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And The Oscar Goes To — Al-Qaeda? Syrian War Propaganda Wins an Academy Award

Los Angeles, CA – In what amounts to nothing less than a major win for the massive propaganda campaign aimed at regime change in Syria, the Netflix movie “The White Helmets” won an Oscar in the “short documentary” category at the Academy Awards last night.

One thing the public needs to understand is that the “White Helmets” are part of a large-scale propaganda campaign meant to coalesce support for a Western-led regime change operation in Syria – and the documentary is nothing less than a contrived infomercial meant to sway public opinion.

Similarly to how the CIA worked with Hollywood to propel the film “Zero Dark Thirty” into the pop culture sphere, in an effort to propagandize the public into believing a phony narrative regarding the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the “The White Helmets” being awarded an Oscar, speaks to how easily Hollywood is utilized as a tool for war propaganda in an attempt to justify bloody “regime change” operations in the Middle East.

Commonly espoused propaganda holds that the White Helmets are a Syrian civil service group of volunteers. However, in reality, they were launched as “Syria Civil Defense” in Turkey in 2013 before being re-branded as the “White Helmets” in 2014, according to Consortium News. Additionally, journalist Vanessa Beeley exposed the fact that the White Helmets are phonies that claim to be the Syrian Civil Defense, when in reality there is already an actual Syrian Civil Defense, which began in the 1950s and is currently a member of the International Civil Defense Organizations.

In fact, the group is not even Syrian and was started by a British military contractor named James LeMesurier, who has deep ties to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Funding for the group relies heavily (about $100 million) on money from the U.S., U.K. and other governments.

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According to a report by Consortium News:

Most of the group’s heavy funding goes to marketing, which is run by “The Syria Campaign” based in New York. The manager is an Irish-American, Anna Nolan, who has never been to Syria. As an example of its deception, “The Syria Campaign” website features video showing children dancing and playing soccer implying they are part of the opposition demand for a “free and peaceful” Syria. But the video images are taken from a 2010 BBC documentary about education in Syria under the Baath government.

There is no mistaking the archaic archetype of “good vs evil” propaganda at play with the Academy’s selection of the White Helmet infomercial as an Oscar winner. The narrative they are obviously selling to the public is that the virtuous White Helmets are fighting against the evil forces of the Assad regime.

According to a report from Alternet:

But like The Syria Campaign, the White Helmets are anything but impartial. Indeed, the group was founded in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)’s Office of Transitional Initiatives, an explicitly political wing of the agency that has funded efforts at political subversion in Cuba and Venezuela. USAID is the White Helmets’ principal funder, committing at least $23 million to the group since 2013. This money was part of $339.6 million budgeted by USAID for “supporting activities that pursue a peaceful transition to a democratic and stable Syria” — or establishing a parallel governing structure that could fill the power vacuum once Bashar Al-Assad was removed.

The western media propaganda offensive surrounding the “moderate” rebels holding out in east Aleppo – with the help of the White Helmets – was largely a lie, as most of these rebels fought under the command structure of Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front and its fellow Islamist jihadists in Ahrar al-Sham.

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Consortium News went on to report:

Western “human rights” groups touted not only the White Helmets but the “moderate rebels” who we now know were largely a P.R. cover for the terrorists and jihadists, as well as an excuse for the U.S. and its allies to funnel in weapons that were then turned over to the extremists.


When eastern Aleppo was finally freed from the armed militants, it was discovered that the White Helmets headquarters were alongside the headquarters of Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate. Civilians from east Aleppo reported that the White Helmets primarily rallied their “humanitarian” operations when the militants were attacked.

Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett highlighted exactly how this propaganda campaign has operated in the video shown below:

The fact that the White Helmets won an Oscar reveals exactly how powerfully contrived, controlled and scripted information disseminated to an unsuspecting public can be. Most Americans that watch this movie will come away from the experience thinking the White Helmets are selfless and noble, never realizing the fact that their perceptions are being manipulated by NGOs and governments in an effort to coalesce support for regime change operations.

  • Jozsef Osztronkovics

    It is Incredible the Nobel prize want to murderess Obama who killed millions of people with drones . and bombes . new this Terrorist are getting Oscar for killing woman and children in Syria –the Criminals are getting reworded in this Zionist NACI Capitalist system and the Satanic NEW WORLD ORDER

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  • Guy

    What part of it that people don’t seem to know, remember or understand, that this all started as the result of a young man in Syria, who I think was a newspaper vendor, that got arrested by the police and the riots that started as the result. Syria has been run by 2 generations of Dictators, just like N.Korea. The dictatorship has been trying to put down the revolution eversence by bombing and killing it’s people, to keep it’s self in power ! We of America, the (supposed) good guy’s in the White Hats, have been supplying the revolutionist with the means to fight back ! Russia is supporting the Dictators Government and bombing the shit out of the people, so he keeps control, and stays in power. It’s as simple as that !

    • Jupiter’s Clock

      When your liver eating maggots start to gassing people with blessings of Clintons and Obama bin Laden huh. That is how it started, simple as that!
      Who are you to decide who is dictator and who is not? While sucking co*ks of Saudis! I guess you can be a dictator as long you are in the uncle scam’s rectum?
      Russia should have killed more of those “people”, it is a joy to watch how “most powerful country” like ‘murica cries when it’s unable to bomb someone.

      • Guy

        Just because I want to blow the brains out of a Dictator dose make it right or so, considering it’s not my fight or Country. I am just stating the facts of why it started in the first place, not the morality of it !

        As in any Country run by a fascist regime, no matter the guise, the people are oppressed, the elitist rule and grow fat off the poor, and the few who do succeed, are usually part of the oppressor ! That’s 8th grade History 101 and should be apparent, even to you !

        • Jupiter’s Clock

          It is not a fact it is classic western propaganda, you have 0 proofs only word from Obama administration that worth nothing, American word means nothing anymore, all you have is same old tired mantra “everyone who is not in uncle scam rectum is fascist, dictator and at the end HITLER himself”. You are upset that Russians wont allow you to ravage yet another country. As i have said before: when you stop to suck Saudis co*k let me know or when you stop dealing with other gulf states, Syria under Assad is 10 000x more democratic country than all those gulf “states” combined. History lessons save for yourself, you cannot teach me anything, I know what scum in your government dwells and I would choose oppression under Assad over US any time anywhere.

          • Guy

            I never believed a word said by Obama ever, so don’t but me in that category. Russia is bombing Syria on behalf of Assad, bact to the stone age, as Saudi Arabia is blowing up the other half, all while the dentist sit’s behind protected walls, and ISIL is busy selling oil to Turkey and cutting heads off of every one who dosen’t think like them !

            While you sit there thinking that Syria under Assad is 10.000x’s more democratic than the U.S.A !? And you think that we are scum ?

          • Jupiter’s Clock

            Again, you just chew propaganda, if i wanted to listen more lies and half truths I could just turn on CNN,BBC etc. Syria is more democratic country than gulf states which your leaders support you speaking like you have moral high ground-you do not have moral high ground and don’t get me started to speak about bombs that US dropped since WW2 in countries which majority of Americans can’t find on the map (this is a FACT), i never mentioned “democracy” in US, to be honest i am starting to doubt in it now. Scum are your leaders since WW2 to this day, all of them except for one and we know how he end up in democracy like US.

            And BTW Assad is not dentist he is eye surgeon with full support of it’s people.

          • Guy

            I don’t give a flying fuck what Assad is, Dentist or Eye Surgeon ! He is still a Dictator, dropping barrel bombs on his own people, and doing double taps on hospitals, as he calls em terrorist ! Moral High Ground !? I don’t need moral high ground to understand that he is a stone ass killer, that is trying to stay in power, no matter how many of his own people he kills, and has welcomed Russia into his private war, while he gasses and becomes even more inventive in the varieties of ways to wipe out the ones who want him out ! He deserves a bullet to the brain, because maybe that will end it, but untill that happens, he will keep on killing untill there is nobody left to kill, except for the people that love the bastard !

          • Jupiter’s Clock

            Again, where are your proofs?I have told you before if I want to read fake news and outright lies i would turn on CNN. All I see is propaganda. You have 0 proofs. Only word of US that means NOTHING anymore anywhere. You can’t lie like you did in past several decades, curtains has fallen and everyone can see what US is and Assad compared to you is Mother Theresa. Guess what, Russia is invited and their presence in Syria is legal, that can’t be said for US and minions from gulf states. Who wants him out besides “moderate liver eating maggots” that Jihadi John McCain endorses? LMAO
            I know that you do not care, it is obvious. You just keep parroting what CNN says and that’s all, no proofs or facts just: Assad is Hitler LOL
            Well its not looking good for you, from Assad must go to Obama and Hillary gone. HA HA HA

          • Guy

            Oh by the way, who in the hell are you trying to convince that this somehow a moral or just dictatorship and the people just seem to love that dentist with no chin !?

            I could not or ever teach you a thing is true enough. First you would need reasoning ability, and then you would need to have logic abilities as well. Since you have neither, that would most definitely leave you behind the 8 ball !

        • Your evil dictator lets millions of christians and muslims coexist. What say you?

          • Guy

            You mean dead Christians and Muslims don’t you, not including the dead Azeties !

          • Cees Dekker

            Your ignorance is horrendous, prior to you of Murica’s regimechanging f*ckup Syria was a secular country were everybody was allowed to practice their religion as they pleased. Alawites are Muslims too in case you didn’t know, albeit of the tolerant kind unlike your buddies the Wahabite Saudis. Back to History101 for you I’m afraid. And by Azeties you mean Yezidis I guess, easy to make that mistake, those ragheads all look the same don’t they…. /s Most of those dead are thanks to you of Murica’s BFFs, IS/ Al Qaeda/ Al Nusra and the other headchopping d*ckheads like S.A.

        • junktex

          And then there’s the truth:https://youtu.be/9RC1Mepk_Sw

          • junktex

            Murrka wants a pipeline through Syria.Rothschilds want a central bank there.ISrael wants more Syrian land.

        • Cees Dekker

          Sounds exactly like Murica….except u f*ckup half the world just ‘cos Muslims, communists, liberals, hippies, gooks, chinks and whatever is the hate-du-jour.

    • Wait, so US financing ISIS is a good thing?

      • Guy

        Of course not !

    • junktex

      You need to work for the State Dept.Can you say that on tv with a straight face?

      • Guy

        Would not want to work for them ever ! The original start of the revolution war in Syria seems to have been lost, or covered over, as to the start of the whole mess. Now it dosen’t seem to matter much anymore, because soon there won’t be anybody left to kill, except perhaps a few ISIL soldiers, that are hiding in caves ! Then Assad can dance in the street and declare moral victory!

    • African Child

      This ‘Guy’ is part of the Swamp that needs to be drained, he has been infested with too much Fake News

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    And they say crime does not pay.

  • ZOG strikes again

  • Speckintime

    The whole plan of those hiding behind the curtain is to destroy nations, crash economies, shut down free speech, flood the world with terrorists then get the people to beg to have their rights and freedoms taken away in order to be safe.

    The powers that be want you to be a slave, a criminal or dead.

    These devils are a house divided that is why they are doing everything they can to destroy Trump and get on with their New World Order Agenda .

    The End Game is the greatest redistribution of wealth the world has ever seen to a very select few that will drive mankind to the brink of extinction fighting over it.

    The problem with power is not only does it corrupt but it also draws in the most corrupt to it, that is why mankind continues on the same path no matter who takes power.

    Unfortunately as technology grows the corruption becomes more deadly, that is why mankind is heading either toward Revelations or extinction.

    I don’t worry about the devils having their fun in this world because eternity is a very long time to reap what you have sown. 🙂

    • ROFL @You

      Trump is one of “them”!

      You, I and all of the rest of the 99%, are:

      Owned & Operated

      • Speckintime

        Prophesy being fulfilled, the choice was just a puppet show, Dead Man Walking and Happy for it 🙂

  • African Child

    If Obama still retains his Nobel Peace Prize award after bombing 7 countries why are we shocked that Alqaeda which attacked America on 9/11 has been rewarded by Hollywood with an Oscar?
    Hollywood is Fake and the main stream media is full of fake news too.

    The essence of this award is to discredit Trump on his immigration policy since the anchor blamed Trump for the inability of the White Helmets Director to attend and receive the award in person.

  • The entire media is owned by a few families so of course what you are getting inundated with on a daily basis is propaganda.

  • Ibcamn

    hollywood is pure fantasy,and for them to win just shows us that is still true today as it was when it all started….it has been used and abused to the point that all of hollywood is related,and as related members goes,it all gets so deformed and retarded that it is very obvious,out in the open but no one dares say anything because they fear they will loose their paycheck and their jobs so they just keep doing it,making more retarded babies for the world to see…and as we the people see,hollywood is out of ideas so they remake remarket and rebrand old movies and names and reruns,they have used up all the inteligence and now are ryunning on empty…the show does just that,shows how retarded they really are,they messed up so bad while trashing Trump they tried to make it seem like no big deal,then of course we all know they are retarded but won’t say anything because the sheeple want movies,they want stars,they want their favorite actors to be real….not phonies..which is getting harder even for the diehard fans to even look the other way,their stars are falling and they are starting to open their eyes a little late,but better than never.
    hollywood is fucked…people are sick of the PC and feminist culture in everything,the tolerance and diversity which doesn’t exist outside of hollywood,and not based in reality[not even in reality TV]and we see it…we are starting to say ”NO” to them,starting to let them know we don’t like it in everything we see watch and breath..
    even in comics[comic book world]it is getting sickening,the movies it is really sickening,TV also getting really bad as it has been for years,now it’s even gotten really bad oin the internet,down right racist and bigoted,but the left and hollywood and gov’t just keeps pushing the shit narrative hoping it will all just blow over and you will submit to them…FUCK NO..

  • Astral Traveler

    This article should win the Nobel Prize…

  • Screw_Globalism

    Brought to you by the House of Rothschild !!