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Man Invokes 5th Amendment, Cops Tell Him to “Throw all the Legal Mumbo Jumbo Out the Window”

"If you have nothing to hide...let's throw all the legal mumbo jumbo out the window sir. Let's play on big boy terms. Let's not play the lawyer game and 'my rights are violated' game or none of that bullcrap today." Two Georgia state troopers proceed to stomp all over the constitution during a traffic stop in which a man asserts his right to remain silent.

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Watch This Man Assert His Rights While Illegally Searched in Sub Zero Weather

DeKalb, IL– Activist Ryan Scott, who you may remember from his video of a “road side safety check” (and the completely belligerent officer who lost his mind during it), was pulled over once again on Friday evening by a police officer in DeKalb. The officer stated his reason for pulling Scott over was …

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(VIDEO) “I Don’t Answer Questions” Witness the Power of Remaining Silent

Many INNOCENT individuals have been imprisoned, or otherwise harmed, merely because they chose to answer questions asked by some Law Enforcement Officer or government official, agent, representative, tribunal, or employee. It is very important to understand that the 5th Amendment protects the innocent more than the guilty. Knowing how to assert your …

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Officer to Citizen: “You must be doing something wrong if you invoke your rights”

Two videographers were in Jacksonville Florida conducting a First Amendment Audit on Wednesday. They were filming prisoners being transported in and out of the Duval County Courthouse’s sally port. A sally port is usually behind a wall or other fixed protection but the this one empties right on to a public …

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Trucker vs. Border Patrol: Trucker Wins, Even after this Tyrant Takes his Phone!

April 9, 2014 This intelligent and particularly polite trucker knows his rights and refused to bow down to the Stasi-esque border patrol agents. It is apparent that the border patrol agents did not get the memo on the constitutional right against self-incrimination. Well, Mr. Border patrol tyrant, here you go: …

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