In order for the State to make people believe that “democratic” centralized government is necessary for a functioning society, it must work to keep the people from gaining too much freedom and self-sufficiency.

But technology and information sharing are allowing people, like never before, to break from entrenched power interests that control our money, our economy, our energy, our food, our property – and thus our lives.

For decades the State has partnered with corporate giants – such as the fossil fuel and biotech industries – to maintain the façade of freedom and choice, all the while fleecing the masses. Meanwhile, government employs overt means such as “ordinances” to maintain dependence and thwart the sustainable lifestyle.


As we reported in Nov. 2016, towns and cities across the U.S. are banning tiny homes or severely limiting one of the main reasons for their existence – self-sufficiency. Where tiny homes are allowed, they often must be affixed to the ground in a government-approved fashion and are required to connect to the utility grid.

So, even if someone can power their tiny home with solar energy, they must be ‘connected’ and pay the utility company and government taxes. The State and its corporate partners certainly see the slippery slope to freedom that the masses can gain by harnessing free, clean energy from their rooftop and water from the sky.

Several U.S. states either prohibit rainwater collection or have very strict laws regarding such. While there is a legitimate concern in arid regions about preserving natural streams, does residential rainwater collection (i.e. a 1,000 gallon cistern) actually have any effect on stream water levels? Governments immediately jump to restricting the public’s ability to live self-sufficiently, without providing actual data to justify their actions.

Solar panels are a bigger target for establishment forces that can only thrive if the masses conform to a centralized grid. States such as Indiana and Nevada are passing bills that are designed to cripple the fast-growing solar industry, while keeping in place the same old favors for fossil fuel interests. Solar energy technology is improving at light speed (pun intended) and prices are crashing due to market forces, meaning that rooftop solar – and self-sufficiency – threatens to upend the long dominance of fossil fuels.

Vegetable gardening is not even immune from State interference. In Miami Shores, a couple was forced to destroy their front yard vegetable garden after government threatened them with a fine of $50 each day it remained.

When our garden was in full production, we had no need to shop for produce. At least 80 percent of our meals were harvested fresh from our garden,” said Hermine Ricketts. “This law crushes our freedom to grow our own healthy food. No one should have to expend time and energy dealing with such nonsense.

In any reality but the American police state, a front yard vegetable/herb garden would draw respect and admiration. In the corporatocracy, though, buying food produced in centralized factories is preferred.

‘Death by a thousand cuts’ could sum up the strategy of the State to derail the movement toward freedom and self-sufficiency. Everything essential to living is subject to rules and regulations which seems to have a natural tendency toward ever greater restriction.

However, it is entirely possible for an informed populace, armed with technology, to overcome the forces that would keep us dependent on centralized, corrupted systems.

  • John C Carleton

    Russia? America is not free. Has not been free from 1791 when the scum bankers, lawyers and politicians, stole Americans freedom and instituted an occupation of the sovereign States, when they killed off the Articles of Confederation, and forced on America, the current “constitution”, which allowed all the evil, rape, wars, murders, and mayhem you see around you.

    ‘Lexington and Concord: The Flame Remains Unlit’

  • Semper Fortis


    all of these tryanny flavors are enforced by scumbags who will enforce tyranny for a paycheck and daily ego stroking.

    SUre, ill bet in the 1770s redcoats locked up some burglars, etcc did that make their PRIME MISSION any different. prime mission -“following orders” of tyrants.

  • G’ma G

    Remember that government workers parrot what they are told. It is often a lie. For example, workers in the administrative agencies are forever telling people their agency codes are law–they are not. You are only bound by their rules if you contract with them for services.

  • Gordon Klock

    It would appear that they have no intention of allowing average people to live, without being a helpless ‘living resource’, dependent upon the state, that exploits them with appaling & exasperating, deliberate, ignorance, & sadistic cruelty . (like they are all secretly jealous of “life” or something)
    Most claims of “terrorism” & the so called “war on cops” are largely part of a false narrative, projected upon the public, to cover for their own (poorly hidden) malevolence, combined with the fact that historically, such abuses eventually lead to open rebellion, only this time that seems to be exactly the sort of thing they ‘reverse engineered’ towards, (since they’ve been preparing for it, with all those tanks, etc.)….

  • Rebel Yell

    It’s actually worse than what’s being stated in this article. Small farms are under attack, organic is under attack, and keeping any kind of livestock on small farms is under attack in places like Michigan. In California, they actually destroyed an entirely self-sufficient community because it was deemed “unsightly.” In other areas, people who have harnessed wind power were not only forced to destroy their creation, they were actually JAILED.

    And then there’s the PSYCHOLOGICAL war on against rebelling against the govt and claiming your right to self-sufficientcy and self-determination. The confederate battle flag, more commonly called the REBEL FLAG, has been deemed a racist symbol and all but outlawed. Standing up for yourself or rebelling is something the govt fears.

  • Alleged Comment

    IS in the the Constitution?

    If it is not, ONE, you don’t have to follow it. TWO, you can impeach, expel or arrest your representative for NOT representing and/or committing treason.

    So, i don’t know why you guys are obowing and obeying the uckers for? You already got rid of an obama.

  • Jeiwsh Mitzvah

    Battlefield America! 2017: Whats your line in the sand


  • thomas jefferson

    BLIND,DEFT,AND EXTREMELY STUPID,the very worse combination,thats what anyone who is licking the police gangs ass,and thats 90% of americans,they think the government will save them,even if its taking them to a Fema Death Camp,to be killed,and they will by the millions,before anyone wakes up enough to save themselves,you can’t warn IDIOTS,thank GOD not everyone is,10% aren’t

  • Ibcamn

    cops are the new homegrown terrorists……….

  • Steve Rusk

    The government also supports renewable technologies with near equal aggression. My home was valued at $73,000 until the Blue Creek Wind Farm was built around it, last sale price $16.500, neither I nor my neighbors were compensated for this disaster. 10038 Elm Sugar Rd. Scott, Ohio

  • Neanderthal Jim

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the power companies are subsidizing the Chemtrails to hampered the suns efficiency and slow the solar industry

  • Neanderthal Jim

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the power companies are subsidizing the Chemtrails to hampered the suns efficiency and slow the solar industry