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Activists Swarm Homan Square, Demand Probe of Chicago’s Police “Black Site”

Activists in Chicago are demanding a thorough investigation into Homan Square, a local detention facility which is being compared to a CIA black site. Several dozen protested on Saturday after police denied the accusations. RT.com Organized by Anonymous, Occupy, and Black Lives Matter, as well as a number of other …

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Sheriff Honors his Oath, Stands Down IRS & U.S. Marshals from Seizing Citizen’s Property

Carlsbad, New Mexico – Wilsan Baughman is a law-abiding citizen who on Dec. 16, 2014, was alarmed to find her home surrounded by heavily armed federal agents. According to Baughman, around 9:30 a.m. while home alone with her infant son, U.S. Marshal’s broke into her home with guns drawn, demanding …

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Teen Thrown In Violent New York Prison For Years Without Ever Having Been Convicted

“It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer” as expressed by the English jurist William Blackstone in his seminal work, Commentaries on the Laws of England, published in the 1760s. Unfortunately the judicial system in this country now is exactly the opposite. Hell bent on keeping …

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