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Syrian Refugees in Germany Expose ISIS Militants Living Among Them, Police Arrest No One

(RT) — Christian refugees from Syria claim they saw a former Islamic State member living in Frankfurt, and that this is not an isolated case. Police investigated but refused to file charges because the alleged terrorist has done nothing criminal in Germany.

On his last visit to the Saarland region of Germany, on the border with France, RT’s Peter Oliver met with a group of Assyrian Christians who had been held hostage by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). They recalled that while being held in IS captivity, the only thing they prayed for was to be shot instead of being beheaded.

The same community, now living in the city of Saarlouis, say the horrors of that experience have followed them all the way to Germany, after they found out that a man they say had ties to Islamic State is living among them.

A refugee, who only agreed to speak to RT on condition of anonymity, said he is positive the man living in his town is the same member of IS he encountered in Syria.

“He stopped me many times at the checkpoint near our village; we were even able to find him on Facebook, I go to the web page and there’s this guy again,” the refugee said.

When the man first saw the jihadist in Germany, his reaction was that of panic.

“I was very scared that this terrorist is in a democratic state like Germany just living here,” the refugee told RT, adding that he does not understand how those who kept whole families hostage now have Syrian refugee status in Germany.

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The Assyrian community now feels very insecure as “this was not the first case” a former IS member had been recognized, the man said. He added that some people are even considering leaving Germany, but do not know where to run to.

Community leaders say that once they were convinced the ‘refugee’ was in fact a former jihadist, they went straight to the police.

“The police have taken this very seriously, but we worry that the law cannot back this up with a strong case. They have to wait until this person does something criminal here,” Charlie Kanoun, the chairman of the Assyrian Culture Association, told RT.

“But those people were killers in Syria and fly the ISIS flag here even. Such people should have no place in Germany,”Kanoun said.

Police confirmed that an investigation is underway, but no charges relating to terrorism or any other crime have been brought.

As the investigation continues, and with the influx of refugees showing no signs of slowing, the question is being asked as to who exactly is coming to Europe.

“This is a very difficult point for our community here. Those victims of kidnapping were brought here for safety and security, and then these terrorists are here,” Kanoun said, adding that the German authorities“are being very gentle with them,” reiterating that his compatriots might have to flee again.

“This is tragic that we will again be forced to be refugees, this time in a Christian state that cannot protect us,” Kanoun said.

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Last February, Islamic State kidnapped around 250 Assyrian Christians and demanded ransoms of $100,000 per person. Some have since been released but many remain in captivity.

“ISIS came to our village, they devastated our fields, burnt our churches, tore apart our lives. They kidnapped us, murdered us. We have an unbearable feeling of loss,” a former hostage told RT.

He recalled that while in captivity, he overheard a conversation between his captors, saying that “the West will belong to us and we will conquer it through Islamization.”

One of the IS militants holding Assyrian Christians captive was a German who had converted to radical Islam, the former hostage said.

The German security services are currently preparing findings on more than 790 German Islamists who have traveled to Syria, the National Police Bureau of Saarland reported.

Germany has seen increasing tensions over the migrant issue. Recently scuffles broke out between police and a group of protesters who were attempting to disrupt a right-wing rally near Berlin.

The Alternative for Germany Party was demonstrating in the city of Potsdam in support of women’s rights, following the mass sex attacks in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

They were confronted by a counter-protest claiming the assaults are being used to incite hatred towards migrants.

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  • so people gave to die BEFORE the police will act. SO DUMB.

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  • That is the point!

  • Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim.

  • Syriens just reached #Cologne

  • Seems the govts of the World have proclaimed War on their citizens.

  • I mean if he’s a jihadist can’t they just say you lied on your application and send his ass back?W T F?

  • Leave the Syrians in their country and to their own political tyranny. NO REFUGE should have been given in our country as well as other countries to these Refugees. It’s known as SURVIVAL on THEIR own.

    • Except that WE are bombing the living fuck out of their country because WE want their resources, so therefore WE are responsible.

    • We do not live in the stone age. The western world, mostly the USA, is partly responsible for the situation in the middle-east. So the goverments are in great responsability here. Please think before you write, Shannon. It’s better that way around, so you won’t expose yourself in public as a dick, you know.

    • Get a grip Shannon, and maybe another source of information…

    • Our govt is almost as stingy as you about receiving refugees from a brutal terrorist regime, so bravo on that I guess

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  • no one cares, no one wants to help them, we live in a sick society devoured by greed, there the moral standards have been reduced to outright hatred and fascism

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  • Perhaps this guy “found Jesus” and a personal relationship with this Christians God is secretly brewing?

    And He wants to assume the worst? Humans really are pathetic sometimes. He should confront His fears, and see if His God will protect him.

    • Please inform yourself… Assyrians have been Christians longer than anybody

  • I’m I the only libertarian that likes this page? It was right for the German government not to arrest someone on here say it wouldn’t hold up in German court because the Germans are free people. And perhaps haven’t forgotten about due process. Now I would be very surprised if the equivalent to the German secret service was not looking into these accusations but they can’t do anything unless they find something on this guy. Actually he is a refugee and they could just kick him out arbitrarily because he doesn’t have any rights really but it’s good to know they treat the refugees with rights because rights are not just for citizens rights are for people.

  • This headline is totally misleading. It sounds like the German authorities just wouldn’t care and look away, which isn’t true since they are indeed investigating this and many other similar cases. Of course hearsay isn’t enough, I live in a country in which proof is needed in order for a man to go to prison and I’m glad about it. I’m sure if they look deeper into it they will find the proof they need. Of course it is a tremendous challenge to do everything right in this situation for any government. You need man power for background checks, helping everybody properly, introducing refugees to our cultures and values and keeping peace in your own country, which is why it would be nice if we (Germany) didn’t have to do all this by ourselves and other countries would acknowledge their responsibility in this, too. And some of you saying Syrians should just stay in Syria, aren’t most of you on this page Americans? Look at your own family history first, I’m sure most of your ancestors came to that continent to have better lives, escape from war and hunger, offer a save place for their children to grow up in..? No? So much for compassion, you awesome empathatic, helping ‘Christians’… what a shame (this is only directed to some of you, the cold hearted ego-centered brainwashed zombies out there). How times have changed. America used to be the big brother that would help out people in need and give them a chance. Now you seem like a bunch of scared and paranoid … ehhh I better don’t say the noun that comes to mind. Oh man.

  • ISIS is fake.

  • I would believe an Assyrian if they actually said it…but wow that’s really hard to believe

  • Didn’t anyone expect this was the case. this is why we here in America don’t want them allowed here. they should stay in syria and fight for their own country

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  • Please stop the propaganda. I don’t care about ISIS. You’all have enough guns, you’all can kill them.

  • Just think a second time about the “free thought”. That happens, because here in germany we do not arrest or torture people just for their religious convictions, even if they are extreme. Surely it’s a crime to prepare a terrorist attack, but not being a former member of ISIS. What if those guys managed to escape from ISIS where as we know rules a high social pressure to act brutal and heartless? I’m proud we still have that correct and high standard of real justice.


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