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Cassandra Rules
July 28, 2014


No strangers to brutality, Santa Ana PD have been up to no good yet again; and like before- its been captured on video.

Surveillance footage from June 20th shows vicious officers savagely beating 27 year old Edgar Vargas Arzate as he is held face down on the ground, having been chased and surrendered, for suspicion of burglary.

In the video, we see the young man put his hands up and lay down on the ground before being attacked and punched by an officer in the back repeatedly, as more officers rush over to hold him down, and another bully cop beats his legs with a baton.

“He (the officer) started hitting him hard, with anger, the guy (Edgar Vargas Arzate) was yelling, ‘Help me! Help me!’”

according to a witness.

Amazingly, Arzate has been charged with battery on a peace officer. He must have really harmed them while face down on the ground, being assaulted, with a knee in his back.

Watch for yourself here-

Just to illustrate how out of control they are, let’s recap a little bit of Santa Ana PD’s past year, shall we?

On July 30 of last year, Kevin Arellano, an unarmed 22 year old transcient man, was shot and killed by a female officer. In the video the shots seem to take place approximately five seconds after she approaches him.  The fatal bullet in his chest was seemingly for calling her a “bitch”.

On April 8th of this year, an officer used a choke hold on a young boy appearing to be around 10 years old who was allegedly tagging. In the video we hear witnesses frantically trying to comfort the boy while yelling at the deranged officer-

“You’re choking a little kid. He’s not fighting you, are you crazy? Are you crazy? Because you’re choking him, man!”

At the Santa Ana May Day march on May 1, a demonstrator was reportedly arrested after being hit by an officer on a motorcycle.

In a video uploaded to YouTube in May, Santa Ana PD points tasers at 2 young women on bikes for refusing to answer questions.

On June 13th Officer Craig slammed 19 year old activist and cop watcher Jordyan Carroll to the ground for standing on the median while warning people of a checkpoint. She spent the evening in the emergency room for a head injury.

It is time for some serious accountability over in Santa Ana.