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SWAT Goes to Wrong Home, Smash Windows Deploy Flashbang on Innocent People Anyway

cops-raid-wrong-houseSweetwater County, WY — Multiple members of Sweetwater County’s Joint Special Weapons and Tactics Team made an epic blunder last week when executing a search warrant in search of arbitrary substances deemed illegal by the state, crystal meth. As the heavily militarized team began smashing up the house and deploying flashbang grenades, they realized they were destroying the wrong home.

“It’s our responsibility to be in the right place at the right time; and we failed to do that,” Tom Jarvie, Patrol Lieutenant for the Green River Police Department said.

The SWAT team had the correct address which was 355 Fir Street. However, they were apparently so enthralled with the idea of breaking into someone’s home to arrest them for selling drugs, that they forgot how to work the GPS and arbitrarily picked an innocent family’s home to victimize.

But fret not, after breaking into the home through the front window and deploying a flash-bang at the wrong home, officers then found the correct home and arrested the owner for possession of methamphetamine.

Jason Normand, 35, was arrested Thursday, March 3, by DCI and charged with two felony counts of unlawful delivery of methamphetamine and one felony count of possession of methamphetamine with the intent to deliver.

After their blunder, the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office, Green River Police Department, and Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation released a joint press release.

On Thursday, March 3, 2016, at approximately 8:30 p.m., members of Sweetwater County’s Joint Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team, at the request of the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, executed a high risk search warrant at 355 Fir Street, Green River, Wyoming where individuals believed to be armed and in possession of controlled substances were located.  This warrant had been issued by a Judge in Sweetwater County, who authorized the search for weapons, illegal drugs and other drug paraphernalia.

During the execution, some members of the Sweetwater County Joint SWAT team regrettably broke a window and utilized flash bang distraction device at an incorrect address.  Immediately recognizing this mistake, personnel from the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office and the Green River Police Department made contact with the homeowners and coordinated the repair of the damaged property.

As previously reported, the execution of the search warrant at 355 Fir Street resulted in the seizure of methamphetamine, multiple firearms, and the arrests of multiple individuals.

Jarvie said the address accidentally targeted by SWAT would not be released, citing concerns of maintaining the homeowner’s privacy.

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Thankfully no babies were asleep in cribs when officers threw the flashbang into the wrong home.  Bounkham “Baby Bou Bou” Phonesavanh, was not so fortunate when police wrongfully entered his house and blew his face apart with a flashbang.

Police departments raiding the wrong homes and harming innocent people in search of illicit substances is commonplace in the land of the free.

All too often innocent children, parents, and grandparents become the unwitting victims of the state’s immoral war on what people choose to put into their own bodies. How many more unjustified state-sponsored murders will have to happen before America ends this vile practice?

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.


  • The Biggest thug gang in America.

    I wish they would all kill each other

  • Cam Alft

    remember folks…cops are of below average IQ,low brow,and they are hired to do this job,and want to……because this job attracks low brow rapists theives and murderers,LEO’s…..this is what you get,they lie on the stand to get you into the system,for profit……………cops are criminals.

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  • anarchyt

    Ever notice that police unions are “fraternal”? This should tell you something. The “thin-blue-line” is a gang, little different than street gangs–at least when it comes to “covering-up” questionable behavior by police.
    In today’s day and age, “officer safety” trumps de-escalation of force. This, in part, is due to the militarization of the police along with training in Israeli police tactics. This becomes a problem, with the “us vs. them” attitude that is fosters, along with the fact that Israel is a very different place, being on a constant “war footing”, and by necessity, its police tactics are very different.
    There are too many instances of police being “given a pass”, even when incontrovertible video and audio evidence is presented. Grand juries, guided by police-friendly prosecutors, quite often refuse to charge those police officers who abuse their authority.
    Police officers, who want to do the right thing, are quite often marginalized and put into harms way, by their own brethren…When a police officer is beating on someone that is already restrained while yelling, “stop resisting” THAT is but one reason police have a “bad name” in many instances…
    Here are changes that can help reduce the police-induced violence:
    1. Eliminate both “absolute” and “qualified” immunity for all public officials. The threat of being sued personally would encourage them to behave themselves.
    2. Any public funds disbursed to citizens as a result of police misconduct should come out of their pension funds–NOT from the taxpayers.
    3. Regular drug-testing of police officers as well as incident-based drug testing should take place whenever an officer is involved in a violent situation with a citizen–no exceptions.
    4. Testing for steroid use should be a part of the drug testing program. You know damn well, many police officers “bulk up” with the “help” of steroids. Steroids also affect users mentally as well, making them more aggressive. The potential for abuse of citizens increases greatly with steroid use.
    5. Internal affairs should only be used for disagreements between individual officers–NOT for investigations involving citizen abuse. State-level investigations should be mandatory for all suspected abuses involving citizens.
    6. Prosecutors should be charged with malfeasance IF any evidence implicating police officer misconduct is not presented to the grand jury.
    7. A national or state-by-state database of abusive individuals who should NEVER be allowed to perform police work should be established–a “blacklist” of abusive (former) police officers.
    8. Get rid of police unions. Police unions (fraternities) protect the guilty, and are responsible for the massive whitewashing of questionable police behavior that is presently being committed.
    9. Most people are unaware that police have special “rules” that prohibit them from being questioned for 48 hours. This allows them to “get their stories straight” and makes it easier to “cover up” bad police behavior. Police must be subject to the same laws as civilians.
    10. All police should be required to wear bodycams and utilize dashcams that cannot be turned off. Any police officers who causes a dash or body cam to be turned off should be summarily fired–no excuses. Today’s body and dash cams are reliable enough to withstand harsh treatment. Body and dashcam footage should be uploaded to a public channel “on the cloud” for public perusal.
    11. All interrogations must be video and audio recorded. Police should be prohibited from lying or fabricating stories in order to get suspects to confess. False confessions ARE a problem in many departments. Unknown to most people, police can lie with impunity while civilians can be charged with lying to police…fair? I think not…
    12. Any legislation passed that restricts the rights of ordinary citizens, such as firearms magazine capacity limits, types of weapons allowed, or restrictive concealed-carry laws should apply equally to police. No special exemptions to be given to police. Laws must be equally applied.
    Police work is not inherently dangerous…there are many other professions that are much more dangerous.
    A little “Andy Taylor” could go a long way in allaying fears that citizens have of police.
    That being said, I have no problem with police officers who do their job in a fair, conscientious manner…however, it is time to call to task those police officers who only “protect and serve” themselves