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Checkpoint Refusal Gone Horribly Wrong: Man Detained for 19 Days for Flexing His Rights

You’ve probably seen them before: internal border checkpoint refusals, now a popular YouTube genre. Some are funny. Others are hostile. But for Greg Rosenberg, a naturalized U.S. citizen who speaks accented English, an encounter with South Texas border patrol resulted in weeks of jail time without a single charge being …

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These Lying Cops Show Exactly Why So Many People are Losing Trust in “Law” Enforcement

“You can do a u-turn to avoid these checkpoints and we won’t pull you over” —say the police just before pulling people over for doing a u-turn to avoid the checkpoint. Murfreesboro, TN — A video uploaded to YouTube Saturday epitomizes the reason why police departments nationwide are losing the …

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Is that a Drill Sergeant or a Police Officer? Belligerent Cop Loses it On Man for Knowing His Rights

Highly questionable “Road side safety check” looks like a scene from military boot camp A video uploaded to Facebook Saturday paints a vivid picture of the American police state. Over the last decade the United States has witnessed an all-out attack on the Constitution. Freedom to travel unmolested is becoming a thing …

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If Everyone Went Through DHS Checkpoints Like This Guy, Maybe They Would Cease to Exist

The Free Thought Project Matt Agorist August 4, 2014   In recent years the Department of Homeland security has setup constitutionally questionable “security checkpoints” up to 100 miles inside U.S. Territory. If you should drive into one of these roadblocks, you are not required to answer the agent’s questions (usually starting with …

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How to Refuse an Immigration Checkpoint in Just Under 2 Minutes

“I’m not gonna pull over, I’d like to go.” June 10, 2014 DHS agents have recently set up constitutionally-questionable “security checkpoints” up to 100 miles inside U.S. territory. If you should drive into one of these roadblocks, you are not required to answer the agent’s questions (usually starting with “Are you a …

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Trucker vs. Border Patrol: Trucker Wins, Even after this Tyrant Takes his Phone!

April 9, 2014 This intelligent and particularly polite trucker knows his rights and refused to bow down to the Stasi-esque border patrol agents. It is apparent that the border patrol agents did not get the memo on the constitutional right against self-incrimination. Well, Mr. Border patrol tyrant, here you go: …

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