little longer to die a pothead!!

    • When r u gonna grow up Brad and realize that mj is safer than drinking a mt dew and ur prohibition ways r anti freesom and that the federal govt had zero authority to ban any substance…its a states rights issue and this is proven to b a very effective medicine for many ailments that help especially children

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    Thank you Jesus!!

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    • Stats have shown.. more deaths from prescription drugs than illegal drugs. Would be a better World if we raised people who do not require either/or both to try and survive their lives in the mess created by our war-mongering power-hungry ancestors. Thinking “simple kindness to whomever of humanity we come across each day” would go a long to lessening drug-addictions!

  • No way

  • If your on opiates youll never stop if you try they give you opiates to get off opiates Wtf

  • I got a med card in Michigan got illegally raided now judge won’t let me take my doctor prescribed meds

  • How about call it cannabis so it doesn’t look like a stoner post because that is it’s name not weed or pot or smoke help the medical cannabis community out a bit by looking a little intelligent.

  • What drug war? If there ever was an “end” 250,000 people would be out of a job!

  • Many of the medicinal effects of marijuana are preventative and over extended periods of time. Medicinal only laws cannot address this as doctors can only prescribe it for EXISTING conditions. Besides, only full legalization is principled.

  • Governor Matt Bevin

  • Deaths are a direct result of taking a handful to get high,if you take them the way they are prescribed they are safe,addictive yes but they are safer than a lot of stuff out there for pain .

  • Declassify and there is no legal offense.