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SWAT Starts Standoff With 76-Year-Old Unconscious Grandpa in Diabetic Shock and Kills Him

Fresno, CA – The family of a Fresno man is challenging the narrative of the Kings County Sheriff’s Office in the killing of 76-year-old Albert Hanson, Jr. Officers say that Hanson initiated a “standoff” while sitting in his car and fired a round from his rifle, prompting the SWAT team to open fire on his vehicle. That was the story reported in local media.

However, the family says that their father was most likely suffering a diabetic episode and had pulled over to the side of the road, where he was in an incapacitated state and could not follow orders from the cops.

Stacey Berbereia, Daniel Hanson and Kimberly Niz filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Kings County and three officers, asserting that Hanson never fired a shot and the police resorted to deadly force with no justification.

Hanson had left on the morning of April 26, 2015 to go squirrel hunting with rifles in his vehicle. The sheriff’s office reported that a farm worker called their department, saying that Hanson was parked on the side of the road with two rifles in his car and was making obscure comments.

A sheriff’s deputy who arrived at the scene reported that he could see in the driver’s seat and nothing else. A California Highway Patrol helicopter went to the scene, and personnel reported to the officers that Hanson appeared to be sleeping.

The family states in the complaint that Hanson “reasonably appeared to be someone who was either ill or emotionally distressed.” The deputy ordered Hanson to exit the vehicle, but Hanson remained with his hands on the steering wheel, so the deputy called for backup.

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The situation quickly escalated when the SWAT team arrived, even though Hanson presented “no more of a threat then than he had previously.”

“Hanson remained largely unresponsive in his vehicle, never attempted to exit the vehicle, and was never observed wielding a firearm in a manner indicating he was an imminent threat, according to his family.

“Despite the plethora of tactical options and strategic advantages possessed by law enforcement personnel on scene, deadly force was exercised as the first and only considered option, and in the absence of apparent justification,” the family says.”

The sheriff’s office claimed that Hanson was holding the rifle and fired a round in an unknown direction, but the complaint states that Hanson never brandished a weapon. The SWAT team fired 47 shots at the vehicle, with 11 of them striking Hanson, killing him.

Why would a man going squirrel hunting point a rifle while sitting in his car, surrounded by an entire SWAT team? Far too often we hear unlikely excuses given by cops when they kill people with no justification.

It is more plausible that the man could not function properly while in a diabetic episode, and the SWAT team, geared up and ready to kill, did not attempt to use other options before carrying out the execution.

As the family’s lawsuit plays out in court, perhaps other officers at the scene will come forward to say that no shot was ever fired by Hanson. We may find that the Highway Patrol helicopter personnel never witnessed Hanson brandishing the weapon.

According to his family, Albert was a kind, loving, and witty man who loved his children, grandchildren, family, and friends. He was generous with his time to help anyone in need. He enjoyed fishing, hunting and spending time with his family. He attended the Visalia Christian Reformed Church where he was involved in the Men’s Bible Study Group. He also assisted at the Lyons Club in Dinuba.

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Truly a threat to national security.

  • John LeFrancois

    How could he have been shooting at police through a CLOSED window?

  • annouymously

    Gestapo tactics supported by lies.

  • Sagan Hill

    Fuck cops. They are truly incompetent.

    • William Keen

      OH NO! They were PERFECTLY competent to do as they were trained. They were taught to Order the victim to comply and when they do NOT, KILL!

      No one is EVER to ignore police. To do so will get you killed – SEE!

      • Linda Scott

        did you miss the part about him being incapacitated by a diabetic episode? I’ve had episodes where I was so out of it I couldn’t even dial 911 when I was barely conscious. If that is what cops are trained, then THEY NEED TO ADJUST THEIR TRAINING. NOBODY should be killed because they are incapable of responding.

  • Joe Mozdzen

    hope the same to the pigs

  • Thugs with Pepper Spray

    POS cops are trigger happy killers and nothing else. I hope they all die the same way.

  • David A. Tiangco

    How could he fire a round while unconscious? Sounds like more lies from the people who beat and kill us.

  • Reynaldo Balla

    you know that police will never admit to this kind of thing. deniability was there strongest weapon so far, now they have to make look as if it was okay. they will just lie.

  • Edward Drew

    47 shots so I’m guessing at least 4 cops on scene. Seems Shoot 1st, ask the dead guy questions later is working!

  • Anonymous

    Surprised this made any news because he is a white man. Only black people have wrongfull death suites against the police.

    • Frank Marion

      That’s BS! They kill more whites than blacks. Quit doin the divide and conquer trollboy!

    • Drew Draskil

      Were you born a moron, or did you have to go to school to become one?

  • David

    Murder…FBI…if what’s left of them can be fair and honest. All officers should be arrested and charged…

    • Linda Scott

      thank you. totally agree

  • Cam Alft

    all cops are criminals,every last one of them,there is not one decent cop left in this country anywhere………..they are all corrupt and work for a corrupted system……………………

  • Buddy Ruck Sr.

    seems to me, most of these killing by cops happen mostly in California

    • Tom

      California is usually a proving ground for certain operations.

  • John Erickson

    A “farm worker” you mean an illegal. How about “obscure comments” meaning the beaner can’t understand the English language. So some white guy who’s paid into the system, worked all his life, is snuffed out by some under-trained idiot? There’s good cops and bad ones and then there’s this crap.
    Gestapo brown shirts move over, Governor Jerry Brown’s Neo Lib-Nazis are coming!

    • Richard Tavis

      Oh, you mean like Trump… yes, he’s coming… brown shirts on sale at Penny’s…

    • Benjamin Parker

      You bigoted fucking fagot, the guy worked on a farm so you get all Deliverance on us, you inbred POS.

  • Carla

    Hands were always on the steering wheel, means no gun in hands.
    They could have opened the car door and then this would have never happened. Too many people have no idea what a diabetic looks like or acts like when their sugar is NOT right.
    They always compare the diabetic to being drunk or on drugs.

    • Vic

      I wish their family dead. (cop’s). or diabetes for that matter. the hypo glycemic kind that puts you in a vegetative state when your sugar is low and you can’t speak but your eyes are awake that way they can witness their death without screaming “don’t shoot”!

  • Robertsgt40

    I wonder if the cops even bothered tunning his plates?

  • Dennis

    As a nurse I know that diabetics when their blood sugar is low sometimes do things they would not normally do. Could be the case here.

  • Drew Draskil

    When the cops’ official statement has conflicting points (his hands were on the steering wheel and he was unresponsive, but he ALSO had a rifle in his hands and shot at the officers), you know that there’s a coverup. These cops are vicious thugs that literally have a license to kill, and they must be stopped.

  • Derrick Davis

    Truly sad…just sad….we are in for far worse….ONLY WE THE CITIZENS can make this country great

  • Thomas Hillgardner

    They dispatched a patrol car because “man making obscure comments while in possession of a firearm?” Don’t they have crime to fight?

  • Linda Scott

    how could people in a helicopter see inside a car? They’re usualy pretty far up. I’m a diabetic and have had episodes. Lows cause confusion going in and out of awareness, panting, sweating, etc. I can barely check my blood sugar, much less try to hold a rifle. The cops screwed up big time and they need jail time. I hope this family gets a judge who is very familiar with diabetes. They truly deserve justice