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US Sanctions Forcing Syrian Children with Cancer to Suffer and Die By Denying them Food & Medicine

Aleppo, Syria – Many Americans have a hard time understanding how sanctions are an act of war, since they are guarded from the consequences of sanctions that their government carries out against other nations.

According to a survey conducted in the midst of the first war in Iraq, it was determined that 4% of Iraq’s population, a total of roughly a half million people, died as a result of US sanctions. The sanctions made it impossible for people to get clean water and decent food, creating a body count that seems “natural” and is not often considered an official casualty of war.

More recently, in Syria, US sanctions are killing in large numbers yet again, and leaving children with cancer to suffer without adequate treatment.

According to a report from RT, the health care sector in Syria has been crippled by sanctions, and children with cancer are suffering and dying as a result. At Cancer Care Syria, many children with simple types of cancer that would be easily treated are not getting the help they need because of sanctions enacted by the US and the EU.

Muzzna Al-Ulabi, head of Cancer Care Syria, told RT that most of the children to die under their care recently could have been saved by supplies, food and medicine that was blocked by sanctions.

“Almost all the children who died of cancer did so because of European sanctions. We ask the European Union and humanitarian agencies to lift these sanctions and let cancer medicine in because children are suffering,” Muzzna Al-Ulabi said.

“When the war began, we dreamed of opening a specialized children’s cancer hospital – but we don’t have that sort of money. We don’t even have $6,000 dollars a month for medicine for the children. The children need enough food, or they won’t survive. It’s what all the mothers think about – having enough food for the children,” Al-Ulabi added.

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The way humans interact with each other on a macro scale has changed very little since the middle ages, and this is very apparent with war and sanctions.

In the middle ages, there were people who held dominion over large areas of land and everyone who inhabited that land. These people were essentially slave masters, although they went by different names, such as king, duke, pope, lord and a variety of other titles.

We may no longer live in straw huts with dirt floors, but geographical land masses are still divided in this same way, with the same relationship between slave and slave master existing on every piece of land in the world.

As we saw in the middle ages, sometimes the lords of these separate land masses would get in disagreements, and they would force their slaves to fight one another as the primary way of resolving these disputes.

Again, today, nothing has changed, people who live in different geographical locations are still forced to interact this way when their rulers get into disagreements.

One wartime tactic that has been used since the dawn of history is to weaken the enemy by cutting them off from their food supply.

In the past, invading armies would burn the crops of their opponents, and surround their city so they were unable to access any of the resources that they needed to survive.

This was how “economic sanctions” worked in the middle ages, and that is exactly how they work today, but the human costs are now much easier to hide because cutting off trade to a particular area doesn’t offend people as much as an in your face “scorched earth” type approach. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, both strategies have the same result.

John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. John is currently battling cancer naturally, without any chemo or radiation, and will be working to help others through his experience, if you wish to contribute to his treatments please donate here.
  • “The way humans interact with each other on a macro scale has changed very little since the middle ages, and this is very apparent with war and sanctions.”

    This is the true tragedy of our world today, we as a species have not matured past this infant stage and on to the next level.

    But some of us are trying to move us there:



    • billdeserthills

      Americans who care about America could care less about your Global Agenda–
      Tell your elite bosses to F uck Off

  • FiuToYou

    America has NO legal reason to have anything to do with Syria regardless of what anybody says to the contrary. America is the worlds leading terrorist nation and that just makes it more sick. Terrorist America took out Saddam Hussein for NO reason except steal the oil, Took out Qaddafi and ruined a fine country because of greed, and now want to overthrow Assad in Syria for the same reason://GREED. And all of these acts of terror were 100% illegal. Plus they led to the deaths of close to a million or more civilians, and left their countries in ruins. Historians will look back on these times and call it America the vile country that kills all who stand in the way of their greed!!

    • Katydid

      We have no business sticking our nose in other country’s business, that costs us trillions, until every American citizen is taken care of, especially children.

    • Jim Allen

      There’s a reason.
      It’s that Iraq, and the other ME countries, the US/NATO are currently attacking, have destroyed, etc., either had, or were about to change to gold backed currency, dump the fiat US petro dollar, and get rid of the Central Banks. Libya, had rid itself of the money changers years before, I’m uncertain if Syria ever had a Central Bank. Iran has not a Central Bank, but may have had in the past. Given it executed a Rothschild several months ago.
      The money changers own the US Gov’t., UN, NATO, and much more, including the control of the worlds money. Only a handful of countries don’t have a Central Bank.

      • Thebob

        What this guy said…It is the IMF…UN…EU etc etc…Why do you think we are hating on Russia right now, they are dropping the US petro Dollar and becoming reliant on themselves…

    • Thebob

      Correction…Hillary took out Qaddafi because he was starting an African Monetary System based on the Gold Standard, and WHAT OIL from Iraq…WE DON’T GET SHIT from that nation…We should be getting the oil but we aren’t…You can thank Obama for and Hildo for the problems of North Africa and Syria…

      • FiuToYou

        What correction? It’s all been for greed!!!

        • Thebob

          Didn’t disagree with you, just clarified why they(elite) took out Qaddafi…Was because he was dropping the petro dollar and making a gold backed currency for North African nations…Qaddafi also returned most of the oil profits back to the people..Libya was a relative safe place until Hitlery decided to turn Libya into a hell fire…Hear all day about the Syrian civil war nothing about Libya since we went in and fck’d everything up.

  • LadyMephisto

    For fucks sakes! Sanctions – by ANY country – aren’t the reason those poor children aren’t getting food and medicine! It’s because NOBODY CAN DELIVER food or medical aid without themselves being bombed and/or killed you imbeciles! Maybe, just maybe, if the Russians and Assad stopped barrel bombing their own people, aid organizations could get through to those who need it most. Even supposing some aid gets to places like Aleppo, ISIS leaders will order it stolen for themselves.

    I’ve seen some dumbass articles published here over the last few years, but this one takes the prize!

    • Jim Allen


      • LadyMephisto

        A typical response by someone with no intelligent argument.

        • Jim Allen

          No, that’s the only response one can make to an idiot.

    • George Reichel

      LMAO.Yeah Murrka’s neocon-inspired regime change insanity has nothing to do with the Syrian war.

      • LadyMephisto

        Your comment makes no sense whatsoever. I wonder how long it took you to think up that word salad lol.

    • Thebob

      Russia wouldn’t be there if we hand not armed terrorist that are now fighting in Syria…Which we should not have gotten involved in a civil war period….Let the people hash it out one we or another…I do agree, we are not the cause of this to a point as far as this article is concerned…

  • JdL

    The United States government is pure evil, and I’ll be extremely surprised if that changes with the changing of the guard in January.

    • Thebob

      Shadow US Gov’t get it right please….The people you see are only the talking heads of their controllers…

  • Thebob

    Sorry, but the only people hurting Syrians are Syrians….Same goes with most of the countries in Africa that we also fund and support with “Aid” money….Unless the people are willing to help themselves we should not be helping anyone around the world with public funds/tax dollars…Sorry we have been the worlds helping hand long enough and it hasn’t gotten us anywhere…

  • Thebob

    This is all because of the New World Order…take that as whatever it means to you…