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Cop Enters Family’s Fenced in Yard and Shoots Their Dog in Front of Two Young Children

The Free Thought Project John Vibes June 1, 2014   A police officer in Oklahoma has been accused of waving a gun around in a family’s back yard and shooting their pet dog.  The entire incident was witnessed by multiple people, including neighbors and small children. The police were reportedly …

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Cop Walks up to a Couple’s Tied Up Dog and Shoots it in the Head for No Reason

May 2, 2014 On Monday April 28, 2014 while traveler Brandon Carpenter and a friend were traveling through Sulphur La on their way to Lake Charles, his dog was shot dead by a Sulphur Police officer. Carpenter told KATC that he and his 21-year-old friend Logan Laliberte were traveling by …

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Deputy Who Shot Man’s Dog Fired Because People Like You Took Action

April 25, 2014 Saddening dashcam footage of a Rains County Deputy shooting a family’s dog has been released. While it doesn’t show the actual shooting, it is graphic and illustrates this man’s callous disregard for life. After Deputy Jerrod Dooley shoots the Middleton’s dog, Candy, you can hear her screaming …

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