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Houston Cops are Always Justified in Shootings, Always. Here’s Another Tragic Example.

“This seems to be a brainwashing that all but guarantees immunity for the cops. It really seems outrageous and holds the potential of tainting the jury.” Houston, TX — Texas grand juries have an unusual manner of presenting “evidence,” unique only to Texas. It’s called a shooting simulator. The DA’s office, which …

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Congress Proposes Bill to Address the Problem of Immunity for Killer Cops

Washington DC – The grand jury system that is used to judge cases of police misconduct, has come under heavy public scrutiny in recent weeks, after a string of high profile acquittals for killer cops. For decades police have attacked, robbed and murdered innocent people with immunity, and have been able …

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Powder Keg Waiting to Explode: NYC Braces for Eric Garner’s Choking Death Grand Jury Decision

New York is a city on the brink, ready to explode. Citizens are fed up with being continually abused by law enforcement and citizens nationwide are angry at the lack of accountability officers often face for their actions. New York City, N.Y. – In a perhaps telling and ominous sign, …

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Evidence in Darren Wilson’s Grand Jury Decision Revealed: Was the Deck Stacked in His Favor?

Ferguson, Mo. – St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch, after failing to indict officer Darren Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown, has released Darren Wilson’s grand jury testimony in the shooting death of Brown. In addition to Wilson’s testimony, the prosecutor has also released the full grand jury report, …

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