SWAT Uses Woman’s Home without Permission. ‘You all need to leave, you can’t be in your house’

SWAT Team: Via Wikicommons


SWAT Team: Via Wikicommons

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Deborah Franz feels violated. She claims the SWAT team went into her southside home without her permission during a standoff involving her neighbor Sunday afternoon.

Franz said it all started shortly after overhearing a fight at her neighbor’s house across the street Sunday. A short time later, the SWAT team swarmed her neighborhood.

“The cop goes ‘You all need to leave, you can’t be in your house,'” said Franz.

To hear the people in the above video try and rationalize a SWAT team forcing a family out of their home` and then breaking and entering is disheartening, to say the least.

Police are NOT above the law, there are no special circumstances in which crimes against innocent people are justified!

If this breaking and entering tactic was employed on just a small fraction of the over 40,000 military style “knock and announce” police raids a year, we’d be looking at a massive civil rights epidemic. This type of ‘do what we want’ behavior cannot be tolerated.



  • FiuToYou

    Every forking day a new horror story brought to you by the very fine upstanding police dept!! Maybe after Trump drains the ‘swamp’ in DC, he can clean out the cesspool that is the police depts of America!!!